The Twilight Saga


Plot: One Day the 15 year old Isabella Swan, finds her own path to the magical word of Narnia. As her Destiny takes a new path, love, friendship, war and loss all collide in one, forcing her to make a decision that will make or break her heart.

Preface: Step Into Narnia

It was silent...silent that even the tiniest of sounds could scare a person, send shivers down their spine and make them re-think their entire, life in a second. The young Isabella Swan, knew nothing of her heritage, of what she really was. Of what where her own Destiny would lead her to, what it would shape her into. But she never wished, for her own life, to take a life of it's own. It happened to her, without her wishing for it. The words, be careful what you wish, for could not be applied to Bella, in this circumstance. Maybe on a deeper level it could, but not now.


The alarm clock went off in the middle of the night, causing Bella to fall of her head from her bed, in surprise "Ow." she said as she rubbed the back of her head and she squinted her eyes softly, she looked at the time. 3.40am. You have got to be kidding me, a voice said in her head as she pressed the stop button but it kept going off. She pushed the alarm clock off her desk in frustration and it shuttered into bits and she looked at the floor. "That's one way to turn it off." she told her self, before she laid back down on her soft bed and she closed her eyes as she fell asleep. She tried to sleep, but she kept tossing and turning around on her bed, as she could not get comfortable and go back to the comfortable sleep, she was once slumbering inside of, it was gone.

She woke up early in the morning, barely asleep, she stared at the wall of her room and she sighed softly, as she ran a hand through her jet black hair, that was darker than the darkest of nights, she drugged her self into the bathroom and she looked at her own reflection, her skin was pale like white snow, her lips red like blood, her eyes blue-green like crystal waters. She splashed her self with cold water, which perked her up as she brushed her teeth and she pulled her hair into a plait.

Once she got her self ready for school, as she usually did, she headed to the train station in London, she slumped her bag over her shoulder and she walked down the metro station, it was packed full of people, she had to squeeze in between two boys fighting, over something stupid. She just shook her head as she sighed, taking a seat on one of the benches, she looked at her watch. It was almost 7 in the morning, she yawned a bit and she rubbed her eyes softly with the back of her hand, her hand was soft like silk.

After a while, it grew unusually silent and the wind picked up, not because of the passing trains, but because of something else, Bella felt a strange tingling sensation ran through her entire body, as she stood up and she looked around, no one seemed to notice what was going on. She managed to pull her self up from the bench and she took a step closer to the edge of the train platform, as a train whizzed past, she swore she saw a beach on the other side, as the stones from the walls started to peel away, she looked around and all of a sudden, the platform with all of the people were gone, she was there all alone. She took one shaky step forward, she stood on the most warmest of sands, she ever stood upon.

Her jaw fell slightly a-jar as she took in the beautiful and tranquil beach and the pure blue water, before she could take another step forward, a soft glow surrounded her and she gasped out, as her clothes magically changed into a brown dress and shoes to match, she blinked in shock, she looked at the long sleeves, the material of the dress felt so silky smooth "Where am I?" she asked her self, as she looked up, to see the ruined of Cair Paravel up on the cliffs "I wonder what happened here." she said to her self. It looked like the castle was attacked, she felt sorry for who ever lived there.

She decided it would be a wise choice to look around first, then find a place to stay for the night. She started to walk and she walked into the woods, it was full of pure green grass, green moss and wild flowers, wonderful lakes, full of magic and mystery. As she got to a lake, she sat down on the flat rock and she put some water in her hands and she sipped from her hands, as she felt bit thirsty, but she stood up hearing something odd "Hello?" she said, her eyes scanning around but she saw nothing.

Then suddenly a flaming arrow shot past her landing right beside her, she gasped and she broke into a ran, she dodged through the trees, but she heard voices behind her, yelling and she knew she was being followed. She kept running, but she gasped out when someone caught her and she winced, the grip around her fragile waist was strong, she looked into the eyes, of an older man, scared and wrinkles under his eyes, she held her breath, as she was trembling.

