The Twilight Saga

Beginning Dusk

~Book 1~


Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Insight
Chapter 2 - Beach Bum's

Chapter 3 - Crowley's
Chapter 4 - Broken Bottle's

Chapter 5 - Long Distance Call
Chapter 6 - Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 7 - Imprint
Chapter 8 - Birthday

Chapter 9 - Bond Fire
Chapter 10 - Firebird
Chapter 11 - Show Me
Chapter 12 - Psycho Killer

Chapter 13 - Tricky
Chapter 14 - Lock and Blaze

Chapter 15 - Family
Chapter 16 - Perspective

Chapter 17- Island
Chapter 18 - Truth behind the Lies
Chapter 19 - Lyric's
Chapter 20 - Leda
Chapter 21 - Daddy's Home
Chapter 22 - Edward's Secret
Chapter 23 - Parents!
Chapter 24 - Dress Up
Chapter 25 - Reaction Time
Chapter 26 - Damage Control
Chapter 27 - My Masen
Chapter 28 - Something New
Chapter 29 - Contract
Chapter 30 - The End


Lunar Illusion

~Book 2~ Part 1


Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Long Road Home
Chapter 2 - Volterra

Midsummer's Secret

~Book 3~


Chapter List

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

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Beginning Dusk

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Lunar Illusion

Award - Lunar Illusion - Best Fan Fic You Have Read - Fan Fic Awards- Aug 2009
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Award - Lunar Illusion - Fan Fic You Can't Stop Reading - Fan Fic Awards- Aug 2009
~3rd Place -

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you have to post more of it! i loved it! cant wait to hear more!
Thank you so much I am writing charter 5 right now. There are 2 edits I would like to mention - One I just found tons of extra words in chapter 4 sorry about that and Two: I moved the Cullen's from Whistler, BC Cananda to Squimish, BC Cananda its closer to Vancover and also Nessie and Jacob: It says they haven't been to the amazon in 10 years it should be 2 years.
The story starts seventeen years after Nessie is born and Bella is turned. Jacob stayed with the Cullen’s as much as he could and everyone knew would happen as Nessie grew to love him more than a protector more than a friend. He was her complete half. They were married May 5, 2013. They had a son, Masen on Oct 12, 2014. Sarabella was then born March 19, 2016. Fifteen years after Nessie’s birth she is now unable to produce children, Carlisle says it’s as if she went through menopause but had no side effects. Nessie and Jacob take frequent trips to the Amazon. They are trying to hunt down another legend to help them understand themselves and their children. Nahuel and Huilen are their closest friends. Sarabella and Masen move to forks after seventeen years of Cullen’s being absent. Sarabella has taken the last name Cullen for the time being. Masen keeps Black and is thought to be a cousin or maybe a child of one of the Black’s children, no one questions it. The cover story for Sara is that Bella and Edward are her parents and they are in Africa working with Carlisle they are doctors now, it was not safe to bring Sara with them she choose to go to Forks to spend time with Charlie, although the Cullen’s have only actually moved just to Squamish, BC, Canada. While Nessie was growing up, they spent a lot of time traveling place to place so no one would notice the constant change in Nessie’s growth. When Nessie turned 6 and her growth slowed they moved to Healy, Alaska and Nessie and Jacob went to high school and then married. Rosalie and Emmet are on another honeymoon. Carlisle and Edward are working in North Vancouver in a hospital. Bella, Esme and Alice are running a decorating business and Jasper is their carpenter. Charlie and Sue got married about two years after Nessie was born. We start in Forks with Sara and Masen.

Chapter 1: Insight

I tapped my pencil rhythmically on my small desk. The visions in my head flowed like colors but it was notes that I was hearing. I looked down at the sheet of paper in front of me. I wished Edward was here, it’s so strange to think of your Grandfather by his first name but when he only looked seventeen what do you do? I shrugged slightly thinking, I could show him and he would help me translate these notes to paper. It was so clear, but dreamy. It was early in the morning. I looked around my room, my Grandmothers room, Mia Bella I smiled to myself at the name that I gave her when I was younger. My Aunt Rosalie would sing to me in Italian and I picked up Mia, Mia Bella that what I would call my grandmother, now I just call her Mia, while everyone else calls her Bella. It has under gone some changes since her time. It was now a sage green. There were piles of papers all over the desk. There were book cases along the wall behind the desk filled to the brim with CD’s and Books that spanned the ages. Edward insisted on this even though I had read every one of them and all the music in the most up to date iPod one could afford.
My parents were on a long trip through the Amazon. My mother Renesmee who is goes by Nessie and my father Jacob were visiting Zafrina and her clan. They did this as often as they could. It’s been two years since they had gone so I was not angry with them, it just meant that I got to spend more time with my Great Grandfather, Charlie Swan now retired police chief in Forks, WA. Due to my not so long life I only just now got to start staying here, I was really only almost seven years old and passed very easily as a fifteen year old almost sixteen. I smiled at the thought. So I never referred to my Great Grandfather as such. He never really asked he just loved me and went along with everything. I called him Chief. I know he missed his days as Chief Swan, it just seemed to fit and he liked it. I got up and looked out my window that looked over the front lawn, His car was not here. I knew what that meant, fishing with Billy, my paternal Grandfather. My nick name for him was Bila-Pa but has since been shorten to just Bila. I l closed my eyes are tried to refocus on the dream that woke me, my inspiration. I hummed the melody in my head and consumed myself in the colors it spilled in my memory. I did not remember the whole dream just the song and the colors the tune made, they were all dark and sad almost cold.
Before I realized what was happening I was lying on my back on the floor, as I tried to regain my vision I sniffed. I knew instantly what had happen. I jumped to my feet in one fluid motion hissing through my teeth, “Masen, what are you doing in MY ROOM?” He threw his large hands back and laughed. If anyone who didn’t know us had seen this, they would be scared for my life. I was just barely 5’0” now and Masen, my HUGE older brother towered over me by almost two feet now. He was only 6’7” but I swear he was still growing. I glowered at him.
He stopped laughing and huffed, “Oh I’m sorry Ella.”
I grumbled under my breath, he was the only one I let get away with calling me Ella, when he wasn’t calling me Cinderella. I rolled my eyes at the thought. Of course he caught that and dove for me again thinking I was rolling my eyes at the apology. I jumped out of his way and over his head. I landed quietly on my feet and he rolled on the floor head over heels and thumped into the wall. I hissed, “Stop it you’ll wake up Nana-Sue!”
He shrugged his huge broad shoulders at me and smiled, “She’s already awake, and Seth came over this morning.”
I was in shock; Seth has been staying with his sister Leah for well over a month, we were adding on to the Chief’s house to help out with all the added family. I looked at the clock by my bed it was 6:32 in the morning. Seth was my brother’s best friend and Nana-Sue’s youngest son. My Brother was only two years older than me but could pass for more like five. He hated that, but so did I, I looked like such a small child next to him and he never let me forget that.
I sighed, “Did Leah kick him out again?”
Masen laughed and shook his head.
I raised my eyebrow. Masen stood up and looked down at me; I squinted at him and grumbled, “Why do you that?”
He smiled broadly. He looked exactly like my father, they could pass as twins and he knew that. The only thing that gave them away was his eyes; Masen had my mother’s eyes chocolate milk kind of brown. My father kept his hair shorter and his skin was just a shade darker than Masen’s but other than that they were the same, but Seth could also pass as a sibling. I heard a tap on the door and it cracked open. Seth peered in the room through the cracked door and smiled his huge goofy smile at me. I smiled back and waved him in; I knew I would get a better answer from him than Masen. Seth jumped in and hugged me in his huge arms, I felt like a little doll. My skin next to his looked like paper lying in the mud puddle. I was pale. That was the long and short of it. I took after my mother that way. I was not as pale as Bella but they had a reason to be that pale. I guess if you don’t have a heart beat like my mother’s family there is nothing to stimulate the color of your skin. Seth felt like a summer wind, he was hot compared to me, but not so much it was uncomfortable or maybe I was just used to it. Masen was the same way but he is annoying. I looked up at Seth; he was just as tall as Masen. I sighed. “What did Leah do this time?”
Seth’s smile slowly faded into a frown at the corners of his mouth and he suddenly released his huge hug. “You don’t want me here Sara?” he whispered.
I slapped his chest. “Can’t believe you think that, I was just making sure I don’t have to go down to La Push and talk to her, again.” Leah was difficult, especially since my father was away and she had to run with Sam Uley’s Pack. Seth didn’t mind as much but Leah has history, long history about Sam. They loved each other, but due to some legendary Quileute Indian Myth he is now married to Emily and they are planning a wedding for one of their two children. You would think that it’s been over seventeen years that she would be better about it, I guess since they are part of the pack and they do not age while still changing into wolf form that the mind set takes longer to get over. I loved Leah, but she can be so difficult.
Seth sighed, “Leah is so grumpy about the wedding. She gets grumpier as is get closer, I can’t even phase while she is in wolf from because I hate being inside her head, she is just so upset that she has not imprinted yet, I just needed to get away and figured I could maybe help finish my room so I could just get out of La Push faster.”
I laughed, “It’s the first day of spring break and you want to work on finishing your room?”
Seth smiled, “Well that or we can go to the beach?”
Masen nodded his head behind me in agreement. See Sam and Emily’s oldest son imprinted on Jared and Kim’s oldest daughter. I was excited about the coming wedding, but also sad for Leah. I still don’t really understand this imprinting thing; I just know it happens to everyone around us, even my parents.
It wasn’t like we didn’t want to finish the addition, it just the first day of spring break. We had been working so hard on it. We had already finished Chief’s room which is now on the first floor, behind the kitchen, we made a hallway under the stairs and Seth’s room is to be the right behind the living room. We had a lot of it completed, it really only needed the drywall finished and a door really. The downstairs bathroom was already complete. I hate it for Bella, who had to share a bathroom with her father but it can’t be as bad as sharing with Masen. I guess it would wait until later. Seth could always bunk with Masen.
I shrugged off my song writing for later. The chief’s old room was now Masen’s. We stayed here with the Chief and Nana-Sue because we wanted to go to school here. Masen needs to be near the reservation because he is one of the several protectors. We went to Forks High School. My brother and I started our real school careers in high school, but we were far from being uneducated. We are not like other teenagers. We just needed some normalcy. We had learned a lot from our families, who have been around for a long time. Well Bella and Nessie are the youngest. Bella’s human years plus her Vampire years she was only, about thirty four years old but did not look a day over eighteen. My mother Nessie was only seventeen years old she reached her full age at seven years old and has not changed a day since; she doesn’t look a day over eighteen either. I am not aging the same way my mother had and that may have something to do with my father, they think I could take up to nine years to get to the point I will stop, but Carlisle is really sure it’s only going to be eight. Masen turned out just like my father but with my mother’s eyes. It took him eight years to get fully grown in the loose since. I on the other hand took more after my mother. Edward say’s that I have his mother’s eyes and it brings him great joy. I was ok to look at I guess. I had just about perfect skin, just very pale. Bright green eyes the color of the emeralds. I had full pouty lips that were a natural shade of pink; I have a crooked smile that was to say the least, interesting. Bella loved it. I have high cheek bones that had a soft pink tint to them it almost indictable. I have long eyelashes that tickle my face and get stuck in my sun glasses. My hair was long to my waist, slightly wavy and jet black; that I guess is from my father.
Masen and I were given family names, Masen Ateara Black and I am Sarabella Annalice Black. Masen was named after Edwards Parents, whose last name was Masen and Ateara comes from our fathers side of the family I just know he was an elder and also a shape shifter, or werewolf depending on who you talked to about it. I was named after my father and mothers parents. Sarah was my father’s mother who died when he was very young; the Bella part comes from my grandmother Bella. Her name is Isabella. My mother combined them and got Sarabella. I go by Sara unless you are Masen than its Ella, my middle name is Annalice, (pronounced Anna-lees) that came from Esme my great grandmother, that doesn’t look a day over twenty five if even that, her middle name is Anne, and the Alice comes from my favorite aunt Alice (I would never admit that in front of Rosalie), who could barley pass as a seventeen year old. I felt my shoulders slump, Alice was in Squamish, BC, Canada with the rest of the Cullen family. Since they could not stay in one place to long, due to not aging that’s where home currently is. To say the least I have an interesting set up when it comes to my family.
I don’t really know what you would call me, a hybrid? Forks just thought I was a normal teen that was living with her Grandfather cause her parents who were doctors were in Africa saving the world, and they thought Bella and Edward were my parents. Alice, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie are my cousins, from Squamish and that Carlisle and Esme were their parents and although I hoped no one asked for me to explain how exactly that worked. My mother played my older sister that’s already in college and my father is her boyfriend, and Masen a cousin to Seth or something, no one cared what his story was, he looked like all the other kids on the reservation so they just accepted him, plus Charlie was married to Seth’s mom. This is how you have to live when you are immortal, and you intend on staying in the human world, I knew nothing else. I missed my family this is the longest I have been away from them, being the only blood drinker can be lonely. I sighed.
Masen raised his eyebrow at my sudden sullen mood.
I slapped Seth’s chest sometimes I forget how fast I can go through details in my head. Only seconds had passed but Masen and Seth are not regular humans so they picked up my delay. I smiled and shook off the longing for the rest of our family. I looked at Masen and said, “So the beach, but no work?” He smiled just like my father, it made me warm inside, can’t miss your family to much when you have Masen staring at you. At this moment I didn’t find him very annoying.
Seth sniffed the air, “Mom’s cooking.” He smiled big and goofy and rubbed his stomach. Masen took in a larger whiff and nearly ran over Seth as the raced for the door. I just heard grunting and thumping as they went down the stairs.
Nana-Sue yelled, “I am not done yet don’t you even think about it!” followed by two loud smacking sounds. I giggled softly seeing the image in my head of Nana-Sue smacking both boys with whatever was in her had, probably a spatula.
I tidied up my desk and put my papers in order. I got my stuff ready for a beach trip and jumped in the shower. I let the warm water run over my body and closed my eyes. I almost fell over as an image flashed into my mind. I stopped myself from opening them as I realized I was recalling my dream. I had a strange ability if that’s what you call it. I can touch your face and let you see what I have seen and you can let me see what you have seen. My family has a friend, Eleazar, he is the Denali Clan, his ability is to tell what ability a vampire has or what a human may obtain if changed into an immortal. I was born in Healy, Alaska which is near where the Denali’s live. Eleazar attempted to read me, but was unable to. He figures it’s because I am a hybrid it makes me fuzzy, it’s like I am between the lines. He thinks that my ability is more than what it has shown itself to be, but we may never know. My mother has a similar ability but she cannot take images from you, just give you hers. I can also talk to certain people without ever opening my mouth. Well actually only one person, Edward, my grandfather who can read minds. I can read his mind and he can read mine but we can also carry on a whole conversation. He is the only person I can do this with but I have also never met anyone else who could read minds. This is one of the main reason’s Eleazar thinks my ability is deeper. I shook off the thought as I focused on the image in my head. It wasn’t just colors and melody. There was someone there. I could feel the sadness suddenly pouring out of this person. They were blurry so I don’t know who they could be. Was it someone I knew?
My chest tightened suddenly at the thought. “It was just a dream Sara.” I told myself as I opened my eyes.

