The Twilight Saga

A/N This is a sequel to my story called I Love You. Please read if you haven't read it (:  Well I hope you enjoy both stories (:

Chapter 1 The Cave (Ashley's POV)

"But I thought you couldn't have kids?" He questioned.

"That's what I thought, that's what Carlisle thought, that's what everybody thought. But I guess fate wanted us to have kids together since it took that away from us so long ago." I said, as Emmett sighed."Em, I might be scared as h**l to have this kid; but I'm ready to give my life up for this baby Emmett."

"Ash, don't worry about that. Carlisle will get that thing out of you." He spat the word thing like he was a christian saying a dirty cuss word.

"Emmett, that thing is your child; I don't care what you say, I'm having this child. If fate was nice enough to give us a child; I'm thanking it by having it. No matter what you say." We walked back to our table then, we sat down as people started going up to tell us stuff. "Emmie, I thought you'd stand by me, I just wish you would..." I said as my blue eyes started to get very teary. 

"Fine baby, you're lucky I love you to the ends of eternity... Don't cry!" He wiped the tears away that were silently streaming down my face. I crossed my arms, and laid my head down on Emmett's shoulder; he put his arm over me comforting me, Jacob was up talking about me at the moment. But my mind was other places, I was thinking of what mine and Emmett's child would look like... The boy I hoped would look like Emmett, tall, dark hair, dimples, but I hope the child would get my eyes; to me dark hair and blue eyes are absolutely gorgeous. As for the girl, I kinda hope she would look like a mix between us; my hair, Emmett's dimples, my eyes, and Emmett's gorgeous facial structure....

"Ashley, Emmett! It's time to leave!" Alice called to us, as I got up sleepily, Emmett was now supporting most of my weight, we walked inside; we saw Alice passing out bags of rice to everybody. Soon we were called out, and rice began falling like a rain storm; Emmett blocked most of it from my back as I laughed, he lifted me up into his Jeep as everybody was waving and smiling. We drove off looking into the darkness of the sky, and very soon I fell asleep looking at my beautiful husband's face..................................

A/N I hoped you like it (: Sorry it's so short, but I have some what of writers block... Oh yeah, there's another newborn fight in this story like there was in I Love You; the first one was to see how strong the Cullens really were... And Victoria didn't really die in I Love You, she survived somehow...

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Chapter 2 Psychosocial (Emmett's POV)

Edward and Ashley ran up together to the camp site where her and Bella would be camping with Edward and possibly Jacob. I was worried for my wife, she already looks like she's 5 months pregnant, and she's only been pregnant for like a month. I'd be up there with them, but I'm one of the most experienced fighters, I have to be here to fight these irritable newborns. The newborns then ran into the clearing as we went for them, the wolves jumped over a big rock type thing but then... More newborns came out of the woods; close to a hundred more.

"EDWARD! SETH!" Alice called, as we started fighting more profusely, I then got scared for my babe and Bella; what if a newborn got to them? 

(Ashley's POV)

Edward and Seth ran away, Bella and I were in the dark with everything; we had no clue about who was living, or who was dieing. I then heard a snarl and I was charged at but a thing of fiery red; a boy came after the thing of fiery red as the boy started choking me.

"Victoria stop! Don't hurt her!" Bella screamed, ah so this was Victoria; I kicked the boy off of my as I went to stand in front of Bella.

"You want to hurt her eh? Well you're going to die." I stated, as I was charged at again, but I used my powers I brought the earth up from the ground creating a little enclosure around Bella and I. "Bella stay here, and don't move." I said as I jumped out of the circle. My body reacting to instinct when into it's Avatar state; Ice shot out a pierced the boy in the heart, and more ice shot out severing his head off of his own shoulders. Now there was only Victoria left who was looking for ways to get into my enclosure type thing for Bella; I stopped my Avatar state and went down to the ground staring Victoria in the back. "Oh Vicky." I snarled, she turned around I was choking her pushing her up against the enclosure so hard that the enclosure snapped, Bella was now unprotected; my fangs popped out of my mouth as I pushed Victoria up against the mountain.

"How're you stronger then me you filthy mud blood!"  Victoria screamed, as I laughed.

"Magic." I snarled as I smelt it Bella's blood.... Victoria was now thrashing harder, I bit into her neck, I tore her head off easily, I tore her entire body apart and then started a fire. "Bella, come here." I said, as I tried to not let Bella see my fangs.

