The Twilight Saga

He's desperately trying to find her every time she reincarnates into the world again, but every time he gets close to her she slips through his fingers. Think about what it would be like to live forever through never-ending lives, but being unable to remember any of your past lives except through dreams. Think about  what it would be like to know your soul mate is out there but being unable to find him. Meet Juliette.

The girl in the banner above is the current reincarnation,Juliette /\

Click here to see Callia (the first and original)

Click here to see Beatrice (second), Sylvia (third), and Jolie (fourth).


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Amazing story! Please continue!
hah sorry all, i'm going to have to pause this story and save it for a spinoff of Forever Young because it gives details about events that happen in forever young and people and stuff, but i promise as soon as forever young is finished i will continue this story.


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