The Twilight Saga


Plot: One Day the 15 year old Isabella Swan, finds her own path to the magical word of Narnia. As her Destiny takes a new path, love, friendship, war and loss all collide in one, forcing her to make a decision that will make or break her heart.

Preface: Step Into Narnia

It was silent...silent that even the tiniest of sounds could scare a person, send shivers down their spine and make them re-think their entire, life in a second. The young Isabella Swan, knew nothing of her heritage, of what she really was. Of what where her own Destiny would lead her to, what it would shape her into. But she never wished, for her own life, to take a life of it's own. It happened to her, without her wishing for it. The words, be careful what you wish, for could not be applied to Bella, in this circumstance. Maybe on a deeper level it could, but not now.


The alarm clock went off in the middle of the night, causing Bella to fall of her head from her bed, in surprise "Ow." she said as she rubbed the back of her head and she squinted her eyes softly, she looked at the time. 3.40am. You have got to be kidding me, a voice said in her head as she pressed the stop button but it kept going off. She pushed the alarm clock off her desk in frustration and it shuttered into bits and she looked at the floor. "That's one way to turn it off." she told her self, before she laid back down on her soft bed and she closed her eyes as she fell asleep. She tried to sleep, but she kept tossing and turning around on her bed, as she could not get comfortable and go back to the comfortable sleep, she was once slumbering inside of, it was gone.

She woke up early in the morning, barely asleep, she stared at the wall of her room and she sighed softly, as she ran a hand through her jet black hair, that was darker than the darkest of nights, she drugged her self into the bathroom and she looked at her own reflection, her skin was pale like white snow, her lips red like blood, her eyes blue-green like crystal waters. She splashed her self with cold water, which perked her up as she brushed her teeth and she pulled her hair into a plait.

Once she got her self ready for school, as she usually did, she headed to the train station in London, she slumped her bag over her shoulder and she walked down the metro station, it was packed full of people, she had to squeeze in between two boys fighting, over something stupid. She just shook her head as she sighed, taking a seat on one of the benches, she looked at her watch. It was almost 7 in the morning, she yawned a bit and she rubbed her eyes softly with the back of her hand, her hand was soft like silk.

After a while, it grew unusually silent and the wind picked up, not because of the passing trains, but because of something else, Bella felt a strange tingling sensation ran through her entire body, as she stood up and she looked around, no one seemed to notice what was going on. She managed to pull her self up from the bench and she took a step closer to the edge of the train platform, as a train whizzed past, she swore she saw a beach on the other side, as the stones from the walls started to peel away, she looked around and all of a sudden, the platform with all of the people were gone, she was there all alone. She took one shaky step forward, she stood on the most warmest of sands, she ever stood upon.

Her jaw fell slightly a-jar as she took in the beautiful and tranquil beach and the pure blue water, before she could take another step forward, a soft glow surrounded her and she gasped out, as her clothes magically changed into a brown dress and shoes to match, she blinked in shock, she looked at the long sleeves, the material of the dress felt so silky smooth "Where am I?" she asked her self, as she looked up, to see the ruined of Cair Paravel up on the cliffs "I wonder what happened here." she said to her self. It looked like the castle was attacked, she felt sorry for who ever lived there.

She decided it would be a wise choice to look around first, then find a place to stay for the night. She started to walk and she walked into the woods, it was full of pure green grass, green moss and wild flowers, wonderful lakes, full of magic and mystery. As she got to a lake, she sat down on the flat rock and she put some water in her hands and she sipped from her hands, as she felt bit thirsty, but she stood up hearing something odd "Hello?" she said, her eyes scanning around but she saw nothing.

Then suddenly a flaming arrow shot past her landing right beside her, she gasped and she broke into a ran, she dodged through the trees, but she heard voices behind her, yelling and she knew she was being followed. She kept running, but she gasped out when someone caught her and she winced, the grip around her fragile waist was strong, she looked into the eyes, of an older man, scared and wrinkles under his eyes, she held her breath, as she was trembling.

