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This story is about Jake and Nessie's daughter Jamie who got the wolf-gene . She imprinted on someone . You will see who when the story begins . Enjoy .

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I was standing there . Lost in my train of thought . A confused girl in a forest of trees .I was not here because gravity was holding me down . No it was far more complicated than that, the someone who was now holding me down was standing in front of me the...beautiful monster .

Chapter 1
A Flash

Ring ! Ring ! Ring ! I heard as I lay in bed opening my right eye slowly . I huffed when I learned that I had to get up after thinking about school . While yawning and stretching away from my peaceful sleep I got up . I looked at my closet and realized my Great Aunt Alice but I called her just Alice had left me some clothes hanging on my closet door . I examined the brand new outfit that smelled so wonderful because someone had obviously sprayed wonderful perfume on this . I hugged it and inhaled the magical scent one more time than stopped . I put on the red tight shirt and gray jeans . I almost fell in love with the shoes that were carefully placed perfectly in line . Their were two choices red flats and red heels . I of course picked the fabulous red heels I was fashion obsessed , like Alice . I curled my hair with my curling iron because I had to look amazing for the first day of school . I had to get someone to do my makeup so I decided Rosalie my other Great Aunt would be perfect for that . Before I left though I added some jewelry to give it something extra .

I went across the hall and knocked on the door . " Aunt Rosie ? " I called her that because it was easy and she didn't seem to mind . I listened and heard some things like people running around and moving things . Uhh . Aunt Rosie and Uncle Emmet must have been doing it but this was not unusual for them . I was about to leave but then Rosalie came out her hair all messed up and she was wearing a pink robe . I almost gagged when I saw Uncle Emmet in his boxers behind Rosalie grabbing her waist and pulling her .

" Yes Nessie ? " she said acting normal and relaxed . She was trying to hold on to the door because Uncle Emmet wouldn't stop pulling her . Finally she gave him a look and he got really sad like a puppy who wouldn't get a treat .

" Do you think you could help me with me makeup ? " I asked smiling .

" Of course Jamie I'll be right out , " she replied calmly . Then shut the door pretty loudly I might add .

I waited a few minutes and then Aunt Rosie came out looked very pretty with a skirt and a short sleeve shirt that had butterflies on it . Which was flattering for her but I couldn't pull it off because I didn't have hips yet really . I was going into 9th grade a freshman but I was really only 10 . My aging hasn't been as fast as my mom's but it hasn't been slow .

After Aunt Rosie did my makeup which looked fantastic I went downstairs to show my family . My mom had tears in her eyes when I walked down the stairs . I rolled my eyes, so mom to be crying . Dad was a little mad and he crossed his arms . I think he thought that I looked too old and was growing up too fast because I heard him mumble that to himself . Everyone else looked happy .

I sat in my usual spot for breakfast right in between my not overprotective parents . This was sarcastically of course because my parents couldn't be more protective . At least I had some pancakes and sausages for breakfast . I was looking at my parents squinting at them back and forth . They weren't looking at me though they were starring lovingly at each other . I sighed . I took one last glance at my dad and regretted it because he was winking at my mom .

" Well this isn't weird at all , " I said getting up and putting my dishes in the dishwasher .

We were all going to school except for Carlisle and Esme and this year I would be in the same school as my whole family . This is going to be bad I thought as I looked at them all . It's not that I don't love them it's just that they all love to tease me or protect me . Uncle Emmet said he was going to make sure everyone knew we were best friends . He said all happily like a little girl everyone laughed at this in the car . I was the only one who did not find this amusing .

When we were all there in four different cars Alice's, Emmet's, Grandpa Edward's, and my moms . I was in my moms because we were acting as sisters my mom and dad were in my grade as freshmans but they didn't go to eighth grade with me . It was me, my mom, Alice, Edward, and Rosalie in a family . We were all adopted . Emmet, Bella, Alice, and my dad were all our family's friends and were in the same family too .

We got out of the cars and everyone was starring at us . I think they were just amazed with our cars mostly the freshman because the sophomores , juniors , and seniors had already met my family . Then they all starred at us because vampires our inhumanly beautiful and well everyone I knew which was not many people said that everyone in our family was inhumanly beautiful . I think they just said that because they had too since they were family like Grandad Charlie .

My homeroom / first period class went well at least my parents were in my grade . My mom was in that class she sat next to me and we talked . The teacher Ms. Bell didn't seem to mind which was definitely a plus .

The day was going great till I saw Uncle Emmet in the hall . I tried to run but I gave up when he started skipping because I knew he would make himself even louder and weirder .

"Oh my gosh what is up my bestie from another mother ?! Jamie Black ! " he said running to me at human pace . While he was running he made sure EVERYONE saw him and heard him say we were besties . I decided I would play along just this once with Emmet .

" Nothing girlie what about you ! I heard you got your nails done yesterday with my sister did you guys have fun! I wish I could have come too ! " As I said this Uncle Emmet actually started laughing . I loved Uncle Emmet because he didn't care what people thought about him . I sighed than went back to getting to class . All of the sudden thought I saw a flash through the window . What was that ? Only a vampire could do that and my family was all in school . We were the only vampires in Forks...right ?

Chapters :
Chapter 1 - Home Page
Chapter 2 - Page 2

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Thank you ! I will and I'll keep you updated the best I can . :)
hahahhaha LOL wow that wasgreat I love it... hey where is Seth in this story???? I'm TEAM SETH, does Jamie know Seth or will she imprint on a wolf or a vampire.... wow so many people can be or someone made up??? More ASAP!!!
I can't give thatt much away butt I will tell you she imprints on a vampire who drinks human blood . That's why I decided to call the story beautiful monster . :)
ohhhhhhhhhh ok I will read now chapter 2!!!
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