"My my..look what we have here." Miraz spoke as he smirked "If it isn't, another Queen of old." he said.

Bella looked at him "I am not a queen of old." she said, trying to get from his grip "I am just a 15 year old child, lost." she said. She winced as he gripped her even tighter, her begging and trying to tell him what happened, would not help her. He did not believe her story. But his assumption was not right either.

"Do not lie to me." He hissed as he slapped her across her cheek, in one swift motion causing Bella to sob out in pain, as she felt blood trickle down the side of her face and down cheek to her neck, she held her breath, trying not to breathe in the iron, that filled the air, she wanted to curl up and hide, she felt so fragile and vulnerable right now. She was scared of what he might do to her.

"Let her go!" Came a deep voice from behind her, when Miraz was hesitant about letting her go another voice spoke "He said, let her go! Now!"

"Or what?" Miraz prompted as he smirked

"Or this!" a third and different voice and second after that, Miraz let out a shriek as he fell back, when an Arrow struck him, Bella stumbled back and she landed into the soft grass, looking up at 3 handsome strangers.

( Beautiful Art work, made by the lovely Sara :))


Preface: Step Into Narnia (Above)
Chapter 1: 3 Saviours
Chapter 2: Talk with Aslan
Chapter 3: Lessons Begin
Chapter 4: Family History
Chapter 5: Peter's Apology
Chapter 6: The Ball
Chapter 7: Caspian's Cousin
Chapter 8: The Argument
Chapter 9: A Near Kiss (Coming soon)
Chapter 10: Peter's Confession (Coming soon)
Chapter 11: Bella's Feelings (Coming soon)
Chapter 12: Aslan's Announcement (Coming soon)
Chapter 13: Goodbye (Coming soon)
Chapter 14: The Loss Of One (Coming soon)
Chapter 15: Hurting (Coming soon)
Chapter 16: The Voyage Begins (Coming soon)
Chapter 17: Inner Demons (Coming soon)
Chapter 18: The Water Snake (Coming soon)
Chapter 19: Battles And Arguments (Coming soon)
Chapter 20: The Kidnapping (Coming soon)
Chapter 21: Search For Bella (Coming soon)
Chapter 22: The Star Slave (Coming soon)
Chapter 23: True Love (Coming soon)
Chapter 24: Proposal (Coming soon)
Chapter 25: Caspian's Choice (Coming soon)
Chapter 26: The Weeding (Coming soon)
Chapter 27: Narnian Heirs (Coming soon)
(Might add more chapters later)

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Interesting and mysterious!  What happened there and how does she fit into the picture, and who were the handsome strangers that came to her rescue?  Let's see what happens next! 

I am glad you like it? ah well there is there is a supposed rumor there is supposed to be one new queen of old, So Miraz assumed it is Bella, because of the way she is dressed, but she is not aware of the prophecy as you will discover when I post more :)

Well, you Can either guess on who the 3 handsome strangers are? or you can wait till chapter 1 is posted :)

Caspian, Peter and Edmund, maybe?

ah, gosh, right and spot on :)

I love it!  Can't wait for more :)

I am glad you liked it :) I will post as soon as I can :)

Chapter 1: 3 Saviours


The 3 men looked down at Bella, who was leaning against the tree, she fell near by. Their eyes never leaving hers, they wondered who she was and how she got to the Narnian woods and what Miraz wanted with her.

Bella blinked, her breath was caught inside of her throat, as she looked at the handsome men in front of her eyes, 2 of them were at least 6ft tall, the one on the far left, was bit smaller, but just a few inches. He was the one who had a bow and arrow in his hands. His hair was short and lighter brown than the tallest out of the 3 whose hair was bit longer, the one who stood in the middle, had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, that matched his complexion.

“Are you alright miss?” the tallest one with the pure chocolate brown eyes, the slightly longer tussled brown hair, asked her with his rather strong Caribbean accent. He held out his hand to her, his eyes showing warmth and compassion.

