The Twilight Saga

What if Bella changed here mind about Edward? What if she wanted Jasper insted of Edward? What if that happend what would her life be like? Find out... (Bella's point of veiw)

Me and Edward were fighting alot latly. ABout how we would do this, get this that this that. ITs so annoying. So I dicided I would go visit the rest of the Cullens. Right now me and Edward are living on Isle Esme.
"bye Edward see you soon"I told him
"ok I do need some time to myself"he said
"love you bye"I yellled
"you to"he said walking into the house
I got on to the boat. Finnally I get to see ALice. Alice, I love her she is the best sister anyone could ever have. And Emmett, Oh Emmett I loved him to the teddy bear big brother I couldn't wish for a better brother. And Jasper now that im a vampire I can spend more time with him. NOw I can lear more about him. Carlise , My well sorta father. BUt he is great guy. And Esme I love ESme the sweetness aw. And well Rosealie. Rosalie. rosalie,rosealie. ugh oh well.
Finally I got on to the harbour took the taxi nad went on the sevral planes. At the last stop in Port Angeles there they were the Cullen familly. ESme was the first one to greet me she had a big smile on her face.
"Bella, hello how is your life with Edward?"she asked
"Great great!"I Said
"thats good"she said
Emmett was next.
"hey lil sis how are you"he asked Hugging me
"Great as ever"I said
"CRAP your not blushing!"he said
"Sorry?"I said
"don't worry"He said
next was Alice
"Bella!! I Missed you sooooooo much" She said
"oh Alice I missed you to"I told her
she smiled
next was Carlise .
"Bella im happy your here alive" he said laughing
"ya im happy im alive to it hurt alot" I explained
"let's talk about it later" he sasid
Next was well Rosalie.
"hi Bella" she said
"Hi"I said
then she walk away Jasper was walking to me.He gave me a big hug.
"It's kinda embarassing but I really did miss you" he wisperd into my ear still hugging me then he let go.
"Jasper so did I" I said smileing
"Well lets go guys" CArlise said
"allright"Emmett said taking my hand and rosalie's. Then I felt another hand grab onto mine .It was Jasper,he was also holding on to Alice's.
"who wants to go in what car?" Carlise asked
"I Want to go with Bella" Jasper and Emmett said at the same time. they started to laugh.
"ok Jasper and Emmett go in Emmett's jeep ok?" ESme asked
"Sounds good to me Jasper said"looking at me with a big smile on his face
I think Jasper was happy for me being a vampire. He could spend more time with me. Emmett seemed just really happy I was back to were it all began. I was also in the car with Alice she was talking about somthig like getting a new outfit or somthing but i didn't listen. I was thinking about a few things: how would Edward cope without me. what would I do with my life with the Cullens . I didn't have a plan on how long I woould stay but I had billions of years to stay with them so....
"So he did it" Jasper asked
"yes" I was whispering
"painful, eh?"Emmett asked
"no no it was not painful It all" I said with heavy sarcasam
We laughed. But Alice didn't. She was crying.
"alice , honey whats wrong?" Jasper asked
"She get to remember about her human life all of you do every single one of you, but nmot me in a humanless person."she said
"Alice don't cry!!!!" I said "don't worry at least you learnt alittle bit about your human life look we found your name in the newspaper"I said
"WHAT???" she asked

Young musican Alice has dissapierd.
No one know where she went we don't
know if she ran from home or was kid-
napped. Her parents are very worried
for there childs safty. Her mom (Emily)
sais""oh please please if you see my
daughter please call the police. She
was the nicest the bestest daughter
a mom could ever have oh I love you
Alice and so dose dad and all your
friends." So please if you see young
Alice call: 911.

She was crying but this time tears of joy. WE were at the house.
"how did you fnd this"She said still crying.
"Ask Jasper" I told her
She looked up at Jasper and smiled.
"I found it online"he said
"Oh JAsper Hale I love you sooooooooooooooooo MUCH"she said very very VERY Happily
She danced to JAsper's side and kissed him on the lips.
"Oh,alice I love you to"he told her
"Carlise!! Let's get this party started"Esme called out
Crap. A party. Ugh.A. Stinken.Party. With Gifts. There was A big sign on the wall that said: welcome home Bella!!!!!
"Presents"Alice yelled
UGH!!!!! PRESNETS. oh well im gonna have to live thru it.It was a little wierd JAsper kept looking at me his eyes were never blinking he smiled when I met his gaze. Well for my gifts Alice gave me a beutiful dress and Emmett well he gave me some shoes and Jasper a purse and Rosalie a neklace nand Carlise and Esme a painting. Jasper after asked me if we could go for a walk. Of course I said yes . Who wouldn'ty say yes to this HOTTIE!!
"So how is Edward doing these days?" HE asked
"Great but we are getting into alot of fights latly"I told him
"oh yea sad"he said
"hows the rest of the family doing these days?"I asked
"great great you know what I've allways wanted to do Bella?"He said
"no what"I said
He leaned forword. To me and his lips pressed against mine. I didn't pull away. Edward didn't need to know about this. Then Emmett was right there.

