The Twilight Saga

He's desperately trying to find her every time she reincarnates into the world again, but every time he gets close to her she slips through his fingers. Think about what it would be like to live forever through never-ending lives, but being unable to remember any of your past lives except through dreams. Think about  what it would be like to know your soul mate is out there but being unable to find him. Meet Juliette.

The girl in the banner above is the current reincarnation,Juliette /\

Click here to see Callia (the first and original)

Click here to see Beatrice (second), Sylvia (third), and Jolie (fourth).


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Chapter 1:


The Summer of 1446 as told through Callia's Journal Entries


Life is absolutely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love, love, love it and would never do anything to change it. It's absolutely perfect! Do you know what it is like to be in love? If you do not I feel the deepest sorrow for you, for it is the greatest joy in the entire world! My best friend Claire insists that I am too young to know of true love, the great joys, the beautiful wonders, for I am only a girl of fifteen, young, but old by society's standards.

She just doesn't understand, she doesn't fathom the possibilities for she is so conservative and close minded, but she's the only friend I have, and I am always seemingly unable to make more, for girls my age are so petty, intolerant, and they speak such awful lies, I simply cannot stand to have that kind of person for my friend, much less in my life at all. Sure Claire is close minded at times, uncreative, and no fun, but she's a good person at heart. She is true through and through, and although at times I cannot stand her, I couldn't live without her by my side.

Moving on to the subject of true love, I think I've finally found 'the one'. Whenever I'm near him I can't seem to breathe normally, and my heart always seems like it's beating so much faster than usual, and I haven't decided if I like the feeling or not. I see him so rarely, and yet, his face is forever etched in my mind.


Claire insists that his money and riches are just blinding my true judgement and that, in fact, I am really in love with the fancy presents he brings me rather than him. I try to explain to her that he could be poor, a beggar on the streets, and I'd still love him, but she doesn't seem to be getting it!


sure the  next chapter is up! [:

Chapter 2:

06/19 (ctd.)

You see, Sage is different than all of the rich men I've met and that my father has tried to set me up with. I suppose you could call my family quite wealthy, but it means nothing to me. I wish not to be used so much by people I thought I could trust, but I couldn't ever seem to find the right person, at least, until Sage came along.


The story is, his family was ready to settle down after working so hard their whole lives for the riches they now acquired, they just wanted a comfortable place to continue doing what they loved doing, but in a more relaxed environment.

From the second I set eyes on him...I knew I had to have him. It was just simply a matter of time before he was mine. He has the most beautiful brown colored hair, like damp bark on trees after a nice soft rain. His eyes were a beautiful, crystal clear blue.


If you looked into his them it was physically painful to look away. They drew you in like a moth to a light, and you just couldn't help yourself from falling into their exquisitely untouched depths. He was tall with lean shoulders, and the most perfect bone structure. His nose was as slick as a ski slope, his mouth a perfect heart.

Needless to say when he first arrived in Europe, many girls sought his heart, and yet, no girl could ever seem to manage to get it. He was as unattainable as a fly not wanting to be swatted dead. In some way I was as drawn to him as they were, although I tried my best not to show it. I'm not exactly an extroverted type of person, and although I admired him from afar I dared not to speak to him unless he spoke to me first.

I guess I was somewhat glad he had no idea who I was. He wasn't like all the other men I knew who asked for my hand in marriage only so they may touch my family's fortunes. I knew those type of men, I had them pegged from the start, and I knew what the always wanted, me, and my father's riches. I always thought it was destiny for Sage and I to be together, for we were each drawn to each other shamelessly the first time we met.


thank you for giving it a chance! and I sure will tonight or tomorrow night [[:

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Chapter 3:





I admit I was guilty of trying to hide in the backrooms when Sage first came over to my father's apothecary. I am embarrassed now of my behavior, but I
cannot go back and change it, so I must pretend it never happened.
Anyways, my father is a medicine man, he's also famed alchemist as
well. Alchemy is his true passion, but being an

apothacarian pays really quite well, and if my father had those skills, it was a shame to put them to waste.


