The Twilight Saga


Plot: One Day the 15 year old Isabella Swan, finds her own path to the magical word of Narnia. As her Destiny takes a new path, love, friendship, war and loss all collide in one, forcing her to make a decision that will make or break her heart.

Preface: Step Into Narnia

It was silent...silent that even the tiniest of sounds could scare a person, send shivers down their spine and make them re-think their entire, life in a second. The young Isabella Swan, knew nothing of her heritage, of what she really was. Of what where her own Destiny would lead her to, what it would shape her into. But she never wished, for her own life, to take a life of it's own. It happened to her, without her wishing for it. The words, be careful what you wish, for could not be applied to Bella, in this circumstance. Maybe on a deeper level it could, but not now.


The alarm clock went off in the middle of the night, causing Bella to fall of her head from her bed, in surprise "Ow." she said as she rubbed the back of her head and she squinted her eyes softly, she looked at the time. 3.40am. You have got to be kidding me, a voice said in her head as she pressed the stop button but it kept going off. She pushed the alarm clock off her desk in frustration and it shuttered into bits and she looked at the floor. "That's one way to turn it off." she told her self, before she laid back down on her soft bed and she closed her eyes as she fell asleep. She tried to sleep, but she kept tossing and turning around on her bed, as she could not get comfortable and go back to the comfortable sleep, she was once slumbering inside of, it was gone.

She woke up early in the morning, barely asleep, she stared at the wall of her room and she sighed softly, as she ran a hand through her jet black hair, that was darker than the darkest of nights, she drugged her self into the bathroom and she looked at her own reflection, her skin was pale like white snow, her lips red like blood, her eyes blue-green like crystal waters. She splashed her self with cold water, which perked her up as she brushed her teeth and she pulled her hair into a plait.

Once she got her self ready for school, as she usually did, she headed to the train station in London, she slumped her bag over her shoulder and she walked down the metro station, it was packed full of people, she had to squeeze in between two boys fighting, over something stupid. She just shook her head as she sighed, taking a seat on one of the benches, she looked at her watch. It was almost 7 in the morning, she yawned a bit and she rubbed her eyes softly with the back of her hand, her hand was soft like silk.

After a while, it grew unusually silent and the wind picked up, not because of the passing trains, but because of something else, Bella felt a strange tingling sensation ran through her entire body, as she stood up and she looked around, no one seemed to notice what was going on. She managed to pull her self up from the bench and she took a step closer to the edge of the train platform, as a train whizzed past, she swore she saw a beach on the other side, as the stones from the walls started to peel away, she looked around and all of a sudden, the platform with all of the people were gone, she was there all alone. She took one shaky step forward, she stood on the most warmest of sands, she ever stood upon.

Her jaw fell slightly a-jar as she took in the beautiful and tranquil beach and the pure blue water, before she could take another step forward, a soft glow surrounded her and she gasped out, as her clothes magically changed into a brown dress and shoes to match, she blinked in shock, she looked at the long sleeves, the material of the dress felt so silky smooth "Where am I?" she asked her self, as she looked up, to see the ruined of Cair Paravel up on the cliffs "I wonder what happened here." she said to her self. It looked like the castle was attacked, she felt sorry for who ever lived there.

She decided it would be a wise choice to look around first, then find a place to stay for the night. She started to walk and she walked into the woods, it was full of pure green grass, green moss and wild flowers, wonderful lakes, full of magic and mystery. As she got to a lake, she sat down on the flat rock and she put some water in her hands and she sipped from her hands, as she felt bit thirsty, but she stood up hearing something odd "Hello?" she said, her eyes scanning around but she saw nothing.

Then suddenly a flaming arrow shot past her landing right beside her, she gasped and she broke into a ran, she dodged through the trees, but she heard voices behind her, yelling and she knew she was being followed. She kept running, but she gasped out when someone caught her and she winced, the grip around her fragile waist was strong, she looked into the eyes, of an older man, scared and wrinkles under his eyes, she held her breath, as she was trembling.

"My my..look what we have here." Miraz spoke as he smirked "If it isn't, another Queen of old." he said.

Bella looked at him "I am not a queen of old." she said, trying to get from his grip "I am just a 15 year old child, lost." she said. She winced as he gripped her even tighter, her begging and trying to tell him what happened, would not help her. He did not believe her story. But his assumption was not right either.

"Do not lie to me." He hissed as he slapped her across her cheek, in one swift motion causing Bella to sob out in pain, as she felt blood trickle down the side of her face and down cheek to her neck, she held her breath, trying not to breathe in the iron, that filled the air, she wanted to curl up and hide, she felt so fragile and vulnerable right now. She was scared of what he might do to her.

"Let her go!" Came a deep voice from behind her, when Miraz was hesitant about letting her go another voice spoke "He said, let her go! Now!"

"Or what?" Miraz prompted as he smirked

"Or this!" a third and different voice and second after that, Miraz let out a shriek as he fell back, when an Arrow struck him, Bella stumbled back and she landed into the soft grass, looking up at 3 handsome strangers.

( Beautiful Art work, made by the lovely Sara :))


Preface: Step Into Narnia (Above)
Chapter 1: 3 Saviours
Chapter 2: Talk with Aslan
Chapter 3: Lessons Begin
Chapter 4: Family History
Chapter 5: Peter's Apology
Chapter 6: The Ball
Chapter 7: Caspian's Cousin
Chapter 8: The Argument
Chapter 9: A Near Kiss (Coming soon)
Chapter 10: Peter's Confession (Coming soon)
Chapter 11: Bella's Feelings (Coming soon)
Chapter 12: Aslan's Announcement (Coming soon)
Chapter 13: Goodbye (Coming soon)
Chapter 14: The Loss Of One (Coming soon)
Chapter 15: Hurting (Coming soon)
Chapter 16: The Voyage Begins (Coming soon)
Chapter 17: Inner Demons (Coming soon)
Chapter 18: The Water Snake (Coming soon)
Chapter 19: Battles And Arguments (Coming soon)
Chapter 20: The Kidnapping (Coming soon)
Chapter 21: Search For Bella (Coming soon)
Chapter 22: The Star Slave (Coming soon)
Chapter 23: True Love (Coming soon)
Chapter 24: Proposal (Coming soon)
Chapter 25: Caspian's Choice (Coming soon)
Chapter 26: The Weeding (Coming soon)
Chapter 27: Narnian Heirs (Coming soon)
(Might add more chapters later)

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I can't wait for more,Summer. It all so compelling to read more and  more. :)

I am glad  you liked it :)

Chapter 3~Lessons Begin


Bella was asleep peacefully all night, when she woke up in the early morning...or rather one of the maids woke her up, by pulling apart the curtains and letting the summer sun shine in through the wide window, which woke Bella up, with a warm tingling sensation, she opened her eyes and she blinked as she stretched on the bed as she yawned slightly.

