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Beatings of Love…




It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.


My world is like a summer breeze. Coming and going. Living and dyeing. With my brothers it’s hard to find any other world outside of mine. I am huddled up in one specific life. And to tell you the truth I want out of it. I want out of the cocoon. So now I’m escaping.


I decided to go to Forks high school instead of the schools my brothers go to. A school where no one knows me. A place where over one thousand students are anonymous and inviting. Well, that’s what I told my dad at least. But he didn’t seem to understand. The all don't. That was my point it splitting from them. My point in being in another world.




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Beatings of Love...


ChApTeR eLeVeN: Coming forth...




Hi, Edward.” I said.


He whispered. “Bella?”


We both stood there in silence. I didn't really know what to say and it seemed like the felt the same way. Then suddenly Alice comes to the door literally out of nowhere.


Hey, Bella!” Her high pitched voice said. “What's up!”


I smiled. “Nothing really. Edward just promised me to teach me some school stuff you know.”


She nodded. “Cool.”


We stood there for a while with Alice. Then she then hit Edward on the arm and muttered something to him. He blinked and said through tight lips. “Would you like to come in?”




Walking into the Cullen home was like walking into queen Elizabeth's home or maybe the White House. Each would be both grand and very surreal. I just gawked at the lovely artwork the expensive furniture and as Edward lead me to the living room the grand slick black piano that stood to the side. I almost expected Mozart to start playing. It all normal looking but still overwhelming.


Alice skipped in front of me. “You like?”


I nodded still not being able to speak. Swallowing I said, “Like is an understatement.”


She laughed and Edward smiled. But as I got further into the room I spotted a medium height woman perched on one of the while couches a book in her on her hand and a wine glass beside her on the table filled with fine red wine. She was dressed in a cocktail dress that was maroon looking and her red brownish hair flowed passed her shoulders concealing one side of her face.


The scene fit perfectly even with Edward and Alice joined in. Alice dressed casual but stylish. Edward the same. I looked at myself in shorts and a tank top with gladiator slippers on. I didn't fit into this wonderland.


When the woman caught me staring she smiled and put her book down to get up. I watched as she crossed over the carpeted floor in heals and outstretch her hand.


Her lips parted and she said, “Hello. I'm Edward's mom. You can call me Esme.”


I swallowed unable to speak. Probably because I was so intimidated by her. But I forced myself to chock out. “Hi.”


Seconds passed by and I could tell she was waiting for something. I then realized what she wanted. “My name Bella. I take French and Biology with Edward. ”


She nodded but for some reason I felt the vibe that she already knew who I was. No one said anything for a while. Alice jump and asked, “Bella do you want to see my shoe collection!”


Edward groaned and grabbed my arm steering me away. “It's better if we get out of this house before she drives you mad.”


I laughed when we reached the main hall. “She's quiet sweet actually.”


He snorted. “That's what you'll say now. Get to know her and your mind will change.”


Will I?” I asked.


He nodded. “If you'd like.”


I smiled and walked outside as he walked held the door for me. I gasped and I stepped out into the warm air. You would have not guessed who stood only meters from me. The one person I most dreaded seeing at the moment. My heart pumped feeling Edward tense beside me. And suddenly I felt my world crashing. I realized I must choose. I have to choose now or we would be facing a terrible war between Vampires and Werewolves.


But lips parted and the word rolled out of my tongue so easily. “Jacob?”



awesome chapter........................
A life decision, Bella. Don't mess up.
luv it .. update soon
Nessa are you sick or hurt/ I need another chapter soon. this is your publisher speaking.
awesome! haha update fast hahaha
love it plz update soon and keep me posted

Keep going.

~Nightmares and Dreams




Beatings of Love...


ChApTeR tWeLvE: Caught...


I was stunned with fright. Right there stood a guy I knew my whole life. But in some way I didn't know him. “Jacob...I...”


Save it,Bella. I get it. You'd rather go for a bloodsucker that your best friend. Let me say your only friend 'till now.” His lips formed a hard line.


Anger washed over me. Who was he to tell me who my decision should be on and who they shouldn't be on.”Can you shut up!”


See this is why I didn't come with you, Jacob!” I screamed. “You are so self-observed and unlike Edward; always want it to be about you!” I lowered my voice. “At least Edward would let me decide in peace and leave me alone if I chose someone else. He's a gentleman.”


Jacob scoffed at my words. “Gentleman, right. He's a leach, Bella. A soul taker. There is more to him than you see. He could hurt you, Literally.”


My eyes narrowed. “And you can't, Jake. Do you know how many bruises I've gotten for you accidentally knocking me over or by you leaving me for weeks with out a word said.” I paused and took a breath. “It tears me apart, Jake. It really does.”


His eyes went to the floor and I watched him kick some dirt with rocks. 'I-I didn't know.” He sighed. “Fine, I get. You want out with me. I'll let you.”


He turned and was off before I could say anything.


I screamed out “Jacob!” Then softly I said. “I didn't mean that.”


I turned back to Edward and gave him a weak smile.


Do you still want to do this?” He asked.


My lips pursed. “Yeah sure. I'm already here–so...”


He nodded and propelled me to a silver Volvo sitting in the garage.




Hey, Bella come on!” Rachel yelled.


I sat on the porch of my dad's looking out to the beach. It was beautiful to tell the truth. Something really rare to see.


A boy came up to me who was supposedly Rachel and Rebeccas' little brother. He stumbled a bit as he walked up the steps and landed right beside me. A smile creased his face. You could say he was pretty cute.


Happy 11th birthday, Bella.” He said.


I looked at him. He was holding a present that was badly wrapped with Christmas like wrapping paper. He held it out to me. I took it into my grasp. It was some sort of circular shape. I


I smiled at him. “Thanks. Your Jacob right?”


He nodded. “Yeah.”


I swallowed and slowly opened the gift. I gasped at the shape became clear. “What is it?”


Bracelet.” He said. Then his eyes went to his hands. “Since your a girl and stuff.”


I raised my hand and he flinched at the sight of it but instead of punching or slapping him I hugged him instead.


Thank you.” I whispered. “It's great.”


Is this a wolf?”I asked looking at the tiny charm on the bracelet.


Yeah. Do you know any of the old res legends.” He asked.


I nodded. “Yeah. My dad's part of the council.”


Right. Well, then you know that the wolf is our symbol.” He continued.


Hmm...” I replied still looking at the wolf. “This is really beautiful, Jacob.”


He blushed and broke eye contact and mumbled, “I made it myself. Thank you.”




I stayed laid awake that night thinking of the past and re-thinking my decisions. Had I made the right one? Was my last thought before sleep overrode me.


Jar of Hearts

And no I can't take one more step towards you,

Cause all that's waiting is regret.

But don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore.

I lost the love I loved the most.


I learned to live half a life.

And now you want me one more time,



And who do you think you are,

going around breaking hearts?

And tearing love apart.

Your gonna catch a cold,

from the ice inside you soul,

So don't come back from me,

Who do you think you are?



Authors Note:

I'm sorry for not writing soon enough, but I have been busy with my banner and other fan fictions. But I hope you like this.


Hey Nessa thanks for the chapter. I really hope their is some happiness for Bella and Edward. Can't people just learn to get along life is short, who cares where you come from.
Thank you. When I got that reply for me to write more I quickly finished the chapter that day because I had started it but didn't really quiet know what to do next with it until I stumbled upon Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts".
it is awesome........


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