"My my..look what we have here." Miraz spoke as he smirked "If it isn't, another Queen of old." he said.

Bella looked at him "I am not a queen of old." she said, trying to get from his grip "I am just a 15 year old child, lost." she said. She winced as he gripped her even tighter, her begging and trying to tell him what happened, would not help her. He did not believe her story. But his assumption was not right either.

"Do not lie to me." He hissed as he slapped her across her cheek, in one swift motion causing Bella to sob out in pain, as she felt blood trickle down the side of her face and down cheek to her neck, she held her breath, trying not to breathe in the iron, that filled the air, she wanted to curl up and hide, she felt so fragile and vulnerable right now. She was scared of what he might do to her.

"Let her go!" Came a deep voice from behind her, when Miraz was hesitant about letting her go another voice spoke "He said, let her go! Now!"

"Or what?" Miraz prompted as he smirked

"Or this!" a third and different voice and second after that, Miraz let out a shriek as he fell back, when an Arrow struck him, Bella stumbled back and she landed into the soft grass, looking up at 3 handsome strangers.

( Beautiful Art work, made by the lovely Sara :))


Preface: Step Into Narnia (Above)
Chapter 1: 3 Saviours
Chapter 2: Talk with Aslan
Chapter 3: Lessons Begin
Chapter 4: Family History
Chapter 5: Peter's Apology
Chapter 6: The Ball
Chapter 7: Caspian's Cousin
Chapter 8: The Argument
Chapter 9: A Near Kiss (Coming soon)
Chapter 10: Peter's Confession (Coming soon)
Chapter 11: Bella's Feelings (Coming soon)
Chapter 12: Aslan's Announcement (Coming soon)
Chapter 13: Goodbye (Coming soon)
Chapter 14: The Loss Of One (Coming soon)
Chapter 15: Hurting (Coming soon)
Chapter 16: The Voyage Begins (Coming soon)
Chapter 17: Inner Demons (Coming soon)
Chapter 18: The Water Snake (Coming soon)
Chapter 19: Battles And Arguments (Coming soon)
Chapter 20: The Kidnapping (Coming soon)
Chapter 21: Search For Bella (Coming soon)
Chapter 22: The Star Slave (Coming soon)
Chapter 23: True Love (Coming soon)
Chapter 24: Proposal (Coming soon)
Chapter 25: Caspian's Choice (Coming soon)
Chapter 26: The Weeding (Coming soon)
Chapter 27: Narnian Heirs (Coming soon)
(Might add more chapters later)

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Oh no, what happened? And where was Edmund?

Let's just say that an old Enemy is back and got Edmund involved. Wait and see who it is, for the next chapter

Chapter 7: Caspian’s Cousin


As the days passed, Caspian was still out cold and sleeping. His healing process was much slower, than Bella’s, because he lost more blood and his wound looked rather fatal. But Bella never left his side for a more than a hour or so, she could barely eat, or sleep. Caspian was priority at the moment. After a few hours, Bella would always change Caspian’s bandage. The process would be as followed:

  • ·        First she would carefully unwrap the one he had around his neck and get rid of it.
  • ·        Then she would softly and tenderly wash his neck so it would not get infected, and she would make sure it was healing, which it was but slowly.
  • ·        She would have a cold and warm water in bowls by the bed. The herbs she would use for the cloth to be dipped would be laid out on the table by the bed.
  • ·        She would place the herbs in the warm water first for around 10 minutes, then 20 in the cold water, to get the energy from the water. The cold would perfectly trap the healing energy of the herbs and the water in the bandage.
  • ·        She would then dip the cloth in the cold water and squeeze the water out before she would place the herbs on it.
  • ·        She would then carefully wrap the bandage around Caspian’s neck again, making sure the herbs were on the wound.
  • ·        She then would take a clean cloth and she would wrap it around his neck, keeping the bandage and the herbs secure.