Chapter 2: Beach Bum’s

I ran down the stairs as Masen was pushing Seth into the living room. I stopped as they pushed back and forth. I saw a slight opening and dove into the kitchen. I smiled to myself and hummed softly.
Nana-Sue looked up and smiled brightly, “Are you hungry Sara? You might want to grab something before Seth and Masen….”
There was a loud crash in the living room and Nana-Sue grabbed her spatula and ran past me. I shrugged. I wasn’t hungry. I don’t like eating human food. I can, but it makes me tired and crabby. Masen on the other hand, hated my diet, Blood. I rubbed my throat at the thought. The fire burned slightly. It had been three days since I had hunted but I am still growing is what my mother always says. Masen can live off of blood but doesn’t like to. It makes him lazy. Now other than that he can without problems, we do not drink human blood. It was harder when I was younger but I have never taken a life, apparently I had it easier than if I was a full vampire. It may be because of my genes but my great grandfather Carlisle, we just call him by his first name, has gathered as much as he could about our new race. Now I am not saying that humans are not appealing, they smell good and good enough to consume, but I love all the humans I know and so they do not appeal to me.
I called into the living room, “Seth are we going to the beach or not?”
Seth grunted in response.
I walked into the living room and there behind Masen and Seth was the coffee table. I three pieces, Nana-Sue had a shocked look on her face. I looked at Seth and then Masen both were scared to death.
I announce at once, “I am going outside.” I sprinted to the front door as the screaming started. I shuddered, that’s one thing I never would want it Nana-Sue mad at me. Masen and Seth are such children.
I pulled out my cell phone are slid it open and started typing to Aruna Daka: What are you doing? My house is being torn apart by BOYS! Aruna is my best friend, also the daughter of Jared and Kim. (Note* Stephenie Meyer did not give Jared a last name so I did, it means sun or moon in Makan) I call her Ara (Aera).
My phone beeped. Ara: LOL what are you doing today? I am going to the beach to meet Josh!
I sighed and typed back: I am waiting for Seth and Masen to get ready and we will be going to the beach too!
Ara responded: let me know when you get there and I will meet you! I smiled. I loved Ara she was so easy to be around.
I typed back: I’ll call you when I get to Bila’s house! As I slid my phone shut Seth can running out of the house, followed close behind by Masen. They both looked terrified.
I smiled, “So she is going to tell the Chief huh?”
Masen nodded quickly.
I sighed, “Well we better go to the beach before he is done fishing.”
Lucky for them I still have not been able to get the Chief to carry a cell phone with him. We ran to Masen’s car screaming shot gun. I beat all of them to the SUV but Seth just picked me up and moved me. I climbed into the back seat of tossed my beach supplies next to me. Masen drives a black Lexus LX. It’s a huge SUV but if you are as big and Masen and his friends it make perfect sense. I have a Lexus IS F it was also black. I am not sure if Dad did it because of our last name or that’s just what he got. I just have my learners permit so I couldn’t drive it by myself anyways. This made me smile I will be 16 in just a few days. Masen whipped the SUV around and sped down the street. I sat in the back day dreaming humming softly.
Masen yelled, “Ella! Wake up!”
I jumped startled and whispered, “I wasn’t sleeping!”
We were parked in front of Bila’s house; the boat was still gone so I knew they were not coming back for a while. The sun was starting to peak from the clouds. Ara came running up to the house, waving and smiling. I waved back and grabbed my stuff and jumped down. Masen laughed. I knew it had something to do with my size. Ara stopped at my feet as I turned to face her. I hugged her softly, she immediately went into a story about all the kids that are down on the beach right now and how much fun today was going to be. I felt the excitement grow as it pushed aside the feeling I had this morning missing Alice and the strange dream.
Ara looked at me and said, “You are still coming on Tuesday for the dress fitting right?”
I smiled widely, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
Ara asked me to be her maid of honor. I was so excited. I know a lot of people outside of the reservation would think that Josh and Aruna are way too young to get married but Josh has already started phasing so he has stopped aging. They want to spend every waking second together so the elders suggested to Sam to let it move forward. The Quileute are very much against premarital sex. Jared does not want Aruna to go through what he and Kim did. Kim got pregnant before they got married; they actually ended up getting married the same month as Sam and Emily. Just in time to not have to deal with the wrath of the elders.
Ara and I started walking toward the beach. I loved this place. It so filled with memories. Bella spent a lot of time here when she was my age. I remember like they were my memories. We stepped out onto the rocky shore and there must have been 50 or 60 kids farther out, in the water and on the beach, everywhere. Josh came jogging up and Ara danced next to me. It so hard to see someone that happy, I smiled and looked away as Joshua Uley scooped Ara up and kissed her. Masen startled making gagging sounds behind me. Josh stopped and looked up at him. Josh was just slightly shorter than Masen but just as scary. Josh let Ara go very gently and chased Masen. There were so many humans around I know they had to control their speed and hated it. Seth went flying past me following him was a strong warm wind that brushed my face. Ara kept walking. She went to Forks high with me and we had almost all our classes together. We were headed to the large grouping of kids on the beach and in the water. It was a nice day, very warm but not hot. I swung by bag back and forth as we approached the kids, a mix of La Push kids, Forks kids and tourists.
I had to be the palest person there. Everyone at Forks High was under the impression that I was born in Canada, so they forgave me on the pale thing although they don’t get that much sun here. So at fork’s I am Sarabella Cullen. Masen is still a Black. My father hates that I carry around the name Cullen. I think that is more to do with me than his old distaste for the bloodsuckers. I smiled to myself at the thought. I don’t mind being a Cullen. I don’t get a lot of questions about my car or my life. I know it’s been eighteen years since Bella went to school in Forks but they still remember her and they still remember the Cullen’s. Not the kids I go to school with directly but when I first started here about seven months ago and kids went home and told their parents about the new kids. Those kids came back with stories. A lot of my Bella and Edward’s friends married and stayed in Forks so they have a good memory. The Newton kids are the most annoying about it. Bella told me that she would explain all that when they see us over summer break. There were two Newton kids Mike which is my grade Mike Newton JR and Carrie Newton who is in my brother’s grade.
“Sara Cullen!” someone in the distance yelled. I looked up and saw who it was immediately, Ara could not see yet her eyes were not as good as mine, I had to act like I was still searching. He started running toward us, Mike.
I huffed. I looked up as he got closer. He waved happily and I waved back with my free hand. He skidded to a stop in front of us spraying us will lose rocks and sand. I grunted.
He smiled slightly, “Sorry about that, hey Aruna.”
Ara looked at him annoyed, but didn’t answer.
Mike ignored her and said, “Sara I didn’t know you were going to be here.”
I looked at him, “Mike, I didn’t know you needed to know my every move.” As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew it had stung him. Quickly I followed up with, “My cousins wanted to be here, so I came with.”
That’s all I got out of my mouth before I was in the air and headed for the water, Ara not far behind. We both were screaming at the top of our lungs. Seth laughed wildly. I screamed, “Masen if I get wet, I am running straight for your SUV and sulking in it until I am dry.”
He grunted and yelled at Seth, “You’re gonna die if she gets it wet then!”
Seth set me down, “Aw Sara why do you have to be like that!”
I looked at Josh. He set Ara down.
Seth and Josh sighed, “You guys suck.” Josh grumped he kisses Ara on the cheek and they slowly left us standing where we were.
Masen stood there for a second longer, without a word he turned and took off down the beach trying to out run Seth and Josh.
We started our walk toward the group again. I easily picked Gabby out of the crowd. Gabriella Yorkie was the daughter of Eric Yorkie and Katie Marshall. She was the sweetest girl I knew besides Ara. The three of us were in separable, even though we had only known each other for seven months. Across from her was Carrie Newton and on the other side was Torrey Mallory. Apparently Torrey is a result of her mother’s younger years when she moved to Los Angles to get a modeling job. She didn’t stay long and moved home pregnant. Torrey and Carrie were best friends the snob sisters. I couldn’t imagine why they were sitting there with Gabby other than Gabby is too nice to tell them to go away.
We walked up to Gabby and she gave me a relieved smile, “Sara, you came today!”
I smiled back and nodded. I couldn’t figure out why no one thought I would be here. Maybe they thought I would take spring break to go to Canada although I had not mentioned it. Carrie rolled her eyes at me and Torrey mimicked. I wrinkled my nose at them both and growled softly. Gabby looked up and me as a sat next to her and Ara sat next to me.
Gabby sighed, “Did you hear about the Cheney’s?”
I raised my eyebrow. I did not really know the name.
Ara sighed, “Yeah, it’s so sad.”
I groaned feeling left out, “What guys?”
Gabby looked embarrassed. She whispered, “They died in a car accident Angela and Ben Cheney, in Seattle or something.”
I pondered memories, Angela… thinking, “Angela Weber?”
Gabby’s eye widened, “That was her maiden name, how do you know that?”
I blinked and thought it was not a pause long enough that they would have noticed, “My mom went to school with her, that’s all I just remember her mentioning her name.” I looked at them to see if they bought it.
Gabby sighed and went right into the rest of the story. Gabby’s father is the new Police Chief in Forks so she gets news before the rest of us does. I thought to myself about my mistake.
GGGRRRR! I have to be more careful. I can’t believe I slipped up. Maybe Forks wasn’t such a good idea. Then I thought about the Chief.
I sighed.
Gabby looked up, “I know it is so sad, but it’s nice that the Weber’s are helping.”
I looked at her and said, “I guess so.”
I wasn’t sure what I had missed but surely she was talking about the funeral. Carrie and Torrey apparently got bored while I was pondering were walking away as I finished answering Gabby. We spent the rest of the day talking and laying out in the sun. Gabby still couldn’t believe Ara was getting married but Ara was sixteen and will be seventeen this summer. What’s the big deal? We were sophomores at Forks; I guess when you look at it like that it does seem strange. Ara was keeping her last name until she graduated and she intended on going to college before they had kids, as long as they stick to the plan I don’t see the big deal. Josh, Masen and Seth came over several times throughout the day to make sure they were annoying. Mike would hover every now and then, but mostly the boys that went to Forks hovered around Carrie and Torrey and whatever girls they added and subtracted from their group at will
. My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I snatched it out and looked at the caller ID: Alice
“Hello?” I sang into the phone excited.
Alice hummed back, “Sara, guess what?” Her voice was like a tiny song with every word I loved it.
I acted like I had no idea and was silent for a minute.
Alice grunted, “How could you not know!”
I smiled and spoke quietly into the phone, “Your coming to see me for my birthday?”
I heard the smile in her voice, “You know if I didn’t know better I would say that you can see the future.” She laughed at her own joke.
I laughed with her. Alice was the only one I knew that could see the future. Just not mine, sometimes I wished she could.
