The Twilight Saga

It felt weird walking up the school corridor on Monday. Before my birthday, it would be the most boring part of the day but now i was following Scarlet it felt like i was on a catwalk. Her golden hair streamed like a ribbon behind her. I kept my distance from the river of glitter. Finally, i found Sanata waiting at my locker. Sanata was my very pretty best friend. She was half Puerto Rico, a quarter German and a quarter American. Her silky black hair was down today and floating on her shoulders.

"How was your birthday?" she asked.

"Err...different" I groaned, piling my coat and phone into my locker.

Sanata frowned, then continued as we walked towards our classroom. It was packed when we walked in.We took our seats and i pulled out my book of myths. There was a bookmark in the vampire section and a few notes i had added. Suddenly, a tall girl swept into the room. Her face was behind a curtain of blonde hair. I watched as she spoke to Mr Harrow quietly. All the boys were lifting heads and whispering things about her. I could hear Sanata growling.

"Ugh..."she moaned "That stupid girl bumped into me in the corridor, didn't even apologise"

"What does she look like?" I hissed, swinging my chair back against the empty desk behind me.

Sanata shrugged "Wouldn't know, i'm not wearing my contact lenses today. Its crazy what i see without them, i thought her eyes were red!"

Red eyes...i scanned my book for those two words. Eventually. i found a sentence.

A vampire's eyes turn red when they're furious or thirsty; do not get in their way.

I realised Sanata was reading the sentence too over my shoulder. I closed the book and pulled out my unfinished Science homework.

"Class! Class! Calm down and may i have your attention!" Mr Harrow roared, silence fell across the room "I'd like to welcome a new girl to our class. She's moved here from Iceland and i'd appreciate it if you would all sacrifice you time to show her around."

A few laughs and smirks were coming from the circle of Sam Iron's friends.

"Would you like to share something, Iron?" Mr Harrow asked.

"What's she called?" Sam laughed.

"Oh..." Mr Harrow looked a bit bemused "Well aren't i getting old...this is Sophia Crimson"

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good chapter...can't wait for you to update again.


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