The Twilight Saga

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Vanessa is turning seventeen, and is out with a bunch of friends.

One dares her to go into the Weeping Willow Woods, the woods in the small town of Rosewood that are rumored haunted. So on an unwilling dare, Vannessa goes in the woods, and meets a werewolf, Ben, who falls in love with her, in fact imprints on her, and if she loves him the same, he can become only human again. If not, then he will be in wolf form forever. She only has 6 months to fall for him! So it's a mix of Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood, modernized!



Vanessa's POV

I rushed down the old trail behind my best friend Kate St. Clair's barn. Kate, her boyfriend Matt, Cora Beth, my cousin, Mike, my apparently hot older brother, Ken, Kate's cute brother, and Valery, extreme popular who Kate probably paid to even show up to the party.

We made it to the edge of the property line, which led down to the Weeping Willow woods, which no one dared go near. Well, because it was supposedly haunted. And the last kid who went in, Chris Everdeen, was supposedly choked by a shadow man, well, no one saw his face.

"Kaitlynn, mom will shoot us personally if she knew we were here!" Ken said sternly. "Chill dude! All the demons are just phsyco visions." Kate barked. "Kate, you sure about this?" Cora asked, hanging on to Mike's arm tightly, she was only 9 after all. "Listen Cora, if you're gonna be a baby, then run on up to your mommy." Kate said mockingly.

 "I'm with Kate on this one." Matt said. "When aren't you on Kate's side?" I joked. "Nessa, I'm gonna take Cora back up to the party." Mike said. I nodded, and Cora's little face flushed with relief.

"I dare one of you to go down there." Valery smirked. "So not me." Matt said. "Chicken." Kate murmured. "I'll bail on that." Kate and Ken said at almost the same time. "That leaves you birthday girl." Valery winked. "Oh no. I'd rather not..." I said. Before I could react Valery pushed me, letting out a popularly loud laugh.

"Val!" Kate said. That's the last thing I heard. When I hit the ground, I blacked out. I saw nothing but darkness. My lips suddenly quivered. I felt a hand. It covered my mouth. I awoke screaming. This someone was only wearing black. The shadow man.


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Haha, definately will!
interesting keep writing sounds like a great story
Thank ya both!
Thanks =o
Oh my, this is a brilliant idea!

Thank you so much!


Chapter 1. Big Bad Wolf

.                                                 .                                            .

  The hand moved closer and closer up my mouth. It felt freezing cold. “Hey, ever hear the story of the shadow man?” The voice of the pale hand asked. The voice was very deep. I screamed. “Relax honey, no one can hear you.” The voice answered creepily.

 The hand was released, and I noticed his lips touched my neck. I felt a tongue lick my neck. I heard a growl behind us. The shadow man jumped. I was suddenly tossed to the ground. Suddenly, I blurrily saw an almost ten foot tall wolf figure, but then my whole world went blank.

 My eyes blinked. I saw a cute guy. I screamed suddenly. “Oh, you’re awake. Ben Masen, nice to meet you.” Ben laughed a husky laugh. “Yeah. Vanessa. Where am I?” I asked, a bit hazy on what happened.

 “You were about to get bit by a vampire, I saved your life.” Ben said proudly. “Good for you, am I damaged?” I gave a slightly nervous deadpan expression. “Not you, but your dress is a bit ripped.” Ben said. I laughed a bit. “I didn’t buy it anyway.” I laughed. He laughed too.

 I put the deadpan face on again. “Why don’t I remember any of this?” I asked worriedly. “Did I have amnesia?” I asked. “What do you remember?” Ben asked curiously. “I remembered some dude licked my neck,” I began. “The vampire…” Ben said slowly. “And then a ten foot wolf growled, and I was dropped to the floor, then I went blank.” I said. “Then you only missed the violence!” Ben said happily. “What happened, to the vampire?” I asked curious more so now. “He got away.” Ben answered. “Coward.” I laughed. He smiled. “Yep, very much so.” Ben laughed.

  “What about, the wolf?” I asked. “He’s… alive.” Ben seemed nervous. “Oh? How would you know it’s a he?” I questioned, a bit suspicious. “Lucky guess I’m sure.” Ben said. I nodded.

 “Why are you here anyway? And what’s with the dress?” Ben now questioned me. “Second question first. Yesterday was my birthday party, and we came to the bordering cliff, and my apparent friend Valery pushed me off. Happy?” I asked anxiously. “Why would I be?” He laughed. I smiled.

 We looked in each other for a long time, and for a split second I felt like we were about to kiss. Ben jumped. I heard footsteps behind us. “Stay here—I—I have to go. I’m sorry. I’ll be back.” He said, he hesitated, then jumped into the more and more trees.

 I refused myself to move. Suddenly, rather than ugliness and hatred, I saw beauty in the woods. A butterfly floated onto a shrub, and a bird limped a bit on some moss. I smiled lightly, and gave it a woodchip to lean on. The bird looked petrified of me, yet satisfied. I smiled at it. I sat back on the log.

 I heard a heart retching howl. “Hello?” I shouted. Two guys came up to me. I was nervous, it had been thirty minutes since Ben had returned. “Vanessa right?” One asked. “Who are you?” I asked ignorantly. “I’m James, and that’s Xavier.” The taller one began. “We’re Ben’s friends.” Xavier said, flipping his slightly long russet beach blonde hair.

 “Where’s Ben?” I asked nervously. They looked at each other in the most awkward way. Could Ben be dead? We met five minutes ago practically! He saved my life! My heart practically sank to the pit of my stomach.

                        .                                                 .                                            .
Loved it! Please write more soon! This is a really good story! :D And please keep me updated!

why did it have to be so short!!!

you are such a tease.

@CraziCullen Haha! I'll get longer!

Awsome keep me updated plz!


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