Bella was sitting by bed side and she was holding his hand, she pressed her lips to his hand as she closed her eyes for a few brief moments, she looked so pale and sleep deprived, she looked like she might pass out any moment now. She felt like her heart was breaking because of this, Peter could tell it by the way she watched Caspian, pure heart break and pain written all over her angelic face. It was hard for her to breathe, as it was rather hard for her to be torn away from Caspian, so Peter gave up on trying to get her to eat and sleep, he knew it would not work. He worried for Caspian as much as Bella did, but he also worried for his younger brother Edmund, who had been acting strange since the accident happened. He was rather cold and distant and any time Peter tried to ask him what was wrong or talk about Caspian and Bella, Edmund would dismiss it would a shrug or say something on the lines of. “I don’t care...just leave me alone Pete.”

Peter tried to focus on Bella and Caspian now and not his little brother, he would have to deal with Edmund’s strange behaviour Later. Just when Peter was about to go to check on Bella and Caspian, he noticed a familiar figure, walking down the hall towards him. The brown long chocolate hair, the bright blue eyes that were so passionate, the porcelain like features, beautiful and tender. It was Caspian’s cousin Lucy, she was around Bella’s age, if not a year or two older than her. “Lucy.” He breathed out as he went and he hugged her “You really did pick your timing.” He said as he pulled back and he smiled at her.

Lucy smiled softly “Aslan told me about what happened to Caspian.” She frowned worried “So, I came to visit as promised and help.” She said

Peter nodded and he looked at her “Thank you, maybe Bella might feel better with some new company around.” He said, he knew that Caspian told Lucy about Bella in letters, so Lucy knew about Bella.

Lucy smiled kindly “I hope so. I look forward to meeting Bella. Caspian always speaks so highly of her in his letters.” She said

Peter smiled at Lucy “Well, she is a wonderful person, I am sure you will grow to love her, as we have.” He said and he walked with Lucy into Caspian’s room, where he saw Bella fell asleep, her head on Caspian’s chest, while holding onto his hand. He guessed, her tiredness won her over and she fell asleep.

Lucy smiled softly as she watched Bella who was asleep “Maybe, you should take her to rest.” She said in a soft voice, as Peter nodded softly.

Peter walked over to Bella and he softly scooped her up in his arms, not waking her up and Caspian’s hand slipped from her grip as Peter carried her to her own chamber and he laid her down softly on the bed and he covered her up in the duvet. Meanwhile Lucy kneeled by Caspian’s bed softly and she pulled out a little potion vile from her dress and she parted Caspian’s lips softly and she let the healing potion slip into his mouth...2 drops only.

She then softly closed the bottle before she tucked it away in her dress once again. She knew the healing would take a little while, as he was being healed by herbs as well, but it would make the process a bit faster. It would not only heal him, but give him his energy and strength back.

Peter looked at Bella as she was sleeping, she looked so pale and he sighed worried for her. He was glad she fell asleep though, she needed it. He left her room, without making any noise, leaving her to rest. Bella was so tired, she did not wake up that night, or the next day. She slept for 3 days straight, when she woke up in the middle of the day, she felt slightly numb and her hair was wet from sweating.  She looked around and she noticed, she was in her own room, her mind went straight to Caspian, she was worried for him, but she knew that Peter would care for Caspian since she had been asleep. Once she climbed out of bed, she cleaned her self up in the bathroom and she got changed into some clean clothes, she brushed her hair and she let it lose, letting her hair get some air.

Her stomach let out a loud growl and she winced slightly, she was so hungry. Maybe that’s because you have not eaten for a almost a week now. A voice said in her head. Caspian was priority and still is. She said to her self. She guessed she must have looked so stupid talking to her self, inside of her head. She pushed that thought away and she walked into the main hall to get something to eat.

When she walked inside, she heard Laughter and talking. She rubbed her eyes slightly, seeing Lucy was sitting at the table with Peter. Lucy looked up seeing Bella and a soft warm smile crossed her face “You must be Bella, I am Lucy.” She said as she stood up holding her hand to her.