“Good morning, miss.” The maid said as she smiled “I trust you slept well?” the maid said as she started to fluff Bella’s pillows as soon as Bella stood up to stretch out fully on the balcony and stare at the gorgeous morning view.

Bella looked back at the petite, slim and young pretty maid as she gave her a soft nod “I have, thank you very much.” She said with a warm smile on her lips “I never slept better actually.” She said, there was something about this new place, new world that made her feel comfortable as if she was at home. Like she belonged there, she liked that feeling.

The maid smiled back at her softly as she started to brush Bella’s long dark hair “Well, it shows on your face.” She said softly, her hands were soft against Bella’s hair, as she brushed it, making sure there were no tangles in her long, luscious hair to make her presentable. Bella looked into the mirror as she thought about the prophecy Aslan told them about, she wondered if she was this half star, she had no idea what to do if she was.

She imagined the star to be more beautiful than she was, long and luscious hair that almost reached the floor, silky and smooth, pure light blonde with a blue light surrounding her, that was her visions of the Narnian star, but for all she knew, she could be wrong as she never saw a Narnian star before. She closed her eyes softly as the maid started to braid her long hair, in a delicate and complex plait she had never seen before, after that she helped Bella fit into a new morning dress and shoes to match “You look wonderful.” She said

“Thanks to you.” Bella replied with a kind smile, she bit her lip as she took in her appearance once again, she looked slim and like she stepped out from a painting painted in the 1500’s maybe even before than.

“You look beautiful.” She heard a deep voice and she looked up to see Caspian standing by the door, with a bright smile as he gazed at her, she felt her cheeks burn up bright red as she smiled at him warmly.

The maid bowed to them both, before she walked off to another part of the castle and Bella bit her lip, as she gazed up at Caspian.

Caspian looked at Bella “Are you okay?” he said, he walked over to her as he took her hand in his softly, his thumb rubbing the top of her hand softly, in a caring and tender way. Bella looked at their hands, it fit into his, as if she was made for him, but then her hand fitted with Peter’s too, and she was sure it would with Edmund’s too, that’s what confused her.

“I...yes..” she said “I was just thinking.” She looked up at him after a few moments, since she adverted her gaze from his, a few moments ago and she bit her lip slightly, she could not shake off the strange feeling, that occupied her mind, body and soul. Also the feeling, like something terrible was waiting for them in the mist.

Caspian touched her cheek softly as he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, his lips were warm and tender against her smooth skin and she closed her eyes softly as he sighed against her forehead “Don’t worry about it for now.” He said, she knew he was right, but deep down, she still worried. He wrapped an arm around her slim waist softly as he walked with her to the dining hall, for breakfast, when they walked inside; Edmund was already there with Peter.

Bella bit her lip as Peter looked up to see them both walking in, she looked away from Peter not meeting his gaze as she sat beside Caspian and on the other side of Edmund. Peter sighed softly and he looked away from them as he looked down at his plate and he ate in silence.

Edmund looked at Bella and he gave her a soft smile and he patted her hand, as if to tell her, she didn’t need to worry. “So, should we start your lessons today?” he asked her.

Before Bella could answer, Peter cut in “What lessons?” his British accent chimed throughout the entire hall, with curiosity. He had an raised eyebrow waiting for someone to answer his question

Edmund looked at his brother “Aslan wanted us to teach Bella, how to defend her self at battle.” He said

“Alright, I’ll teach her how to use a sword.” Peter said, before Edmund could carry on.

“Aslan, just meant me and Edmund.” Caspian said as he looked at Peter “He did not want you to teach Bella anything, and he said that Bella just needs to learn how to use a bow and arrow and how to ride a horse, so me and Edmund will take care of that.” He said, in a almost strict tone as if he was telling a naughty child off. But Peter was rather rude to Bella, the other day, so he deserved the tone he got from Caspian.

Peter looked a little stunned “What...why doesn’t Aslan want me to teach Bella?” he asked, he sounded like he was offended.

“Because of how you treated me.” Bella said, her eyes not looking into Peters, as she could not bare to look at him at the moment, that shut Peter up, he just sighed as if he was defeated at a battle, rather than a conversation.  Bella then looked at Edmund “I think, today looks like a good place to start.” She answered his previous question, before Peter cut them off.

Caspian looked at Bella and Edmund “Alright.” He said at the same with Edmund and he smiled softly. After those words were exchanged, they ate their breakfast in silence before they headed outside to the quad near the horse stables, Edmund took out 3 horses one for him, one for Bella, the other for Caspian and Caspian got the bows and arrows, so they could teach Bella.

Bella looked at the 3 horses, well 2 stallions, she knew of them was Phillip Edmund’s horse, the other Stallion was dark skinned, she guessed he belonged to Caspian and the other horse was pure white, like snow. Pure.

Edmund smiled softly at Bella “I hope you don’t mind, that I picked out a white horse for you. She is the nicest out of the white horses and a perfect match for you.” He told

Bella smiled “No of course I don’t mind. I always found white horses beautiful, like any other.” She said as she gentle petted her head softly, she ran her hand across her nuzzle tenderly stroking her in a soft soothing motion “What is her name?” she said as she looked at Edmund.

“Angel.” Caspian and Edmund said at the same time as Caspian started to set up some targets for Bella, when it comes to archery. Bella nodded softly as she smiled, before she examined the targets Caspian set up and she looked at the bow and arrow, it was made of pure wood, it seemed like it was easy to break, but in reality it was strong, firm and it worked perfectly if you just trusted and believed in it, to not miss your target.

“Did you ever have some experience with archery and riding a horse?” Caspian said as he stood by his own Stallion looking at Bella. “Back in your world?” he added at the end, with a warm smile.

Bella thinks for a while “Well my aunt had a few horses, when I was younger I rode one for a while, but ended up with a broken wrist.” She said “As for the archery, I tried it out in summer camp and failed rather epically, almost poked out somebody’s eye out.” She giggled and she cringed slightly.