"Ashley are you and the baby okay?" I nodded, as I tore off some of my sweatshirt (A/N Their outfits- and I put it around Bella's wrist. "Ash you have fangs? Why?" I shrugged my shoulders, I tied it very tight around her wrist as I offered her a hand.

"Do you want to go down to see if the fight's done?" I questioned curious as she nodded, I helped her get on my back as I took off running; I smelt the sensation of the vampire skin burning, we then saw the cloud of purple smoke. As soon as I came out of the woods, I had the big muscular arms of my husband around me, and Edward was getting Bella off of my back. "Edward be careful, Bella tried helping but it didn't work."

"Help with what?!" They both kinda questioned loudly.

"A boy came with Victoria, I took the boy out quickly but I killed Victoria very slowly... I'm sorry Edward I know that you're the one that wanted to kill her, but I had no way of communicating with you guys... I'm sorry."

"Ashley no worries, but are you okay?" I nodded, as Emmett kissed my forehead, as he led me over to where all the Cullens were.

"Babe, are you and the baby or babies okay?"

"Yeah, my ribs hurt a little big from Victoria thrashing, but that's it." I vaguely heard Bella telling Edward how amazing I fought, especially with me controlling the elements.

"Well the Volturi will be here any minute; so Ashley, Emmett, Bella, Edward come on get over here quickly." Alice said as her eyes went glossy again. Soon I saw the familiar cloaks, Jane was at the lead wearing my old dark gray cloak...

"Ahh, Ashley I see you've joined the Cullens eh?" I nodded towards Felix, he tried to have a thing with me for a long time.


"You guys can leave now, the Cullens have taken care of the newborn problem." I said trying to rush them out of here before they noticed Bella, I had a little air bubble around her so maybe they couldn't smell her.

"Well, well, trying to hide my dear sweet Bella? I see you're still human, but you don't smell like one, maybe being around all these vampires all the time has gotten you to smell like them." Alec snarled, as I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Alec, do you want a repeat of what happened last time you p**sed me off?" He backed away then.

"We have a long journey home, so just to know that the problem is taken care of?" I nodded. "Goodbye to you all." Felix said, as we waved.

Chapter 3 Somebody To Love (Emmett's POV)

Ashley started putting all her weight on me as we stood around waiting to put the fire out, so I picked her up; Edward and I ran home together. I laid a sleeping Ashley on my bed, as I laid down next to her. I put on a random music channel as I watched Ashley sleep; I now realize why this fascinated Edward so much, to realize that your angel can escape the evilness of reality was somewhat... Comforting; and just to watch her be at peace with the world, to live in her world of dreams was pretty amazing. 

I hope you guys like it (: Please comment it and enjoy ! ^^^

go ashley!! AVATAR STATE xD

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Chapter 4 White Rabbit (Emmett's POV)

Ashley finally woke up the next day as I was in the shower, yes I might not sweat and what not; but after fighting those newborns I feel just gross...
"Emmett scoot over." Ashley said laughing as she climbed into the shower with me; I saw the brusing on her stomach and rib area. "The rib part is from fighting Victoria, and then the bruises on the stomach is from the baby or babies..." I sighed and rubbed her stomach soothingly; we finished our shower and went into my room as Edward bursted into the door, and went straight to Ashley and bent down towards her stomach. I'm glad Ash had a rob on, Eddie has seen me naked before so I was just going around in a towel around my waist.

"So you guys know how Carlisle hasn't been able to tell how many life forms are in there?" We nodded. "There's two, a boy and a girl, I can hear their thoughts; Ash their tattle taleing on each other, because the girl keeps kicking the boy..." I laughed, that would so be Ash and my children. "So Emmett and Ashley, looks like you guys are having twins!" Ashley jumped up smiling, as I went over to her, picked her up and kissed her.

"I'm so happy baby." I said smiling, as Edward left the room.

"Me too Emmie, me too... Hey wanna feel something?" I nodded, as she grabbed my hand and placed it on her stomach, I felt a very hard kick as Ashley winced slightly. "Hey you two, quite fighting!" Ashley said smiling at her stomach, we then got dressed and went down stairs.

"Congratulations!" Everybody screamed as we laughed, Ashley blushed heavily; Alice ran up to Ashley screaming.

"Ash, Ash, can we have a baby shower? PLEASE!" She screamed.

"Sure Alice." Ash can't deny Alice, she almost as giving into Alice as Jasper is; it's sad.