Bella looked at Lucy, she took in her pretty form and composure as she smiled at her kindly “Caspian talked about you from time to time.” She said and she shook her hand softly “It’s lovely to meet you Lucy.” She said

“And you.” Lucy said “Finally.” She added and the girls let out a soft giggle, but Bella’s sounded bit raspy since she just woke up and she was a bit weak from not eating.

Peter looked at Bella “Did you sleep well?” he asked her and Bella nodded slightly, when she was about to join them at the table, she felt someone put a hand on her shoulder. It was a soft and tender touch.

Bella bit her lip as she felt tears prickling her eyes, she recognised that touch, she knew the it could only belong to one person. She shakily turned around, scared she might be dreaming, once she did she breathed out sobbing “Caspian!” she threw her arms around him, in a hug as she hid her face in his chest, and she broke down crying. She was so scared, she might end up loosing him and she was just so emotional because of what happened to him, to see he was well and alive, that the colour returned to his face and that he looked even more handsome than before, if that was even possible, was too much for her.

Caspian had his arms around her tightly and he rubbed her back softly and he pressed a soft kiss to her hair as he kept rubbing her back in soft soothing circles “Shh, it’s okay, Bella. I am right here and I am not going anywhere.” He said as he held her against him tightly and he smiled at Peter and Lucy and he gave Lucy a nod, as if he was thanking her for helping him heal faster.

Lucy nodded back and she watched Caspian and Bella and she looked over at Peter, who was starting to bite his lip, as if he was contemplating doing something, but he stopped when he noticed Lucy was watching him.

Bella tried to stop crying, but she was over come with emotions and she cried into his chest “I was so scared...I thought I was losing you. I would not be able to cope if I lost you.” She cried.

Caspian felt his own heart ache, hearing those words come from Bella’s lips, he gently lifted her chin up so she was looking into his eyes, the tears caused her vision to be a bit blurry, he softly wiped the tears away with his thumb as he gazed into her eyes, he was so tempted to kiss her, but he would not, as it would be rather rude and he knew it might cause Peter to be bit upset if he did so. “Bella, you can never lose me.” He said as he pressed his lips to her forehead “I won’t ever leave you, I promise. You will always have me in your life, always. I promise, I am not going to go anywhere.” He said and he cradled her close against his chest and he kissed her hair softly, rocking her softly in his arms, to calm her down. He hated to see her so upset, so broken because of the accident that almost caused him his life.

The words lingered in Bella’s mind as she held onto him tighter, as if she was scared of something, but she was. She was scared of losing him, that’s why she was holding him like that, even though he promised, he would always be around, she could not help but worry for his safety, because his life was put on the line, once. What was to stop someone who hurt him, to go after him again? Or worse? After Peter and Edmund too? She knew she would never forgive her self, if one of them got hurt.

Caspian noticed Peter looked deep in thought “What is it?” he asked as he held Bella against him and his chin was leaning on top of her head softly.

Peter looked at him “I was just thinking, that ever since the accident Edmund has been acting a little strange, what if someone we fought before, is back?” he questioned “And they used Edmund, to get to you?” he said, he knew the words sounded harsh and not like him to say something like this, but what if it was true.

Those words scared Bella, the thought of Edmund hurting Caspian...his friend...her friend.. a person she was fond of so much.. It hurt.

Caspian felt Bella stiffen in his arms at Peter’s words and he held her closer, tenderly and he kissed her hair softly to calm her down and he looked at Peter, thinking about what he said “Someone like the witch witch?” he questioned.

Peter nodded “My thoughts exactly.”

Lucy looked her cousin and Peter and she sighed “Well, now this changes everything.” She said “If she is back, we will have to save Edmund, before she fully corrupts him. He might listen to Bella.” she said

“No way.” Caspian said at the same with Peter “No!”

Bella looked at them, through the tears “I can’t just stand back and watch.” She said, in a teary and broken voice.

“And we can’t let you get hurt.” Caspian said “I promised to Aslan I would help protect you, and that’s what I intend on doing. I would not forgive my self, if I disobeyed Aslan and let you get hurt, because of me.”