Edmund laughed softly “Well, that’s better than no experience at all.” He said and he smiled “Don’t worry, by the end of the lessons, you will be good, you will be able to ride a horse like us and even fire arrows while riding a horse.”

Bella blinked “ step at a time...please.” she said

Caspian laughed softly “Don’t worry, we will take it one step at a time.” He said as he patted her back softly and he smiled and he looked at her “So, where do you want to start?” he said

Bella looked at them “Mhh I think let’s start with the horse first.” She said

Edmund nodded and he smiled “Alright.” He said and he dismantled her horse and Bella looked at him with a raised eyebrow and he chuckled “Starting from the beginning Bells, now try to mantle your horse like it was.” He said

Bella looked at the equipment he laid out before her and she started to mantle her horse, she was lucky she remembered her aunts horses and how she mantled them, so it took her 10 minutes, after she tried to make sure it was right and double checked it. She then looked at Caspian and Edmund who checked it over and gave her thumbs up.

“I have a feeling; you will be a quick learner.”  Edmund said as he got on his horse while Caspian got on his and Bella climbed on hers.

“I been told, I am a quick learner.” She teased and they all laughed and smiled in unison, as Peter stood on the balcony watching them, he looked jealous. He sighed and he tried to force him self to look away, but he could not. Bella was so beautiful and she was giving her attention to his little brother and Prince Caspian, how he wished, her attention was being given to him, instead of them two.

Edmund smiled and he beckoned Phillip to start moving as Caspian was on the move as well “Be gentle Bella, but make sure you mean your command, gentle but firm.” Edmund said.

Bella nodded and he Bella caused her horse to move, but she almost ended up falling off but she caught onto the rains and she caught a breath, while Caspian and Edmund chuckled softly “Well, it’s a start.” They said and Caspian smiled “Are you okay?” he after and Bella gave a soft nod.

“Try again.” Edmund said and he smiled at Bella softly.

Bella took a deep breath and this time it worked her horse Angel started to trot gently, until she was by Caspian’s side.

“Well done.” They both said at the same time smiling “Now follow us, try to keep up, we won’t go to fast, but will eventually speed up, if you catch on quick.” They told her and they took of on their horses.

Bella nodded as she beckoned Angel to follow Caspian and Edmund’s horses, she kept rather easily at the start, they trotted around the castle quads and garden, before they rode into the woods, the light summer breeze blew through Bella’s hair as they rode, Caspian and Edmund sped up slightly once they reached the woods and Bella managed to keep up, as her horse sped up, in a gentle way making sure Bella did not fall of her saddle. She looked around as they rode and they rode along the cliffs of the beach, she looked up, she realized she was back where she found her self on her first day “What is up there?” she nodded to the ruins on the other side.

Edmund looked at her “That was Cair Paravel, it was where me and Peter first lived, on our first visit.” He said

“What happened to it?” Bella asked him

“It must have been attacked way before Caspian was born and before me and Peter came back, the second time, this time for good.” He said “Time here moves rather differently, than back from where we come from.” He told her.

Bella nodded “Oh, it seems such a shame to have lost a beautiful castle...I imagine.” She said as she kept up beside them.

Caspian nodded “Yeah, it was...from the stories I been told as a young boy.” He said and he smiled at Bella softly, as they rode on but their smiles soon fell, as the ground shook rather violently, as if something evil and dreaded moved in the water causing Bella’s horse to freak out and Bella fell back with a gasp and she landed against the floor, hitting her head against a rock as she fell off, blacking out.

Oh no, what happened?  And why are they there without the girls?  What changed?


You will have to wait and see what happened, since I am not going to reveal what it is just yet, it might show up later again.

Oh, right in this story Lucy is related to Caspian as his cousins, not related to Peter and Edmund. I chose not to add Susan into this story. So only Peter and Edmund are related. I changed the details around a bit, that's all :)

Chapter 4: Family History


Caspian and Edmund gasped when Bella fell of her horse and they both jumped off theirs once the ground stopped shaking and they ran over to Bella, Caspian gently lifted Bella up into his arms, he saw her head was bleeding a little and he pulled off his t-shirt and ripped it up slightly and pressed it to the back of her head to stop the bleeding.

“We have to get her back.” Edmund said as he took Bella’s horse by the reins and walked over to his own horse Phillip.

Caspian nodded “Yeah, we should.” He said as he lifted Bella up and he set her on his horse before he got on it as well and made sure that Bella was leaning against him as he rode off with Edmund who had to take care of Bella’s horse as well. Bella’s limp body was leaning against Caspian’s chest.

Edmund looked over at Bella worried and he sighed, they got to the castle and he took the horses to the stables while Caspian took Bella inside and he gently laid her down on a bed and made sure the bleeding had stopped, he got one of the maids, to wrap her up with a cloth that was soaked with healing herbs, to heal the gash on the back of Bella’s head.

Edmund joined Caspian shortly after the maid walked out of Bella’s room and he looked at him “Will she be okay?” he asked, his voice bit shaky. He bit his lip, he did not want Aslan or Bella mad at them, because of this.

Caspian looked at Edmund and he gave a small nod “She should wake up, soon.” He said as he sat down beside Bella on the bed and he looked down at her worried and he took her hand in his softly, while Edmund held Bella’s hand too, her hands were cold, she looked bit paler than usual, but the colour started to return to her face. It was a sign that Bella was healing, a process that might be bit slow as it would take a day or so, for her to be fully okay and not be dizzy, even if the gash would close up fast.

Edmund nodded as he rubbed Bella’s hand softly and he heard Peter at the door and he looked up at his older brother and he creased his eyebrows together at him, for a slight moment “What do you want, Peter?” he asked him, but Peter just stared at Bella in shock.

“What did you do?” Peter hissed at them, thinking they had something to do with why Bella was like this.

Caspian looked at Peter “We didn’t hurt Bella, we wouldn’t dream of harming her, not now not ever!” he said in a firm voice, clearly offended by Peter’s misapprehension of the situation “It was an accident at the beach, Bella’s horse got freaked out by something that caused the cliffs to shake and Bella fell of her horse.” He said as he looked at Peter “She is healing right now and she does not need to wake up, to us arguing over what happened to her.” He said, he looked away from Peter and down at Bella again and he brushed a piece of her hair from her face softly.