(Ashley's POV)

My stomach growled, as I rubbed it and went into the kitchen I opened up the fridge and looked for something to eat. I made myself a turkey and mustard sandwich, as soon as it went down my throat I was puking into the sink. Emmett was at my side almost instanly, rubbing my back as I threw up; I wiped my mouth after I was done and threw the sandwich away.

"Hey Carlisle, I'm going to go to Emily's to see if she can figure out what's wrong with me... Em do you wanna come?" He nodded as we said goodbye to everybody; Emmett helped me into his Jeep as we sped off towards La Push. We finally made it to Emily's, she ran out when she saw how big my stomach had gotten; she helped me out of Emmett's Jeep as we walked up to her house.

"Ashley! I can't believe how big you're stomach has grown! Jeez you look like you're six months pregnant!" I laughed at Emily and nodded.

"Well being two part vampire, and one part human I was sure that they were gonna grow fast..."

"THEY?!?!" I nodded smiling.

"We're having twins." Emmett went outside on the porch to talk with Sam, Jake, and Seth.

"Congratulations Ash!" She screamed giving me a hug.

"Well Em, there's a problem with my health I think... You know how much I love my turkey and mustard sandwich's?" She nodded. "Well I tried to eat one this morning, but I puked it all up." A puzzled expression came over her face, she drug me into the kitchen then and gave me a apple; I ate it, and then puked it up in the sink.

"Ash, how long has it been since you've hunted?" I thought about it for a couple of seconds.

"Before mine and Emmett's wedding....."


"I think that's why you throw up everytime you try to eat human food; like you said you're babies are two part vampire they are going to want blood." Emily said as I gasped.

"Thank you Emily!" I screamed giving her a hug, I ran out of the house towards the woods.


"Ash, where are you going?" Emmett asked catching up with me; I was hoping he didn't notice... See Emmett's the reason why I haven't been able to hunt; he won't let me...


"Emily said I have to hunt, I haven't hunted since before our wedding, so maybe that's why I can't eat human food." He nodded then, I heard a pack of mountain lions about 20 miles from us; Emmett smirked at me and ran ahead of me. When I got to the clearing Emmett was holding out a lioness that had her neck broken, I stuck my tognue out at him, and stuck my fangs into the lions neck. I greadily suck on the warm blood; I was full after to mountain lioness, so Emmett and I ran back to Emily's; when I got to the porch Emily had a turkey sandwich in her hands as I smiled, I took it from her and ate it and I didn't puke! "Yay!" I screamed as they laughed at me.



Chapter 5 Perfect (Emmett's POV)


I'm stuck down stairs while Alice gets Ashley ready for the baby shower, it seems like everybody from our past is here; the Denali's even made it. I was talking with Carlisle's friend Zafrina when Alice called the room to look at the stairs; my beautiful wife then walked down the stairs carefully looking beautiful. Everybody started clapping as I walked up to my wife and kissed her; (A/N Ashley's Outfit- we then sat down on the loveseat together as Alice went over to the stairs.

"Thank you guys for coming to Ashley and Emmett's baby shower, now it's time to party!" She screamed, she's so enthusiastic, Ashley and I laughed as we started to mingle with everybody. After about two hours of mingling, we had to open the gifts; Ash and I sat at the two chairs over by Edward's piano. The first gift we opened up was Alice and Jaspers, it was 5 very funny maternity t-shirts for Ash. One said I can grow people what's your super power? Another one was a pregnant chick laying on the ground saying I make this look good; another was the conversation that Edward heard earlier in the week; one was talking about why the boy didn't have parts and the girl did another conversation Edward heard. I liked the last one, it had a finger pointing to the side, saying that this was his fault.


"Hey not completely true!" I said laughing, as Ashley smiled, I loved seeing my babe happy; I'd do anything to make her happy. If she asked me to go the moon and bring her back stars I would; I loved her and nothing will ever stop me from loving her. The next gift we opened was from Carlisle and Esme, it was two baby carriers that go on your chest and a pair of plain black vans, and a pair of grey ones. We said thank you, as we opened up Bella and Edward's gift, it was dual strollers that were side by side, a pair of black and white skull vans, a pair of pink cheetah vans, and then two carseats; we said thank you once again as we opened up the rest of our gifts. Man these people must love us with how much stuff they had gotten us; we said thank you to everybody as the party went on for a couple more hours. Finally eveerybody left as Ashley and I went up stairs to my room; I helped Ashley change clothes as Alice told me her, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were going hunting and Jacob and Bella were down stairs. I thanked her, as Ashley and I went down stairs then; we sat down and started watching the movie with Jacob and Bella.