“And I won’t forgive my self, if you got hurt once again, or worse if Peter and Edmund ended up getting hurt too.” Bella said “I am scared for all of you, Caspian. Lucy is right, if Edmund might listen to me, we can stop him from obeying the orders the white witch is giving him. I am not going to sit and wait till one of you ends up hurt...or worse dead.” She frowned.

Peter looked at them “If you insist on doing this, you won’t be doing it alone. Me, Lucy and Caspian go with you and that’s that.” He said before Bella could argue with him on this matter. He had the last word.

The White Witch is back? This could have some far-reaching onsequences! Let's hope they can get through to Edmund!

Yes, she is back. She is the one who caused Edmund to hurt Caspian, but not enough for Edmund to kill him as Bella stepped in at the right time and Lucy helped cure him.

Yeah it will be one interesting meeting with the white witch considering Bella is not even a true Narnian or royal, so that might create some controversy for the witch, and yes hopefully they will be able to get through to Edmund.

Chapter 8: The Argument


After Bella ate with Lucy, Peter and Caspian. They got a ready for talking to Edmund, but as Peter and Caspian suspected if the white witch was around, they would it not just go down easy, there would be a fight. So they all got dressed in a combat suit of sorts. The girls also pulled their long hair up. Lucy had her hair into a side way pony tail while Bella had a complex plait that was to the side.

Peter and Caspian had their sword belt around their waist and in that tucked away their swords. Lucy had her bow and arrow, which would be used by either her or Bella if it came to it. Bella tucked a dagger in the side of her boot before they walked outside where Edmund was standing in the courtyard, that almost looked like a battle field, as it was on the other side of the castle.

Edmund noticed all 4 of them and he crossed his arms over his chest “Really Pete? You think I’d listen to all of you? I already told you, I don’t care.” He said “Plus, I doubt that Caspian can persuade me to think otherwise, I thought he’d still be hurt.” He said smirking.

Bella frowned angry at Edmund and she stopped in front of him “Edmund, you stop it right now!” she hissed “I don’t know, what came over you, but this is not you.” She said

He grabbed her by the arm slightly “Guess again, this is exactly me. Just better.”he said as he smirked, his voice was cold and almost shrill, his eyes were darker and distant. It was clear some sort of possession went over him.

Bella winced slightly at his tight grip and his shrill voice, send a cold shiver down her spine “Are you even listening to your self?” she gasped out.

Peter looked at Edmund “Edmund! Stop this! Fight this.” he said looking at his younger brother.

“Or what?” Edmund titled his head to the side as he glared at Peter “I am tired of playing favorites.” He said as he shoved Bella aside sending her skidding across the floor and she fell in a heap at Caspian’s feet from the blow. “I don’t know, why I even brother. It’s clear Bella prefers you and Caspian. Always you two.” He sounded cruel and mocking.

Bella felt her heart ache as she heard Edmund say those words, she blinked back the tears in her eyes as Caspian helped her stand up “If you really knew what I was feeling, then you would have not said such cruel words.” She said as she shot Edmund a sad look.

Caspian looked at him “So, you thought by getting rid of me, that would solve your issue?” he raised an eyebrow at Edmund.

“How could you be so cruel?” Lucy asked under her breath, but that did not stop Edmund from hearing her. His hand flew up like he might slap her across the cheek or might grab at her neck and try to chock her, but he set his hand back down again.

“It would have not solved my problems all together.” He hissed at Caspian “I would still have to dealt with my oh so called big brother.” His eyes were growing more darker every moment. His intentions were not good, any fool could see that on first glance. He was not the Edmund, Bella used to know, he changed. He gave into evil.

