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 There was smoke everywhere, and ash covered my skin and clothes. I crawled on my hands and knees through the smoke and debris trying to find the front door. I was choking, I couldn’t breathe and I began to feel dizzy. I lay down covering my face with my hands as the flames came closer, licking their way across the floor. I began to cough violently and my eyes had tears in them. I knew this was the end, I couldn’t draw a single breathe. So this was how I was going to die, only five years old on my first day of school. I closed my eyes and waited to be consumed by the flames

Chapter 1: Flowers
Chapter 2: Waking Up


srry, they didn't have a lamb :/

cause we all know deep down Emmett wants to be a bright pink monkey...okay not too deep down

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more...see five comments now go ahead and update lol
lol I'm sorry. My other story didn't even have five comments after the first chapter so I haven't even written half the first chapter :/ I promise it will be posted first thing in the morning though :)
its ok i can wait :(
i like the catcher you created its very inticing and makes me want to read the whole story right now i hope you do post more tomorrow morning i will definatly will check please hurry

Thanks :) I tried really hard to make it attention catching because I love reading all the encouraging comments from readers. I probably spent twenty minutes writing it and I'm really glad that it paid off :)
Being Pulled From the Flames
this sounds like a good title but it is your story and by the way it is a good one.
I love! Hehehe I hacked my way onto the computer lol. First chapter is going to be up soon, I just need to edit it!
okay sorry, apperently my computer decided to delete the entire first chapter :( dang it now I gotta start over


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