Peter looked a little bit confused and the anger and jealously left his face in an instant “What caused the cliffs to shake? This never happened before.” He said

Edmund looked at Peter “I am not sure. But we will have to find out.” He told him. “If there is a way to prevent it from happening again, it has to prevented to keep Bella safe, to keep us all safe, because who knows what could have happened, if Bella was there all alone when it happened.” He said, the thought send a cold shiver down his spine and he shook his head, trying to submerge the thought away into the abyss, he could not think of Bella being hurt. It caused him too much discomfort and pain in his chest. He promised Aslan he would protect Bella with Caspian and that was exactly what he intended on doing. Even if it cost him his life, in the end. He knew that Caspian shared the same thought, as they shared the look.

The look that implied they had the same thoughts on their minds. Only Peter seemed like he was thinking about something else, but neither of them asked him what it was. Bella was priority right now.

Bella was waking up and she let out a whimper as her head was throbbing in a rather unbearable pain, she felt bit disoriented and her vision was rather hazy, when her eyes fully snapped open, she had to blink a few times to make out the concerned faces of Peter, Edmund and Caspian gazing down at her.

“Bella?” Edmund asked softly, with Caspian while Peter stood by the door frame in a rather awkward composition, he was not sure what to say or do, he just looked half concerned and half mad, but at him self, he felt this was partly his fault, because of what he said to her the other day.  He was scolding him self, deep down inside of him, knowing he would have to talk to her and make it up to her later. He disappeared from view, before Bella could fully notice him, but he knew that deep down, she noticed him standing there. Or at least a part of him hoped that she did.

Bella tried to sit up so Caspian helped her up softly, making sure she was leaning against the soft pillows “What happened? How did I get back?” she said, she looked confused and she gasped as her head was spinning and she pressed a hand to her temple.

“Here, drink this.” Edmund said as he handed her a cup of herbal tea, which would help her get rid of the headache, she was experiencing right now.

“You don’t remember what happened?” Caspian said as he looked at Bella, he was glad she did not remember how she got hurt, it might be a horrible memory for her to carry with her. He sighed softly as she shook her head as she sipped the tea.

“That doesn’t matter now.” Edmund said as he stroked her hair softly “You’ll be okay now.” He said and he smiled at her softly, but something was still digging at the back of his mind and that was Bella’s family History, it made him wonder who Bella’s parents were and what about Bella’s aunt? Caspian noticed his deep inquisitional look and he looked at Bella too, before his eyes landed on Edmund once again.

“What is it?” Bella asked as she sipped her drink, since she noticed the look on Edmund’s face. She looked between Caspian and Edmund, a bit confused now “Is something the matter?” she sounded worried and she squinted her eyes at him slightly, but because of the head ache which was now leaving her in an abrupt way, which caused her to feel a bit faint.

Edmund looked at Bella “I was just wondering, about your family history.” He said

“Why?” She asked at the same with Caspian, who was slightly confused about this as well. He looked at Edmund, waiting for him to explain to them all, why he was curious about Bella’s family History.

Edmund looked at them both “It’s to do with the Prophecy Aslan told us about and Bella wondering if she is the half star.” He said “Aslan said, that the child lost her parents at the age of four and she was sent to London, now Bella comes from London and she lived with her aunt.” He said

Bella knew where he was going, if as if he was going to ask her a question about her parents “I never knew my real parents.” She said “They died before I turned 5.” She said as she looked at them. “My aunt mentioned something about a car crash, but I was never really sure, they were no pictures of them in the house, not even an obituary in the papers, of their death.” She said as she looked at them.

Edmund looked at Bella then at Caspian “This is strange, Bella’s family, the prophecy, it like it adds up, but does not add up at the same time.” He said “If that makes sense.” He said as he watched them, for a reaction.

Caspian looked at Bella and he sighed “I am sorry to hear about your parents Bella.” he said and he looked at Edmund “I get it, but Bella was born in London, the half star was born here.” He said “And as far as we know, Bella is not a half star or royalty.” He said pointing out another fact that Aslan mentioned when he was talking about the prophecy.

Edmund nodded “I know, just a thought I had.” He said and he looked at Bella “Do you remember any early birthdays?” he questioned, he wanted to figure this out, he was sure that Bella and Caspian wanted to figure it out too.

Bella thought for a few moments and she bit her lip “The earliest I can remember, is my 6th Birthday.” She said “Nothing before than, maybe a few memories, but I am not sure if it’s even real or just my imagination, but my memory always sucked, when trying to go back to remembering my birthdays, so it’s not easy for me to remember me turning 5 or 4.” She said as she looked at Edmund.

Edmund nodded as he sighed softly “That’s alright, I guess not everyone remembers that early into their childhood.” He said and he looked at Bella “Would your aunt remember? If she was here that is.” He said, curious, if it would be possible for Aslan to bring Bella’s aunt here, to help out and remember a few things. But he noticed the change of look in Bella’s eyes and he knew, he said something wrong.

Bella sighed softly, the look in her eyes was sad and almost distant “My aunt died, few months ago.” She said and she sighed

Edmund closed his eyes as he sighed softly “Bella, I am so sorry...if I knew I wouldn’t have..” he said as he looked at her, he hated to see her sad and he brought her into a soft hug and he closed his eyes when she leaned her chin against his shoulder softly.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know, Ed.” She said and she closed her eyes “I guess, my life is rather complicated, well my family History is, I am not sure I can help you figure this out.” She told him “I am sorry.” She said

Caspian rubbed her back softly while Edmund held her in his arms “It’s okay, we will figure this whole thing out, sooner or later.” They both said at the same time as they looked at Bella. “You should rest.” Edmund than carried on as he smiled at her softly “We can carry on with your lessons, in a few days time, after you are fully healed and not feeling dizzy.” He carried on

Bella nodded softly as she looked at him and she smiled at them warmly “Alright...and thank you.” She said as she looked at them, she was not sure what she was thanking them for in this moment, but what ever it was, she knew it was rather important. Maybe she was thanking them for their friendship, or for saving her from the accident today, but she was not sure. What ever it was, she knew they knew that she was thanking them for. She laid back softly against the bed after she set the cup down and she closed her eyes, so she could rest.

Interesting!  Can't wait to find out more!

I am glad you found it interesting :)

Chapter 5: Peter’s Apology


It was later in the late afternoon, that Bella decided she needed some fresh air, after she cleaned her self up and changed her self into a clean dress, she felt rested and she was bit dizzy, but she could stand on her own and walk, the fresh air would do her some good, she walked outside and into the garden.