I helped out around his store, often restocking the supply and inventory while my father was out, or helping run the finances for I was better learned than my father, who never had so
much as an education as a young lad. It is a family run business and
my father and my cousin, Anton, often take turns running the place.


Anyways, my father isn't the sentimental type, but he shows his affection in other ways. It is exactly that reason that no young man had dared to ask for an
apprenticeship. I guess I cannot judge them too harshly, for my
father is a quiet and strong man, large, but secretly softhearted on
the inside. I love him to pieces, I do, I do, I do. I am proudly my
father's daughter.


The first day Sage came into the shop naturally my jaw dropped. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. It was only later that I had learned of his social
standings, riches, and otherwise untouchable-ness.

I loved it. I really am wondering how you get your font to be like that. Could you maybe take the time to tell me what you did to make it like that?

Thank you very much! [: haha &&Sure, no problemo [:

Well first off, I don't write stories on here, I write them on a word processing application ( I put it in size 14 helvetica, and do all the fancy stuff with it, copy and paste it onto here, and then put spaces in between the paragraphs. Sometimes it turns out nice (like above) and sometimes it has weird spacing haha


Chapter 4:


He walked into the shop, just wearing a simple coat, slacks and a white shirt. At first glance he looked poor, but with good intentions. He walked up to the counter
and asked if Nicholas Flamel was in at the moment in the utmost politest voice I had ever heard from a young man in my entire life. He studied my face but I was too nervous to meet his eyes again so I just looked down as I replied that I would get my father.

When I brought my father back out to meet this young man, he asked what he wanted. Sage replied that he would like an apprenticeship, to learn from my
father. Of course, father thought this was very noble and was very flattered himself, he agreed to teach Sage, eventually, all he knew of medicine and alchemy. I curtsied to him before departing.

At that moment I remembered of my cousin, Anton. He was not going to be happy about this. He thought the whole thing should just stay a family business,
and a family business at that. He despised outsiders, and was very high strung for someone so young. He was only two years older than me at 17, and he thought he could rule the world. Whenever he speaks he always sounds like what he has to say is more important than what anyone else would have to say, and that the whole world is at his disposal.

He doesn't even appreciate what my mother and father have done for him. His real parents, my aunt and uncle, took off on him, and were going to just leave him for the streets had my parents not taken pity on him and took him in.


They craved a child, and whenever a baby was conceived it was always a miscarriage. My mother longed for a child to love, to hold, as her own. It was only two years later that she got lucky with
one of her own.


haha sure,  i just want people to read the story as it progresses because it's going to get a whole lot better in the next few chapters.
love it

Chapter 5:

Of course all the girls in town thought he was the most extraordinary thing ever. I mean, yes, of course, he was handsome. Beautiful in a cold way, not like
the way Sage was, with light, and life, and wonder. Anton had roughed
up black hair, deep chocolate brown eyes, and was heavily muscled.
Whenever he walked by, girls swooned, and he was arranged to be
married to one of the most beautiful girls in the entire town, Fleur



But, as usual, I was right, and he just about blew his top when he found out about Sage. Most likely because he was used to being the town heartbreaker and
was probably angry that some other lad had taken his place. He had
never liked to be rivaled, even as a child during children's silly


Of course this envy and angry feelings subsided the next day after Sage started apprenticing. Anton and I were both working, for we did as much as we could to help my parents, when a girl walked in.
She was breathtakingly beautiful with the face of an angel, her
blonde hair falling in waves around her head like a halo. I felt like
a complete oaf being in the same room as her, she was so stunning.


Immediately I wondered who she was. Why would a girl like her visit an apothecary? I looked over at Anton with questioning eyes to see if he knew who she was,
but from the look on his face, he was completely and utterly taken
with her. His eyes had gone large and round, and he was practically
salivating over the wooden counter. I stepped on his foot lightly to
try to get him snap out of his stupor, but he didn't until she
started walking toward us, a smile on her face.


“Do you know where I could find my brother?” she cooed, her voice soft and sweet like a baby's.

“For who are you inquiring?” he asked nonchalantly, unconsciously flexing his muscles.

“My twin brother, Sage,” she said, her smile dimming. Anton's mouth dropped open but he quickly closed it, still obviously trying to impress Sage's


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