“Edmund stop it.” Bella gasped “You’re good, we all know that. Please, fight this. Don’t listen to who ever is tricking you into being like this.” she said, she looked desperate. “This is not the Edmund, I know.” She said

Edmund took a step closer to, he breathed at her face “And why should I care, about what Edmund you used to know?” he asked and he clicked his fingers to the side, and in a flash the White Witch’s’ minions were at his side. One of them was an old lady, with scars down her face and she had wings and a beak of an eagle. The other one was a small man, who looked just as ugly, but Bella had no idea, what creature he was.

Behind Edmund appeared the white witch, but she seemed to be frozen in a block of ice. As she appeared, a cold chill filled the air which caused Bella to shy away into Caspian, the cold could have killed her in an instant if it was not for Caspian shielding her away, when she shied away into him. He was used to the cold, but Bella was not.

Peter’s hand flew to his sword belt straight away “Looks like, there will be a fight to be had.” He said and he glared at the white witch. “And this time, we shall make sure you will be destroyed, for once and for all.” He said.

The white witch laughed softly “And you think, you can destroy me and save Edmund from corruption?” she smirked as she tilted her head to the side and it slightly came from the block of ice, which made Bella jump back slightly.

Lucy touched Bella’s arm softly letting her know it was going to be okay as they all looked at Bella.

“We shall try.” Bella said as she straightened her self up near Lucy and Caspian.

“And succeed.” Caspian said “I won’t quit until we do.” He said as he unleashed his sword from within his sword belt as 2 more minions joined Edmund’s side. “Even if I have to do it my self.” He said, he kept Bella by his side, to make sure she was safe.

“Ah, such courage.” The witch mocked “Such courage, for the one you love.” She said and she smirked. Bella looked between Caspian and the witch in surprise and the witch smirked as she laughed softly “It looks, as if this young girl does not know, about your true affections towards her, shame. It would have been such a pleasure to see her mourn your death.” She said

Peter let out a growl of anger “If you think, you can kill Caspian. You will have to go through me first.” He said

“And us.” Lucy and Bella said at the same time. Just as they did, one of the witches minions leaped on Bella, but to Bella’s surprise, she leaped up in the air kicking the eagle like lady sending her flying back a few feet, her kick was swift and powerful. When she landed back on her two feet like nothing she gasped out, in surprise. She had no idea where that came from. Lucy and Caspian with Peter watched her stunned just like she was.

Edmund let out a growl and he ran at Bella, but she dodged out of the way by doing a cartwheel to the side and she jumped up behind him kicking him down to the floor, so it would be easier to disarm him, from his sword. She stepped on his back softly, while Caspian grabbed his sword and he threw it at a tree, with such powerful motion, the sword got stuck in the tree. Edmund grabbed at Caspian’s leg to try and push him down, but he was not strong enough.

Meanwhile Peter and Lucy battled with the other followers of the white witch, while Bella pulled the dagger from her boot and she span around, in a graceful and swift motion as she threw the dagger at the first minion who attacked her and she hit it right in the chest. The eagle like lady let out a shrill scream as she dropped to her knees and exploded, but the explosion sends Bella flying backwards. In Mid air, Bella shifted her weight which caused her to be straight and as she landed on her two feet, she skidded across the snow terrain of the quad. She then quickly ran towards the dagger and just as she was about to pick it up, Edmund grabbed her in a tight grip as he managed to escape from Caspian’s clutches and he held the dagger to Bella’s neck softly. “Move and she dies.” He hissed.

Bella gasped, feeling the blade pressed against her skin lightly. Her hands were pinned behind her back and she was pressed up against Edmund’s chest. His grip was rather uncomfortable and tight. She knew if she moved, she would slice and dice her self before even the others could move to her rescue.

Peter just managed to kill off the minions with Lucy when Edmund grabbed at Bella and Caspian breathed slightly uneven from worry and fear that Bella would get hurt. He looked at Edmund “Don’t you dare.” He hissed under his breath.

“Oh, you think the big all mighty Caspian can stop me?” he said as he lowered the dagger but he tightened his grip on Bella, causing her to squirm and gasp in his arms.

