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Beatings of Love…




It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.


My world is like a summer breeze. Coming and going. Living and dyeing. With my brothers it’s hard to find any other world outside of mine. I am huddled up in one specific life. And to tell you the truth I want out of it. I want out of the cocoon. So now I’m escaping.


I decided to go to Forks high school instead of the schools my brothers go to. A school where no one knows me. A place where over one thousand students are anonymous and inviting. Well, that’s what I told my dad at least. But he didn’t seem to understand. The all don't. That was my point it splitting from them. My point in being in another world.




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Very interesting.
I didn't get the last line. The all don't. That was my point it splitting from them. My point in being in another world. I mean, what are you saying? Otherwise, it's really good. Post more soon! (Sorry 'bout me doggin' you, but I got confused. No offense.)
it means that she wants to go her own way instead of the life that her family wants her to go. Sorry for the confussion.
Interesting :)
It seems interesting..............
oooo sounds great!
cnt w8 to readdd some moree
Thank you. Update will be soon.

write more soon :)



Beatings of Love…


ChApTeR oNe: Interception…


It's been five years since I've found out. Sometimes I wish I hadn't. Maybe life would have been better. I don't know.




I woke up startled looking at my alarm clock. The green light shown 4:20 A.M.


Dammit, late again!” I whispered to myself.


I scrambled out of my tangled sheet pulling on my jacket and slipping into my boats. Quickly walking out of my room and into the living room. Hastily I stepped outside the front door and took in the cold morning air. It was still somewhat dark. The smell of the night rain was beginning to wash away and I promptly made my way down to the beach. As I walked I saw a figure sitting on a rock hunched over, head resting on arms.


I'm so sorry I was late. I won't happen again. Last night I slept late so...” I stopped when I didn't here his reply or even him breath out a slow breath.


Jacob?” I asked.


His body shifted for a minute then looked at me. His eyes were full of mystery as water glistered in them.

I whispered, “I am sorry for being late.”


He shook his head and stood up. Walking towards me his arms stretched and he brought me into a hug. “Jacob?” I asked once more.


I could feel his body shutter as the ripples of cold I brought came to him. “Today...She died today.” He uttered.

Oh. I'm such an idiot. I forgot. Today was the day Jacob's mother had died. I hadn't really known her because she died when Jacob was eight and I was six. I could barely remember her face. But I knew from the description my parents gave me she was beautiful, stunning and bright.


I'm sorry. I should have come earlier. Today of all days.” I said.


He pulled away looking at me. His black eyes had gotten hard and cold. “I don't want your sympathy or pity. I already have too much of that.”


Before I could say more he was already strutting down the shoreline of the beach. I sighed then followed him. We watched the sun emerge. It's radiant orange, yellow, reddish color glowed over the sea turning it from a night black to a navy blue. It looked beautiful. The morning gaze seemed to flash by.


At six I left Jacob and walked home. Sue was still sleeping and it looked like Leah went for her morning run. Seth sat at the kitchen table eating cereal and a muffin.


Hey.” I greeted.


He grunted face stuffed with chewed up milk, muffin and cereal. It was a disgusting sight. I watched him swallow the muffin whole and smile. “What?” He asked.


I shrug. “You seem to get weirder and weirder as the days go by.”


He nodded as if proud.


I passed through the kitchen and down the long narrow hall slipping into my room. I kicked off my boots. It didn't matter that they trailed mud all over the house. I was the one who's going to clean it anyways.


I threw my clothes off and headed to the shower. The tiny room that split mine and Seth's. Yes, I share a room with my annoying older sister Leah. She's irrational, arrogant and stunningly beautiful. I can't say the same for me, though. I'm plain. No one ever notices Leah's little sister or Seth's older sister. Being the middle child makes you invisible if you haven't noticed. So a tip for others and myself. Only have two children; if not four or stick with one.


When I finished washing up Leah was back. “Hey.” She said.


I looked her only covered in my towel hair dripping wet onto the hardwood floor. I nodded in return to her greeting. Quickly I changed into a butterfly top, skinny jeans, pair of shoes Rachelle (Jacobs' sister) had gotten me for Christmas and a half leather, half wool jacket.


Bella's Outfit:


I rushed down the hall and out the door to find Jacob waiting for me with his 1986 classic Volkswagen Rabbit. It's pretty old though; but to my surprise six months ago he fixed it up good. It almost looked new with the slick fresh black paint.