Bella looked down at his hand bit hesitantly, before she shakily placed her hand into his warm one, his bigger hand clasped around hers in a secure and protective way as he helped her stand up, with his free hand, he brushed a piece of her hair from her cheek, he examined the bruise on her cheek with a frown “I am deeply sorry about my uncle.” He spoke after a few moments, when Bella was still silent.

Bella looked down at Miraz who pulled the arrow from his arm groaning in pain, he had a devilish look on his face. Her eyes landed back on the tall, handsome man who was speaking to her, how could they be related? Was the first thought that crossed her mind. She winced slightly at the pain that caused her cheek to throb.

“I...umm.” Bella stuttered in, a quite shy voice “Thank you.” She said, she looked fragile like porcelain glass.

A warm smile creped onto his lips, his eyes gazing into hers softly, before he then looked at the smallest of the 3 men “Edmund, take her back to the castle and get a maid to look after her and attend to her bruise.” He said “Me and Peter, will fend Miraz and his men off.” He said

Edmund looked at the tall one “Are you sure Caspian?” he said “What if you...”

Peter cut him off, Bella assumed he was the middle one with the blue eyes and blonde hair “Brother, we can handle them.” He said nodding, before he smiled warmly at Bella when Caspian helped her on Edmund’s horse.

Edmund jumped on his horse in one swift motion making sure he did not harm Bella while doing so “Hold on tight.” He said to Bella, Bella wrapped her arms around his waist as he rode off into the forest, his horse was fast, she squinted her eyes as the wind kissed her skin.

She heard a few yells and battle cries behind them, from where Caspian and Peter were “Will they be okay?” Bella asked, after a few minutes of silence.

Edmund looked back at her, his brown eyes were kind, the same kindness she saw in Caspian’s eyes and he smiled softly “Don’t fear, my brother and Prince Caspian are one of the best warriors in Narnia. They will be fine.” He told her “But..what is your name?” he said, looking back at the road once again, as his horse leaped over a log that was in the way.

Bella looked stunned, Caspian was a prince? She knew how stupid it sounded in her head, but the words slipped out “He’s a prince?” there was no way of stopping the words from her lips. She bit her lip. She just heard Edmund chuckled, either he was amused or he found her question that sounded so stupid, when she should know the answer to that adorable.

“Yes he is.” Edmund spoke in his British accent once again and his smile could be heard in his voice “Peter is the High King and I am a king too.” He said and he looked back at her “And you’re a princess.” He said, stating by the way she looked like, he assumed she was royalty.

Bella shook her head “Me and Princess?” she said shaking her head “No, I am just me...Isabella.....simple...plain girl.” She said, when his horse slowed down, since they were riding through a lovely, small town.

Edmund looked back at her again “Then the clothes...” he said

“They just appeared on me.” Bella said and she bit her lip “I know I sound like a crazy person.” She said, when she saw his mouth open, like he was about to say something, but she cut him off.

“I wasn’t going to say you sound crazy, Bella.” he said as he smiled softly “If the clothes appeared on you, then were did you come from?” he said, looking at her curiously.

“London train station.” Bella said “One moment I was standing there, then the next I was on a beach near the woods.” She carried on and she chewed on her lip, in a rather nervous manner, what would he think of her now?

Edmund stopped his horse for a few moments as he looked at her “London you say?” he said and he smiled “Me and Peter came from, London too.” He said “Aslan must have brought you here for a reason than.” He told her

“Umm who is Aslan?” Bella questioned “And where exactly is here?” she said, her eyes gazing up into his.

Edmund chuckled softly “You’re in Narnia.” He said and he smiled warmly “And Aslan is a king of the woods in Narnia, he is also the father of time and he decides who gains entrance to and from Narnia.” He told her “It is rather confusing, he will explain it you, if you ever meet him.” He said and he smiled kindly, as his horse galloped through the town square again.

