The Twilight Saga


My family didn't take their eyes of me as i ate breakfast. Everything was blurry to me as i ran upstairs to get dressed. After pulling on a heavy baseball shirt and tracksuit bottoms, i sat on my bed. Were the lovely Banners preparing me with all this food to make me nicer for them to eat? My head's answers were horrific. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door.

"Come in..." I groaned, holding my head in my hands.

"God," I heard Scarlet scowl "Just came to see if you had my straighteners"

There was the sound of her big hands rumbling through my stuff and then her footsteps faded away. I looked up and saw Stella leaning in the doorway. She shut the door and sat down next to me, I edged away. I was realising why her eyes glittered.

"I've been vampire long enough to control my thirst. It died the day we adopted you and i thought how horrid it would be to kill my sister"

These words comforted me. There was always trust in Stella who was now admiring the keyring on my bag.

"If you're all vampires, why did you adopt a...human?" I asked, wrapping my necklace round my fingers.

"People were getting suspicious of us, we had to show some versatality with our lifestyles. And the Crimsons were after you... we had to save you"

"Why did they...?"

I listened as Stella muttered names and remarks about the Crimsons. But my fear that had faded had returned, the Crimsons wanted me. They could still.

"Are the Crimsons vampires?" I trembled.

"Yes" Stella nodded "Bad vampires"

"Stella" Megan interjected, she must have heard our conversation.

Megan was sitting in front of my desk, staring out of the window like she always did. The wind was blowing through my open window and blowing Megan's long black hair over her face. It was amazing how vampires could ignore the frustration.


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love your story keep it up your doing great.
love it thanks for the update :)


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