Chapter 6 Monster (Ashley's POV)

I got hungry during the movie, so I went into the kitchen to make Bella, Jacob, and myself some food; I was reaching up to get the boxes of mac n cheese; but I felt a very powerful kick to my ribs as I fell down and screamed in pain. There was many more kicks as Emmett, Jacob, and Bella ran into the kitchen; I screamed like bloody murder clutching my stomach, Emmett ran me up to Carlisle study and laid me down on the delivery table.


"Jacob hand me that needle." I vaugely heard Emmett as my body curled itself up in pain, Emmett took my hand and gave me a shot; but whatever was in there didn't help; I screamed again as Jacob and Emmett made me lay straight on the table.  "Bella leave, there's going to be a lot of blood." Emmett almost snarled at Bella. "Jake your okay with a lot of blood right?" He nodded I screamed again louder this time, I started blacking out...


(Jacob's POV)


Emmett lifted up Ashley shirt as I held her torso down, he bit into her stomach and tore it open; he was muttering something about the babies not getting enough air so Ash wouldn't be able to push. He took out a baby boy as Edward and Carlisle ran into the room, Carlisle took the baby boy, a couple seconds later a baby girl came out which Emmett handed off to Edward, who handed the baby girl off to Esme.


"Jacob give her some oxygen, she's loosing lung capicity." I started giving her CPR, as Emmett was pressing against her heart saying don't leave me Babe. I could hear Ashley's heart slowing, as Emmett almost pushed me aside; he gave Ashley another shot of something, as he started biting her; I backed away out of the room slowly....



A/N I hope you like it (: So please comment and enjoy! :D

yay! i loveee it!!!!! update soon or i will diee!!! ;O

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Chapter 7 Heaven Nor H**L (Ashley's POV)

The burning corsed through my veins once again, but I put that thought away as I thought about my beautiful children, my son and daughter... It seems like days when the burning started disappearing from my toes; and I knew the transformation was almost over...



(Jacob's POV)

I ran out of the house, sitting on the porch stairs in the back yard; I leaned my head against the railing, letting tears stream freely down my face as Bella came outside.


"Jake, is she okay?" She questioned as I shrugged my shoulders, Bella sat beside me as she rubbed my shoulder soothingly.


"She couldn't breathe so Emmett had to rip the babies out of her stomach; but they she still couldn't breathe, so I tried giving her CPR and her heart had stopped. So Emmett tried pumping her heart; trying to re start it, he bit her everywhere then; I couldn't stay in there anymore, I had to leave." I got out between sobs, as Bella started crying; Seth's wolf form jumped over the river with Leah right behind him, they phased and came up to us.


"Jake I'm so sorry... Hopefully Ashie will be okay." I nodded towards Seth, as Esme came out.


"Seth, Leah are you guys hungry? We still have a lot of food left over from the baby shower." Seth nodded, as Leah followed after Seth and Esme inside. Bella and I sat there crying when I heard a heartbeat; it was coming from the room Ash was in; so I guess changing her into a vampire was for the best.


"Bella, Ash is fine; Emmett sucessfully changed her into a vampire." I sighed, as I then heard something in the bushes, I looked and saw a image of a black wolf running away. "SAM!" I screamed, and phased.


(Seth's POV)


"Are the babies okay Esme?" I whispered as she helped me get a plate ready.


"Yes, you wanna see them?" I nodded, as Leah followed me into the living room; Carlisle was holding a baby in a blue blanket, and Edward had the one in the pink blanket. Leah and I walked over to Carlisle he was the closet, he smiled towards the baby as he sat him up to look at us; I saw it from the corner of my eye, as soon as Leah's eyes caught sight of this  baby's blue eyes, she imprinted...


"Carlisle may I hold him?" He nodded and got up from the chair, he carefully set the baby in Leah's arms, as she smiled lovingly at him. "What's his name?"


"Ryan Jacob Kwoli McCarthy Cullen." Oh yeah, Jake's the godfather to these kids; Leah smiled, as I went over to Edward who had the baby girl. I sat down and put my food on the coffee table, as Edward held the baby girl up to me; I was transfixed from then on... She had pale skin, black hair, deep blue eyes like her mother, and she was just absolutely adorable; I smiled at my imprint as Edward sighed.

"Emmett's not going to be happy...." He  gave this angel to me, as I smiled at her she laughed and poked me in the nose.


"What's her name?"