Bella just nodded slightly, taking it all in without saying anything. She noticed some people watched her and she bit her lip as she held onto Edmund, she wanted to shy away and hide, but she had no where to hide....maybe his back perhaps, that was all.  She took in the scenery, the stone bridge that led the castle where Edmund resided with his brother, and Prince Caspian.

Everything in Narnia seemed to full of life and vibrancy, the lovely smell and warmth of summer was almost intoxicating.  Edmund’s horse rode over the stone bridge and into the courtyard of the castle, once his horse Phillip stopped, Edmund got off the horse and he helped Bella off “Thank you Phillip.” He said to his horse.

“You are welcome, sire.” The horse spoke back, Edmund chuckled as he saw Bella’s eyes widen in horror and shock. The horse him self let out a small chuckle “I think your new friends, is surprised to hear me speak.”

Edmund nodded “Yeah, she is.” He said and he smiled looking at Bella, he fully noticed how beautiful she really was, Bella felt her cheeks flush a bit red and she bit her lip as she looked at the blue sky, trying to not pay attention to Edmund’s look, the light breeze blew a few strands of her lose hair into her eyes slightly.

“Since when do horses speak?” Bella asked after a few moments.

Edmund looked at her “Since we came to Narnia...animals speak here.” He said and he smiled softly “Come on.” He said and he took her hand softly and he led her inside the castle, once they were inside, a maid rushed to her help and she wiped the blood from her cheek with a cold towel, which calmed down the slight pain that was left.

She put some herbs onto her cheek and held the cold towel to her cheek for a few moments, while the herbs healed her bruise, Bella blinked surprised, she wondered what magic this world was full of “Thank you.” She said to the maid, with a kind smile.

“You are welcome your majesty.” The maid said, thinking Bella was royalty “And may I say, that you might make a wonderful wife to one of the princes here.” He said, meaning off course Caspian, Peter or Edmund. Bella blinked stunned, she was stunned beyond words.

Edmund just chuckled softly at Bella’s innocent and bewildered expression, but he smiled to him self, knowing the maid was right, but he did not tell Bella that. He did not want to scare her, by the thoughts of marriage, which might be a reason why she was sent here? Only Aslan knew the true reason, but that did not stop Edmund from wondering him self. The maid left after she bowed to them both and Bella bit her lip.

She looked around the big room, she stood in with Edmund, the walls very high and the most brilliant gold’s and silvers she ever seen, everything was so magical and tranquil inside, she walked to the balcony and she saw the brilliant long gardens that ran a few acres along the outside of the castle, it was beautiful. She soon heard horse hooves and she looked down to see Prince Caspian arriving with Peter, she felt her heart skip a beat, when Caspian saw her smile and he gave her a rather charming smile, that lit up his brown eyes. Peter just smiled at her softly, his blue eyes never leaving hers, as they rode into the stable, to dismantle their horses.

“Are you okay, Bella?” Edmund asked from behind her, he sounded concerned and worried. But Bella had no idea why, he was like that.

She turned her head to look at him and she nodded “Yeah, I guess I am just tired.” She said as she looked at him “Would you mind if I excused my self?” she said as she looked at him.

He smiled “No of course, I don’t mind.” He said “I will tell Caspian and Peter, you will join us later and I’ll fetch a maid to show you to you a room.” He said and he walked off to find a maid, once the maid walked inside she showed Bella to a clean and fresh new chamber. She bowed down to Bella before she left, closing the door behind her.

Bella looked at the big wooden door and she untied her hair and she let the curls fall around her face softly, she took the brush from the desk and she brushed her hair softly, the scent of wild flowers filled the air...her scent filled the room. She closed her eyes as she looked around, she wondered how long she would be expected to stay here, not that she was in any rush to leave, since everyone seemed very nice here and the royals here very were charming and handsome, but what the maid said about her being perfect for one of still dang into her mind and soul.  She was only 15 and as far as she could tell, she was far from perfect, let alone a royal.

