The Twilight Saga

What if Charlie was a vampire and Bella was his half-vampire daughter whos mother died giving birth to her. She has no idea why she is different or what her father really is. They move to Forks and the fun begins.









Chapter 1


(Bella's POV)

I'm sitting at home in New York reading one of my favourite books while my dad is out on one of his night trips. He goes out for a few hours every second night and never tells me where he goes just that he is doing "daddy stuff".

I'm starting to really wonder what he does when he goes out. All I know is his eyes are black when he leaves and golden brown when he returns. He never explains anything to me! I have asked him questions before but never get the answer i want.

I have always wondered about my mother and where she is and all dad tells me is she ran off with another man when i was little.


I hear a noise on the door step, it must be dad back. "Bella, you there", "Yes dad" I yell as a walk down the stairs. It's so slow to walk but dad wont allow me to run, he says I'm forbidden to run incase i fall and hurt myself.

I walk into the kitchen to see dad reading the newspaper. "How was your "daddy stuff"?" "good" dad replied without looking up.

"What are u reading? Anything interesting?" "Just looking for a new house to move to" "Another house? Why do we always have to move?" We move houses every couple of years and dad wont tell me why. "I just think a move would be good for us" He says deflecting the real answer. "Where to this time?" I have lived in so many houses and each one more beautiful then the next, I cant wait to see what the new house will look like.

"I was thinking of moving to forks. You might even be able to go to public school again if you like!" Wow dad letting me go back to school, that must mean we are moving to a cold and wet town. I'm only allowed to go to a public school in overcast towns. Dad wont allow me to go out in the sun incase I get sun burnt, he says I have real sensitive skin that burns easy.

"Will I be allowed to make friends at this new town?" I have never really had friends as we never stay in the same place for more then 2 years. "Maybe darling you can make some friends, but just don't get to close to them incase we have to move again." "Ok daddy" I reply sadly. Sometimes I think dad gets into trouble in our town and thats why we move so much, but how can you get into trouble when you never talk to anyone?

"Well I'm going to bed dad! I will see you in the morning" "Ok sweetheart, gets lots of sleep we have heaps to pack tomorrow!" "Yes daddy" I reply heading slowly upstairs. We are moving tomorrow, wow thats fast. We have only been here for under 1 year and dad only started looking for houses today, how could he find a house that quick?

I get to my bedroom and close the door so I can change into my p'js. "Keep your door open!" I hear dad yell from the kitchen. I go open my door again. Sometimes i think my dad is way to overprotective. I climb into bed and drift off to sleep thinking of what the new house will look like and what school is going to be like. I wonder what year of school I will be in? I look like I should be in my final year of school but I'm only 15. I finally get off to sleep dreaming about the kids at my new school.

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh more please keep me updated
update soon
Roza: I like it....... post ASAP
update soon its fab!!
This hotttttttttt great idea. OMG keep me posted and keep writing honey!!!!!!!!
write more
sorry havent had the internet for like a month but now im back and will start writing again later today
interesting idea :)
Chapter 2

I awake to to a noise in my room. I open my eyes and see its dad packing my stuff.
"Morning sweetheart, did you have a good sleep?" "Yes" I reply looking over at my alarm clock. It said that it was 4am.
"Why are you packing so early?" I ask dad while wondering if he even sleeps since he always seems to be up before me even if I try and wake up before him. "It's going to be a real hot day here today and I want to be on the road before it gets too hot" he tells me without even looking at me. Sometimes I think he lies to me more offten then he tells the truth.
I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. "You cant have a shower untill we get to the new house, I have already packed up the bathroom." Dad yells after me. "How long have you been awake?" I ask as i look around and see that nearly the whole house is packed. "I couldn't sleep too well, I was too excited about moving so I got up early and started packing"
I feel that he is lying to me but cant be bothered getting into a fight with him this early in the morning so I head down stairs to make breakfast. "We will get breakkie on the way" Dad yells down stairs. "Well I guess I will just get dressed and help you finish packing" I yell back.
I slump back upstairs and into to my room to get changed. Dad was still packing my stuff when I entered. "Can you please get out and give me some space while I get changed?" I ask with a huff. Dad just walked out without saying anything.
I get out of my p.j's and put on a pair of baby blue skinny leg jeans, a violet shoulder-less top and my favourite pair of dark blue high heels.
Dad walks back in to start packing again, I quickly grab my coat of him before he packs it. I may need it when we get to the new house incase it's raining.