She looked around as she breathed in the fresh afternoon breeze, the sun was hiding behind the canopy of the trees, so it was not so hot outside, the breeze was also cool, a sign that Autumn would soon be here, she looked at the beautifully coloured flowers and trees in the garden, she plucked off a juicy peach from one of the trees as she sat down on the fountain and she enjoyed the fresh summer fruit, the juices flowed down her throat like a river flowing down into a sea.

Bella was savouring one tasty bite when she looked up to see Peter approaching and she let her eyes drift away from his, she wondered what he wanted and she sighed softly as she closed her eyes, before she looked at him again, but in silence as she just enjoyed the fruit she held in the palm of her hand.

Peter stopped a few paces away from her, he was not sure how close she wanted him to be at the moment and he bit his lip “Bella...can we talk?” he asked, his voice sounded a bit shaky, like he was not sure what to say, how to express him self in this moment in time.

Bella bit her lip as she looked at him, she tried to read his expression but she could not fathom what was on his mind, it was almost impossible to read his expression “I thought I was not worthy, of being heard out.” She said and she looked away from him as she took another bite of the peach, she let the wind blow her plait back and forth, it was almost light as a feather. She took a rather shaky breath, when she saw Peter come a bit closer, from the corner of her eyes.

“I am sorry.” Peter said, he touched her cheek softly and he turned her chin so her eyes were looking into his, his touch was gently and it caused Bella to lose her breath, as she gazed into his blue eyes, that were filled with sadness and regret “I should have said what I did, that day. I was wrong to yell at you like that.” He said “To treat you like, it was some sort of crime, the way you were with Caspian. I guess the jealousy got the better of me, because I’ve seen how my brother and Caspian both look at you, the way they are with you, I just wish it was me.” He said, it was like his words held a hidden message, but Bella did not gather that from his words, to her, it was a simply apology coming from Peter Pevensie.

“Maybe if you didn’t treat me like you did, I would have given you my attention as well.” Bella said simply, she sounded upset, hurt and like she was defeated, at an argument. But she was stressed out, from the events that seemed to be colliding around her, everything from the prophecy to this moment in time.

Peter knew, it was true, but deep down it was not the answer he was hoping for, but he acted like he got what he deserved “I know, I got what I deserved.” He said as he looked into her eyes “And I really am truly sorry. I made a mistake of not listening to you when you tried to explain to me, you were just being nice, I shut you out and made you feel un worthy and like you did something wrong, when I was the one in the wrong.” He said, his eyes not leaving hers. “I know, I can’t probably make it up to you, but I will try.” he said “I want to make this right.” He carried on “I just hope, you can forgive me one day.” He said as he watched her, hoping deep down, that Bella would be able to forgive him for his mistakes and misconceptions when it came to this. “I know you probably have a lot to worry about, besides me being a jerk.” He said, trying to lighten up the mood, but somehow it did not come out as he wanted it to, it did not soften the mood, it just seemed to remind Bella of the prophecy, her destiny, of her having to pick between Peter, Caspian and Edmund one day.

“You are right, I have a lot to worry about....more than you know.” She told Peter “But I will think about forgiving you, I never been one for holding grudges against people for too long, no matter how much they might have seemed to cause me pain and done wrong, it’s not right.” She said as she finished her peach.

Peter looked a bit confused now “What do you mean? More than I know?” he questioned, it was clear he did not know about the prophecy and about her destiny.

Bella looked at him “Edmund and Caspian didn’t tell you?” she raised an eyebrow at him slightly, her eyes carving into his own, with curiosity.

“Tell me what?” he said, he almost sounded desperate to know what they all knew, what he did not know, but he longed to know. He looked at her, hoping she would tell him, he wanted to know what was going on. “Maybe I can help.” He said.

“I am not sure, you can.” Bella said “I mean, it sort of requires me to pick, on my own.” She said

“Pick? Pick what?” Peter said “Bella, please tell me. From the start as you are confusing me.” He said, he looked at her, his eyes searching hers for answer, for any clues, but her eyes would not give her away, as he would have hoped, they would.

Bella sighed “Aslan told me, Caspian and Edmund about my destiny and about a prophecy that was founded a long time ago.” She said “Now I guess Edmund kind of guessed my Destiny partially, since Aslan seemed to agree with it on some level.” She said “One of the reasons why I might be to... ummm...I have to pick between you, Edmund and Caspian.” She said, she bit her lip and she looked down at the floor.

“Pi...” Peter trailed off his own words, as he got what she meant, she was talking about love. “And what was the prophecy?” he questioned “Am I part of the prophecy?” he questioned, like he hoped it was to do Bella.

“No you’re not involved in the Prophecy.” Bella said “But Edmund and Caspian are.” She said soft as she sighed softly “Aslan said something about a Half Narnian star who was also royalty, her parents got killed by the white witch when she was 4 and that put her in danger, so they send her to London, the place where we came from, in order to protect her, but there would be a day when she would come back here, as she would come of age and gain her powers and she would either fall in love with Caspian or Edmund.” Bella said as she bit her lip.

Peter looked at Bella “So, you have a choice between us 3 while the star only gets to pick between my brother and Caspian?” he questioned.

Bella nodded “Yes, I am not sure why.” She said, she just hoped that a bad fate would not meet Peter, she would not wish that on him, not on anyone. “I know this is confusing, I don’t fully get it my self either.” She said “But I guess it will all become clear when I turn 16, in a year.” She said

Peter looked at her “We have to wait a year to find out the whole truth?” he said and Bella nodded “Wait, this star she comes of age at 16? And you turn 16 in a year?” he said and Bella nodded again “Well, I guess than we have to wait.” He sighed softly; this was rather confusing, even for him.

Bella looked at Peter, she could see the confusing in his eyes and his expression, she felt like that, when she found out about this whole thing “I know it’s very confusing, but we don’t have a choice but to wait, Aslan would not tell us everything, it was like he was not telling us everything, he even said that there are some things he could not tell us...yet.” she said as she looked at the sky and she closed her eyes, the wind kissed her face in a comforting way. She left her eyes closed, as she was breathing in the fresh air.

Peter nodded softly “I guess that is Aslan for you, he always speaks in codes more often, then any of us can figure out.” He said and he shrugged softly as he sat down on the bench that was opposite the fountain as he sighed “I just hope, that either way we’ll all end up being safe.” He said as he watched her.