After she set down the hair brush, she pulled back the covers from the bed and she laid down, the sheets were pure satin and silk, so they were cold against her body in the summer warmth, the pillows were so soft and tender, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit them.

Bella woke up few hours later, as the scent of cooked food, meat...salad filled the entire castle, she also could smell some sort of desert, she wondered what it was. Maybe something traditional here in Narnia.

She fixed her hair before she found her way down to the dining hall where Edmund was with Peter and Caspian “Bella watch out for the...” Edmund tried to warn her, as she took a step forward, just in the place where the maid accidently spilled some water and her leg gave away as she gasped, but someone broke her fall.

She looked up to see Caspian’s face a few inches away from her, his hot breath kissed her skin, like the summer sun “Are you okay Bella?” he asked softly, in his strong and alluring accent, it caused her cheeks to turn rouge, she blinked, his arms were so strong, yet they seemed so delicate in his prince wear.

Bella nodded softly as Caspian steadied her, so she could stand on her two feet “Thank you....Prince Caspian.” She said, in a soft voice.

Caspian chuckled softly as he smiled at her, that same charming smile he gave her when she was out on the balcony “Just call me Caspian.” He said and he smiled softly, before he pulled out a chair for her to sit on, right in the middle of him and Peter, as Edmund was sitting on the other side of Peter.

Bella smiled softly at him as she sat down and when she did, she felt Peter squeeze her hand under the table, she blinked as she bit her lip when he let her hand go, like nothing happened, the same warm smile on his face once again. “So, Edmund tells me you’re from London as well.” He said, trying to make conversation.

She looked at him, before giving him a soft nod “Yeah, small world.” She said, her eyes averted to the maid who cleaned up the mess on the floor, before she put some meat onto Plate’s plate with some vegetables and what looked like rice and she poured her some wine into the finest Narnian glass possible.

Bella squinted her eyes slightly at the glass, Peter chuckled softly “Bella it’s wine, not poison.” He said and he smiled softly “Unless you don’t drink?” he said, he raised an eyebrow at her slightly.

“Well, I am only 15.” Bella said “So I guess that might give you an answer to your question?” she said as she looked at the boys and she bit her lip as she sank in her seat slightly, she felt like she wanted to hide and cower away, it was clear they were all over 19 years old at least.

Peter chuckled softly “It’s just for a toast, to celebrate your arrival.” He said and he smiled softly “But if you don’t feel comfortable, we can always give you something else to drink.” He said “I might be 21, but I don’t drink wine often and neither does Caspian or Edmund.” He said, looking at her.

Bella bit her lip slightly as looked between them, so Peter was 21, she wondered how old Caspian and Edmund where, it was like they read her mind when Edmund said “I am 19.” He said and he smiled softly.

“And I 24.” He said. Bella blinked; great she was the youngest one here. And she had no idea, why she even hoped that they might be closer to her age, than they were. But maybe that was not a bad thing, they might protect her and guide her? Or she might just make a fool out of her self, who knows?

“Are you okay?” Edmund asked her, causing her snap out of her day-dream.

Bella nodded “Yeah, I just...never really had wine before.” She said, her cheeks turning bright red, that was not what was on her mind.

Edmund chuckled softly “Well my goodness, you have a lot to discover then.” He said as he smiled softly as he lifted up his glass, with Caspian and Peter, he nodded at Bella to lift up her glass, so she did after a few moments, her hand cupped the rim the of the glass softly, as they clicked their glasses and he smiled softly “To Bella.” all 3 of them said, causing Bella to blush.

Bella then sipped the wine softly, the wine tasted rich, tasted of summer and the most ripe fruit she ever tasted, nothing artificial, she could also taste the lavender in it. She could feel their eyes, on her, waiting for her to do something or say something, she took another sip before she set the glass down and she looked like she was deep in concentration, which caused Edmund to chuckle, apparently he found that expression amusing. “’s delicious.” She said with a soft smile after a while.

