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It was just a look, but it changed everything.

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Embry, Me, and a Quick Look

“Leah.” Embry said. I just looked down at my feet. I couldn’t look in anyone’s eyes except Seth. I don’t want to imprint, I don’t want to all the sudden feel a attachment to someone. The thought of Sam and Emily flashed though my mind, I could feel my heart tightened in pain.

“Yes, Embry?” I asked him a little too sharp.

“Why won’t you look at anyone in the eye?”

I stayed silent as I continued to stare at my feet. What can I say? Because I am afraid of loving someone now? That I am afraid that the person I imprint on will imprinted on someone else?

“Come on, answer!” he said, his voice pleading a little.

“Because I don’t want to suddenly have attachment to anyone.” I said simply as I looked at him, carefully not in the eye.

“Why is that?”


“Because what?” he shot back at me. Fury boiled inside me, he can be so annoying and pesky.

“Because I just don‘t!” I said, finding myself looking in his eyes accidentally. Feeling shock going though me as I quickly looked away. Turning and running away as fast as I could. But it was obvious now, it was too late to back out.

I have imprinted on Embry Call.

On my way to the house, I bumped right into Seth.

“Whoa, are you okay, sis.” he asked. I nodded as I went passed him and went inside and jumped right on my bed. Stuffing my face right into a pillow. Feeling my heart still pounding against my ribcage.

I heard a slight knock before Seth walked in with Isa, his girl. Isa smiled shyly at me as she waved before brushing a piece of brown hair from her eyes.

“Hey Isa.” I murmured against the pillow, looking at her. Isa went over and sat down on the corner of my bed and looked at me.

“How have you been?” she asked. Isa had always been my best friend, we got closer when I joined Jacob’s pack. She understood me. I shrugged.

“Okay, I guess.”

Just then my phone buzzed. I reached over to my drawer and got it, looking at the one new message and it was from Embry.

Feeling all the sudden nervous, I pressed “Read” and looked at it.


Are u okay? U ran away fast?


I sighed as I texted back from under the blanket.

Fine, just tired.

He texted back almost a minute later.

Okay, u looked at me and it looked like you didn’t imprint, so don’t worry about imprinting. Just be normal.

U didn’t imprint on me right?

I hesitated as I began to text back before shaking my head.

No, of course not.

Oh good, it would have been awkward.  He texted back

“Oh it is, alright.” I murmured softly for only myself to hear.

Yeah. texted back and turned off my phone and put it back on the face of the drawer. I popped my face out of the blanket to see them gone. Maybe for alone time.

I sighed as I say up in bed and thinking. But every time I tried thinking of something else, Embry’s chocolaty brown eyes appeared in my mind.

So this is how imprinting is. Almost always thinking about them.

Little did I know that my one little lie to Embry could change almost everything. One beautiful secret for only me to hear.

I lay back down on my bed and closed my eyes. Soon enough I fell into a deep sleep.



Chapter 1- Embry, me, and a quick look (^up there^)


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Loved it!!

Post soon!!

thanks Rachel :)
It does, thanks :)
thanks and I will :)
thanks, Hannah :)!
wait did embry imprint on isa ????? anyway , LOVE IT :)))) can't wait for the next update:))
no, Isa is Seth's imprint, remember the first chapter, I said it then :) and I wouldn't do that to  Leah, Isa is her best friend and her brother's imprint:)
awesome!!! keep me posted
thanks!!! and I will.
awesome again! I bet Embry's trying to make her jealous :D

Chapter 3 will be up soon (i hope), just been busy, I am about to graduate, so yeah.. :)

Thank you for still waiting and reading! <3


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