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Bella was going to The Volturi to save Edward but she got attacked by Victoria in the sqaure and got turned. A new member of the Volturi Benjamin, who is from Egypt and rather mysterious as no one talks to him, finds Bella and he takes her to the Volturi. The Volturi keep Bella with them. Edward is shocked to see Bella as she is but she can;t remember who she is as she is a new born and lost her memory with the change. Edward willingly dies, As time passes Bella and Ben talk and she falls for him. What will happen?


Preface: Bella's Pov:

Death. As scary as that word sounds, I knew my end was coming, I knew it would come, like it does for everyone else, everyone fragile and human. Even animals, some have a short life span, some long but Death never loses.  I never really much feared death as I pictured my self dying old and alone on a death bed somewhere in a hospital or at my own house.  I never thought my end would come like this, or so soon, Never in the hands of my enemy Victoria. The day I died, was the day I started to live. I was re-born, given a new identity. The identity of an immortal, a Vampire. And this is my story


Preface (Above) 

Chapter 1~The Volturi

Chapter 2~Bella's First Hunt

Chapter 3~Jane Strikes

Chapter 4~Benjamin's Past

Chapter 5~Bella's Power

Chapter 6~The Visitor

Chapter 7~Forks

Chapter 8~Making Plans

Chapter 9~Charlie's Visit

Chapter 10~Jane's Arrival

Chapter 11~Anger

Chapter 12~Victoria Strikes Again

Chapter 13~Alice's Vision

Chapter 14~Angel

Chapter 15~Deal

Chapter 16~Peter and Charlotte

Chapter 17~The War



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Thanks :) I feel bad for Bella as well. I'll post soon

I feel bad for this Bella. :(

That was hard for her having lost her memory and not recognizing any of the persons from her human life and poor Jake, how he must felt when he saw her and she didn't recognized him :(

I loved the last line!

I know that makes both of us :(

Yeah and the fact that she lusted to kill him as she has poor self control due to being a new born, Just wait till he finds out about how Ben and Bella feel for each other, not good, yikes. Lol

Aww me too actualy :)

I'm sure the family spoke more about her arrival before she actually got there, so that would make sense why they didn't freak out so much. Alice still surprised me a bit though. I thought for sure she would be too excited to see her to listen to Carlisle, lol.

In the forest, was Ben on the La Push side of the line or did Jake go too far by attacking Ben on the Cullen side? I'm just wondering who was at fault there. 

Wow, Bella really did lose her memory to not have a slightest clue who any of them are. That really sucks. I hope she gets it back.


Yeah they probably did speak more about Bella but I did not show that as Carlisle was on the way with Ben and Bella when they discussed them. And Yes, I made Alice act more normal as she promised Carlisle that she would act as if it was the first time they did meet Bella.

It was Jake that went to far, Ben did not cross the line they were just hunting close to the border as they had the best food for them there.

And yeah she did lose her memory so bad. You will have to find out and what will happen if she gets it back.


i hope she stay's with that it sounds fun.

Thanks :) and welcome as a new reader :)

Love it!  great chapter- can't wait to read your next  udpate!  You are a great writer.


I am glad you like it :) aww thanks, that means a lot

Chapter 8~Making Plans

Aro's Pov:


Next Day:

I was sitting in my throne with an evil smirk on my face.Did they really think I would let them go like that? I laughed to my self as I rubbed my hands together and saw Jane walk back in "Well done Jane"

Jane smirked at me "So what's the plan then? you just let them go"

I got up "You know what the plan is" I told her "Stick to it Jane, act as if you don't know what's going on and don't give away anything"

"I won't and what then?" she asked, I could hear the uncertainty in her voice but I knew she knew what she had to do, she was only making sure she did not make a mistake as to what she had to do about this.

"Kill....." I said, I did not say who I wanted her to kill because she already knew who I wanted her to Kill. I smirked and sat back down "Welcome back Jane and you're were wonderful with the acting when I kicked you out, sure did surprise everyone"  I let out an evil laugh as more ideas were cooking in my head.