Finally, at 7.30am we were all finished packing and in the car on our way to the airport. We had enough money that we were able to fly everything from New York to the closest airport to Forks and then hire a truck to get it all to the house.
We arrived at the airport only half an hour later. We had plenty of time to get everything organised before we had to get on the plane.
An hour later we were on the plane and on our way to our new town.
About 6 and a half hours later we arrived in Seattle. We got off the plane and went to get our luggage that we had for the night. The rest of our belongings would arrive till later tonight.
We found our luggage and headed for the exit. As we walked out of the airport I noticed a silver Volvo parked by the door of the airport with a really good looking guy leaning on it. As we got closer I saw a short black haired girl run up to him and wrap her hands round his neck. 'Must be his girlfriend' I thought to myself. We kept walking past the happy couple and as we past I notice them both give my father and I a strange look and shake their heads.
Dad walked right up to an old red pick-up truck and got in. I couldn't believe it with all the money we had why in the world would he want a truck like that? I thought about asking him,but thought better of it.
I got in the car aswell and we drove the 3 and a half hours to Forks, My new town. While i settled in to the drive ahead I stared day dreaming about what the new house would look like.
love it
cant wait for more
Chapter 3

We arrived at the new house and I couldn't believe my eyes. I was standing out the front of a run down old dump. The roof was missing tiles, the paint was falling off everywhere and some of the windows were missing glass. I looked at dad, he had a big smile on his face.
"You have got to be kidding me" I sulked. "Just think about what we can do to this place, I promise you that once we have finished fixing it up it will be like a brand new house" He replied while making the smile on his face get impossibly bigger. "Why couldn't we just buy a new house instead of wasting our time with this dump" "Watch your langage young lady or I will make you wait an extra week before starting school, and besides I couldn't find a brand new house to buy here so this will have to do!" He snapped back at me.
I walked inside and couldn't believe it, the inside was worse then the outside. It looked like this place could fall down with any wrong move. The walls and roof had cracks everywhere and the floor looked really unstable, plus all the paint that once lined the ways had fallen off and left piles of flaked paint on the ground.
I walked around looking at each room hoping to find atleast one decent one that I could make my bedroom. No such luck, each room was just as bad as the next.
Dad walked up behind me and pointed to a room I had just come out of. "That will be your room as I thought I would be nice and let you have the walk-in wardrobe" He told me while trying to be nice. It would have been nice except I had seen the state of the wardrobe and it wasn't pretty.
"I'm going outside to take a walk and see what this little town has to offer me" I tell my father as I head for the door. "You have an hour before I come looking for you" He yelled after me. As I was walking I started thinking of all the stupid things my dad had done and this was definitely the stupidest.
I was not even watching where I was going till I heard a loud honk which broke my train of thought. I was about to yell at the person who had honked till I noticed I was standing in the middle of the road stopping a silver Volvo from getting past. I started to walk towards the other side of the road when suddenly three doors of the car opened and out hopped the hot guy I had seen at the airport, his black haired girlfriend (or so I thought, girlfriend) and a blonde guy who followed the black haired girl while holding her in a protective way. The girl must be with the blonde guy I thought to myself as the 3 beautiful people made their way over to me.
The little black haired girl stepped ahead of the 2 boys as the approched me. "Hi, I'm Alice. You should really watch where you are walking, you could have been hit. Your just lucky it was us driving up this road and not on of the other locals, they would have hit you for sure" She greeted me. I was shocked first by the way she was so open to talking to me and second by the thing she said about the locals. What made her driving safer then the other locals? I wasn't sure and I was a bit to scared to ask.
"Sorry" I replied "I will just move out of your way and continue my sight seeing" "Sight seeing in this town for people like us only takes a second" She replied with a big smile. "People like who?" I asked stunned. What did she mean 'People like us'. These people were strange. I wanted to get away from them as quick as possible.
"BELLA" I heard my father yell. Thank god he will help me get away from these people."Dad, It has not been an hour yet. What are you doing?" "I heard a loud honk and was worried you had started day dreaming like you always do and walk out infront of a car. And I have all the right to be worried because from the looks of it I was right, you were day dreaming and walked out infront of this car. Your lucky you didn't get hit!" He was yelling by the time he had finished.
"It's ok sir my eye sight is 100% perfect as yo would already know for yourself" The hot guy told my father. "Yes, well, come on Bella I was just about to start tea, please come home and help me?" Dad said turning me towards our new house.
I started walking home and realised dad was not following me. I turned around to see him still talking to the 3 people. "You stay away from her you hear me" Was all I heard my dad say before he started walking towards me. Why was he being nasty to them? They did nothing wrong, they could of easly ran me over. I could of made them have an accident. My father should be angry at me not at them. We don't even know them and already my dad is telling them to stay away from me.
I will get to the bottom of this. I just hope that when I start going to school that they are there so I can talk to them and appologise without my dad there to interrupt.
We will see what happens on Monday when I go to school, but for now I will just go home and help dad cook tea. I will deal with those people on Monday and find out what is really going on here.
Please tell me what u really think........... if its good i will keep writing if its bad i will just get rid of it........please let me know


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