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Bella was going to The Volturi to save Edward but she got attacked by Victoria in the sqaure and got turned. A new member of the Volturi Benjamin, who is from Egypt and rather mysterious as no one talks to him, finds Bella and he takes her to the Volturi. The Volturi keep Bella with them. Edward is shocked to see Bella as she is but she can;t remember who she is as she is a new born and lost her memory with the change. Edward willingly dies, As time passes Bella and Ben talk and she falls for him. What will happen?


Preface: Bella's Pov:

Death. As scary as that word sounds, I knew my end was coming, I knew it would come, like it does for everyone else, everyone fragile and human. Even animals, some have a short life span, some long but Death never loses.  I never really much feared death as I pictured my self dying old and alone on a death bed somewhere in a hospital or at my own house.  I never thought my end would come like this, or so soon, Never in the hands of my enemy Victoria. The day I died, was the day I started to live. I was re-born, given a new identity. The identity of an immortal, a Vampire. And this is my story


Preface (Above) 

Chapter 1~The Volturi

Chapter 2~Bella's First Hunt

Chapter 3~Jane Strikes

Chapter 4~Benjamin's Past

Chapter 5~Bella's Power

Chapter 6~The Visitor

Chapter 7~Forks

Chapter 8~Making Plans

Chapter 9~Charlie's Visit

Chapter 10~Jane's Arrival

Chapter 11~Anger

Chapter 12~Victoria Strikes Again

Chapter 13~Alice's Vision

Chapter 14~Angel

Chapter 15~Deal

Chapter 16~Peter and Charlotte

Chapter 17~The War



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Chapter 10~Jane's Arrival

Benjamin's Pov:


It was a week later and today was the day that Jane was coming. Everyone was nervous like crazy. Alice had a vision as to where she would be waiting, so we all decided to go the clearing in the middle of to woods to await her arrival and find out what she wanted and why Aro send her here. I knew something was up, and so did Bella. Even the Cullen's suspected something was not right. I mean why would Aro kick Jane out and then send her to us? Something was deeply wrong and I wanted to know what it was.

We all got to the clearing in the middle of the woods and I had my arm round Bella's waist keeping her close to me. I squeezed her waist softly.

Bella looked at me, I could sense she was uneasy about this and could see the fear in her eyes "Something is wrong Ben, why would Aro send her here after he kicked her out?" she said as she looked at me

"That's what I was thinking" Me, Alice and Emmett said at the same time

"We will found out what's going on" Rosalie said as she looked at Bella and wrapped an arm round her shoulder rubbing her arm and Bella nods.

Esme nodded with Carlisle "Yeah, we brought back up just in case" Esme said and from the woods emerged 3 massive wolves. One of them was Jacob, I could tell by the russet colouring, One of them was a massive black one and the smallest one was greyish.

Carlisle looked at Me "The Black one is Sam the leader and the greyish one is Seth and well you know Jake, he's the russet one" I nodded

"How are they supposed to help?" I asked curious

"If a fight breaks out" Jasper said as he stood beside Alice. Emmett and Rosalie stood together. Esme stood by Carlisle and I stood with Bella. All spaced out in a semi circle and the wolfs spaced out between us.

I just nodded and took a deep breath then I smelled Jane, her scent burned my nose, it was a sort of Ivory smell and something else, I could not put my hand on it, she came into our view and stopped dead at the sight of the 3 wolves and us surrounding her like we did. "Did...did I do something wrong?" she asked trying to sound all innocent.

"Don't play your mind games with us Jane" I said looking at her "We know something is up"

"What would be up?" she said trying to play dumb with us.

"We know Aro kicked you out and now he sends you here. Bit odd isn't it?" Bella said as she shot her a glare. Her shield was up protecting us all, apart from Jane.

Jane frowned and a glare came onto her face and she just glared at us. She balled her hands into fists and she began to tremble slightly. I raised my eyebrow and read her mind seeing what Aro told her;

Don't let them find out, do what I told you to do Jane.


Who did Aro want dead? Bella? Me? The Rest of the Cullens? "Who does Aro want dead!" I demanded looking at Jane.

"Who...what?" She said trying to be dumb.

"Don't play dumb with me Jane, I read your mind, I know Aro wants someone dead!" I yelled at her and snarled. I was feeling very mad right now and I could just about punch her lights out.

Jane laughed and then she tried to ran at us but the shield send her flying back into a tree and as soon as she did Bella put the shield down and the wolfs leaped on Jane a fight broke out.

Then all of a sudden Demetri, Felix and Alec emerged from the woods as well. I growled and jumped on Alec and knocked him out with a single punch.

Felix leaped on Bella and he grabbed her and he shoved her to the floor and they wrestled on the floor as Bella tried to get from his rather strong grip, so she bit into his arm making him yelp and let go off her then she kicked him into a tree as she jumped back onto her own two feet. 

The fight carried on for two hours straight and we left Alec and Felix injured so much they just ran off like wimps and we killed off Demetri along with the wolves and as we killed Jane she knocked Bella straight out. I caught Bella who blacked out in my arms and she seemed a bit stiff. 

Emmett pulled out the lighter and threw it on top of Jane and Demetri who were dead on the floor, to kill them completely while I picked Bella up and we got back to the house and I layed her down "Is she gonna be okay?" I asked worried

Carlisle nodded "Yeah, she'll come around no worries" he said and at that Bella was beginning to move

"Bella? can you hear me"? I asked softly

"Ben" she whimpered a bit, in pain as her eyes snapped open

I hugged her to me "Oh thank god, you're okay" 

wow, this is so awesome!!! why did bella black out ?? :) please post more soon!!

If you read the chapter carefully Jane knocked Bella out as she got killed.

oh yes :) thank you!

no prb and welcome :)

So it was a set up all along...clever Aro...and he sent back ups. No wonder he can't be trusted even with his facade of every being so happy all the time

Ben's mind reading just set Jane off and came at great advantage right before the fight.

I wonder how Aro will take the news that his tracker and 'precious Jane' are dead :)

Yeah That was one of my trick having it set up, and making you think that they might have let Jane stay but no no.

Yeah Aro is a very sneaky Vampire getting it set up like that :)

Mhh you will have to find out

Intense chapter!

brilliant, haha jane is dead good for the cullens and wolves, cant wait for the next chapter, keep it up, wonder how aro will take the news his precious jane is dead...:-)

I know :) Haha thanks to Ben and his mind reading skills and that Bella felt something was not right. You will have to find out.

I have a few more stories you can check out :)

Yeah that would be great to check them out as i like the way you think and write :D

Aww thank you :) that's so sweet. should I give you the links?


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