The Twilight Saga

This is the beginning of the end, where all my life comes to a close. So here i am, lying on the ground, all on my own. No one would here my screams. I wish dying wasn't this painful and long. Why am i dying? There are so many possible reasons and to pass time i'm going to tell you...

Chapter 1- My parents died in a car crash, i wasn't there, i was 2 and at home with my gran. I never knew the truth until i turned 11. But shortly after that, gran died. Maybe i was a bad luck charm or something unhelpful. Anyway, having spent weeks in a stinky and rundown orphanage, a family adopted me. They were the Banners. Apparently, another family wanted me. They were the Crimsons who were known for every bad deed. Luckily the Banners got me in the end and that's my story set.

Years passed and i began to notice that my new family didn't change. No wrinkles, no growth spurts, they were just the same again and again. I forgot when my sisters birthdays were because i never remembered celebrating them.

The day of my 16th birthday was a cold frosty morning. It was still dark at 7 in the morning. But before i could draw my curtains, everyone burst into my room.

"Happy birthday!" they screamed piling onto the end of my bed or sitting on the floor. I took a good look at my family.

"Open my present first!" my forever 22 year old sister Stella sang. She had waist long glittering blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Stella was already dressed in a sparkling blue dress and a wide smile.

I unwrapped Stella's present. It was a long dress just like hers but in baby pink. I thanked her and gave her a squeeze. Next was Scarlet who practically threw her present at me. I muttered 'thanks' as i unwrapped a necklace made up of seashells. Finally, Megan shy and beautiful, passed her present sofly.I was delighted to see she had bought me a piano book after i'd asked her to teach me her amazing talent.

"Wow, thanks everyone" I smiled, putting all my presents in a pile. I almost forgot my parents, Adam and Nicola in the corner.

"Happy birthday" they smiled and gave me a camera "we know blue is your favourite colour"

The blue camera rested on top of the silky dress, coral necklace and piano book. My thoughts were swimming inside my head.

"Listen" sighed Nicola, resting on my bed "Now you're 16 i think you ought to know something. We're...not you. Me, Adam, Stella, Scarlet and Megan are...vampires"

I gasped, was this a joke? But suddenly my heart started thumping, were my family going to pounce on me and drink my blood.

"We're sane at least" Adam smiled "You don't need to worry"

Then it all dawned on me. How they avoided garlic,never had a tan, barely ate. My fear drew the colour from my face.

Stella,Scarlet and Megan all looked down on me then left. For the first time since i realised this i spoke.


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omg i love this!!

keep me updated please


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