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This is my first fanfic so pleeeeeease be respectful of my time management of when I post chapters, and be helpful in saying only NICE things about my writing....I'm only 12. I know about everyone hated when Jacob imprinted on Renesme, so here is what would happen if Jacob DIDN'T imprint; SHOULD have happened. Please comment and read and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! :)

After Jacob and Paul fought....the shirt that Jacob exclaims is his ''favourite''

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Love is like water; We can fall in it- we can drown in it- we can't live without it

I looked at Leah and the scenery. At that time, I wished I had a camera. Leah's hair was blowing in the breeze, letting the smell of coconut fill the air. Her face was glowing and her chocolate brown eyes were sparkling in the faint sunlight. This was really a beautiful sight. A Beautiful Horizon.

What happened if Paul didn't imprint on Rachel?

What if Jacob didn't imprint on Renesme in Breaking Dawn?

What would happen if Jacob and Leah fell in Love?

What would happen if Paul ruined everything....?

Chapter 1
Jacob's POV

"LEAH" I shouted, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Standing up I now realized that the chair was stuck to the bottom of my pants.

"Oops, I must've spilled some glue on that chair!" Leah giggled.

"I swear, Leah, you are the most annoying, pain in my-" I began

"Hey, hey now watch yourself around me Jacob Black!" she practically hissed my name.

"I'll give you something to "watch" me about" I muttered.

"Oh, like your any less annoying!" she said back to me.

"Yes, yes I am!" I shouted at her.

"Well, then!" she shouted back.

"You know what?" I yelled.

"What?" she yelled back.

"I don't know HOW in the WORLD Sam liked you at ALL! No WONDER he chose EMILY over YOU!" I shouted back a little pissed off.
She looked at me through pained eyes and walked out of the room. I guess this discussion was over. I knew that the rest of the pack would know about this later. Great, just what I need. A talk with Sam.

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Sorry thts it this is my first fanfiction soo let me know wat u think and if I should continue!

Chapter 2
Leah's POV

That stupid Jacob, I thought. He's so immature and annoying UGH! How can I even think that! Take that back! I yelled at myself in my head. Great, I thought, having back and forth conversations in my head. Yeah, I'm not crazy. Just keep thinking that Leah, I thought. Ugh I need to change, I thought. I went over to my closet and looked for something to wear. Nothing expensive because it's just gonna get ruined if I change unexpectantaly. So I settled with a pair of already-ripped jeans and a low-cut tanktop. Maybe instead of sneakers I will wear flipflops. Yes, its spring I can wear that without people thinking I'm crazy. (Even if it IS a little chilly out to most people. Sometimes being a werewolf has its advantages......) So, not wanting to have to talk to myself any longer, I ran outside to find something unexpected. Jacob was standing there half-ready to knock on my door with an innocent face on.
"What do YOU want"I said to him.
"I just wanted to apologize for yelling at you and to say that I forgive you for glueing my butt to a chair" he laughed at the last part. It took me this long to realize how white and perfect his teeth were. How almost his whole body was perfect.....
"Who said I was apologizing for glueing your butt to the chair?" I asked as I let out a little giggle at the last part.
"I don't know just the fact that we can see each other's thoughts" he said with a smile.
"Oh" was all I managed to get out.
He smiled at me with his too-perfect smile and waved good-bye and just left. Left without saying actually SAYING good-bye. Why does it matter to me? I thought. It doesn't. I tried to tell myself. But the other half of me said 'I care'.

Tell me wat u think!
first comment!! WOO-HOO!!!!! i love it jules!! awesome. keep me updated!!!! :) :)
thnks yea u got first comment woo u lol I got the idea for this wen i was swimming with marlena yesterday! How funny I was wen i was underwater and came up exasperated and blabbing on and on about my new idea to marlena wen she doesnt even kno wat twilight is about! LOL!
wow! This is awesome! I laughed so hard when I read that!lol
Sounds really good:D can't wait for more.
Thank you so much all your comments mean so much to me!!

Chapter 3
Jacob's POV

Quil had had his fair share of laughs when I came to him with my butt still glued to the chair.
"Dude *snicker* what happened" he had said.
"Oh nothing I just decided that I need to sit a lot more so I glued a chair to my butt- WHAT DO YOU THINK!? IT WAS LEAH! She is SO annoying! Dude stop laughing your ass off and HELP ME!" I explained to him occasionally raising my voice since he had started laughing. I just HAD to apologize to Leah about the whole "Sam" thing even if she DID glue my butt to a chair. That was cold. And for me that's bad since werewolves run a temperature of 108.9. Going to her house I realized that I had no shirt on and no shoes. That might disgust her, I thought, let me put on some clothes. I walked into my house to see Billy watching the news.
"Hey Jake what's going on?" Billy asked in a street tone.
"Trying to be cool dad?" I asked.
"Yeah" he replied as we both laughed in harmony.
"What's on the news now?" I asked as he seemed to be pretty involved.
"Oh nothing just a murderer on the loose in Phoenix, Arizona" he replied.
"Oh" was all I could get out at the moment since I was kind of in a rush. I ran upstairs and grabbed the most random shirt I owned. The shirt was Tie-dye but the problem was that most of the shirt was pink. Not my color. What do I care? I was only going to see Leah and Leah's seen me half-naked. For some reason this bothered me so I put on my blue shirt instead and I decided to put on my sneakers. Problem. No socks. I shredded all of mine. I had to get more. Guess my toes will have to deal with the uncomfortable inside of my shoes which were getting too small-again. I walked out the front door and made my way to Leah's house. I can't believe I was thinking this, but Leah is kind of pretty. No, not pretty I thought, more like BEAUTIFUL. Eww what was I thinking? I mean this was Leah we're talking about! Ugh. I was now at her doorstep. I was in mid-knock when all of a sudden, Leah opens the door with a too see-through tank top.
"What do YOU want?" she asked.
"I just want to apologize for yelling at you and to say that I forgive you for gluing my butt to a chair" I said as I laughed at the last part. It WAS pretty funny. She looked at me kind of daydreaming but then she finally said "Who said I was apologizing for gluing your butt to the chair?" she said as she let out a little giggle at the end.
"I don't know just the fact that we can read each others' thoughts?" I said. I had seen her thinking about it and I was surprised that she didn't see me thinking about coming to apologize to her. She was probably so wrapped up in her so called "Life" that she missed it.
"Oh" she said. I could've sworn she blushed but I'm not too sure since I had automatically waved good-bye and walked away without saying anything else. Another thing that was bothering me; the fact that I couldn't get the picture of her in her cute tank top out of my head. Sam's going to kill me, I thought.
first comment!!! woo-hoo!! keep goinnnnn lovvee it!! :) <3
thnks im glad u like it well u R my bff so if u didnt like it then i woud hav 2 kill u jk!


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