“Don’t you dare threaten Caspian.” Bella said under her breath

“What did you just say?” Edmund yelled out as he grabbed at her hair, throwing her head back, Bella sniffled back a sob from pain, his grip was tight, she could feel her hair being torn from her sockets. Edmund let go of her hair and he span them around so they were facing the white witch in the ice block.

The white witch smirked as she held out her hand to Edmund, her hand was out of the ice block “Come to me my king.” She said, in an alluring voice.

Edmund willingly raised up his hand and then Bella’s and he with the hand he held the dagger in his hand, he was about to cut her hand, as he also needed her blood to make the link strong and unbreakable, just as the dagger was about to pierce her hand. Bella kicked her up leg kicking the dagger from his hand and with her other arm, she jabbed her elbow hardly into his ribs causing Edmund to give away and drop her. She then flipped her self off using the ice block in front of her, in the process she grabbed Edmund and they both flew back landing in a heap on the floor. Bella let out a cough as the air left her lungs.

Caspian and Peter lifted Bella up quickly as Edmund writhed on the floor. The white witch let out a shriek “I will be back for revenge.” She said, her eyes cold and evil as the ice block vanished into thin air with her.

Lucy was by Bella’s side and she looked at Edmund who was on the floor “Get up and fight.” She said “Or are you a big coward just like the witch?” she said.

Edmund looked up at Lucy, he grabbed her leg causing her to fall back and he scrambled away and he jumped on his horse and rode off into the night. Lucy gasped as she pulled her self up “You coward.” She yelled after Edmund.

Bella had her hand pressed to her side as she tried to catch a breath, while Caspian and Peter watched her worried “She will be back, it was not enough.” She said to her self looking up at them.

“We will be ready for her, when she does.” Peter told her kissing her hair softly and he sighed “I just hope, we can get Edmund back.” He said

“Something tells me, he doesn’t want to be back.” Lucy said, as if they were defeated already.

Caspian touched her shoulder softly “War is not lost yet, Lucy. We shall fight and we shall get him back, whether he wants it or not.” He said and he looked at Bella “Will you be okay?”

Bella nodded “Yeah, my hips hurts a little.” She said as she looked at them in silence for a while after she spoke “I have no idea, where those combat moves came from.” She said

“Neither do we. But you did great.” Peter said with Caspian at the same time and they hugged her softly. Bella hugged them back closing her eyes softly and she sighed slightly, she looked up when she heard a twig crunch below the snow and she saw Aslan was approaching.

Lucy looked at Aslan “Aslan.” She said smiling as she ran over to him and she wrapped her arms around his neck softly, hugging him. She knew the Lion for so many years and he was one of her close friends, she looked forward to seeing.

Aslan smiled as Lucy hugged him and he looked at them “I am sorry.” He said

“Sorry for what?” Bella asked confused.

“For this situation.” Aslan said looking at them

Caspian sighed softly “Not, all is lost yet.” He told Aslan “We will get him back, I promise.” He looked at Bella, who seemed to be bit upset at the mention of Edmund and he placed a soft kiss to her cheek, trying to cheer her up.

“That’s not what I meant.” Aslan said sighing “I came here, to send Bella back to London.” He said looking at them with a sadness in his eyes.

“What?” Bella gasped out “What did I do wrong?” she asked, she looked between Aslan then at Peter and Caspian “I don’t want to go back home.” She said, she felt tears building up in her eyes. She did not want to say goodbye to a new life, her friends and this world. She was not good at goodbyes.

“No!” Peter and Caspian said at the same time “You can’t just send her back, like that.” They said looking at Aslan

Aslan sighed softly “I am deeply sorry. But Bella is in danger with the white witch around and Edmund under her clutches.”

“We said we would protect her.” Caspian said “We intend on doing that, but how can we protect her if you send her back home for goodness how long?” he said. He hated the idea of Bella being send back, especially now, they were getting close, bonding. He would miss that.

