The Twilight Saga

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Vanessa is turning seventeen, and is out with a bunch of friends.

One dares her to go into the Weeping Willow Woods, the woods in the small town of Rosewood that are rumored haunted. So on an unwilling dare, Vannessa goes in the woods, and meets a werewolf, Ben, who falls in love with her, in fact imprints on her, and if she loves him the same, he can become only human again. If not, then he will be in wolf form forever. She only has 6 months to fall for him! So it's a mix of Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood, modernized!



Vanessa's POV

I rushed down the old trail behind my best friend Kate St. Clair's barn. Kate, her boyfriend Matt, Cora Beth, my cousin, Mike, my apparently hot older brother, Ken, Kate's cute brother, and Valery, extreme popular who Kate probably paid to even show up to the party.

We made it to the edge of the property line, which led down to the Weeping Willow woods, which no one dared go near. Well, because it was supposedly haunted. And the last kid who went in, Chris Everdeen, was supposedly choked by a shadow man, well, no one saw his face.

"Kaitlynn, mom will shoot us personally if she knew we were here!" Ken said sternly. "Chill dude! All the demons are just phsyco visions." Kate barked. "Kate, you sure about this?" Cora asked, hanging on to Mike's arm tightly, she was only 9 after all. "Listen Cora, if you're gonna be a baby, then run on up to your mommy." Kate said mockingly.

 "I'm with Kate on this one." Matt said. "When aren't you on Kate's side?" I joked. "Nessa, I'm gonna take Cora back up to the party." Mike said. I nodded, and Cora's little face flushed with relief.

"I dare one of you to go down there." Valery smirked. "So not me." Matt said. "Chicken." Kate murmured. "I'll bail on that." Kate and Ken said at almost the same time. "That leaves you birthday girl." Valery winked. "Oh no. I'd rather not..." I said. Before I could react Valery pushed me, letting out a popularly loud laugh.

"Val!" Kate said. That's the last thing I heard. When I hit the ground, I blacked out. I saw nothing but darkness. My lips suddenly quivered. I felt a hand. It covered my mouth. I awoke screaming. This someone was only wearing black. The shadow man.


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please please please write more and please keep me updated its really good and interesting

Thanks :)

Haha Thanks.

I'm still a geek for princesses.

awsome, i need to read more plz

Thanks :)

Claire J. Darling of Claire Bear's Banners made it.

And Crazi Cullen makes all the chapter banners.


Made by Me!
really good story
Thanks :)

Chapter 3. Rude Awakening

 I saw that the door was ajar, and ran in. “What happened?” I asked. Without saying anything, I saw that James wanted me to stand where he was. Vanessa, Vanessa, come here. Ben mumbled repeatedly.

 “At least he’s alive.” I whispered, Ty nodded, standing broadly behind me. A small little lady, who looked to be a grandmother walked in the room. “Nana.” Ty smiled slightly. “Tyler, în cazul în care este sora ta, Tori?” The woman said.

 "She’s romanian.” Xavier whispered, I guess to not to make me feel awkward. "Bucătărie”. Ty answered. The woman scowled at me and left the room. "Is she alright?” I asked uneasy. I was wondering what they had just discussed. Was it that she wanted to know who I was?

 "She’s fine, I’m asuming she wanted to see Tori.” Ty said. I nodded.  "She was wondering where Tori was, and I said the kitchen.” Ty answered. I felt more comfortable. I suddenly saw Ben moving around a lot.

 "Ben?” James asked. Suddenly, Ben’s eyes shot open. My heart seemed to raise back to where it was supposed to be, since it was sunk for the past two days. "Guys?” Ben asked, still seeming unsure.

 "Ben!” Xavier seemed more cheery now. "How are ya?” James asked, happy,yet unsteady. "Perfectly fine?” Ben was hesitant.  "You were really out man! Remember anything?" James practically begged, as Tori came in, laughing a bit.

 "Give poor Ben some time to take in his surroundings.” She said. The old woman walked in again. More jibberish I assumed. "One at a time!” She said. I actually understood her, she knew english!

 I reluctantly let the guys go ahead of me, they would comfort Ben more than I ever would. The old woman walked up to me. She gestured me to take her hand, so I did. They felt warm, almost like when you think a stove is off, and you get that electric shock when you notice it’s on. "I’m Mira. Ty and Tori’s grandmother.” The old woman said, releasing slowly.

 "Vanessa. Ben saved my life soon before his coma.” I said. "Oh.” Mira smiled lightly. She smiled at me, the guys and Tori left the room, and Mira went with them. I smiled at Ben, he did the same to me.

 "I didn’t forget you.” Ben laughed quietly. I smiled. "I was sort of hoping that.” I looked at him, his head bandaged. "Everyone else seems to know you well.” Ben sat up slightly more. "Neh, it’s been awkward, believe me.” I laughed, he smiled.

 "Wanna go for a walk or something, your outfit...” He didn’t finish his sentence, probably scared. "Is sickening, I know.” I smiled. "You sure you’d be up to it?” I asked. "I had a small coma, not cancer, I think I can.” He smiled. I laughed. We couldn’t keep straight faces.

 Ben got up, perfectly fine. "I just need the bathroom quick.” Ben said. I nodded. He walked out of the room into a side door opposite the one everyone else went through. I never had such an urge, but I walked out the main door, and eavesdropped on the others conversation.

 "Nana, are you sure?” I heard Tori’s perfect voice.

"Tori, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Mira said, with a slight Romanian accent.

"So, she could break his spell?” Ty asked.

"She’s the one.” Mira sounded sure.

 I heard footsteps, and practically leaped back to the bedroom where Ben had been. I just made it, Ben barely opened the door. We smiled, and walked out one of the backways. Mira’s words, She’s the one. ringed in my mind.

 Ben and I had went to a local store, a name I recongnized, Erin’s Wardrobe. I just got two outfits, hoping not to bore Ben. It seemed about dinner time, 6:30 PM, so we went to a deli, and got sandwiches.

 "Ty worries too much, he is usually nervous about everything.” Ben had been venting out about how annoying Ty and some of the others could get. I smiled. I took another gulp of iced tea. I swallowed quietly.

 He sighed. We stared at eachother for a long time. Then he finally leaned in, and we kissed on the lips. It seemed to last for what seemed like forever, but we both released. The sun was starting to set.

 He suddenly gasped. "Time sure flies! Mind staying at the motel tonight? There won’t be much room at Ty’s with Mira over and all.” He said quickly. I nodded very reluctantly. He handed me thirty dollars, which I assumed was enough to stay a night.

 Ben told me the directions, and as the sun was barely setting, he dissapeared into the darkness.

 I sighed. I clutched the money in my left fist. Why would he leave? He went in a coma the last time we were away from eachother! Surely it was a coincidence, but I had my superstitions.

 I suddenly felt as if I were being followed. I looked about twenty feet back and realized I was, the "vampire” was behind me.

its was great, plz post more soon and fast! i love it!


very good


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