“Me too.” Bella said as she sighed softly and she closed her eyes “Me too.” She repeated in a soft voice.

Good thing he apologised, but there are still many mysteries that needs to be solved!

Yeah, or the others would have been mad at him for a long time and would have made things bit harder for them all if he did not apologize.

Yeah, but they are not closer to solving them at the moment

Chapter 6: The Ball

As the hours passed, they turned to days and the days turned into weeks. As the weeks went by, it was like Bella, Edmund, Caspian and Peter all forgot the prophecy, the accident that happened to Bella on the beach and even the fact that Bella would have to pick between them 3 one day, but it was buried deep inside of them, hiding. In that time, Bella grew closer to all 3 of them and she felt happy, that this new world was opened up to her, because otherwise she would have never met the best people in her life she knew, she could be her self around them, not feel nervous like she did around the other Narnian’s, they brought out a sparkle in her, that caused her to shine like a star in the midnight sky, they brought out deep feelings deep inside of her, which she never thought she could ever feel for anyone.
When Bella felt better enough, her training restarted and she caught on quick, partly because she was a fast learner but because Caspian and Edmund proved to be good teachers, even Peter helped train Bella at times, when he was not busy being the High King, but soon enough Bella could ride the horse, leap over trees and logs, ride in the water on a horse, she was even good at archery now, it was mostly since Caspian took her under the wing when they were training her Archery, he was even a better archer then Edmund, but he preferred to fight with a sword. At first, when Bella was starting out, he always kept by her back and he set his hands to her sides softly, as he made sure she had feet placed firmly on the ground and had the correct posture which would improve her power and aim, but it always caused Bella to blush, he enjoyed seeing the rouge colouring in her cheeks, it made her eyes stand out.
After a few days Bella has improved in her skills and they started to train her how ride a horse side saddled and archery while riding a horse, which proved to be harder for Bella, but she took on the challenge, with grace and positive attitude.
When the boys were not training her outside, they spent quality time together. It was mostly Edmund and Caspian that gave Bella their undivided attention, they spend their time in the stables taking care of the horses, or they both chased Bella around the garden, teasing her and she teased the back, their afternoons filled with laughter and joy, even though Edmund and Caspian were both grown up royals and warriors, the times spent with Bella like that, brought out their inner younger selves, the men inside of them that longed for affection, a companion and love. They occasionally stole a kiss on the cheek or two, and Bella returned the sweet gesture, but her lips seemed to linger sometimes, it was an impulse, she was sure they noticed it, but they did not say anything.
When Edmund helped out Peter, it was just her and Caspian. So Bella taught him how to play the piano, since she was a rather talented piano player, since her aunt taught her from an early age. Caspian loved to watch how her slim and slender fingers moved over the white and black keys in a delicate and graceful way, he smiled to him self when she was not watching him, as he watched her. He was lost in her beauty and grace, he treasured those little moments, the little intimacy they shared, when his fingers brushed against hers on purpose, but it looked like it was an accident. It caused Bella to blush, as her eyes lingered on his, before she looked away biting her lip in a rather nervous manner, which caused Caspian to smile, he found her shyness sweet and adorable, it was one of the things he loved about Bella, she was just her self, not being someone else, to please him or the others. She was pure.
Other times, they spent time in the garden and the orchard talking under the evening stars, or he or Edmund took her to a lake near the castle, where they usually laid back on the grass watching the stars together, it was a rather peaceful time for them. Peter occasionally did that Bella with as well, he knew he would like to spent more time with her, if he could. But he had more duties that then Caspian and Edmund had, so it left him restricted slightly.
Each of the boys, looked forward to the moments they shared with Bella, they always longed for it to last longer than it actually did, they knew that deep down, they were falling in love with Bella, she had their affection and they had hers. But sometimes it left Bella confused, she felt like she was stringing them all along, like puppets, she was sure she was falling and falling...she knew that her feelings for all 3 of them were growing and there was no way of stopping it. But she was scared of hurting them, over this. But somehow she was running, from them? From her feelings? She could not shake of those feelings of confusion, when she was away from them, she missed them, even if they were near, it felt like she was dying without them, without their comfort, their touch, their kind eyes and words, they were all she could think about, it was like an addiction. It hurt to breathe, to think when she was away from them, it felt like she was being chocked, like her life was being sucked out of her. They were always in her thoughts and sometimes in her dreams; she was being taken over by her feelings, by them. But deep down, she was grateful, they kept her going, kept her believing in goodness and that there was something bigger out there for her, that love was there for her. She was scared of giving them up, she knew she could never do that, not one of them. They were too big a part of her to give up, to let go of now. To ever let go off.
But a little part of her felt, like she rather pick her own life over them 3. It separated her away from them, on a level. Her inner demons were developing deep inside of her. She knew how she selfish she was, how selfish she felt, for being a part of their lives, because of her feelings that were forming deep inside of her. It caused her heart to ache, she was not sure if they noticed how she felt about all of them, but if they did, non of them complained about it.
It was in late autumn, on a slightly chilly evening that Bella found her self by the lake, with Peter. They were both laying against the green grass, her head was leaning against his shoulder slightly, as they watched the starry sky and the moon that shone over the colourful trees, she closed her eyes as she breathed in the fresh air, that hit their nostrils. In that instant, Peter leaned his head against her hair softly and he closed his eyes as he pressed a soft kiss to her temple, Bella bit her lip slightly at the gesture, his arms were wrapped around her in a soft and protective way.
It was a only a few hours from the winter annual ball, Bella stared at the sky and Peter looked down at her softly “So, you’re coming right? To the ball I mean?” he said, a soft cheeky smile playing at his lips.
Bella turned her head, her eyes landing on his as a soft smile creeped up to her lips “Of course I am, since my 3 chaperones are making me go.” She teased, as she giggled softly. “Something about a code of conduct.” She said “But I cannot fathom why I would need 3 chaperones, since when do girls in Narnia need more than one?” she questioned as she titled her head at Peter slightly.
Peter just chuckled softly at her words and he smiled softly “Because, you are more special than the other girls in Narnia. Plus me, Caspian and Edmund do not want you to be going with someone else, that does not appreciate your company and sweet gestures like we do, someone who would over look the sweet little things, that make” he said and he smiled “Plus, we feel better as we can protect you, so you won’t be in danger around strangers.”
Bella blushed a bit at his words and she smiled softly “Well, I feel special as it is.” She let out a soft giggle and she closed her eyes as she breathed in the autumn air, but it soon turned slightly more bitter and cold as it started to snow, the pure white snowflakes fell down fast, but with grace and elegance “It’s snowing.” Bella exclaimed, her face lit up with a bright happy smile, she loved the snow since she was a child. She loved the winter; it always looked so tranquil, tender and beautiful in the winter to her. Everything was resting, harbinating, it was still and beautiful.
Peter smiled as he watched as the snow fell on top of Bella’s head and caused her dark hair to sparkle, he helped her stand up and he stand up “We should head back, come on Bells.” He said and he helped her on his horse, since they only took his, he then got on his horse again and Bella wrapped her arms around his waist as he rode back to the castle in the snow, that was falling to the autumn floor, the ground was soon covered in a pure white blanket. Winter had arrived and Bella was mesmerized by the snow flakes, they all seemed so pure, so beautiful, She never seen anything so white before. To her it seemed like each snow flake came to life, each one had a different personality.
Soon Peter arrived back at the castle with Bella, once she got off, he took his horse to the stable and he then walked inside the castle with her. He smiled at her “Good night.” He said and he placed a soft kiss to her forehead “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said and he smiled softly.
Bella smiled softly “Good night, Peter!” she said softly before she parted from him for the evening and she went to her chamber, after she washed her self up, she soon fell asleep on her bed. She awoke early that morning, the day of the winter ball.