Alice sang, “I will be there on the 15th so we have plenty of time before your birthday!”
I smiled, “Thank-you Alice I love you!”
Alice replied, “I love you to and I will see you Wednesday, get lots of rest we have a lot of shopping to do!”
I smiled bigger and said “Okay, bye.”
And she hung up.
I clicked my phone shut and Gabby and Ara were looking at me. I just shrugged and lay back on my towel.
Gabby sighed and whispered, “Who was that?” I smiled. “Alice.” Gabby shook her head and laid back down.
Over the next several days we spent most of our time at the Beach or hiking. Sometimes we just lay around Ara’s house and went through magazine’s looking at clothes and wedding stuff. Masen and Seth were stuck finishing the addition due to the broken coffee table. The Chief would not let up; spring break didn’t change anything for him.
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Chapter 3: Crowley’s
I woke up to early again. Four days? I have never had a similar dream so many times. This was the fourth day. I spent several hours Saturday and Sunday night putting the notes to the song down on paper. I sighed Maybe I wasn’t getting it right. I have tried everything. I closed my eyes to see if I could remember anything new this time. There was someone there and the music flowed around him like he was singing it. He had such intense blue eyes, like ice. It made me shiver which is hard to do, I opened my eyes. Who is this boy? Do I know him? I closed my eyes again and tried to focus on his face. All I can see clearly is his eyes. I rolled over. I didn’t have to meet Ara and Gabby until 9:00am at Crowley’s. Tyler Crowley’s wife owned a dress shop in town and she was making our dresses. Mrs. Crowley was from New York City I think her name was Kenna but I am not sure. That’s all I really knew about them except they had a son, he was a junior and was on the football team. TJ Crowley, Tyler Crowley Jr, people in this town aren’t very inventive. He seemed nice enough. Gabby had a huge crush on him. He sat with Seth and Masen at lunch which wasn’t far from us, just the other side of the table. I looked at my clock. 6:18 Am.
I grunted, “Why!”
I swung my legs out of the bed and stood up. I looked at my bookshelf and sighed. I pulled out one of the old tattered journals. Edward let me take them with me. I was writing almost all of our history in several volumes as I was growing and learning about my ability I wanted to start recording memories. I write them down like they are fiction novels, so if anyone ever got a hold of them they would write it off as just a story. One of the things I was working on before I left was helping Bella remember and record her human memories, when you become immortal your human memories become fuzzy and after time may be lost forever. Edward kept journals for the most part, there are parts of his life I have not read and there are parts that I am sure he did not write down. I just love reading them, the way Edward thought. I read them and know how he feels. It maybe that we are related or that I have seen his mind, seen the memories like I lived them.
I read through one of the journals. This one is from when he left my Bella, I know that’s when it’s from although that part is not in there, it started with a plane ride from Italy. It makes me so sad, but so happy. I suddenly looked around the room and thought. It all started right here. I know he used to sneak in here and watch her sleep. There is something that vampire find fascinating about humans sleeping. Edward and Bella were made for each other; I know that from their story. I just hope I find someone to love me like that. My family just seems to be drawn to the ones they love uncontrollably. It’s amazing.
I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My eyes were darker than usual It had been a week since I went hunting they were muddy but still green.
Alice will be here tomorrow and we will go together. I thought. I was ok to look at I guess.
I blew my hair out of my face and sighed.
Someone will love me. I started thinking again maybe Forks isn’t where I need to be.
I turned the water on and jumped in. I closed my eyes are started thinking about the sad boy. His song filled my head and wrapped around me like a force field. It was beautiful, so sad and longing but beautiful. I hate that I do not have piano here. Maybe when we are in town today I should at least try to find a keyboard. There was a small music store on the same street as Crowley’s. I opened my eyes and smiled. I had a plan. I finished up and jumped out. I dried off and got dressed as quickly as I could and ran down the stairs without making a sound. Seth was passed out on the couch. I giggled and wondered how Nana-Sue and The Chief slept down the hall from that. Seth snored louder and then grunted, mumbling something about running. I walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock. 7:38 Am. I grumbled. Gabby wasn’t picking me up until 8:30am. I shrugged and went to the back yard quietly. I jumped a little when I got out there. The Chief was standing out there just staring into the woods.
I smiled and whispered, “Chief?”
He looked back at me, “Sarabella, good morning.”
I smiled at him.
“What are your plans today?” he asked.
I looked like I was pondering and replied, “Crowley’s and then shopping.”
He sighed, “Isn’t Alice coming in tomorrow to take you shopping?”
I giggled, “Yes, but that’s clothes shopping, I have to get something in particular today.”
He put his arm around me and smiled, “What’s that? And how do you know some hasn’t gotten it for you for your birthday?”
I smiled, “Because it something that I just thought about, something that I need.”
The Chief grunted, “May I ask what you need so bad?”
I sighed, “A piano.”
He looked down at me wide eyed. “I don’t know if I have room here for that.”
I smiled my crooked smile, “I am going to down size and get a keyboard.”
His face suddenly got sad.
I looked at him and studied this reaction. “What’s wrong Chief?”
He looked down at me with my mothers and brothers soft brown eyes and said, “Sara I am so sorry, we can make room if you would like.”
He held my face in his hands. He didn’t twitch at the touch of my cold skin and I shook my head, “No Chief I want it in my room so I will be ok with a Keyboard, I promise. I just have a song in my head that I have written down and need to hear it.”
He cocked his head to the right a little and replied, “You haven’t heard it yet?”
I smiled at him, “Don’t ask remember.”
He grunted, “Well if that will make you happy. Are you excited about Friday?”
I smiled, “Oh yes I am!”
He shook his head, “You do not take after my side of the family at all.”
I knew he meant himself, Bella and Nessie they hated attention and presents. I smiled, “I know but its ok Alice will be here.” I heard Gabby’s tires turn onto our road. I didn’t move just yet. That would not be normal. I looked up at him and thought to ask, “What are you doing out here?”
The Chief sighed, “I am still used to getting up and going to work and it’s probably going to rain today so no fishing. Hopefully we’ll get Seth’s room done today and get him off the couch.” He smiled brightly.
I heard Gabby’s car pull into the driveway. I jumped up and kissed his cheek, “Gabby’s here got to go.” He smiled and waved behind me, not something a normal human would have caught so I continued toward the front door.
Gabby knocked lightly and Seth sat straight up as I swung the door open. “Seth it’s ok go back to sleep.”
He blinked at me and yawned, “WHHEEEREE ARRREE YYYYYYOUUU GGGOINNG?”
I laughed, “Dress shopping.”
He lay down with a thump. Gabby was just standing on the porch smiling at me.
I winked at her. “Seth why are you on the couch?” I asked him the most overly concerned voice I could manage without laughing.
Seth closed his eyes and grunted, “Masen snores to loud.” Gabby and I ran into the lawn, laughing uncontrollably. The door closed silently behind us.
Gabby strained for breath and choked out, “I heard him from the street.” We stumbled to the car giggling.
We rode into town signing and laughing all the way, it was maybe and 15 minute drive. Ara was standing in front of Crowley’s looking nervous as we pulled up. Our laughter stopped immediately as we parked and I watched her. What could be going on we weren’t late? Did her and Josh get into a fight? That would be odd they never fight. I mean how could you fight with someone you were meant for, your other half? I stepped out of the car with all those questions floating around in my head.
I ran to her and asked, “What happened?”
She smiled at me weakly.
I touched her face comforting her. Everything flashed into my mind like I was watching a movie. I saw her getting up this morning feeling sick. I saw her run to the bath room; I dropped my hand and put it over my mouth. She just looked at me. Shaking her head slowly I grabbed her hands they were safe.
I looked at her and told her, “Let’s get these dresses sized.”
She looked at me and then at Gabby. Gabby looked very worried still wondering what was going on. I just held Ara’s hands.
Ara stuttered, “I screwed up.”
I squeezed her hands and shook my head, “No.” I whispered.
Gabby finally put everything together. She ran over hugging Ara, “Ara, are you sure?”
Ara Nodded, slowly like she was in shock.
I shook her arms, “Have you talked to Josh yet?”
She looked at me like I was crazy, “Then Sam will know and then my dad will know. No NO!” I can’t tell him!
I stood there stunned. She was right. I thought all the options ran in my head quickly.
I smiled lightly, “Its ok, the wedding is in May the second week right?”
Ara looked at me, dazed.
I continued, “Its March 14th that’s two months. Maybe we can hide it until then?”
Ara’s smile brightened. She nodded, “That might work.”
Gabby said, “So do you still want to try on dresses?”
Ara responded, “Yes but don’t say anything around Mrs. Crowley she knows Emily.”
Gabby and I smiled and nodded in agreement. We went inside. We spent several hours being measured and pinned. Mrs. Crowley seemed to notice the coldness of my skin. I smiled at her and made sure I kept conversation with Gabby. I still don’t understand why my skin is so cold. My mother and father are very warm blooded. I watched Ara carefully. I knew everything would work out, least the wedding was soon.
I smiled brightly at her and made a face as Mrs. Crowley apologized for poking me. I didn’t feel the poke but I acted like I did.
I looked down at her and smiled, “It's okay.” She pulled her pin out and the very tip of it was bent. I shrugged, “Maybe that’s why it didn’t work.”
She looked at me with questions in her eyes but only said, “Maybe.” She was finished and we got all of our things together. Gabby’s stomach rumbled.
I laughed, “Lunch time?”
Ara nodded furiously.
We walked down the main street in Forks. There wasn’t much but there was a little lunch café just at the other end. That’s where we were headed. As we walked we passed by Weber’s Song. I peered into the window as we walked by and noticed they actually had a wide selection of keyboards.
Ara caught my eye, “Do you need to go in there?”
I looked up at her and sighed. “Yes, but I can wait until after lunch.” We giggled and ran the rest of the way. I sat back and watch Ara and Gabby eat. Ara hates it when I don’t eat with her, she teases me and calls me a want be snob sister.
I lied and told her, “I had a huge breakfast because I didn’t know how long she was going to make Mrs. Crowley resize her dress.”
Her mouth fell open and she stared at me. She chunked a French fry right in my face. I could have caught it but I deserved it, it landed on my right cheek and flopped on the table.
I stared at it like I couldn’t believe she had just done that. I looked up slowly and smiled widely. She let out a wild giggle and so did Gabby.
I looked at her and gasped “What?” touching my face.
The man behind the counter looked up at us and mumbled under his breath something about, “Teenagers and uncontrollable.”
I was the only one who could have heard him. I shushed them and flicked the fry back at Ara. She ducked and squealed. I rolled my eyes. We calmed down and they finished eating. We cleaned up our table including the French fry war and left the man a tip. I smiled as we walked out the door and the man behind the counter looked down at our table and sighed with relief. We walked back to Weber’s Song and Gabby was going on about how she had heard that Carrie was trying to hook up with TJ. This upset her greatly. I felt horrible; I decided I would talk to Seth tonight.
