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A/N This is a sequel to my story called I Love You. Please read if you haven't read it (:  Well I hope you enjoy both stories (:

Chapter 1 The Cave (Ashley's POV)

"But I thought you couldn't have kids?" He questioned.

"That's what I thought, that's what Carlisle thought, that's what everybody thought. But I guess fate wanted us to have kids together since it took that away from us so long ago." I said, as Emmett sighed."Em, I might be scared as h**l to have this kid; but I'm ready to give my life up for this baby Emmett."

"Ash, don't worry about that. Carlisle will get that thing out of you." He spat the word thing like he was a christian saying a dirty cuss word.

"Emmett, that thing is your child; I don't care what you say, I'm having this child. If fate was nice enough to give us a child; I'm thanking it by having it. No matter what you say." We walked back to our table then, we sat down as people started going up to tell us stuff. "Emmie, I thought you'd stand by me, I just wish you would..." I said as my blue eyes started to get very teary. 

"Fine baby, you're lucky I love you to the ends of eternity... Don't cry!" He wiped the tears away that were silently streaming down my face. I crossed my arms, and laid my head down on Emmett's shoulder; he put his arm over me comforting me, Jacob was up talking about me at the moment. But my mind was other places, I was thinking of what mine and Emmett's child would look like... The boy I hoped would look like Emmett, tall, dark hair, dimples, but I hope the child would get my eyes; to me dark hair and blue eyes are absolutely gorgeous. As for the girl, I kinda hope she would look like a mix between us; my hair, Emmett's dimples, my eyes, and Emmett's gorgeous facial structure....

"Ashley, Emmett! It's time to leave!" Alice called to us, as I got up sleepily, Emmett was now supporting most of my weight, we walked inside; we saw Alice passing out bags of rice to everybody. Soon we were called out, and rice began falling like a rain storm; Emmett blocked most of it from my back as I laughed, he lifted me up into his Jeep as everybody was waving and smiling. We drove off looking into the darkness of the sky, and very soon I fell asleep looking at my beautiful husband's face..................................

A/N I hoped you like it (: Sorry it's so short, but I have some what of writers block... Oh yeah, there's another newborn fight in this story like there was in I Love You; the first one was to see how strong the Cullens really were... And Victoria didn't really die in I Love You, she survived somehow...

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Chapter 11 Fallen (Ashley's POV)

I went and changed into my orginal dress after we were done dancing, I quickly found Emmett and our kids, we took them upstairs and put them to sleep. It was getting late for them, but as soon as Emmett and I stepped onto the dance floor he started spinning me, as I laughed and started dancing in a little square with him.


"I don't know how to ball room dance Emmett. I forgot..." I smiled sheepishly.


"Stand on my feet." He smiled as I did, and soon we were spinning around on the dance floor gracefully, we were laughing the entire time.


"Emmett, I was wondering... Can we take a trip? I want to acomplish something my mom did, and since I never trully knew my mom I want some closure..."


"Sure babe, where?"


"South Africa, to surf..." He gasped and nodded.


"There's great hunting there." He smiled, as we both laughed. "Maybe the rest of the Cullens and some Quileutes would like to come as well, make it a family vacation?" He laughed as I nodded.


The Nexy Day.....


"Hey guys! Let's all go on a family vacation!" Emmett screamed as we walked into the house.


"Where?" Carlisle questioned.


"South Africa, I want to go on the same trip my mother did before she died... Surf all the places she wanted to surf, and places she did surf..." I smiled and blushed.


"Let's do it!" Everybody screamed, as I laughed. Leah and Seth have offered to take Gabby and Ryan for the month while we're gone... I'm going to miss my babies though, that's the sad part. But Jacob is going to come with us, to get his mind off of Bella while her and Edward are on their honeymoon.



Chapter 12 Coming Down (Emmett's POV)


The first stop on our journey is Port Elizabeth, I took my boards out of my bag, took of my clothes to reveal my bikini as I put my rashguard on. I grabbed my mom's board and ran into the water, I caught the first wave I saw and landed a 720 spin as everyone of the surfers in the water went wild. After I got back to shore, Emmett got the polaroid camera and took the same picture like my mom's is.


"Come on everybody, it's time for you all to learn how to surf!" I screamed, some surfers actually came over to help me, but the Cullens had it owned in no time.


"Hey you're pretty good." A african girl said as I smiled.


"Thanks, I'm Ashley, I've never seen a african american surfer before."  


"I'm Keona, nice to meet you." I smiled and waved, us Cullens all got our boards and started off on our next leg of the journey...............


A/N I hope you all like it(: So please comment(:


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