When Bella woke up, she had breakfast in beds, which was ordered by Prince Caspian him self, it was traditional to see their dates at the ball, not before. So when Bella finished eating her hearty and tasty breakfast, the maids set work on her straight away, they fussed around her for a good 8 hours before the ball which started at 6pm.
Bella’s hair was let lose and it was wavey, the maids pinned only a few strands of her hair back with a silver tiara that was made of silver leaves, it fitted onto her perfectly. Her dress was long and white with silver threads entwined between the white silk fibres of the dress, it perfectly fell around her slim posture and brought out the sparkle in her eyes in the moon light, the sleeves of the dress were slightly puffed up at the end, they ended at her wrist and wrapped in between her fingers as gloves that covered a small portion of her young hands.
Meanwhile, Prince Caspian was waiting by the stairs with Edmund and Peter. Each wore their best traditional Prince Clothing, each one a different color, Caspian was the only one who had the puffy sleeves. All of their hair was perfectly combed into perfection and elegance, they all dashing and handsome. Caspian peered into the throne room, which was being used for the ball, all of the guests arrived; only Bella was not ready yet. He was not sure if he was more nervous, or if Peter and Edmund where, as they seemed to fidgeting with their hands behind their backs, in a nervous manner. Caspian took a shaky breath as he was nervous and he looked at the stairs, he saw Bella’s maids smile at him nodding, letting him know Bella was ready.
He nudged Edmund and Peter slightly so they would turn around and he blinked in awe as he saw Bella at the top of the stairs, she looked so beautiful. A bright smile crossed his lips as she ascended down the spiral stairs, in a graceful manner, with a soft blush on her cheeks, from the way he watched her with Edmund and Peter. One of the things, that Caspian loved about Bella was the fact, she had no idea how beautiful she was. It was adorable and endearing, all he saw was pure perfection and beauty, no one could even compare to Bella in this moment in time.
Once she reached the button of the stairs, she curtsied to them and they bowed to her with bright smiles on their faces “You look beautiful.” They all said at the same time, that caused Bella to blush.
“You all very handsome.” Bella said, with the same bright blush on her cheeks as she smiled at them softly. Peter and Caspian linked arms with her and Edmund stood behind them in a proud and tall posture.
“Don’t forget to save me a dance.” Edmund said as they all started to walk into the throne room.
Bella giggled softly as she looked back at Edmund “Don’t worry, you will have to wait your turn though.” She said and she looked forward again with a soft smile on her face, as soon as they stepped inside the throne room, all eyes fell on them, especially Bella. They gazed at her gracefulness and beauty. Some were even astounded that she was being escorted by the High King, Prince Caspian and even King Edmund the Just. Some titled their head in curiosity, as they wondered who she was and if she was a royal, she certainly looked like a princess and the way she walked and her composure was so graceful and elegant, one could not think, she was not off royal blood.
Bella felt slightly nervous “Why are they all staring at me?” she whispered to Caspian, she hid her face slightly in his shoulder blade in a shy and nervous way.
Peter chuckled gently and he smiled along with his brother and Caspian. They loved, how nervous and shy she got, it really was one of the most beautiful things, they ever saw her do. Any gesture or anything she done, seemed to draw them in more and more, it captivated them more, as the time passed by.
“Because, you’re the most beautiful girl in the ball room here.” Caspian said with Edmund and Peter nodded along. “It is true, no one can compare to your pure and innocent beauty.” Peter added, with a warm smile on his lips.
“You think so?” Bella looked up at them, in a way that told them, she had no idea how truly beautiful she was.
“We know so.” Edmund said and he smiled softly. Bella felt her cheeks turn more rouge than before, as she looked at them 3, with a sparkle of happiness in her eyes, they shone more brightly than the stars in the sky and so did the silver threads on her dress, as the light shone straight down at her and the moon light that started to creep up into the winter sky illuminated her whole body, in a beautiful way. Caspian smiled softly as he stood beside Edmund, since Peter was the high King, it was tradition in Narnia, for the High King to dance first with whom ever he was escorting.
Peter faced Bella and he bowed to her before he held out his hand to her softly “May I have this dance?” he asked, with a soft smile on his face.
Bella curtsied softly before she placed her hand into his, in a graceful and tender way as she spoke in a soft silky voice “Yes, you may.” She smiled back. Peter led her to the dance floor, before he placed one hand on her waist and she set her hand onto his shoulder and they danced to the romantic and beautiful music that was playing. They both moved in unison as one to the beat and rhythm of the music, while Caspian and Edmund admired how gracefully and tenderly she moved on the dance floor with Peter. Some of the guests watched in a rather jealous manner, as Peter seemed to have only eyes for her and so did Edmund and Caspian. They turned their heads away from them as they hold their heads up high, some in a rather snobbish way.
After Peter and Bella finished their dance, He bowed to her and Bella curtsied back in an elegant to Peter, before Edmund walked up to her and he bowed to her and offered her his hand, Bella smiled as she curtsied once again and she slipped her hand into his and they danced, to a new song that was playing. Peter and Caspian watched them two, while they talked but their eyes averted over to Bella and Edmund on the dance floor, every once in a while.
Edmund and Bella also talked and Edmund joked, which caused Bella to giggle every once in a while, she smiled as they danced and he smiled back softly, he enjoyed her company and she his, but then again, she enjoyed all of their companies. At the end they bowed and curtsied to each other while smiling, just as Caspian was about to walk up to Bella, Aslan entered and everyone bowed down and curtsied to him, including Bella.
Aslan smiled softly “You may all stand.” He said and he looked at Peter “You may make a speech sire.” He said, knowing very well that Peter understood what he meant.
Peter gave a soft nod “Thank you.” He smiled and he stood at the front with a big smile “First off I would like to welcome everyone to the winter annual Ball here in Narnia. But today is not just about the ball.” He spoke in a confident and loud voice so everyone heard “I will be crowning two members of the court today. Because for one it is time that he shall be announced a king and my heir and for the second special person, me and Aslan decided, that she has shown great courage, spirit and passion for a new way of life and she deserves a title as well.” He spoke with a smile, before his eyes landed on Caspian and Bella. “You may come up.” He told them.
Bella and Caspian looked at each other in surprise and shock, but Caspian softly took her hand and he led her up to Peter, where both kneeled before Peter, as one maid handed Peter a cushion and on it laid two crowns, he picked up the first golden one and he stood before Caspian. “I crown the Prince Caspian of Narnia, a King and my heir.” He said as he placed the crown on his head softly “For he has shown that he is capable of being a leader and following in my footsteps as High King, one day. He has also shown great courage and spirit out on the battle fields, when we fought together and Me and Aslan decided, it was time, he shall be crowned, he deserves it.” He said with a smile and everyone including Bella clapped softly, she felt proud of Caspian, it was shown in the way she was gazing up at him.
Caspian smiled down at Bella before he stood up and he shook hands with Peter and they bowed to each other, he then stood beside Peter and he waited for Peter to speak.
Peter took a deep breath before he spoke once again and the maid stood by his other side as he spoke “And now, I crown this young girl Isabella kneeling before me. She may not be of royal or Narnian blood, but even though she is new here and does not know our ways, she is learning and accepting, showing passion and love for our country, our people, our way and she deserves to be crowned a princess of Narnia and one day a queen.” He said smiling down at Bella, who looked at him surprised in a pleasant way, the shock on her face was rather adorable expression to look at.
The maid took of Bella’s tiara that she had on and Peter placed on the silver crown that was very similar to the tiara Bella had and the maid adjusted her hair as it was before, everyone clapped and smiled, but mostly Edmund and Caspian who felt proud of Bella, not for being crowned as a princess.
Peter gently took Bella’s hand and he helped her stand up as Aslan gave them a nod smiling softly. Peter kissed Bella’s hand softly and she smiled as she curtsied to him, while the others chanted “Long live King Caspian, Long live Princess Isabella.” Over and over for a minute or so, while Caspian took Bella’s hand and he led her to the dance floor for their dance.
Bella’s hand fitted into Caspian perfectly, and her body moulded into his as if they belonged as one as they danced to their coronation song, it was beautiful and tender. They moved as one, gazing into each other’s eyes, it was easy for Bella to get lost in his brown eyes, they were so chocolate brown, so warm and inviting. She had a small smile on her face and Caspian smiled back at her warmly, as he danced with her.