I took a deep breath at my idea hoping it would relax some more. I was so wound up thinking about finally hearing the song for real. The air flowed into my lungs my throat burned, a fire I was not used to feeling. This was different than my normal thirst, or was it had I let it go to long? The air was thick and sweet, it wrapped around me like a blanket. I almost had no control, I wanted to find it and consume it. I made my legs stop that unfamiliar feeling. Was someone bleeding? I exhaled quickly and looked around. I have to breathe I have no choice. I moaned and inhaled the fire burned hotter. My mouth watered and my tongue danced across the roof of my mouth.
Ara looked at me, “Are you okay Sara?”
I smiled with my teeth gritted together. I just shook my head.
Ara smiled, “Maybe you should have had lunch.”
I grunted, “I think your right, let’s go inside.” She had no idea. I pushed the door in and the delightfully sweetness hit me like I was entering the pits of Hell from the gates of Heaven. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around. There was an old man behind the counter but that was it. I held my breath knowing I should turn around but I needed that keyboard like I needed air, I knew I could control this. I saw they had a Baby Grand in the corner. I felt a push which shook me from my daze.
Ara pushed me in the store, “Sara walk!”
I smiled not opening my mouth still holding my breath. I walked to the Baby Grand and lightly touched the keys, hitting the first few notes of the sad song. It consumed me again almost making me forget the burn. I had to get this song out of me. I continued to play the next few bars. It was so sad but it made me feel alive. It hurt in my chest. I realize I had not taken a breath, I inhaled deeply and the burn made me stop. I stepped away from the Baby Grand. I have to get out of here maybe I was just panicking. I looked around wildly, there were keyboards right there, not 5 feet away. I looked up and saw what I needed, it would do A Roland FP-7 Digital Piano it came with a bench, a stand and head phones. I walked over to it and touched it. It felt right I smiled and I tapped the keys in the order of the song. I sounded just fine, it’s not a Baby Grand but I will survive. My chest burned, I inhaled again and choked, it was almost unbearable I grabbed my chest trying to hold it back. I looked around maybe they were burning something? Someone was wearing a perfume that had animal pheromones in it. I laughed at the thought a nervous laugh, but Gabby and Ara were fine, it had to just be me. I went to the counter and explained to the old man what I intended to purchase. Gabby and Ara were walking around looking at the guitars smiling and giggling. They didn’t ever really understand my passion for music. They considered it a silly past time, they would rather be talking about boys and shopping, which I did not mind. Music was a part of me that was indescribable; it was like a way to let me soul talk.
The old man looked at me and asked me,” are you sure that’s the one you want?”
I raised my left eyebrow and said, “Yes sir, I need that, I have music in me that need to come out.”
He started at me like I had said something crazy but then smiled and nodded. He pointed to the keyboard and asked, “The whole package?”
I smiled back at him, “Yes sir.”
He replied, “Its $2135.00”
I realized what he meant with his questions. I handed him my credit card. I took a deep breath in and almost fell over in pain the burning almost made me blind.
Ara gasped. “Sara?” I waved her away, and stood up slowly.
The old man looked concerned, I just mumbled. “I skipped lunch.”
He shrugged and looked at my card, “Cullen?”
I looked at him, “Yes.” I replied.
He smiled and replied I sold Edward Cullen a piano many years ago.” He smiled at his memory.
I smiled back still in unbearable pain, “That’s my father.” I felt the ping in my heart as I told my lie.
He nodded, “He was a very nice young man, I see where you get your love for music, I heard the little that you did play, it was beautiful.” He rang up everything and asked, “Would you like this delivered?”
I nodded, “When could you have it to my house, I live with the Swan’s?”
He nodded taking down the note.
Hurry old man I think I’m dying!
He said, “Its 2:00pm I can get it there by 2:30pm.”
I smiled and signed the receipt and told him, “That’s perfect.”
He nodded and I turned to leave that’s when I saw him. Standing in the back by the guitars, he was staring at me like he knew something, he was studying me. His eyes, I gasped and the air burned like a just swallowed a gallon of acid, I was drowning. Ice blue eyes, so sad they pierced right through me, his hair was messy and covered most of the left side of his face it was dark brown to the point it could have passed for black, the tips were red. He was fair skinned and he seemed perfectly built not to large not skinny. I moaned as the fire burned and the need for air became unbearable. I walked to the door and ran out on the street.
I didn’t look back until I could breathe again. I looked back when I heard the steps behind me. Ara and Gabby were running after me.
Gabby flushed and out of breath, “What just happened?”
Ara caught up, “Who were you looking at?”
I turned and looked at them, “I just need to get home.”
Ara and Gabby both gasped.
I jumped, “What?”
Ara stuttered, “Your eyes are so dark, the look black!”
I blinked.
What? What do I do now? Alice I need Alice.
I looked at Ara, “I’m sorry I don’t feel good I have to go home.”
Gabby nodded and I hugged Ara and walked to Gabby’s car. I had to get home and call Alice.
What’s happening to me?
I pulled out my phone as I sat in the car I sent Alice a text message: I have to talk to you!
Alice replied: I’ll be there in the morning. 
I responded: Something is happening to me and I don’t know what it is!
Alice responded: Should I be worried?
I sighed and responded: I’m scared. I will call you when I get home.
Alice: Ok Hurry.
I knew she was pacing. It was nothing. I just closed my eyes all I saw was his eyes. I opened them gasping for air. The burn had diminished but was still there. Gabby looked really worried.
I moaned as sickly as possible, I didn’t have to try hard, “It’s just my stomach I just don’t feel good.”
Gabby looked at me cringing in pain. She nodded and pulled onto my street.
I jumped out when she got in front of the house and waved to her. “Gabby I will see you Friday, I’ll be okay promise.”
Gabby didn’t look as if she believed me but nodded, “Call me later, please!”
I ran to the door as she drove away. I stopped on the step and ran back into the front yard and dialed Alice. “Hello?” she yelled into the phone, I could hear Edward and Jasper mumbling in the back ground concerned.
I grunted, “You told them? I don’t even know what’s wrong yet?’
I heard Edward moan, “I knew this was a bad idea she should not be there without one of us.”
Alice shushed him, “Sara what happened.”
I went through the whole story about buying the keyboard just leaving out the boy and the dream. Edward knew I loved to compose music so there would be no questions about the music store.
Alice sighed, “Maybe you’re just thirsty.”
I sighed, “I was with Ara and Gabby all day and I was fine, but you may be right”
Alice pondered humming lightly.
I knew she was imagining something, I whispered, “Alice, Ara told me my eyes looked black, Alice that’s not something they do normally they just get a little muddy.”
Edward moaned in the back ground, “Alice, no.”
Jasper asked, “What, did she see something?”
Their voice’s turned into murmurs; she must have walked away from them.
I grunted, “What Alice?”
Alice sighed, “Just stay home tonight and I will be there tomorrow you can show me what happened and I will help you figure it out.”
I smiled I know she will. I just hope I can skip over the dream it just seems silly to share. I looked up as a pickup truck slowly drove down the road.
I smiled feeling better, “Alice I have to go my keyboard is here. I love you all.”
Alice whispered, “It will be ok. I promise. We love you too.”
I hung up as the truck pulled into the drive way.
Seth stuck his head out the front door and yelled, “Who’s that?”
I smiled, “It’s a delivery from the Music store!”
Seth stepped out into the yard, “You need some help?” he offered.
Although I knew I could handle the weight no problem it was nice to just be a girl sometimes. I nodded, “Sure, Seth there may be some really heavy stuff on here.”
He looked at me and rolled his eyes, “I didn’t mean you couldn’t handle it.”
I laughed, “I know, there are a few things that come with this so yes, I would love some help.”
I took a deep breath and turned towards the pickup. The door opened and the boy from the store, from my dreams stepped out. I held my control and started to walk across the lawn toward him smiling the best that I could. I had to of looked like I had seen a ghost or maybe like I had been stabbed. He looked at me but did not smile he just nodded. He started unloading my things and Seth picked up the largest package in his arms and turned to walk inside. The boy turned to me and handed me a clip board with a delivery slip and a pen. I signed and handed him the pen and his clip board.
He smiled slightly, “Thanks.”
His voice was amazing, I gasped, the wind rustled the leaves at our feet and I caught it. His scent, I was on fire, drowning. I stumbled backward. He looked at me like I had stabbed him. The smile vanished; I realized I just wanted to drink. I moved away faster than I should of, but I had to stay back.
I stuttered, “Sor.. Sorry, I hav have to go go Inside and shooww him here it goooes.”
He nodded still looking really hurt almost angry.
I turned and ran inside and up the stairs. Seth just stared at me. I inhaled and exhaled trying to get the burn out of me. I did this for several minutes. Grasping my chest, I heard Masen coming up the stair followed by footsteps, the chief I guessed. Masen pushed open the door, and it pulled in the fire, I felt the rage build in me because it didn’t know what this was and why I had no control over it. Masen looked at me horrified.
He had a box in his hand, “You left these outside.”
I raised an eyebrow, “These?” Then I remembered that I took nothing with me when I escaped. I grumbled, “Sorry Masen.”
He snorted and stepped in the room placing the box on the floor and the boy appeared behind him with another box. I turned and stared at Seth. Seth looked worried. Masen said, “Sara, this is Zander,” Pointing over his shoulder, “Where do want this?”
I pointed, in the corner unable to make myself respond, the burn would not let me. I was afraid to open my mouth, I would attack him. I felt if I kept my mouth shut the demon would be held at bay.
They set the stuff down and Masen grunted, “Umm do you want him to set this up.”
I groaned shaking my head, and walked to the window. , Inhaling deeply. It did not help, he was everywhere I could feel him all around me. It was almost comforting; like I could just close my eyes and, let it take me. I just knew that I have never felt like such a monster before, like such a predator.
Masen huffed and rolled his eyes he turned to Zander, “Sorry, Girls!” I heard them go back down the stairs. Seth was still standing there.
He grabbed my shoulders, “You’re shaking?”
I looked up at him. I hissed at him, “I want to kill him.”
Seth shrugged and laughed, “I think that about Masen sometimes too.”
I looked at him. I knew I couldn’t say anymore I would have to figure this out on my own.
Seth hugged me and said, “Just ignore him, Alice will be here tomorrow.” He released me and stepped back.
I smiled the best that I could. I have never wanted anything like this ever. I looked down at the yard and watched Zander get into his delivery truck I knew at the moment that everything was different, I am a monster he could never be around me again, I could not submit to the monster. I slammed the window and caught my reflection; it was a face I have never seen.
I hissed, “I am a monster.”
Zander was looking up at me from his truck; I could only imagine what he was thinking. He looked so angry but I did not understand why. He didn’t know me and he was lucky that he would never see me again. I must be misreading his emotions. He pulled off down the road and was gone, and safe.
I sat on the floor and started unpacking my new distraction.
Seth looked at me, “Are you Ok?”
I nodded.
He headed out the door and I heard him quietly go down the stairs.