“Then what was with this look?” Edmund said, trying to pull of the look she had on her face a few moments ago, but he failed epically as everyone else burst into laughter, Bella’s laughter was the most soft and tender, like wonderful music to the ears.

Edmund chuckled at him self softly as Bella shook her head and she smiled at him. “Jut enjoying the taste, that’s all.” She said, before they all started to eat. Bella was hungry, the food was delicious and it filled up her stomach, she never tasted anything so delicious before, because she knew this meat was not something she tasted before. It was tender, not hard to chew, full of rich flavour.

After they finished the main course, Bella wiped her mouth softly using a napkin and she blinked when she saw the cake that got laid out on the table and her jaw almost dropped open and stared at it.

Caspian chuckled softly, seeing her expression “It’s a traditional cake, we serve in Narnia.” He said as he took a cut a piece from her own plate using her fork and he held it out to her “Try it.” He said and he smiled softly, his eyes fixated on hers.

Bella held her hair from her face softly, as she leaned forward and she took the bite from the fork. As she did so, she noticed the slight jealous looks Peter and Edmund had in their eyes, because Caspian was feeing Bella cake. She blushed, when Caspian softly touched her lips with his finger, as she had a bit of chocolate on her lips so he wiped it off, as he chuckled softly and he smiled at her again. Bella giggled softly as she swallowed the piece she chewed up.

“Excuse me.” Peter said as he stood up pushing back his chair and he walked out of the room and he didn’t close the door behind him.

Bella looked confused and she looked over at Edmund, who was silent and not moving, or speaking. She bit her lip as she looked between Caspian and Edmund and she sighed softly, well this was going to be bit odd for her, if things carried on like this.

Interesting situation!  What is she supposed to do now?

Yes, very Interesting since Edmund, Peter and Caspian all seem to be competing for her affections already. Maybe Aslan will have some answers for her, when they will meet, not just about what she is supposed to do about the boys, but why she is there, he might hold some clues that will be vital and important in the future.

As for Edmund, Peter and Caspian, it might get more intense as time goes on, but Bella will be destined to end up with one, not going to say who.

Chapter 2: Talk with Aslan


Bella looked at Edmund, with a sad expression on her face, she could not help but feel bad he was acting this way because of one simple thing, she was being nice. She bit her lip “I need some fresh air.” She said and she got up from the table and she rushed outside, she felt like she was running but not going anywhere, but she was only running from her self, from her conflicting emotions, she was not sure what she was supposed to do. She should be nice to be Caspian and risk Peter and Edmund’s wrath because of it? Or ignore Caspian? She could not do that, she could not ignore any of them. It was not in her nature too. She was raised better than that, she knew better than that. It was not right.

She placed her head in between her palms softly as she sighed, she had no idea why she was feeling so conflicted already, was it such a big crime to be nice to royalty? Or maybe she just misinterpreted it her self, but not the looks in Peter and Edmund’s eyes, she knew those were real. But how could she let it go? Let it slip away, she felt worried and upset, because she caused them to feel like this, she looked up from her hands, and at the night sky, the moon was high up and there were stars in the sky, it was truly mesmerizing, Bella felt like she could stare at the night beauty all night and never get tired of it.

She sighed as she pulled her gaze away and she decided to take a look around, the garden. It might help her clear her mind, or that’s what she told her self. She let her eyes scan the beautiful scenery, the wild flowers were wildly intoxicating with their beautiful and alluring smell, that hit her nostrils, each one was perfectly shaped in their own way, their scent unique that suited their appearance and name, but she was sure, she didn’t know the names of the perfect flowers in this garden, as she never saw half of them before in her life. She noticed an orchard of many trees and a fountain in the middle, before her eyes landed on Peter, who was standing by the apple tree.

Peter looked up as he noticed Bella was there, she opened her mouth to say something but no words came out, they seemed to fail her “Save it.” Peter said, in a rather rude tone of a voice. His eyes seemed cold and distant, not the warm and lovely color she once saw. “I don’t want to hear it.” He said.