For the rest of the night, Bella danced with her 3 Chaperones, over and over again. They talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, like any other day. It was late at night, when Edmund and Peter went to Bed, leaving Caspian and Bella alone. But Bella was tired too, so Caspian escorted Bella to her chamber.
Bella yawned slightly and she covered her mouth with her hand softly, as it was rude to yawn with covering her lips. Caspian smiled softly as he leaned down kissing her cheek softly, then he kissed her hand tenderly “Good night, Princess Isabella.” He said softly, causing her to blush.
Bella smiled softly at him “Good night, King Caspian.” She replied back softly and she kissed his cheek in a soft way before they parted ways and Caspian smiled going back to his own chamber. Bella smiled to her self as she closed the door behind her and she got ready for bed, she placed her crown on the table softly before she fell asleep on her bed, as soon as her head hit the pillow. But that lovely and wonderful night, soon turned sinister.
It was around 4 in the morning, that Bella woke up as she heard strange rattling of her door handle, she swallowed in fear, but who ever it was, did not open her door, even though it was not locked. The rattling soon died down, but Bella leaned against her pillows in worry of what it was, soon enough she heard a creepy and evil laugh fill the hall way and few moments after that...a strange smell. Like something was burning.
Bella got up from her bed and she took the candle with the holder that was on the side of her bed, she walked out of her room and she coughed as there was black smoke around, she followed where it was coming from and she found her self in Caspian’s chamber....the door was a jar and the bed was set on fire, the flames almost engulfing Caspian him self, who was in such a deep sleep, he did not notice. Bella gasped in horror and shock, she set the candle holder down on the desk and she saw the bowl of water on the table and she picked it up and she threw it on the bed, which managed to put the little fire that was starting to form into a bigger one out. “Caspian!” Bella said as she dropped by his side. “Caspian, wake up.” She softly touched his shoulder trying to shake him awake...but nothing.
At that moment, Peter rushed in with some maids. Bella was surprised that Edmund did not come rushing in as well, to the aid of his friend.
Bella looked back at Caspian and she touched his cheek softly, it looked slightly pale and sunken in, as she touched it, she gasped when she saw blood on the crook of his neck, tears sprang into her eyes as she let out a sob.
Peter was at her side at once and he touched her shoulders as Bella pressed her bare hands to Caspian’s neck to stop the bleeding, the maids quickly got her some clean water and cloths and bandages that were dipped in healing herbs. Bella cleaned Caspian’s wounds, but she was crying, from worry and fear that she might lose him. Once she cleaned his wound, she set the cloth dipped in herbs to his neck and she bandaged it up. By the time she was done, it was 6 in the morning.
“You should get some sleep, Bella.” Peter told her.
Bella shakes her head “No, I am not leaving him, until he wakes up.” Bella said, through her teary and broken voice, she was sitting by Caspian’s side on the bed and she kept her hand softly pressed to his neck against the wrapped up cloth.


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