Aslan sighed “And as her protectors, you should allow me to that do. She will be safe in her own world. And she won’t be gone for long, she shall be gone until the white witch is defeated and Edmund is back to his old self. If she stayed here, if she tried to fight with you against the white witch and her army, she could get hurt. More hurt than a bruised hip. This is for the best. I am sorry.” He said as he looked at them all, but especially Bella. “When it will be time for you to return, I will send either Caspian or Peter to get you back.”

Bella nodded as she held back her tears, she knew he was trying to protect her, but she did not want to go.

Lucy hugged Bella softly “I will be sad to see you go, but it won’t be goodbye for long.” She said and she gave Bella a soft squeeze. “I know, Aslan wouldn’t allow it to be a long goodbye.” She whispered in Bella’s ear, giving her a slight hint about why that was. Her eyes averted over to Caspian and Peter who had sad expressions on their faces while watching the girls.

Bella sighed as she hugged Lucy back “Take care of Peter and Caspian for me.” She said letting the tears roll down her cheeks. She knew it was not goodbye for long, but she still felt sad.

Lucy looked at Bella and she wiped her tears away softly “I will don’t worry.” She said before she stood by Aslan and she let the boys say goodbye to Bella.

Peter and Caspian hugged Bella at the same time and Bella clinged onto them, trying to breathe in their scents before she would leave. She hated goodbyes, she was not really good at it either. Caspian was hiding his face in her hair breathing in her scent and he closed his eyes, he would miss her terribly and so would Peter. Peter placed a soft kiss to Bella’s forehead when he pulled back looking at her.

Caspian looked at Bella “Just make sure, you will be safe back home.” He said kissing her forehead softly as he touched her cheek softly.

Bella closed her eyes “You stay safe too, all of you.” She said as she looked at them and she kissed Caspian’s cheek than Peter’s. “I will miss you, all of you.” She said “I am not good at goodbyes.” She said biting her lip.

Peter looked at her “You don’t have to say goodbye Bella. You won’t be gone for long.” He said and he touched her arm softly and he hugged her again “We will defeat the white witch and everything will be back to normal, you will come back again and life will go on, as it did before the accident and this battle.” He told her “Have faith.” His eyes never leaving hers, as he spoke.

“I do.” Bella said “I have faith in all 3 of you.” She said “I am just scared for you.” She said looking at Peter and Caspian, knowing they would likely fight more than Lucy would. “If I...”

Caspian cut her off “You won’t lose us.” He said, it was as he was reading her mind “We will be careful.” He told her and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear softly and Bella closed her eyes as she leaned into his touch softly for a brief moment.

Aslan came forward and he opened up a portal back to her own world, as he did so, the wind picked up and it caused Bella’s plait to flail back behind her, she looked at Aslan by the portal “Keep an eye out on them.” She said hugging him softly.

“I will dear child.” He told her smiling before he stood besides Lucy, Caspian and Peter.

Bella looked back at them 4 before she faced the portal, she took a shaky breath as she stepped into the dark abyss that was waiting for her in the portal, as soon as she did, it closed behind her and she felt like she was spinning and falling, when the odd sensation stopped, she was sitting in her old bedroom, on her own bed. It was made, just like when she left it. She wondered what time it was here now, knowing time moved differently in the two worlds.

Sad about Edmund.  I wonder how long it will be on her side and theirs before she can get back.  Maybe she will then be of age?

Yeah, I didn't like to do that to Edmund really, but you will see how it will get resolved. It won't be that long. I see where you are going with that idea, but it's not going to be that long for Bella to be of age yet, I first thought I might do it someway similar like that, but then changed my mind completely, so things will take a new twist and turn as she nears the age of 16

Oh my goodness! I can not wait till you post more chapters. Your story had me hooked with the intro and when one chapter ended I hoped you had the following ones posted, & I was happy to see that they were posted. Now I shall anxiously await your next chapters.


-Thank you

Weeping Fairy

Thank you so much :) it means a lot to me you liked the story :) I will try and post when I can. As I started College for my last year and have other things to do as well.

That is completely understandable, as I have also started collage and im also takeing care of a 6 week old pup. Hope your collage year is fun.


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