Bella blinked in shock, as she looked at him “Peter I....” she trailed off as he cut her off again.

“Don’t.” Peter said “Go back to Caspian! It’s clear you have eyes for him anyways, but I don’t need to watch that.” He said before he pushed past her and he walked back inside and straight to his room, while Bella stared after him, while tears prickled her eyes.

She felt her knees shake and she sat down on the side of the fountain and she blinked back the tears, she bit her lip as she suppressed back a chocked sob, she was crying already? She had no idea, what was going on with her.

It was silent for a while, as she let the tears ran down her cheeks and she closed her eyes tightly. Peter’s words hurt beyond compare; no one said anything so hurtful to her before. “Dear, do not cry.” She heard a deep voice behind her, after a few minutes. She looked back to see a Lion, she blinked a bit, she knew she should not be surprised, since Edmund said that Animals in Narnia talked, a talking Horse was one thing, but a talking Lion that seemed like he was nice, was another. “I am Aslan.” He said, his voice sounded calm and warm, Bella looked at Aslan as he walked closer to her and his eyes gazing into hers sadly. “I am sure, Edmund or Caspian have mentioned me?” he said, Bella was surprised, he assumed that only Caspian or Edmund would talk to her about Aslan, why not Peter?

Bella nodded a bit “Edmund mentioned you briefly.” She said in a shaky voice “I am Isab...” she got cut off by Aslan.

“You are Isabella.” He said in a kind soft voice “I know, who you are my dear. I am the one who brought you here.” He carried on as he let Bella ran her hand through his fur softly.

“But why am I here?” Bella said as she looked at Aslan “How long am I supposed to stay?” she said as she looked at him, she had so many questions and she knew that Caspian and Edmund might too, even Peter but he refused to even talk to her, hear her out, so she gathered he would not be much of help to her at the moment. Just as she finished the second question, she saw Caspian and Edmund walking over to them.

As soon as Edmund saw her teary eyes, he wrapped his arms around her bringing her into a soft hug “I am sorry Bella, for the way I acted.” He said “I knew you were just trying to be nice to Caspian.” He said, as he looked down at her and he brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear softly.

Bella closed her eyes “I am not upset with you, Peter is the one who..” she shakes her head “I don’t want to talk about him, now.” She said and Edmund rubbed her arm softly, while Caspian kissed her hair softly in a comforting way and she closed her eyes, she was glad she had Edmund and Caspian by her side at the moment.

Aslan smiled at them 3 as he then looked at Bella “You have a special destiny you need to fulfill, and you shall stay as long as you please, I am in no rush to send you back, if you will truly belong here, then you will know.” He said as he looked at her.

Caspian looked at Aslan “Destiny? What kind of Destiny and why did my uncle think that Bella is another queen of Old? I just know my cousin Lucy is a queen of old and you named Peter and Edmund as the kings of Old, but why Bella?” he said confused.

Aslan looked at Caspian “Only time will tell, what destiny has in store for Bella.” he said simply before he chuckled “I was expecting that to be asked dear one’s.” he said and he smiled “A long time, there was a prophecy that there would be another Queen of old in Narnia. Her mother was a princess just like your cousin Lucy, and her father was the king of all stars in Narnia, not just any star though, the blue star. The child was half and half, but she would not turn and gain her full powers, until she would come of age. But when the young child turned 4 years old, her parents were brutally killed by the white witch and the child her self, was put in danger, therefore she was rumored to be send to the mortal London in order to protect her. Only when the time was right, the child would return back to Narnia.” He said as he looked at them.

“But what does this got to do with me?” Bella said “I am not a half Narnian star. I think I would know if I was.” She said

“Come of age?” Caspian said with Edmund at the same time “When would that be?” they were curious, they than looked at Bella, who seemed to be more confused than they were.