Chapter 4: Mistake?
I realized I was still sitting on the floor in my bedroom. I jumped up and looked out the window, it was dark outside. I sighed and looked at the clock. 12:25am
Where had the day gone? Had I really distracted myself so easily?
I smiled to myself and looked at what I had accomplished. My keyboard was set up and everything was put together.
Had I really drug it out that long?
I looked around at the mess on my floor and smiled. I inhaled deeply almost expecting the burn again. The air flowed into my lungs unobstructed. I cleaned up the messed of boxes and plastic on the floor and thought back about the last 10 hours, I had gone through Edward’s journals trying to find one memory, but it wasn’t there.
Was this the same as him? I thought to myself as I carried the trash silently down the stairs.
I laughed silently there is no way this is the same? Edward had been drawn to Bella, right? Maybe I should call Edward?
I snuck through the front door with my trash in hand. I tossed it all in to the can and let the lid fall back silently.
Maybe Alice was right I am just too thirsty I shouldn’t have let it go on this long, I know better. I looked out into the woods and smiled.
That just had to be it! Maybe the boy, Zander had a cut, maybe he ran over a cat, I was just that thirsty, I can usually ignore human’s scent unless they are bleeding, it is nearly impossible.
I have myself control but not like Carlisle does and Edward. Bella is much more controlled than I am and so is my mother; although I have never had an ounce of human blood. They both had, granted it was donated blood, but my mother didn’t try that with me she always stuck to the animal blood she figured that is what she drank and she just didn’t change her diet just how many times she had to feed. I never seemed to mind. With Masen it was different so I hear; she only craved human food, which was strange because she has always preferred blood, although she can have both. She doesn’t seem to have the side effects like I do when I eat human food though. I started walking toward the woods slowly. I looked around and saw no one and ducked into the tree line and started running, I loved to run where no one could see me, it made me feel so free. The wind pulled my hair back and the branched grabbed my arms as I passed by. If I was human this probably wouldn’t feel very good but it felt like gentle fingers brushing my skin as I leaped through the thick undergrowth. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, and I caught the scent I was looking for, Elk. My eyes flashed open and I let the instinct take over.
I lay back against a huge tree and rubbed my engorged stomach, smiling. I was very pleased with myself I really wasn’t that much of a mess, just dirty. Masen would never be able to do that I nodded to myself satisfied. I pulled myself up and started walking back toward Forks. I had run a good twenty miles from home. That’s when I caught the trace. I inhaled and looked around. There was someone else here. It was fresh; new like they had just ran by. This was no human, or shape shifter, or half breed. This was a vampire, one that I had not known.
I called Masen. He picked up and grumbled. “Ella? What?”
I grunted back, “I’m in the woods and there is a vampire out here that I have no idea who they are, they are heading toward town, we have to take care of it.”
I heard the phone click and I knew he would be here soon. I heard howling to the east. I took off as fast as I could. I was heading straight for Forks. The scent seemed so very new. I saw the roof tops as I ran closer to town. I jumped into a large ever green and leaped onto the closest roof top. If he was in town I did not want to be seen. I jumped from roof top to roof top and kept on his trail, although it was below me I knew I could keep up with it. There was a sudden crash in front of me. The sound of breaking glass, I stopped to listen. The vampires smell was almost overwhelming. Where were Masen and Seth? What was I going to do alone, I have never encountered a vampire on my own that I did not know. Most vampires don’t know what to make of me. I am as strong, as fast, the same vision at they do, but I have a heartbeat. I feed the same way they do. I just have a tempting smell slightly over powered by a vampire perfume.
Jasper had taught me a lot about defending myself. My father and Edward hated that he did this. They do not see why I would ever need this. Edward was scared, they did not know if I could actually be hurt and they do not know if my body could handle a bite. Vampires are venomous, I am not, and it would kill a shape shifter and that’s what my father is. It made me nervous also. I was just hoping to be able to tell this vampire that we live here and they can’t hunt here. Most vampires are willing to work with the Cullen’s in these situations. They don’t want to step on a large clans toes. There was the sound of another glass shattering below me. I walked to the edge again. There was a boy tossing empty glass bottles on the road he wore a hoodie so it was hard to tell if I knew him. I inhaled deeply and the burn told me at once who it was. There was a sudden movement in the tree line. I realized instantly what was happening, the vampire was stalking his prey. I watched Zander throw another bottle and I jumped down onto the pavement behind them at the same time as the shattering glass hit. The figure in the woods stared at me with blood red eyes, and a face suddenly filled with rage. I walked toward him slowly, and he hissed at me his eyes rolling around violently. I understood that this was a newborn. He let out a high pitched wail. Zander turned around at the sound of the noise.
He gasped. I turned to look at him I caught his eyes, Ice blue they seemed glossy maybe from crying. The Vampire tried to make his moved then thinking he caught me off guard.
I growled, “No you don’t”
He jumped out of the woods and was heading for Zander. I grabbed the vampire around the waist and took off into the woods. I didn’t know if I was protecting Zander or my victim.
The Vampire screamed, “What are you,” and clawed at my back.
I felt his nails ripping my shirt and scrapping my skin.
I growled ignoring the pain the tore through me. I wasn’t sure what was worse, the vampire ripping through my granite skin or the pain of Zander in my throat and chest. I started moving faster, I got him as far away from Zander as I could. I could hear howling coming from both sides but still not here yet. The Vampire grabbed my hair and whipped my head back and threw me away from him. I hit a large tree is a crash.
I growled enraged, “You have no idea what you are getting yourself into!” I looked up at him and realized he was coming at me with his mouth wide open. He was going to bite me. I jumped off the ground and darted to the side.
The Vampire grabbed my right arm and pulled it back. He grabbed my neck and pushed me against the tree. He split at me, “Who are you?”
I struggled to talk he was holding me up by the neck, and squeezing. I just closed my eyes and grabbed his face. He shuttered not releasing me as I showed him who I was. He slapped my hands away but I fought it and I grabbed his face again I showed him my large clan and explained that this was our territory. I opened my eyes and looked at him with my stone face, the face of a monster. I was looking through his memories to see who had created him but it was blank. He was not that old, maybe getting ready to come up on a year and I knew he called himself Kane. He swatted my hand from his face so hard it was like to granite rocks smacking together. He leaned in closer to my face.
I hissed through my teeth, “Kane don’t do this.”
He wailed at me. He dug his nails into my throat choking me. He was so strong. I choked for air his mouth was right above my collar bone.
He groaned, “You do smell very strange, I wonder if you will be make me stronger than human’s blood.”
I choked, “Stop.”
He let out a sickening laugh and laid his ice cold lips on my neck.
I cringed and started ripping at his chest; I felt my finger pull through his skin. I was gasping for breath. I knew there was nothing else I could do. He would kill me and go back for Zander, that’s when I realized, I was protecting him. Everything started too fuzzy. Then he was gone and I fell on to my knees trying to breathe unsure what had happened.
A large dark red wolf came up on my left and the large black one came up on my right. I sighed, Sam and Masen. I looked up and Seth had Kane’s arm in his mouth. Kane screamed in terror. Kane smacked Seth off him and Masen and Sam dove in to finish him. Kane ran toward the Coast. I was about 30 miles or so west they should be able to catch him.
I thought of Zander, I pulled myself up turned and ran back toward town. Just to make sure he was gone. I came up to the tree line and looked around for him. It was all too fast he wouldn’t have realized who I was right? I shrugged. It’s not like I have to deal with him. I couldn’t see him. I ran back into the woods after Masen and Seth. I got about halfway back and my phone rang.
I pulled it out of my pocket and answered, “Masen what took you so long?”
He grunted, “Sam wanted me to wait for him, he didn’t realize you were already out here, I couldn’t just not listen.” Masen was angry.
I slumped to the ground unable to really breathe and I was in pain. Touched my back and I could feel the rips in my skin working their way closed. I said, “Did you get him?”
He hissed, “No, he got into the water and disappeared.”
I sighed, “Well I don’t think he will be back this way.”
Masen hissed, “What were you thinking? Why didn’t you wait?”
I hissed back, “He was going after a boy in town!” Masen exhaled slowly, “Sara, you can’t do this stuff alone, what it he bit you? This thing broke through skin on your back!”
I grumbled, “I will be fine it’s almost better, and we don’t know if anything would happen to me if I had been bitten.” As I recalled the fear I felt, as I said the words that we didn’t know what would have happened.
Masen hung up his phone and appeared out of the shadows. He looked at me like someone had died.
I groaned, “Its okay.” he walked over to me in 3 large steps and pulled off the ground and into his arms hugging me. I pushed him back, “Masen!”
He put me down and said, “You are so lucky that mom and dad are in the middle of the Amazon and I can’t call them!” I smacked him. He just looked at me and continued, “I am going to have to call Edward or Bella.”
I looked up at him, “If you have to, call Bella.” I knew he had to call one of them but I couldn’t be Edward he would flip out. Masen turned his hug into to picking me up, we started to head home. I knew that I would get a full report in the morning. I was too tired to think. I was recalling things that Jasper had taught me, we never really went over the Newborn stuff I just know they are stronger than most vampires, because they are so new and filled with human blood. They have no control of their emotions and they don’t communicate well. Seth caught up with us has we got into the yard and Masen set me down. I looked at Seth, and he looked down at me.
He was angry, “Don’t ever do that again Sara!” I looked at him in disbelief. He turned on his heels and went inside. His room was finished so when Masen and I went inside we did not have to pass him. I noted mentally I needed to talk to Seth in the morning. I crashed in my bed and fell asleep still fully dressed. It wasn’t long before I saw his eyes. This time it did not stir me, it’s like I needed to see them. It made me feel like I had a purpose for my pain.
Chapter 5: Questions
I sat up quickly, jumping up and running to my keyboard. The song had changed; I grabbed my sheet music and studied it. It wasn’t off too much, just the beginning I scratched in the new notes and erased the old. I pulled the head phones on and started to play. It was amazing almost perfect. It started happier than before but went right back into the sad tones that were there before.
I sighed what is so sad I pondered why was I sad? Alice will be here today! I smiled and knew I should get ready. I looked at the clock 8:08am I was amazed I slept in. I frowned I guess not really after the long night we had. I thought about Zander again. Why was he out there, did he see me? I laid the head phones back onto the keyboard. I heard a knock at the door.
I looked up and said, “Come in.”
Masen opened the door and smiled, “I called Bella this morning, she’s pretty mad at you, and wants to tell Edward.”
I grunted, “Is she going to?”
His smile faded, “No because I already told Dad.”
I gasped, “You did what?”
Masen stepped into my room and closed the door behind him. He looked at me with sad eyes and replied, “I phased this morning to see if Sam had found anything new since last night, and apparently Dad and Mom were hunting.”
I looked up at him in horror.
Masen’s shoulders slumped and grunted, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, but Dad will probably be calling very soon.”
I stood up and pulled my shirt back a little, “Masen, what does it look like?”
Masen shuttered, “Looks like really old deep scars.”
I smiled, “They will be gone by tomorrow, everything will be fine.”
Masen hissed, “Sara you could have been killed.”
I looked at him in disbelief, “He was going after a human, isn’t that your job to protect the human? It’s not my fault you were so slow.”
Masen sighed, “Yeah dad was pretty mad that Sam didn’t get more of us out there faster.” As the words escaped his mouth my phone started to buzz loudly on my night stand. We both looked at it in horror.
Masen said, “Do you want me to stay.”
I nodded and dashed to the phone. Masen sat on the bed and I stood in the middle of the room.
I opened my phone slowly. “Hello, Dad?” I spoke into the receiver. I just heard heavy breathing at first.
Jacob hissed into the phone, “This is why I was against this! You are going back to Squamish!”
I sighed, “Dad nothing happened, I am fine, I am not going back to Squamish.”
Jacob grunted, “Sara I saw what he did to you!”
I sighed, “Well maybe you should take another look, Masen looked at my back again this morning and it’s almost perfect!”
Jacob replied, “That’s not the point!” He was angry.
I didn’t understand, “Dad why are you so mad at me? I was doing what I could to help.”
Jacob sighed, “I am not mad at you; we have just been searching and have found some new information out.”
I got excited my parents were looking though other ancient tribes to see if they could find anyone that has run across the same things we have, I sighed, “Daddy I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”
He sighed and said, “Sara I can’t lose you, please be careful, we will be coming home next week and we are staying in La Push.”
I smiled, “Ok Dad I love you.” He replied “I love you to and so does your mom.” My eyes felt hot, I just realized how much I miss them I wiped away the tears before they fell. We hung up and Masen looked distraught.
I looked at him and said, “What Masen?”
He huffed, “He didn’t even yell at you!” I smiled, “Because I am the girl.”
Masen grunted, “Take a shower you’re filthy and we have to leave to get Alice in less than an hour.” I didn’t even respond and sprinted to the shower and jumped in.
I brushed through my towel dried hair and smiled. I was so happy that Alice would be here. I ran to my room in my towel and slammed the door. I eyed my surroundings and dropped my towel, I raced around getting dressed and ended up in some faded blue jeans and a nice shirt I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs. Masen and Seth were sitting on the couch.
I looked at Masen and said, “I’m ready if you are.”
Masen jumped up and nodded. Seth looked up at us with sad eyes.
I smiled at him, “You can come if you want Alice loves you too.”
Seth jumped up and his big goofy smile crept up on his face, “You’re awesome.”
I smiled at him, “I know.” We ran out the door and I of course was pushed to the back seat again.
It was 9:15 am and Alice’s plane was due in by 11:59am. If Masen didn’t drive faster than sin then we would not make it. It would take a normal driver about 3 hours to get to Seattle. If we really wanted to we could make in one and a half hours but Masen was talking to Seth about last night so we would probably make in two.
I sighed and pulled out my iPod not wanting to relive last night. I scrolled through my list and picked out Paramore. I smiled as the album started and closed my eyes. The music flowed around in my head and I saw Zander again.
Why did I think of him so much? Why had I dreamed about him? What was this song? What was behind those cold sad eyes? I opened my eyes and looked out the window.
The next thing I knew we were parking in the terminal parking lot. The excitement was about to bust out of me. Masen pulled into a spot and looked back at me.
He closed his eyes and grunted. “Sara I think Alice is going to have some questions.”
I looked at him confused, “What you mean, Bella didn’t tell anyone.”
Masen sighed, “You neck is like bruised looking or something.”
I jumped up and looked in his review mirror, there were very slight marks on my neck, and it almost looked like dirt but it was shaped like hands were wrapped around my neck. I gasped, “How did that get there.”
Masen hissed, “That stupid leech.”
I hissed at him, “Stop talking like that, Dog”
Seth looked at me, “Sara, you shouldn’t have done that.”
I just looked at him and then the clock, it read 11:17am, “Seth let’s get inside, we will just tell Alice what happened, I was doing what was right for the boy.”
Masen grunted, “His name is Zander and you were rude to him the other day.”
I blinked and looked at him, “You know him?” Masen sighed, “His parents were killed last week, and he just moved here to live with his grandparents.”
I looked at him bewildered, “How do you know that?”
Masen looked at me like I was stupid, “One, everyone was talking about it at the beach and two when a kid pulled up in the Weber truck I asked him.”
I opened the door to the SUV and hopped out. This must be what I missed when Gabby was explaining. It suddenly made since her comment about the Weber’s being so nice and helping out. God I can be so blind. This explained nothing else. I walked toward the terminal.
Masen and Seth on my heels, “What did I say Ella?” whined Masen.
I shook my head, “Nothing Masen, I just can’t talk to Zander just leave it at that.” I knew I couldn’t talk to him until I figured out what was wrong with me. I sighed, “Seth I have to ask you a question.”
Seth perked up and took one large step and was beside me, “What’s that?” he asked.
I didn’t look at him I just whispered, “Gabby really like’s TJ and I thinks one of the snob sister’s is digging there claw’s into him.”
Seth let out a loud laugh and Masen followed.
I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at them both. “What?” I hissed.
Seth smiled huge and goofy, “TJ hates those girls, I bet if he would have known Gabby liked him he might do something about that, and also the snob sister comment was pretty good.”
I couldn’t stand Carrie and Torrey when they weren’t putting on more makeup they were trying to put everyone else down. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I pulled it out and it was Ara calling. I answered it, “Yellow!”
She giggled, not a sound I was expecting. Ara replied, “I was wrong, I just had the stomach flu and was a little late!” I jumped up and down and yelled, “THANK GOD!” She was on the other line saying the same thing. Then she calmed down and sighed, “The Cheney funeral was this morning.”
I sighed, “I didn’t know them.”
She replied, “Me either it’s just so sad, that poor kid.” I knew she was talking about Zander.
I caught myself before the flood of questions entered my mind. I focused on Ara. I sighed, “I know, you can see the pain in his eyes.”
Ara gasped, “You’ve seen him no one else has, what does he look like?”
My face grew hot, and I replied, “Dark hair, it’s always messy but it’s straight so it just hangs in his face on one side, and he has the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen, Ara they are amazing.”
She giggled wildly, “When did you see him?”
I couldn’t understand her giggling, I took a deep breath, and “I saw him at Weber’s Song.”
Ara laughed, “Is that why you ran.”
I gasped, “I guess you can say that.”
She giggled, “You like him” I shook my head, “No it’s not like that I don’t even know him.”
Ara sighed, “You know he is supposed to be an amazing musician.”
I blinked and shook my head, “How do you get all this gossip, we are out of school.”
Ara sighed, “I live on the reservation, and all the kids have been at the beach this week talking about the NEW kid.”
I sighed, “Well I have to get Alice, Ara I will talk to you later I am glad your problem fixed itself so to speak.”
Masen tugged on my arm and pulled me in his direction dragging me behind him, I poked him, “Hey I can walk!”
Masen laughed, “Well we are going this way.” He released me and smiled.
I looked at him questioning, “What?”
Masen shook his head, “You like Zander, that’s why you were mean, well maybe you weren’t mean you just couldn’t talk.” He laughed at his joke.
I looked at him, “Masen it’s not like that, I don’t even know him.”
Masen shook his head, “You didn’t see what your face looked like when you described him just now, Oh Ara his eyes.”
Seth just stood there looking at Masen. I wasn’t sure what that was all about but I looked down the where the gates were. That’s when I saw the pixie dancing our way.

