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Beatings of Love…




It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.


My world is like a summer breeze. Coming and going. Living and dyeing. With my brothers it’s hard to find any other world outside of mine. I am huddled up in one specific life. And to tell you the truth I want out of it. I want out of the cocoon. So now I’m escaping.


I decided to go to Forks high school instead of the schools my brothers go to. A school where no one knows me. A place where over one thousand students are anonymous and inviting. Well, that’s what I told my dad at least. But he didn’t seem to understand. The all don't. That was my point it splitting from them. My point in being in another world.




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Beautifully written :)

I like it.

- Ash.


Thank you. I tried.
Just amazing and I think Jake do deserves that.
*Chuckles* hmm... *shrugs* I guess that's how life sometimes goes. Thank you for reading.



Beatings of Love...


ChApTeR TwElVe: Inception...


The week went on by as if it were normal. But there was one thing that was missing. Jacob. Now since Edward is part of my so called life. He's stepped out of it. It's strange you see – as if some part of me was ripped out. As if a chunk of me was nonexistent.


Every morning I wake up happy because I think I did the right but (there is always a but) a friend I've been keeping for so long was not a friend anymore but an enemy. What do you do with that?


* * *

The sun gleamed loudly as the afternoon air embraced me. It was a stunning Sunday. I was looking forward to a visit to my dads. As I stepped out my bedroom door cries and tears filled the living room. There in the middle of the room crouched my mother. Leah's arms around her and Seth stood at the corner of the room nearest to the kitchen and silently sobbed.


What's wrong?” I muttered. Already knowing what the matter was.


Leah looked up at me a frown creasing her long face. “It's dad. He died last night?”


Suddenly my world came crashing down. My chest tightened and my air ways seemed to not let me breathe. I quivered and dropped to the floor and cried. I don't know for how long but it seemed long because my limbs were tired and restless.


Then I got up and headed to my Chevy truck turning it on and driving. Past the La Push border separating the Cullen's from the Werewolves. When I reached their drive way I didn't bother to turn the car off. He was already outside on the doorstep. I hoped out of the truck and ran to him. Arms flailing. I felt his arms tighten around me and sobbed into his shoulder as my body collapsed into him. Everything was a blur after that. Even though his light murmurs to were right next to my ear were reassuring me all I seemed to here was from my own voice was, “Don't leave me.... Never leave me....”


I didn't need a safe harbor anymore. All I was looking for was a guardian angel.


Authors Note:

Sorry this is very short but I had to have a big punch after what I wrote on the last chapter.


Love it of course (even though it is sort)...............
yeah it is extremely short but that's okay, good things come to those who wait patiently. If only I knew what that means!!!! LOL waiting waiting  but how long is too long.
I love the last line:

"I didn't need a safe harbor anymore. All I was looking for was a guardian angel."


Its beautiful!!!!


Thank you. I thought so too. Updates soon!
This rocks plz update me and add me

New reader!!!! i love it cant wait untill you update


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