Aslan looked at Bella “Miraz assumed you where her, because of what you were wearing, the dress you have on you belonged the half Narnian’s stars mother.” He said, before he then looked at Caspian and Edmund “Each half star stops aging at the age of 16, they can live forever and who ever they are with, can pick if they age or stop aging to be with her, if they truly love her.” He said

Edmund looked at Caspian then at Aslan “And why are we involved in this? I thought that Bella was here too...”

Aslan cut him off “To fall in love with one of you?” he questioned “That might be a reason why Bella might be here, but the prophecy also said that the star would be destined to end up with one of you.” He said looking at Edmund and Caspian

Caspian blinked surprised “Okay me and Edmund either have to end up with Bella or this missing Star?” he said “What about Peter?” he questioned.

“He is not part of that Prophecy, just you and Edmund.” He said.

Bella looked between Caspian and Edmund, she would have to pick between them one day, she shook her head slightly, but she still felt like there was something Aslan was not telling them, like he was not telling them the whole truth about why she was really here. “Is there something, you’re not telling us?” she questioned. The star Prophecy dwelled at the back of her mind, Bella would turn 16 in a year.

Aslan chuckled softly “There is always something that I do not tell you dear, only time and destiny will reveal the answers to you.” He said as he looked at Caspian and Edmund “I trust you will take good care of Bella and protect her.” He said

Caspian nodded “Of course we will.” He said as he gave Bella a small soft smile, to reassure her things would be alright.

Edmund nodded “Is there anything we need to teach her?” he asked curious.

Aslan looked at Edmund “Archery and how to ride a horse.” He told them “She might need to learn how escape a fight her self, one day on her own.” He said “I trust you will be useful and good teachers to Bella.” he said

“What about Peter?” Edmund asked curious “I am sure he’d want to teach Bella something with a sword.” He said, Bella just bit her lip, she was not sure how she felt about handling a sword, let alone Peter teaching her, after his out burst.

Aslan shakes his head “Archery for Bella will suffice. After the harsh words, he exchanged with Bella, I do not wish him to teach her sword fighting. It shall be his punishment.” He said, before he left, going back into the woods.

Bella blinked a little bit in shock, she saw Edmund and Caspian watching her “How do you feel?” Caspian asked softly, with a curious tone in his voice.

“About you teaching me? About the prophecy or about me ending up with one of you?” Bella questioned, because she was not sure how she felt all about this “Do you think...I am the umm the...” she could not even say it, what if she was? What would that mean for her? Powers? Eternal life? It scared her slightly; she was always used to the idea of being born, living a life and then dying when the time came, but nothing like this ever crossed her mind. Not even in the slightest of hopes and dreams.

Caspian looked at Bella “Only time will tell, if you are the girl from the prophecy.” He said and he took her hand in his softly and gave it a soft squeeze “There are some answers, that not even Aslan can give us, we just have to accept that.” He told her and he hugged her close for a few moments and Bella closed her eyes as she nodded.

“But do we really all want to a year to find out?” she questioned

Edmund looked at her “You turn 16 in a year?” he said and Bella gave a soft nod “No matter how long we have to wait to find out the full truth, you will always be Bella. That won’t change and we won’t stop being there for you and protecting you.” He said and he smiled at her softly.

Caspian looked down at her “Edmund is right, you will always be our Bella, no matter what. Maybe a little bit less fragile.” He said and he chuckled softly, his words brought out a soft blush to her cheeks and she hugged them both and she closed her eyes, she had no idea what she would do, if she didn’t have them by her side at the moment.

Bella hid her face in between their chests and she closed her eyes as she breathed in their scent softly, she found it rather calming and she had no idea how calming it was, until she felt like she was being lifted and carried by one of them, she had dozed off, her head leaned against one of their strong chests, either Edmund or Caspian’s heart beat comforted her and send her off into a peaceful sleep.


Some answers but still so many questions.  I wonder how it will go with her lessons?

Yeah they got some answers, but not all of them, they will find them out as the time will go on.

You will have to wait and see :) it might be fun, challenging but rewarding at the same time, even if there are a few mistakes on the way


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