Nice to see you again, Jake.” I said an unsure smile pasted on my face.


He smiled in return. “Good to be back with you.”


He opened the door of the passenger seat for me and I hopped it. I watched him as he circled the car and got in the drivers seat. Then as he pushed the key into the ignition and heard the engine roar to life. Then we were off. We raced to the highway when the speed limit was 95 Jacob went to 125. No surprise there.


So, excited to be going to Forks high instead the perfectly good school back home?” He steadied a grin.

I shook my head at him. “I want something different. You and Sam always bug me all the time about being careful at least for six hours in a five day week I don't have to be ordered around by some no good werewolves. Even Paul is starting at it.”


That hurt, you know.”


I sighed. “You know what I mean.”


We had now reached forks and continuing down. Fifteen minutes later we exited the highway and to the right lay Folks high school.


Are you sure you want to do this?” Jacob asked hesitant.


I stepped out of the car. “Sure. What's the harm.”


Everyone was already looking at us. I groaned. Jake laughed. “Don't be angry that they think I'm good looking. You know I'm hot.”


Ha. Very funny, Jake.”


But when I looked at him his face was serious. “I love you.”


I smiled. “Yeah, same.”


You scared all the guys are going to get me?” I teased.


He snorted. “No because of this.”


Before I could say anything his lips were to mine. Soft and warm and I could feel his breath on my skin. Our lips moving in rhythm. Electricity sparked through us and my lips began to tingled. When he pulled away we were both gasping for air.


Yeah, I bet.” I chuckled still breathless.


Well, see you later darling. Have a good day at school!” He waved and was already walking back to his car.

I watched him back away and then speed off. Catching a glimpse of him in the review mirror a smile on his face still.


I sighed and turned to the school. Some of the students eyes were still of me others were staring off at Jacob as he left. I walked towards the school. At first I didn't here the honk but as I felt a light glaring at me I looked to my right and saw a sliver Volvo head and inch from my knee. My eyes bugged out as I looked into the car.

The driver stepped out. “I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you? I will pay for any damages.”


Am I an object?” I asked.


He shook his head. “I guess not.”


Hmm...Well, then. No blood no foul.” I smeared. “Have a good day.”


I could feel his eyes on me as I left. I didn't even take the time to look at him. He didn't seem worthy of it. A girl that was closest to the incident came up to me.


Wow! I can't believe you said that. especially to a Cullen. You got guts girl.”


A Cullen?” I looked at her. Examining her every move and fiber on her.


She had light brown hair almost caramel like but a shade darker. Her eyes were peanut color. Almond maybe. She heavy but not on the slim side either and her assertive smile seemed to bother me more than it should.


Yeah, Dr. Cullen's kids. Well, adopted kids. That was Edward Cullen you were speaking to.” She spoke again.


And I care why?” I continued walking and she followed on my trail trying to keep pace with me.


Well, you should. Their rich.” She implied. “By the way my names Jessica. Yours?”


Hello, Jessica I'm Bella. Nice to meet you but as I said I really don't give a darn.” With that I quickened my pace and to escape her. She did not follow. Good.


The rest of the day was mind numbing the teacher kept prattling on about meaningless things. About how it was nice to have all the students back. We are in tenth grade, if you haven't noticed. But that was before I reached the cafeteria. They sat there at the very left corner of the room. Beautiful and elegant. Knowledge seemed to seep out of them as if it were a presence and that's when I saw him. Grace naming itself on to him. Beauty abiding with him. It made me quiver.


My heart to beat curiously. My breath quickened and I almost stumbled on my feet as I made my way passed them. They all looked up. But said nothing. Neither did I. The blond male seemed to inch away and so did the curly dark haired boy. But my focus was not on them but the bronzed hair boy; the smallest of the males. His seemliness was enlightening. My heart pumped blood to my cheeks and then it fluttered.


I'm in love...again?


Authors Note:

Ha! I just had to put a twist at the beginning of the story. Sorry but I will explain Bella's life with the Pack and living at La Push. The past will be relieved. Comment and give me some interesting ideas. I'd love to reply to them and think about it more.


awesome chapter.You can put her past in flashbacks if you want or like a story which she will tell to Edward and his family (or only Edward)..............


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