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Bella was going to The Volturi to save Edward but she got attacked by Victoria in the sqaure and got turned. A new member of the Volturi Benjamin, who is from Egypt and rather mysterious as no one talks to him, finds Bella and he takes her to the Volturi. The Volturi keep Bella with them. Edward is shocked to see Bella as she is but she can;t remember who she is as she is a new born and lost her memory with the change. Edward willingly dies, As time passes Bella and Ben talk and she falls for him. What will happen?


Preface: Bella's Pov:

Death. As scary as that word sounds, I knew my end was coming, I knew it would come, like it does for everyone else, everyone fragile and human. Even animals, some have a short life span, some long but Death never loses.  I never really much feared death as I pictured my self dying old and alone on a death bed somewhere in a hospital or at my own house.  I never thought my end would come like this, or so soon, Never in the hands of my enemy Victoria. The day I died, was the day I started to live. I was re-born, given a new identity. The identity of an immortal, a Vampire. And this is my story


Preface (Above) 

Chapter 1~The Volturi

Chapter 2~Bella's First Hunt

Chapter 3~Jane Strikes

Chapter 4~Benjamin's Past

Chapter 5~Bella's Power

Chapter 6~The Visitor

Chapter 7~Forks

Chapter 8~Making Plans

Chapter 9~Charlie's Visit

Chapter 10~Jane's Arrival

Chapter 11~Anger

Chapter 12~Victoria Strikes Again

Chapter 13~Alice's Vision

Chapter 14~Angel

Chapter 15~Deal

Chapter 16~Peter and Charlotte

Chapter 17~The War



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your welcome and Yeah please do that would be fantastic :D

Thank you and Me too :) I was just gonna kill Jane off but then I decided to kill him off as well.

great update, I love this story!  please post again soon :-)

I am glad you like it :)

Wow!  What a dramatic chapter with such a tense stand off!  I wonder what Aro's real intentions were and if he could have foreseen this outcome?  Please update soon!

I know :) I wanted to make it a bit more different then just having Jane stay without no trouble lol. You might have to find out later if it comes back to Aro and the Volturi

Chapter 11~Anger

Bella's Pov:


I hugged Ben back softly "I am sorry I scared you" I said as I looked at him and rested my forehead against his and sighed softly, he just kissed me and held me close. I kissed him back softly and my body melted into his. I cuddled into him as he held me to his chest.

"It's okay Bella, not your fault" He said as he stroked my hair softly, his finger tips combing through my hair softly.

I smiled at him softly and stayed in his arms, I heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Jake there, his eyes were fixed on me and Ben and I could see him trembling as he balled his hands into fists and let out a growl at Ben. I frowned at Jake.

Carlisle looked at Jake "Jacob, calm down" he said, he pulled Jake back but Jake pushed him away

"Why is he holding her close?" Jacob snapped.

Ben looked at Jake "I can hold her if I wish" he said "Do you have an issue with that?" he asked, trying to keep calm

"As a matter of a fact yeah I do" Jacob snarled at Ben

"I love him Jake" I said looking at him

"You what?" Jake looked at me, I could see hurt in his eyes but did not know why he was hurt as I had no recollection about him being in love with me.

"I said I love him" I said looking at Jake.

"What about me?" He asked, his voice shaky.

"I barely know you. I am not going to argue about this with you, I love Ben so get over it and stop snarling at him like you wish top rip his head off for no reason" I snapped as I glared at Jake. He was just getting me so angry at the moment for acting like this, why could he not just accept the fact that I was in love with Ben and not him, why would I be in love with Jake? I met him like a week ago and I didn't even know him that well and let just say I was not that fond of him because of him acting like this, all judgemental and given the fact he even attacked Ben once. 

"But you do know me" He whined

"No I don't!" I yelled "Just leave me alone Jake, I don't remember you, so please just let me have a new start and stop whining like this, and stop trying to make me feel something I really don't want to feel!" I said as I looked at him. If he was trying to make me fall for him, it was not going to work.

"So you really just want to stay with the bloodsucker?" Jake snapped

That got me mad "Leave!" I said

"Bella..I sorry...I didn't mean" he said

"Yes you did, you referred to Ben us to so you also called me that. I am  a Vampire as well" I said "Just leave"

"You should go" Ben said as he tightened his arms round my waist. Jake sighed as he looked at me and then just left walking out of the house and slammed the door behind him.

Carlisle looked at Ben more closely "What?" Me and Ben both asked at the same time

"Now that I think about it, Ben might be a Hybrid" Carlisle said

"Hybrid? Of what?" Ben asked looking at him confused "Aro turned me and he is not a Hybrid, he is a pure Vampire"

Carlisle nodded "I know, a part of you is a vampire but you may have had genes to a different specie apart from Human that were dormant and once Aro changed you, they started to kick in, that's why your eyes are more browny gold and you seemed bit more tanned then the rest"

I looked at Ben then Carlisle "Is that even possible?" I asked stunned

Carlisle nods "Yes, then he will be known as a Skinwalker"

"A skinw..what?" Ben asked looking puzzle by this

"A skin-walker, its a Hybrid, It usually is a Vampire and some other specie that will develop until bit later, but once a skin-walker you are stronger then both those species put against each other in a fight, way stronger, stronger then a new born or an army of them, if you so chose to." Carlisle said and we just nodded

"Can they have kids?" Ben asked curious. I looked at him, was he thinking about us in the future? with a family? I smiled at the thought.

Carlisle nods "Yes, they can reproduce with Vampires, and any other specie."

I was still shocked and Ben just smiled at me and leaned his forehead against mine. I just smiled still trying to absorb what Carlisle just said, well now things were taking another interesting turn. Things always have been changing ever since I met Ben. As people say life is a roller-coaster. 

Esme just smiled at us and she walked into the kitchen with the rest of the Cullen's while me and Ben stayed like that happy and content. 

I wondered why Ben asked the question again and he just thinks to me in our thoughts. I was asking because of our future Bella.

He smiled down at me and pressed his lips down to mine kissing me with tenderness and love.He cupped my face in his hands softly as he kissed me, my lips moving with his as I slid my arms round his neck and smiled against his lips softly.

Yeah! They can have kids:D

Yep they can :)

OMG!! Awesome!! Jane's dead!! Aro's plan didn't work!!! Yay!! lol

Love it!!!

I know. Epic fail for the volturi :)

I am glad you do


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