Jasper's point of veiw

Crap. I hate Emmett so much right now I could kill him.Ugh.Ugh.Ugh. What will I tell Alice? I love her to. But people...ok and vampiers change there person they love. It's true. But since I was in the millitary and well my parents never told me anything about the love life, how to dump a girl.So here I go.
"Jaspern what the ?"Emmett asked
"Where's Alice?"I replied not even answering his question.
"Right here"I herd Alice's voice it was sad.
"Alice follow me"I asked
She followed me without answering.
"what is your problem Jasper?" she asked
"I don't know how to tell you thins but..."She interuppted me
"you love Bella "she guessed
"Yea I do im not saying In don't love you anymore" I explained
"You just love Bella more?"she guessed "Jasper I saw this comming I know you love me but why Bella has Edward, Jasper Edward is her life. Bella will NEVER change her mind to you that would be crazy"she explained.
What will I do? I do still love Alice and I still do love Bella. I love Bella more. I want Bella.I need to go talk to her. I. Need. To.
"bye ALice I love you . And I kissed her for probably for the last time.
"Bella! Bella!"I yelled
SHe yanked from Emmett's hard grip.(Now that she was stronger then him.) She ran and kissed me on the lips.
"Jasper I need you to live Edward hates me and now I Nhate him I need you!!!"she yelled
"Emmett stop!"I herd Carlise voice.Emmett let go and went to Rosalies side. She whisperd somthing so mlow I couldn't even hear her.
"Whats the problem?"Carlise asked
"Jasper and Bella love each other"Rosalie barged in
"WHAT?"I herd Edwards voice
Bella took a deep breath. "JAsper is my life now Edward I love him. YOu allways say you hate me and im starting to hate you . were fighting alot and everything. I hate it . so now im with Jasper"Bella explained
"Bella, love what the... how? What ? Jasper?"he fell on his knees
"Jasper and Bella eh?"Emmett said
"So dose that make me Bella Hale... or Bella Withlock "she asked
I laughed. "Sure you can be Bella Hale"
"What ever makes you happy!!!!"Edward yelled running away
Jacob popped up with Seth on his side.

THE END..... WAIT WAIT WAIT i know what u guys are thinking : what the heck the end allready.
Don't worry #2 is up its called Seth kicks in.... HE HE HE ok here it is:

Seth's point of view

Bella,Bella,Bella. Man I love that girl like shes the only person know. To bad I haven't imprinted on her yet. I would love to. That would hurt Edward though.
"HI guys what up with -- what the Jasper? Bella"Jacob exclaimed
"Bella's mine Jacob so back of DOG" Jasper hissed
I barked. Then wined. What Bella and Jasper what about Alice?
"ummm what happened?"Jacob asked
I ran into the forest.
'Bella's with Jasper now....' I thought
'What?'Sam asked
'trust me change back into your human form and go see it for yourself'I thought.
The heat rushed thourg my veins. nI got used to that and ran to catch up with sam.
"so really Bella and Jasper?"Sam asked. I hadn't noticed now Quil and Embry were walking with us.
I took a deep breath and opend the door. Beela was sitting on Jaspers lap talking.Edwaed was on his knees. Alice soothing him(she was really sad to i could see it). Jacob sat on the arm chair probably half asleep.
"So what up?"Sam finally said after a long silence.
Alice got up came to my side.
"I see you and Jasper and EDward fighting"she said into my ear and went back to her spot.
I fell to the floor.
"Seth, Seth?"I herd Leah's voice. I was on the couch. Bella at my side. And the rest of the pack to.
"Are you okay Seth?" Carlise asked
"Yea kinda" I lied
"Allright now i'll leave you guys alone"Carlise said
"So ummm what happend buddy?"Jacob asked
"Alice told me somthing that killed my heart that UGH!!!!"I couldn't hold it in anymore. I need to forget about my love of Bella and Imprint.
I ran out the door ram into the forest and phased. I could here the rest of my pack phaseing. Ugh! I phased back to human and started running to the Mall. There were lots of girls fat, Ugly , Snall, Hot, Really girly. I walk around the mall for hours. Never found my girl. I didn't want to go home! Leah would just make it worse. I found a s'pot somewhere really high and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning. The bight sun in my face. I guesse im just gonna have to live with this pain.I hate it!!! I hate it like HELL!!!!!!! Stupid Bella STupid ALIce I kept muttering that as I walked back to the Cullens. I got into nthe door and the wjole pack was der.
"You okay"Sam asked
"Yea"I lied
"Seth, Can I talk to you"Alice asked
UGh I didnot want to talk to her."Fine"
"Im sorry I didn't mean to make you mad in sorry the fight is tommorow. Im sorry Edward and Tanya are together so it will only be you and Jasper im sorry. But we will all help you so you don't start the fight and Jasper knows about it to.... "
I walked to the forest and didn't even change to wolf. I slowly walked home.
"Hi sweetie!"My mom yelledYou don't want to fight with Jasper? right"
"NO NO NO WHY WOULD I?"I YElled at her.

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