Bella's Pov:

I was in the living room and I saw a picture on the table, I picked it up and looked at it. It was me, or someone that looked like me. The human me maybe? I had brown eyes then and next to me was Emmett and Alice grinning widely with me. I looked at the date, mhh over a year ago. I looked up as I saw Alice walk in. 

Alice smiled at me kindly "I know you're confused Bella, we understand"

"Do you?" I asked and sat down and sighed "I just don't know how to handle this, I just feel like you would expect me to know you and carry on where things left off before I lost my memory and everything" I said and buried my face in my hands "I...I can't do that Alice, I don't know how to" I said, my voice shaking.

Alice wrapped her arm round me rubbing my arm "Bella, you lost your memory and no one is expecting you to know everything, it will come back"

"What if it doesn't?" I replied "I feel so helpless"

"It will in time, just give it time Bella, start a new" Alice said and smiled at me softly "I am sure Ben would say the same thing Bella, he does not want you to be upset about this and neither do we, we know its hard for you, what you been through and we're all here for you" 

I hugged Alice and sighed, she hugged me back "Come on, everyone's in the kitchen" Alice said and pulled me up with her and we walked to the kitchen were Ben was chating with Emmett and chuckling. I leaned against the door frame and watched Ben, his laugh was just so...him. I smiled, I was falling in love with him more and more.

Emmett looked at Ben "So you're ready to go?" he asked and Ben nodded then he saw me and smiled at me, 

"I'll be back in a while,going to get something with Emmett" He said and kissed my forehead.

I bit my lip "Ben wait" I said and grabbed his hand and stopped him. I looked into his eyes and softly pressed my lips against his kissing him softly. I instantly felt Ben wrap his arms round me as his lips moved gently against mine kissing me softly with love and tenderness.  I wrapped my arms round his neck as I kissed him back softly with the same softness and smiled against his lips softly.

Ben pulled back softly after a moment or so and kissed my forehead "I'll be back soon Bells" he said and hugged me tightly kissing my hair and smiled at me and pecked my lips before he and Emmett walked out of the house.

Esme smiled at me softly "You are so sweet together dear" she said and wrapped her arm round my shoulder and saw Carlisle looking concerned "What is it?" we both asked him.

"A letter from the volturi" Carlisle said

I swallowed "What, why?" I asked as I walked over to him and looked at the letter that was in his hands reading what it said.

Dear Carlisle,

I am witting to ask you if you would Let Jane be with you for a few weeks at the most. I want her to learn your ways and feed like you do, to see how it changes her prospective on the Vampire life.

Your Friend Aro.


I swallowed, Jane? Here? For weeks? Oh boy, this was not good. Aro let Jane go, I smelled something bad. I looked at Carlisle "This doesn't make sense, he kicked Jane out of the Volturi when she attacked me literally" I said

Carlisle looked at Me in awe "He let her go?" I just nodded at his words.

"This is not good" Esme said as she looked at me

"Maybe's he's up to something" I said

"I can't see anything" Alice said "I would have seen it if he was up to something, I've been watching his thoughts for a while now" something in her voice seemed scared. I sighed and sat down at the table and looked at the phone, the name read Charlie. Charlie? That same sounded like someone I knew "Do I know him?" I asked looking at Alice.

Alice looked at the phone then me "That's your father, he's a human"

I swallowed "I...I.." I looked down

Esme looked at me "Do you wish to see him Bella? We'll be here with you so you won't attack him" She said

"I am not sure, what will I tell him?" I asked looking up at her

"We'll come up with something" Emmett said as Rosalie picked up the phone

Does Aro want to get the Cullens killed? Too bad Edward isn't there anymore because  they would have no way to find out Aro's plans. I'm just confused why Alice can't see it coming. I'm excited to see Jane living with the Cullens! I can see a girl fight coming between her and Rose. Haha

You will find out who Aro wants dead soon. Yeah that's true and something is blocking Alice from seeing Aro and his thoughts


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