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here is my second FF

tell me what you think about the beggining.

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I was born in Rochester, New York in the year of 1915. I died in the year of 1933. Or better. I reborn, for a completely new life, where no one would never hurt me again.

My name is Rosalie Lillian Hale, and this is my story.

I thought I would never have to look back again, to a past that I had already forgotten. But life gives many laps, and with them, come many surprises.

If you had the lucky to change what you are, and achieve your dreams, what would you do?

To answer this question, I had to relive my past. i had to Relive a painful past. I don’t want to you have pity of me. But this story is not for weak people.

Prepare yourself because what you will read, may not always be pleasant, because my life was not a fairy tale. But at least I can say I fought for my happy ending!


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seems cool but rose doesent like being a vampire?
i agree with jessica pearce but keep on writing it sounds good
With beauty also comes the ugly side of life. Keep writing, sounds good.
Sorry for take so long, but i´ve been in vacation.

for all: Not that she doesn’t like, but in the third book, when she spoke with Bella, she said to her that if she could choose, she would like to be human. Then came an idea to me that if she really could choose what she would do. She will appeal to memories of the past that will help her decide, but not only that. I hope you like it!

xoxo : )
here is chapter 1 of Beauty from pain. i hope you like it and if you read reply, please!

Chapter 1

When I passed the kitchen, I stopped to see the calendar that was pasted on the wall.
Esme had always careful to change it every year. We were already in the year 2112 and were back in Forks. The city had changed. Besides, everything around us had changed. Except us. We kept the same appearance, the same beauty, the same youth. Maybe for most people this should be the best thing that could happen. Always be beautiful, young, strong and clear, can live forever.

I couldn’t say that I was unhappy. After all, beauty has always been part of my life, and I don’t disgust look in the mirror and see me always impeccable. But now the beauty is not so important for me. Now I just was living, learning with what was changing around me, and trying not to annoy me. What wasn’t difficult, with Emmett always smiling on my side, to cheer me and put away my thoughts of monotony.

"Aunt Rose, Jack has my pencil!"

“Jack gives the pencil to your sister!”

"She destroyed my paint!"

"Chloe! Why you destroyed the paint of your brother?"

"I didn’t do on purpose ... I just wanted to show him that I already know use my power!"

"You know you can not use your power like you use a pencil... well... and if we give a walk?"

"Yes!" they said at the same time.

"So go get your jackets"

"But I don’t have cold!" complained the little Chloe. She had the genes of the father.

"But if someone sees you in the middle of winter just with a sweater, will find it strange! Go get your coat!" although unhappy picked up his little coat and dress it.

Jack and Chloe, had the appearance of 4 years old and were the twins of Renesmee and Jacob. They waited nearly a century for having children. And they were now the joy of the house. Jack was more like a vampire; his skin was equal to Nessie, and has the same colour of her hair just his eyes were like Jacob. Chloe, was more like Jacob, had the same skin colour of him, but her eyes were like the eyes of Nessie. They were both beautiful and loving. And of course they had powers.

Every time I looked for them, reminded me that I would never have my children.
It was a dream that I could never materialize, but I was happy to able take care of them and see them grow. And though they grow faster than normal, didn´t compare the speed that Nessie grew. But they were already endowed with a great intelligence.

"We are ready!" they said smiling.

I took them to the park. There weren´t many children, since it was quite cold, and there was snow. They ran to the park directly to the slide in the form of snail. The park was now quite different. They had lots of fun, which helped the development of children, and were well equipped for children don’t get hurt. They were always well cared, and had a cover in winter, to prevent children gets wet, if started to rain. I sat a little to look for them playing, and I started to imagine what would have been if I had married in my human life, and had had my children. I smiled to myself. It would have been beautiful, but it hadn’t to happen ... I thought to myself. Although I think about it many times, no longer bother me much. And I was really happy to take care of Chloe and Jack, when Renesmee and Jacob wanted to leave.

I noticed a lady who was sitting across the park, and watched me with curiosity. She called my attention because of the clothes she was wearing. A long dress with a pattern of flowers, a scarf and only a black shawl over her shoulders. The strange thing is that those clothes were nothing of the kind of clothes they wore now. Then the woman kept looking at me. Would had she notice something different about me?