Chapter 6: Alice in Wonderland
I couldn’t even control myself I was so excited. That’s when I saw them, right behind her, Bella, Edward and Jasper.
I grunted, “Oh they know.”
Masen stared at them all and nodded, “I think your right.”
Edward looked like he was deep in concentration.
I looked at him Why are you here?
Edward smiled, Why would I miss your birthday?
I smiled I would have been sad, your right.
Edwards smile faded as he approached What happened to your neck?
I covered it with my hand, Bella hadn’t told them. What to say.
Edward eyed Bella and then me, “How about the truth!” He hissed through his teeth.
I frowned and touched his face like I was greeting him and closed my eyes. I showed him everything, but my dreams and the issues. Just what had happened last night in the woods and in town.
He groaned, “Sarabella, you were told to stay in.”
“I needed to feed.” I retorted.
Masen groaned, “She didn’t tell me.”
I stared at him, “I don’t understand why everyone is making a big deal out of this, and I always feed alone. I just did what I had to do when I could because the pack was too damn slow, he would have killed Zander.” Everyone but Alice looked at me in shock.
Jasper said, “Who is Zander?” All of them had the same question.
I sighed and looked at Masen, “Apparently Masen knows better than I do.”
Masen shrugged, “He just a kid that moved here when his parents were killed last week, he is staying with the Weber’s.” All four of their faces turned to Masen and
Alice gasped, “Who died.”
Masen shrugged, “Cheney’s?”
Edward looked at Bella, who looked like she was about to fall over. Edward comforted her and whispered into her ear until she regained her composure.
Jasper looked at me and said, “Can you please show me what happened last night?”
I nodded and grabbed his face and closed my eyes. After a few minutes he hissed, “You fought a new born alone?”
I stomped my foot, “All of you stop it now! What else could I have done?” I felt the rage growing in my chest Jasper laid his hands on my shoulders using his gift and sighed as, he did the rage went away. Jasper can control the emotions around him and the emotions around him can control him.
I smiled, “Thank you Jasper.” He smiled at me.
Alice danced around me and said, “Ok I am not going to fight with you right now I want to go shopping and I knew you would be fine”
I smiled and clapped my hands together, “Who’s coming?” I looked around at everyone standing in front of me.
Jasper and Edward took a step toward Masen and Seth. “I think we will ride back with Masen and Seth if that’s ok.”
Bella smiled, “Do you mind if I go back to Forks also I really want to see Charlie.”
I smiled, “That’s fine, no one to slow us down or to complain.” I smiled satisfied. Bella smile relieved. Edward looked at me We will talk when you get home. I have some other questions for you, about some people. I saw him eye Seth and then looked back at me. I raised my eyebrow Seth? Edward just nodded. They walked out to the parking lot. I smiled at Alice and we grabbed each other’s hands and giggled.
Alice stopped, “I have to get a car.” She smiled and walked to the front of the airport and rented a car while I watched the planes taking off and landing.
We loaded into her little black sports car she had rented for the week.
She smiled at me and I looked at her, “What Alice?”
She sung, “I had a vision.”
I nodded, “Ok that’s not out of the ordinary?” Then I remembered what she had said a few minutes eelier, ‘That she knew I would be fine’ I just stared at her confused.
Her smile grew larger, “You were in it, I still can’t see Jacob or Masen but maybe I am getting attuned to you and your mother.”
I shook my head, “Alice I am technically less of a vampire than my mother is.”
Alice sighed, “Well you took almost all of the vampire traits and nothing from the other side.” She smiled, “You skin is even cold.”
I looked at her, “I got hurt last night Alice.”
Alice huffed, “You should not have fought alone that is true, but it was a newborn, and Jasper has never taught you to fight a new born.”
I nodded, “Bella told you?”
She shook her head, “No that was my vision.” You saved that boy, sorry Zander, I saw you do it.”
I smiled, “You didn’t tell anyone?”
Alice smiled, “Well I never told anyone but Edward saw it as I saw it, knew you were ok I saw you run back to town and check on Zander, Edward almost took my head off when you disappeared, but then he realized Masen had you.”
I looked at her confused, “Alice he ripped through my skin and bruised my neck, if that’s what you call this,” Pointing at my neck.
Alice sighed, “I caught the vision so late you were already tracking, I saw that if I called you that it would slow you down and you have been too late for either you or Zander, I could do nothing to interfere, if it would have played out any different you or Zander would be dead I know that for a fact.”
I looked at Alice suddenly the weight of everyone words sunk in. I looked at her with tears in my eyes, “Alice, I couldn’t let him take him.” I strained under the pain of my words. We were still sitting in the parking lot. I looked around I leaned over to Alice, “I will show you.” I touched her face and showed her the dreams from the start, I let her hear his song, and I let her feel the pain of breathing his scent.”
She gasped, “This is wonderful.”
I looked at her in disbelief, “Wonderful? This is horrible Alice; I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have never felt this way before.”
Alice smiled brightly, “It’s amazingly over powering, I can only imagine what it is like for you I always wondered what the draw was actually like, you will never feel this way about anyone else.” She fluttered her eye lashes at me, “Do you know his Zander at all?”
I said, “No, I don’t I know anything about him.”
She sighed, “We will have to find out some things before I give you my theory, does he go to school with you?”
I grunted “I don’t even know how old he is and school doesn’t start until Monday, so I do not know.”
Alice hummed.
I looked at her, “Why do you think you had a vision about me?”
Alice smiled, “I think that goes along with my theory, and I think that I haven’t seen your mother yet because she is always with Jacob and most of the time you are with Masen, they block me and I don’t think I will ever see them.”
I pondered her statement and let it rest.
She took off and headed into town smiling the whole way.
Alice looked at my confused face and sighed, “Didn’t Edward ever tell you about when he met Bella?”
I shook my head, “We never talked about it he gave me some of his journals, I have not read all them yet, and I looked through them the other night and could not find any of them from before he left they start on the plane trip back from Italy.”
Alice grumbled, “Why would he leave those out?” Alice sighed, “I have an idea but we have to wait.”
I looked at her, it wasn’t like to keep things from me, unless there was a surprise attached but this doesn’t seem promising. We spent the rest of the day shopping a picking out clothes and accessories and laughing. I was happy and forgot about all the confusion from earlier that day. The sun was starting to set. We packed up the little car and she drove toward Forks as I told her about all the kids from school and Ara scare and she listened and added plenty of input. I was happy; my mood had not changed since Jasper calmed me. She gave me an update on my parents apparently they found a tribe in the Amazon called the Matis; the Jaguar People, and Jacob is trying to get some answers apparently they were stalked by a large Jaguar, it seemed to only be stalking Nessie, when it caught up to them it seemed scared. Jacob thinks it was a shape shifter and it was scared when he phased or maybe because the cold one he was stalking wasn’t so cold.
I sighed, “That must be what he was so angry about this morning.”
Alice laughed, “Yes on top of what you did.”
I stared at her my jaw dropped open, “I thought you said…”
She cut me off, “I was just referring to what had him stressed out, not that there wasn’t anything we could have done.”
I sighed, “Alice do you think if I get bit I will die?”
Alice grunted, “Sara I don’t know, it’s still too scary to think about, venom hurts even us, ask Jasper and it will kill a shape shifter, I don’t know if I would change you or kill you.”
I sighed and closed my eyes and saw him, not just his eyes I saw him, all of him. He seems to glow and I heard the song the vision was so clear this time; the song surrounded me like another layer of skin.
Alice laughed, “Are you thinking of him?” I smiled softly, “Yes, and I don’t know why.”
Then my phone buzzed in my pocket, I pulled it out without looking, “Hello?”
Bella whispered into the phone, “Sara you are staying with us tomorrow night but tonight we will not be here we need to hunt, do you have plans tomorrow?”
I sighed, “No I do not.”
Bella whispered, “I’m sorry Sara I really want to see you but I need to hunt and so does Jasper, we didn’t think we were coming until tomorrow.”
“Mia it’s ok.” I replied
She exhaled in relief as I used my name for her. She whispered, “I love you, stay in tonight.”
I groaned, “Yes Mia I will stay in tonight, I love you too.”
I hung up my phone and looked at Alice, “Why is everyone acting so strange?”
She smiled, “Bella hates parties.”
I grunted, “It’s not her birthday!”
Alice looked at me, “Does it matter.”
I shrugged I guess she was right.
Alice pulled into the driveway at the Chief’s house and sighed, “I will see you tomorrow, I have to hunt also.”
I smiled and hugged her. I grabbed my stuff and jumped out of the car and ran towards the door. I waved and she was gone down the road.
I walked in and Seth was on the couch. I smiled at him and he smiled back huge and goofy.
I looked at him and said, “Where’s Masen?”
He grunted, “Running a patrol, I am about to go out and run with him, he just wanted to make sure you made it in. The bruises on your neck are almost gone.”
I smiled and rubbed my neck, “Good.”
Seth looked at me for a minute longer and jumped up.
I smiled, “Seth, Alice said she had a vision last night about what happened, and if anything had changed then you could be mad but she knew it was going to be ok.”
Seth groaned, “It doesn’t change that you should not have been there by yourself, she has a vision about you? Really that’s amazing.”
I smiled.
Seth smiled back, “I am not mad anymore, I am sorry.”
I hugged him, “I’m sorry too, next time you shouldn’t run so slowly.”
He laughed, “I know.” He squeezed me tightly and pulled me back to look at my face.
I smiled at him and it dawned on me what was happening. I stepped back and told him, “Don’t make Masen wait, and I am going to bed night!” I ran up the stairs not looking back once. What had changed?
Edward responded as I opened my bedroom door, “It doesn’t take much.”
I looked at him and smiled, “What are you doing here?”
Chapter 7: Imprinting
He smiled, “I came to warn you.”
I smiled back, “Warn me about what Grandpa?”
He laughed, “Well there will be a party, and there will be a few people there.”
I smiled my hapless crooked smile, “I am not my mother or grandmother.”
He let out a low whine, “I know but sometimes I just expect this fear of crowds to surface in you.”
I laughed, “Maybe I am more Cullen than Swan.”
He laughed and hugged me, “Sara please be more careful.”
I growled although I expected more of that trashing than that I couldn’t stop myself. “Edward you know better than I did what happened was what needed to happen.”
He smiled softly and released the hug to look at me, “I know princess, but just don’t put yourself in those situations!”
I smiled at my very old nickname, “Edward, what was it that you needed to talk to me about?” Recalling the airport, and the comment he made as I entered the room.
He sighed, “I think Seth is starting to feel a certain way about you.”
I groaned, “I know, but I think he forgets we are related.”
Edward smiled, “Sara it’s so far back it doesn’t matter and your great grandfather married his mother not a big deal.”
