The Twilight Saga

Beginning Dusk

~Book 1~


Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Insight
Chapter 2 - Beach Bum's

Chapter 3 - Crowley's
Chapter 4 - Broken Bottle's

Chapter 5 - Long Distance Call
Chapter 6 - Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 7 - Imprint
Chapter 8 - Birthday

Chapter 9 - Bond Fire
Chapter 10 - Firebird
Chapter 11 - Show Me
Chapter 12 - Psycho Killer

Chapter 13 - Tricky
Chapter 14 - Lock and Blaze

Chapter 15 - Family
Chapter 16 - Perspective

Chapter 17- Island
Chapter 18 - Truth behind the Lies
Chapter 19 - Lyric's
Chapter 20 - Leda
Chapter 21 - Daddy's Home
Chapter 22 - Edward's Secret
Chapter 23 - Parents!
Chapter 24 - Dress Up
Chapter 25 - Reaction Time
Chapter 26 - Damage Control
Chapter 27 - My Masen
Chapter 28 - Something New
Chapter 29 - Contract
Chapter 30 - The End


Lunar Illusion

~Book 2~ Part 1


Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Long Road Home
Chapter 2 - Volterra

Midsummer's Secret

~Book 3~


Chapter List

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Awards & Nominations

Beginning Dusk

Award - Beginning Dusk - Best Fan Fic You Have Read - Fan Fic Awards- Aug 2009
~3rd Place -
Award - Beginning Dusk - Fan Fic You Can't Stop Reading - Fan Fic Awards- Aug 2009
~2nd Place -
Award - Beginning Dusk - Best Unknown Story - Fan Fiction Awards - July 2009
~1st Place - See the awesome banner made by the wonderful Shellym127
Award - Beginning Dusk - Best New Characters - Fan Fiction Awards
~1st Place - Sara and Zander - See the awesome banner made by TomTom55Leah
Award - Beginning Dusk - Best New Cullen Child - Fan Fiction Awards
~1st Place - Masen and Sarabella - See the magnificent banner made by Charlotte
Award - Beginning Dusk - Best Couple's Story - Fan Fiction Awards
~Best Couple - Sarabella and Zander


Lunar Illusion

Award - Lunar Illusion - Best Fan Fic You Have Read - Fan Fic Awards- Aug 2009
~3rd Place -
Award - Lunar Illusion - Fan Fic You Can't Stop Reading - Fan Fic Awards- Aug 2009
~3rd Place -

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please write some more...i just finished reading and it was excellent!!!!!!!!! keep me posted!!!


I've started reading beginning dusk and then lunar illusion yesterday...

and i just couldn't stop reading!!!!!!!!!!! you are really good!!!!!!!!!

this is the best FF I've ever read!!!!!!!!.

post more!!!!!!!!!!please???

I really miss writing and I am really trying to find time to work it back in... with a new baby its really hard right now. I promise one day I will finish this story.. cause I have it all in my head and I have the next story after it in there too.

you should liston to dance forever by Allstar Weekend

New reader.  Just recently found this and it was Amazing.  Can't wait to read more when things settle down in the real world.

I recently came back to this site and i found your story again, i used to be TeamEdward the girl that has been reading this story since Beginning Dusk and first nominated you for the best Unknown story, back then i was a freshman and now I am a soon to be Senior, i just wanted to say i have reread the whole entire story and it is just as wonderful as it was years ago, I really do hope you continue and write the second book :) i really want to know how this story ends.  i jst cant believe it took me around 3 yrs to come back to this website and i was kind of hoping that i would have been reading the ending as well, i also hope you are doing well in your personal life :)


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