I tried to divert my gaze from hers; it was beginning to unnerve me with her watchful eye. I thought it best to go before the woman became more suspicious. I got up to call the children, when I felt a smell of lavender and wet grass beside me. I turned and there was the woman sitting on the bench, where I was sitting just 1 second before, looking at me with an amiable smile.

I was petrified. How she got there so quickly?

“Hello Rosalie.”

“How you know my name?”

"I know how to make your wish come true!"

"My ... but who are you?"

"I am someone who can give you what was taken of you. Would you be willing to go back to being human, to resume your life, and fulfils your wish to be a mother? "
I would never want to relive my past. What a scary thought.
O my god!!
cant wait for more!!!
thanks for reading

don´t worry, i will try to post more very very soon...maybe today lol

xoxo ; )
it also will cost to her, even more in the way that will be ;) (suspanse) lol hope you like it and thank you for having read!

xoxo : )
Chapter 2

I laid the twins on the bed and waited that they fall asleep. It wasn’t difficult, both were exhausted.

My mind avoided thinking about what had happened this afternoon. That woman and what she had said seemed to echo louder in my head, taking me all the reasoning. I still had a very clear image of little Jack, cling to my leg and tell me that he was afraid of her. She merely smiled, and disappeared before I knew it, when I looked away from her, to pick up Jack, and calm him down. I didn’t have time to answer anything or ask anything. I don’t know why I felt so restless. I don’t know why this issue was bothering me so much. It was ridiculous. Was impossible being human again ... Neither I wanted...right? I returned to divert my thoughts of this matter.

I was still alone at home. They had all gone, or to hunt, or for work, or simply for walk. I sat in the chair of the garden of our house, without looking for anything in particular. Without realizing it, I went back to the year of 1932.


I was sitting in front of a mirror. I never get tired of looking at me. Carefully I brushed my long and blond hair. I look at me again. I was really beautiful. I couldn’t avoid smiling. Then someone knocked on the door.
“Can I?”
“Vera! Of course, come. What brings you here?”
"I have a fantastic new! You will not believe it!" she showed me her little hand with a simple ring with a ridiculously small stone of diamond (if that was really a diamond!), "Yes Rose, Peter asked me in marriage!" The look of Vera was all lit up and her smile was pure love.
"The carpenter?” I made a little smile of mocking.
"Rose!" She pouted when I referred to her boyfriend in that way. She was dating with Peter at a long time, but I always told her that she could find someone more suitable, with better financial terms. She never cared about it. For my parents it would be heartbreak. Even for me. I dreamed with a wedding of dream.
“I’m sorry Vera. I’m very happy for you!”
"Oh Rose ... I'm so happy!" she returned to her joyful face, passionate and smiling. "I like him so much! I thought he never would ask me in marriage. "
I smiled and didn’t answer. I look to the mirror again, to my stunning beauty and I went into my perfect world, where I thought on my wedding of dream, with a beautiful man, who could give me everything that I deserved. I imagined, him handsome as me (pretty like me was very difficult ... (I sighed)), and very, very rich. I wanted that he give to me a diamond ring with a giant stone, which give me lots of clothes, jewelry, shoes ... in fact all that I deserved! I sighed, and I gazed again to my beauty. Vera continued looking at the tiny ring, amazed. I don’t know how she could like, something so simple and worthless.

* End of flash-back*

I got up confused, not realizing, why I had recalled Vera in the day that she was sought in marriage. I returned home, I noticed that the twins were still asleep, so I went to my room. I picked up a book at random and sat near the window. In a few seconds my mind returned to my human past. But I didn’t go very far in my thinking. I felt Emmett’s lips roamed my hand. I looked at him and I couldn’t help smiling when I saw his broad and playful smile that I loved. His eyes always full of life, with a golden color, completely satisfied, carefully watching my face.

"Today you seem so far away, Rose!" then his sweet lips came against mine. "Something happened?" he asked me.
"No, it's everything okay ..." I grabbed him against me again and, I kissed him. I was feeling so lost. I needed his concerns. Automatically his hands grabbed my waist.

It was then that something that I couldn´t explain happened. In my mind arose a voice, which was now, known to me because had echoed in my head all afternoon ... the only difference ... is that the voice, was now speaking directly to me.

"Rosalie, the time is running out. Search me. I can realize your dream ..."

i will try to post more very soon!

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