I laughed, “He is a shape shifter, he has a soul mate somewhere that isn’t me, there is no point in getting hurt, I can’t do through what Leah is still going through.”
Edward nodded, “I know, I just don’t want you to not find some kind of happiness even if it’s a short high school crush.”
I looked at him, “Seth has not made his feelings known.”
Edward coughed, “I think that is what he intends to give you for your birthday.”
I gasped, “He told you that?”
Edward smiled broadly and crocked, “Not directly.”
I laughed nervously remembering the airport.
Edward smiled, “Just let him down gently he will understand, especially if you make your points like did just now to me, Seth is a good kid and I consider him one of us, he was done a lot for his family.”
I smiled, “I love Seth, I would never want to hurt him, he is like a brother to me.”
Edward laughed a little, “I have heard that before about the Quileute boys.”
I smiled, “its ok Edward.”
He nodded and stepped toward the window, “I am going to catch up with everyone else, since there is going to be a party in the very near future filled with human’s it’s probably best that no one us are hungry.”
I smiled and waved as he ducked out the window. I lay down, closed my eyes and thought about what Edward had said. Seth? Goodness.
The next day I spent all day the Cullen house with Ara and Gabby. We spent all day with Alice and Bella planning the events for the next day. My birthday, I smiled at the thought, I will be able to drive myself to school on Monday! Gabby and Ara were just as excited about that occurrence. Ara will still have to catch the bus because she lives out on the reservation on the way school but now I can take her home. Gabby was over thrilled about the new information I gave her about TJ, at first she was mad that I even talked to Seth but after she had gotten my answer she was quite pleased.
I told her, “At least I didn’t talk to Masen, he would have run straight to TJ and told him, at least we can trust Seth.”
Gabby giggled, “At least he doesn’t like them.”
I agreed, “At least we have that.”
Ara was in a much better mood now that her scare was over everything worked out so well for the day, I didn’t once think about Seth pending present, but , my mind did stumble across Zander a few too many times that day, I wondered when I would hear Alice’s ideas. It got late and Jasper and Edward were still out and I knew the girls had to go home for tonight. Bella drove them both home and I went along for the ride. Bella was all smiles as we dropped Ara off last at the reservation.
I looked at her and smiled, “Mia what is it?”
Bella laughed, “I have never had so much fun planning for a party.”
I smiled, “Because it’s not for you or mom, it’s hard to plan parties when you know the person you are planning them for hate them.”
She grunted, “I guess you’re right, I just realized why Alice loves this so much.”
I smiled brightly, “I am glad.”
She turned to look at me not looking at the road, “Sara I love you and I am glad you are spending time with Charlie.”
I frowned, “I just don’t want to not know him.”
Bella huffed and grabbed my hand as she looked back at the road and the rain started to spot the windshield, “I know, I keep thinking he will be here forever, like us.”
I sighed this is not what I wanted to talk about it is too sad to know you will outlive the ones you loves by eternity. We pulled up into the almost hidden drive to the Cullen house and drove in silence as we approached the house.
I looked at the house and there seemed to be tons of activity, I didn’t think much of it, vampires don’t have to sleep. I jumped out of the car and ran to the door and Bella was hot on my heels like she was missing something, I looked back the smile had returned to her face. I threw the door opened and standing in the living room was Masen and our parents. I smiled with all my glory even thought I had a crooked smile I was so overwhelmed I ran to them. I buried my face in to my father’s huge chest I felt the tears burning my eyes. My mother joined the hug and we all laughed.
“I missed you guys!” I choked out.
My mother pulled me to her and dried my face, “You think we would miss your birthday?”
I smiled, “No I just knew you were so busy.”
My father boomed, “I know we were and so were you, but we have a surprise.” Everyone looked at him like they had been waiting for an answer to. At the top of the steps appeared four people, an older man and a teenage boy and twin teenage girls. At least I thought they were twins.
I gasped, “What is this?”
They looked down at us they seemed nervous. The old man started down the steps closely followed by the boy and the girl.
Jacob walked toward them and turn back toward us, “This is Chief Epapa of the Matis Tribe out of the Vale do Javari, in Brazil.” He pointed behind him to the boy and then the girls, “This is Tanun his son he is about eighteen years old they, and these are his twin girls Usi and Waka.” They all nodded in acknowledgment. Masen seemed to be caught off guard. I looked at him and he was eyeing the girls.
I laughed under my breath, “Such a boy.”
He grunted at me, “Shut it.”
Our mother eyed us and whispered to me, “It’s more than that, and we had no idea.”
I shook my head not understanding.
Everyone gathered in the living room and took seats or leaned and the Matis Indians sat on the couch still looking very nervous.
Jacob smiled, “We have found another ancient tribe that had similar legends as we do.”
Edward smiled, “I didn’t think that you could share your secrets.”
Jacob smiled like he wanted the question asked, Edward may have red his mind, “I am an Alpha and so is Tanun, so when I phased to protect Nessie, I heard him and he heard me, that’s why he got scared and ran. They had never encountered anything like me or Nessie before.” We sought him out and he came to talk to me after several hours, telling me that the tribal elders would like to meet with us.” He nodded to Epapa.
Epapa stood up, “This was new and strange. We do not like new in most times, but these were not the pale faces of ancient times that would bring the death sickness, this was our ancient brother.” His voice sounded scratchy and his accent was strange.
I leaned forward, “So you guys don’t turn into wolves but jaguars?”
Epapa smiled and nodded, “Yes young chidado.”
I raised my brow in confusion, and one to the twins leaned forward and looked at me her voice was soft and she had a small accent but not like her fathers, “it means woman, he called you a young woman, he doesn’t usually like speaking English.”
I smiled, “Your name is Waka, right.”
She smiled brightly, “Yes that is right, you must be Sarabella, I have heard many stories of you and your brother.” I looked at Masen who was still staring at Usi.
Tanun stood up next to his father and spoke to us all, “This has been a great learning experience, there has been many Mor’te Ba’I Iponga and Exohi hunting our lands and the Tribes around us so I thought when I caught Mrs. Nessie scent she was a Mor’te Ba’I Exohi that had taken another human.” He pointed at Jacob, “I just thought he was from another tribe.”
Jacob nodded.
Tanun continued, “Then he changed, I had never seen a man change into a Wapa. I was afraid, why would this shifter protect the Mor’te Ba’l? Then I heard her heart beat I was afraid and ran back to the village and spoke with my elders.”
I raised my hand, “What are Mor’te Ba’l Iponga and Exohi and what is a Wapa?”
Tanun smiled at me, “I do not know who to translate it properly, Mor’te Ba’l is literally dead moon, and Iponga and Exohi mean man and woman, it’s like a Dead man with the face of the moon, like pale but glows?” He shrugged at me.
I smiled, “The cold ones?”
He nodded, “Yes I have heard that term to, Vampeer?”
I smiled, “Yes vampire.”
He laughed, “And Wapa means dog.”
Everyone laughed Jasper said, “Even they think you’re a dog.”
Jacob snorted and laughed.
Nessie replied, “So we spent the time we could in the village and were just planning to come back after you birthday, but Epapa wants to come meet the Quileute elders, so we brought everyone back, and found out even more than we thought we would”
I looked at her, “How long have you been here?”
Nessie smiled at me, “Since this morning, we were in La Push with the elders, and found out why something’s have not happened to certain people yet.”
I looked at her, “What do you mean?”
She smiled and looked at Masen and Usi then to me, “Leah has imprinted and so has Masen.”
I gasped, “On each other?”
Nessie laughed, “No the Matis Indians.”
I looked at Masen, “Ohhh.”
She continued, “Leah and Tanun have imprinted and so has Masen and Usi.”
I nodded great more lovey dovey crap to deal with.
Edward laughed.
Get out of my head.
He turned to me and looked hurt.
Sorry I thought.
I looked at everyone and realized I was just exhausted. I stretched and yawned.
Edward smiled and looked at me, “You will be sleeping in my room, Usi can sleep in Alice’s room, Waka will be in Rosalie's room and Tanun and Epapa we have a guest room set up with two beds if that will be ok?”
Epapa nodded at Edward and smiled, “That will be very great of you.”
Alice took Waka and Usi up there their rooms, and Edward escorted Epapa and Tanun to their room.
I looked at Masen who looked so distraught now that Usi was gone. I sighed, “Masen will you be ok?”
He nodded and stood up, “I am going to crash on the couch.”
I smiled thinking about how Seth was camped out on our couch.
Masen grunted as he plopped down on the couch, “Ella, are you mad at me now?”
I moaned, “No as long as you don’t forget about me.”
He grunted, “How can I forget the best little sister ever.”
I stood up and headed for the stairs, “You don’t have to lie to me too.”
I walked into Edward’s old room and there was a bed but not much else they weren’t planning on being here too long. I threw the covers back and looked for something to wear; on the floor at the end of the bed was a bag with my clothes in it. I loved this room with all the glass. I turned off the light and jumped into bed. It was like sleeping in a tree house. I smiled and closed my eyes. It wasn’t long before sleep took me. I started dreaming those eyes that trap me, but it changed so quickly, I was running on the roof tops again but something was different I knew it was coming, what might have happened, I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t wake myself. I watched Kane jump out of the tree line and straight at Zander; I couldn’t run fast enough it was like I was being held back. My hands were outstretched toward him; it was like I could feel him on my finger tips. I was too late, I got there to see his lifeless eyes. A fire consumed my soul, a burn I had never felt before, it wasn’t the same as when I smell him, it was new, like my heart had been torn out. I just wanted to feel the burn, the fire of his sweetness.
I woke myself screaming, “No, No, No, Not him!”
I opened my eyes and realized I had been dreaming. That didn’t change the burn in my chest and on my face. There was a tap on the door, and it was cracked open, I looked up with tears streaming down my face. I gasped rubbing them away but they just kept flowing.
Bella poked her head in, “Sara are you ok?”
I sniffled, “Yes Mia.”
She opened the door all the way at my lie. I looked at her, I was trembling. She rushed to the bed and touched my hair; I could tell she was avoiding my face so she didn’t have to see what I saw. I just blinked and wiped my face again, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
Bella smiled, “It’s been a long day.”
I choked through my tears, “May be so, just stress.”
Bella pushed my hair back and looked into my eyes, “You can talk to me you know that right?”
I nodded, “I know.”
She stood up, “What do you want me to tell everyone else that is freaked out about your screaming?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “Whatever you need to tell them.”
She nodded, “Try to get some sleep dear, we have a long day tomorrow, just say my name if you need me again.”
“Yes, Mia.” I whispered and lay my head on my pillow. I closed my eyes the darkness enclosed around me. I don’t remember anything else.