"Gabriela Bayak McCarthy Cullen, but Emmett wants to call her Gabby." I smiled at my angel, Gabby. I thought it was cool how Ashley picked something from the Quileute language for her kids middle names; Ryan's second middle name meant wolf. Gabby's middle name means Raven; I think it fits her with her black hair, it has flecks of green and purple in it, which is really weird....


"Guys! Sam's coming, he's coming to attack you guys for changing Ashley... He wants to kill the children, and he wants to kill Ashley." Emmett came down then, still covered in his bloody clothes; he looked tired and his eyes were a pitch black.


"Jacob, please stay with Ashley and the children; we'll fight them..." Jake nodded, as he came over to me and took my angel from my arms; he did the same to Leah but she growled at him, he took them up stairs.



Chapter 8 Not Afraid (Emmett's POV)


My family stood on the outskirts of our backyard, Seth and Leah were on each side of our line of family memebers.


"30 Seconds." Edward said, as I looked up to the room where my children and wife were; I'd die for them right now if it meant saving their lifes. Seven werewolves jumped over the river as we snarled; I was in the middle of the line with Edward next to me, he took Bella home 15 minutes ago. "You guys know it was the right choice to change her, it was either loose a sister, or gain one." Sam snarled and stepped forward; Leah and Seth walked forward then, in their human form.


"Sam, you kill those children, you kill us." They said at the same time, as Sam growled and stepped forward looking down at Seth. He phased, and that's when all h**l broke loose; Paul came after me but as soon as I was about to nail him into the face I heard a voice that I thought wouldn't hear for a couple of days.


"Brothers, Sister, family stop please..." Ashley walked through the back door, Jacob was behind her, with the kids in his arms. "Jacob, go inside I have this.... Here I am, I didn't die; so if you want to hurt me go right ahead, Sam you're the only one the knows and has seen my true power. You know what I could do to all of you, but unlike you guys; I won't EVER hurt family. What happened to the code of conduct Ephraim and I constructed 60 some years ago. 'Never hurt a brother's imprint.'Both Seth and Leah have imprinted, but yet you wanna hurt their imprint? Hurting their imprint would inturn mean hurting your brother, none of you want that do you?" The wolves shoke their heads no. "Good. Now leave the Cullen land, and the Elder's will be hearing about this Sam." They all back away slowly as Ashley smiled at herself, and walked over to me... Eyes blaring a bright and fiery red.



A/N I hope you all like it, so please comment and enjoy (:

Chapter 9 The Ocean (Ashley's POV)

We walked inside, the babies saw me and started to fuss in Jacob's arms, reaching out for me; I sat in the chair as he sat the kids down in my arms.


"Seth, Leah, I need to have a talk with you..." Emmett said, as they walked outside; Alice took Gabby away from me, as Carlisle brought two bottles filled with red stuff. But then I smelt it, mountain lion blood; I smiled and took the bottle from Carlisle feeding Ryan. I was humming to him softly in Quileute language when Leah came over from outside with Emmett and Seth; I smiled at her and handed her a sleeping Ryan, I then wandered around the house, I found Jacob in Carlisle's study reading.


"Hey Jake." I smiled, as he put his book down.


"Hey, how ya feeling?"


"Good, a little thirsty, but I'm fine." He smiled at me, as I sat on the desk across from the couch where he was sitting.


"Thanks again Ash... For letting me be the godfather to those amazing kids." He laughed, and smiled at me, I waved it off like it was nothing. "Hey my dad was wondering, as a peace offering to you guys; would you, Emmett, and the kids like to come to the bonfire tomorrow? So that way you won't be mad for Sam trying to attack you guys?"

"I'll talk with Emmett tonight about it." He smiled, as his cell rang; he looked at it quickly and then shut it, he put the book back.


"We have to go Ash, bye love ya!" He smiled giving me a hug running down stairs; as I was walking to find Edward I passed by the two guest rooms to see Alice painting them; one was blue, and the other was a lavender color. Esme was putting some designs on the walls in the lavender room, and Alice was doing the ones in the blue room; I laughed at them as Edward tackled me out of no where.


"Hey there Eddie kins." I smacked him playfully as he licked me. "Ew, you're just like Jacob." He barked, as Jasper jumped on Edward making a dog pile. "Hey! Get off of me you fatties!" They stuck their tognues out at me, as I smiled; they got up then as I walked down stairs to find Emmett laying the kids down on a huge blacket and pillow. "Aye babe,  Billy wanted to know if we wanted to go to a bon fire tomorrow, as a peace offering; but it can only be you, the kids, and I."