Chapter 8: Birthday
I awoke in the morning, my face felt stiff and my chest felt empty. I rolled out of bed, and crawling to the shower dragging clothes behind me. I turned on the water and let it warm up as I brushed my teeth. I groaned at the sight of myself
Why was this changing? Was it Alice’s vision? Why did it hurt so bad to lose him I don’t even know him! I growled at myself. I was talking myself out of what I know needed to happen. I needed to stay away from him, I saved him. Did I do it for the right reasons? Did I do it for myself, because there was already a claim on his blood? If I meant to preserve his life he was not safe around me. Maybe I need to go home with everyone when they leave. I was right Forks was a bad idea.
I jumped in the shower and let the hot water run over me. I wondered what Alice was going to do today, let me stay and help or send me away. I finished up and got out and dressed quickly. I flitted down the stairs and Bella and Alice were standing at the dining room table looking at what looked like plans.
I jumped down the last step with a thump. They both turned around quickly like they were trying to hide what they were looking for. Masen wasn’t on the couch anymore. I looked at them both, “What are you guys doing?”
Bella replied, “Nothing you need to concern yourself with.”
Then I saw my mother approach them from the kitchen smiling, and trailing behind her was Rosalie and Esme. I let out a small high pitched squeal. I ran toward the dining room.
Rosalie quickly cut off my path and grabbed me into a large hug, “Mia delizia principessa!”
I smiled, “Hello Rosalie, I’ve missed you!”
She smiled and released me, “You grow so fast, and you are so beautiful I am almost jealous.”
Esme shooed her away and grabbed me up in a gentle hug and whispered, “Happy birthday love, I am so happy to see you.”
I smiled, “I love you, Esme, I have missed you so.”
I looked around them and whatever Alice and Bella were doing at the table was gone. I knew Alice would have some kind of surprise even though it wasn’t necessary. Everyone started talking at once and asking questions about school and friends. We went on like this until Carlisle came in looking surprised at all the noise.
He smiled and spoke over everyone wrapping his arm around Esme’s waist, “I am so glad to see most of my family in one room.”
I looked around and thought aloud, “Where are boys?”
Nessie replied, “They went down to La push, Epapa wanted to spend some more time with Billy and Quil.”
I nodded.
Nessie continued, “Ara is expecting you down there today, I might add.”
I smiled my bright crooked smile, “You are just trying to get rid of me aren’t you?”
Everyone smiled and shook their heads.
I laughed, “Who is going to drive me?”
Bella smiled, “You are going to drive you.”
I looked at her in shock, “My car is at Charlie’s.”
She shook her head, “it’s in the garage, we picked it up already.”
I jumped up, “ok then I am going to La Push.” I ran back up stairs grabbing my stuff and saw my keys sitting on top of my bag. I shook my head laughing. I ran back down and out the door yelling behind me, “Call me when I can come home.”
I pulled into La Push and headed straight for Ara’s house. Ara looked like she was waiting on just me. She smiled brightly.
I parked and jumped out, “What?”
She laughed, “Happy Birthday!”
I grinned, “Thanks!”
We spent the rest of the day light planning and talking about the end of spring break and what we were wearing the first day back to school. Zander did not cross my mind most of the day.
Gabby joined us later that day and was very excited, “Sara, we have to be at your house in one hour.”
I looked at her; “They sent you?”
She looked disappointed.
“Gabby I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just I thought they would call me.” I assured her.
Ara smiled, “No, Gabby and I are responsible for getting you there at a certain time.”
Gabby smiled at this, “Yes we are your keepers, Alice put us in charge.”
I laughed, “Ok then, we will go to the house in an hour.” I wondered what the big deal was now; I only expected my family, Ara and Gabby. I shrugged maybe Alice just wanted to make it feel like a surprise cause I already knew about it.
The hour passed quickly and we were loading into my car and I drove to the house. As we pulled around the bend in the road there were tiny sparkling green lights wrapped around all the trees leading down the drive.
I laughed excitedly, “Alice’s likes the lights.”
We all giggled uncontrollably.
Ara gasped for breath as we pulled in front of the garage, “Sara, this is going to be fun!”
I smiled at her and Gabby, “As long as I have you both anything would be fun!”
We all awed and jumped out of the car and ran around to the front of the house. We walked in and everyone got silent, but the music was still so loud. There were tons of people there, how did Alice do all this? The house was perfect, everything was so beautiful.
Alice flitted to my side and whispered, “Happy Birthday!”
I smiled widely and playfully hissed, “Did you invite the whole town?”
Alice giggled and replied, “Just most of it, now go mingle.” She pushed me gently into the room.
Everyone was there all the kids in my grade and Masen’s grade just about. The chief waved at me uncomfortable from across the room, next to him was Sue and on the other side was Bella and Nessie, all of whom shared his uncomfortable mask. As I walked around the room saying hello to everyone, I realized Ara and Gabby were not by my side, which made me feel strange.
Torrey and Carrie were in the corner looking at some papers with TJ and Masen standing next to them trying to read, I decided not to go that way just yet. I made my rounds and stopped by the stairs Usi and Waka were sitting there, I assumed waiting for Masen. They looked interested in what was going on, I smiled at them and they smiled back. Tanun came down the stairs and nodded to me and walked across the room to where Masen was standing. I guessed they were friends now that Masen and he were imprinted on each other’s family.
I saw a light flick across the crowd and Ara walked up behind me whispering something about Torrey and Carrie, but I was distracted by the door, the light came from someone else coming in.
Seth stuck his head in and looked around; I smiled and ran over to him hugging him. He looked down at me standing up straight, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me off my feet. I then remembered what Edward had said I felt my body go rigid. I looked at Seth, who was still smiling. He set me down my back was to the stairs, he handed me a small box.
I took it shyly out of his hand and looked at him, “It not present time.”
He looked at me and smiled slightly, “I may not be able to stay.”
I looked at him surprised, “Why not.”
He shook his head and said, “Open the box Sarabella, then I will answer your question.”
It was like the whole room went silent, and everything went black around me. I didn’t want to open the box.
I just looked at him with questions in my eyes.
He closed his eyes and waited. I looked around for a way out, I caught Edward’s eyes, he looked concerned.
I froze; I can’t open this can I?
Edward shrugged his shoulders and nodded you will have to face it, and tell him the truth.
Tears burned my cheek and I looked back at Seth. I touched his face and saw that his thoughts were blank, I looked at him, “Seth don’t do this!” His eyes snapped opened and looked at the unopened box in my hand the then his eyes shot to Edward.
He looked angry, “He told you.”
I looked surprised never realizing he would guess that. His eyes darted around the room and his hands we shaking. I touched his face and was trying to give him something calm to think about.
I whispered, “Let’s go outside, please.”
Ara jumped next to me, “Sara what’s happening?”
I looked at her and the tears flowed faster.
I turned back to Seth, I begged and it seemed to only make things worse, “Please Seth.” I had my hands on his shoulders.
Masen looked up from across the room and then looked to Edward, they both seemed frozen or it may have been me, because I became more aware, the music hadn’t stopped and the room was not dark.
Seth twisted out of my grip and stormed out the front door knocking me to the floor as he did. I sat there for a second stunned, Masen chased after Seth followed by Tanun and his sisters.
Edward pulled me up; the rest of the party seemed unaware of the issues at hand. I struggled out of Edwards grip and he shook me slightly and pulled me into the kitchen out of the sight of the party, “I don’t think now is a good time, he is very upset and can hurt you Sara.”
“He won’t hurt me.” I retorted knowing I wasn’t sure anymore if that was the truth, I had just hurt him what would stop him from reacting to me?
Edward hissed, “Stop it, you don’t know that.”
I looked at his hands around my wrists and the box was still clutched in my left hand I eyes it, “Maybe I am wrong.”
Edward shook his head, “You’re not, but Seth doesn’t know that yet.”
Ara was brushing my hair back.
Edward hissed, “I will release you if you promise not to run.”
I looked at him confused, I didn’t understand. Run? I shook my arms; I was not as strong as him or as fast but… Who am I joking?
He released me hearing my internal battle. I looked at the box, I started to pull the lid off and the tears burned down my face I felt horrible, I loved Seth just not the way he wants, he will get imprinted and then what? I will not be like Leah. He has to understand.
Edward grabbed my chin and pulled my face up, “You have made your points and they are valid ones, but you have to let Seth know them. You might want to talk this out with Bella.”
I nodded and tore the lid off the box. Inside was a piece of paper I pulled it out and underneath was a silver ankh on a black leather cord I gasped, and stood there confused, then I realized the paper had a note on it:
I know I cannot give you the world. I just want to. If we want we can have eternity. I know you do and I will stay with you for every minute of it. Please tell me you will let me try; I know I could love you more than some imprint can take away. I know you feel something for me, more than family.
I love you more than you know.
I fell on the floor in a heap and the note fell beside me.
Ara picked it up and gasped, “Sara, what?” She just looked at me.
I didn’t know what to do. I stood up and wiped my face, I was thinking that I would just go back to the party and deal with this later.
Edward nodded in agreement with my thoughts.
I walked out of the kitchen, I don’t know if it was just not that noticeable and I was making a bigger deal of it than I should but nothing outside of the kitchen seemed to have changed, Gabby was actually in the corner with TJ talking about something and Torrey and Carrie were still going over the papers they had. I looked around and I knew what I was about to do.
I met Alice’s eyes, and hers followed behind me and landed on Edward, I grabbed the knob to the front door and ran out. I heard Edward growl but I know that no one else did. I ran across the yard and into the woods, faster than I should with the company we currently had, but I had to find him. I grabbed my cell out of my pocket not skipping a beat, I dialed Seth’s phone, I hear it ringing in the distance. Surely he would be farther away than that. I ran toward the noise, and was stopped dead in my tracks, his phone was on the ground surrounded my small shreds of fabric. I fell to my knees and looked around, I could smell him and another scent I did not know maybe Tanun?
I dialed Masen, it rang four times and Usi answered, “Hello, Ella?”
I grunted, “Yes, but its Sara.”
She sighed, “Sorry Masen just calls oh never mind, Sara, Masen says it will be ok, Seth is just upset.”
I sniffled, “I know, I just wanted to talk to him.”
Usi seemed to be pondering, “Well, I know Masen is with him and so is Tanun and Waka and I are just waiting, go enjoy your party and I will tell Masen to call you when we get Seth to calm down.”
I groaned knowing I would not enjoy the rest of tonight until this was over, “Ok.”
Usi stuttered, “Sara, I know that you are scared, but love comes in strange ways.”
I grunted, “Usi Seth is like Masen and Tanun, he has a soul mate, it’s not me and I never want him to be put in a situation where he feels like he his letting someone down, and I don’t want to get hurt, and I never want to hurt him, I love him, he is my family, I can’t love him like he thinks he wants me to, he wasn’t made for me”
Usi groaned “I understand when you explain it like that.”
I smiled, “Just have Masen call please.”
She replied, “I will, Sara I’m sorry, but I know everything will be ok.”
I hung up and walked back toward the house and Edward and Alice were on the porch waiting.
I looked up Alice smiled brightly, and Edward looked furious. I stepped up the porch and Alice said, “I saw that you weren’t going to get far, this is starting to get interesting.”
Edward raised a brow and sighed, “You tricked me.”
I looked up at him and all the anger in his face was gone he almost seemed amused.
I smiled slightly.
Edward let out a huge laugh, “You got that from your mother’s side of the family.”
I sighed, “It’s not funny Edward.”
I pushed him and he grinned, “Just wait until everyone is gone.”
He turned and walked back inside. I followed behind; Ara was waiting, in all the drama it seems that my family had decided to help as a distraction. Gabby ran over to me and handed my some papers. I took them and looked at her.
She smiled, “Torrey found this online.”
I looked it over it was some independent music journal, and there was an article about Alexander Cheney.
I look at her and shook my head, “Who is that?”
She sighed, “Zander.”
I shook my head again, and returned to the article. Apparently Zander was in a band that was getting some good following out of Seattle. I read on about the car accident his parents were in and how he stopped playing and that the lead singer had moved out of state. There was an interview with him and he told them that he had no reason to play right now he feels like he has lost his soul and doesn’t want to right now. I looked at the pictures that were on the page, it was him alright they were live shots of them playing, his eyes were not sad. I wish they were better pictures.
I sighed, I just wanted to comfort him and I bet so did every girl in this room. I looked around and saw that Torrey was eyeing me. I stared at her and hissed. I looked through the article for a band name Underneath it All. Maybe I could find something online. The rest of the party went without incident I opened my gifts and got a range of things; in the end I was exhausted. Mostly clothes, jewelry and stuff for school. I didn’t need anything so I didn’t except much.
My phone buzzed in my pocket as everyone was leaving, “Ella, is everyone gone?” said Masen
I sighed, “Bella is taking Gabby and Ara home, I’m too tired.” I was already up in Edward’s room, my room currently.
Masen cleared his throat, “Seth needs to talk to you before you go to sleep.”
I felt awake suddenly. “Are you sure?” I whispered.
Masen replied, “Just talk to him you will be surprised, “He feels awful, Usi talked to him, and he has something he needs to say to you.”
I thought it through and whispered, “Ok.”
Masen hung up and I laid my phone on the night stand next to the little black box. There was a tap at the door that made me jump.
I choked out, “Come in.”
Seth opened the door slowly; he was dirty from head to toe.
I looked at him and felt the tears burn my face and collapsed on the bed.
He ran to my side and knelt in front of me, shushing me.
I started to reach for him and dropped my hand crying harder realizing nothing will ever be the same.
Seth looked at me and looked like he was about the rip himself apart, “Sara I’m sorry.”
I looked up at him confused, “Why are you sorry, I am the one who hurt you, and ruined everything so it will never be the same.”
Seth grunted, “You did it for the right reasons and I know that now, it’s only been a few hours and I know how back things could have been, I was just wrong.”
I looked at him, “What are you talking about?”
Seth looked like he was going to vomit, he placed his head on my knee and whispered, “I was wrong, you were right, if we moved forward we would have both regretted it in the end, I love you that did not change.”
I wiped my face, “What!” I hissed at him, “What are you saying?”
He looked at me a little shocked, “I imprinted.”
I gasped, “Who?”
He sighed, “Waka.”
I nodded, “See if you would have walked all the way in before your big scene this would have never happened.”
He laughed slightly, “I’m sorry Sara.”
I looked at him, “Do you feel good about her, better than you felt about me?”
He looked up almost hurt, “It’s different.”
I looked at him, “Do feel happy?”
He smiled and then frowned, “About her yes, about today no, about you no.”
I grunted, “Seth I thought I destroyed you and that’s all this is, I want you to be happy I knew it couldn’t be me, I am not Leah I couldn’t live like that.”
Seth looked at the floor, “That’s what I mean, I am sorry I ever even considered putting you through that.”
I put my fingers over his lips, “Shh.” I hugged him, “I love you Seth remember that, Waka is your other half be happy.”
He hugged me back and whispered, “I love you too, Happy birthday.”
Then he started to get up and looked at the night stand, and cleared his throat, “What are you going to do with that?”
I looked at the box, “If you want to return it I will not be mad at you.”
He growled, “It’s still your birthday, and you will live for eternity, I think it’s still a pretty thoughtful gift I really want you to have it.”
I smiled my crooked smile and watched him reach for it, “I would love to wear it Seth.”
He opened the box and placed it around my neck it felt like it had always been there I touched it with my finger tips and looked up at him I responded, “Thanks its perfect.”
He stood up and looked at me and started for the door, “Good Night Sara, and I am sorry I am you cry on your birthday.”
I nodded, “its ok Seth, everything can go back to the way it was.”
He left and my head hit the pillow. I knew that everything from this moment was different and there was nothing to stop it. I don’t remember my dreams from that night, but I know they were not what they had been.
Good story!!!
luv it!


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