"Sure, that'd be fun." He smiled, we laid down on the floor next to each other; next to our kids, I think I'm going to like not sleeping anymore... Haha.



The Next Day....



Alice was helping me get the kids ready as Emmett put the stuff in the car; Alice was talking to me, but she was talking a mile a minute, and I was paying absolutely no attention.


"Right Ashley?" She questioned crossing her arms tapping her foot.


"Uh, yeah, sure Alice, whatever you say." I said smiling, as I picked up Ryan and Gabby; since their 2 part vampire, and one part human they've already grown some; Carlisle says they'll be ready to walk any day now, and their only a day old.. Sad face. Emmett met me at the stairs taking Gabby away as he put her in her car seat, and I went around to put Ryan in his car seat; we drove off in my Mustang with the top down.


"Today's a nice day for the beach huh Babe?" Emmett asked grabbing my hand, and kissing my cheek.

"Yeah, lets just hope that Sam doesn't get all pissed that we're there...." He nodded agreeing with me as I turned up the radio; Dropkick Murphys were on as I started singing loudly, earning stares from the people we passed.



(Jacob's POV)



I was waiting for my best friend, and god children to get to the beach, so were Seth and Leah; soon we heard Ashley singing to Dropkick Murphys and we knew that they were close. Ashley's Mustang pulled up to the beach, as Ashley got out with Ryan in his car seat, and Emmett had Gabby in one of those carriers that the baby was against your chest; Emily screamed and ran towards Ashley.


"Oh my god! Ash, you look so good for having twins yesterday!!! Oh my god he's so cute!!!" Emily can be a scatter brain at times; she took Ryan out of his car seat and carried him over to us. When Emily brought him over to Sam, Leah started to growl loudly; Emmett and Ashley sat down on the log next to me. "Oh Lee Lee, stop it."


"Sam she doesn't know?" Ashley asked, as he shook his head no; Leah took Ryan from Emily's arms, and sat with him smiling lovingly at him.


"Oh... That's her imprint?" Emily got it now.


"And Gabby is my imprint." Seth smiled, as Emmett took Gabby out of the carrier, and gave her to Seth. He knew that he wanted to see her badly.


"So Ashley and Emmett, do you forgive the pack for trying to attack you and your family?" Dad questioned towards Emmett and Ash.


"Of course we do, their family and they always be... They just had to be reminded of the code of conduct that Ephraim and I established." Very true, they were trying to hurt their sister.


"Sam, Paul, Embry, Quil, Collin, Brady, and Jared; you guys know what to do." They stood up at the same time, and turned to Ashley and Emmett.


"We're sorry for trying to kill you guys..." Ashley laughed, and stood up.

"It's okay boys, I hope we can get back to being friends again." She held her arms out open as Embry, Quil, Collin, and Brady came in and gave Ashley a hug.


"Now, it's time to party!!!" My dad screamed as we all laughed, I blushed and hid my face from everyone...

Chapter 10 Bella's Lullaby (Ashley's POV)

Wow, I can't believe it, my kids are only a month old but they look like a small toddler; time passes by so quickly, Emmet and I got our kids ready, we're matching each other today. (A/N- It's weird I'm not wearing any jewelry today besides my wedding ring. After Emmett was done getting ready, he came over to me, I was sitting on Gabby's bed; he grabbed my face and kissed me forcefully.

"Ew Mommy and Daddy." Gabby and Ryan said at the same time as we laughed, they still might be super intelligent but they can't speak full sentences yet. We walked downstairs and sat down on Edward's side of the alter, soon enough the ceremony started; Alice put together a absolutely beautiful ceremony. Before the reception started I ran upstairs to Emmett's room and changed into my swing dress with Esme; we ran down the stairs to find Edward and Carlisle waiting for us. (A/N Their outfits- All four of us were going to do a swing time of dance, and then Edward and I will do a solo dance by ourselves. (A/n Carlisle, Esme, Ashley, and Edward's Dance-    Teal dress is Ashley, Yellow is Esme.) People were so surprised to find us dancing, especially Carlisle, Esme, and Edward they're three of the most shy people you would ever meet.

"Up next the groom and his best friend Ashley!" Everyone screamed for us, as we laughed. (A/N Their dance- Everyone was surprised at our kind of racy dance, but everybody loved it.

A/N That's it for now, sorry I haven't updated in forever, but I've been RRRRREEEAAALLLLYYY busy..... Sorry :/ Hope to have more up soon though! :D

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