The Twilight Saga

What if Charlie was a vampire and Bella was his half-vampire daughter whos mother died giving birth to her. She has no idea why she is different or what her father really is. They move to Forks and the fun begins.









Chapter 1


(Bella's POV)

I'm sitting at home in New York reading one of my favourite books while my dad is out on one of his night trips. He goes out for a few hours every second night and never tells me where he goes just that he is doing "daddy stuff".

I'm starting to really wonder what he does when he goes out. All I know is his eyes are black when he leaves and golden brown when he returns. He never explains anything to me! I have asked him questions before but never get the answer i want.

I have always wondered about my mother and where she is and all dad tells me is she ran off with another man when i was little.


I hear a noise on the door step, it must be dad back. "Bella, you there", "Yes dad" I yell as a walk down the stairs. It's so slow to walk but dad wont allow me to run, he says I'm forbidden to run incase i fall and hurt myself.

I walk into the kitchen to see dad reading the newspaper. "How was your "daddy stuff"?" "good" dad replied without looking up.

"What are u reading? Anything interesting?" "Just looking for a new house to move to" "Another house? Why do we always have to move?" We move houses every couple of years and dad wont tell me why. "I just think a move would be good for us" He says deflecting the real answer. "Where to this time?" I have lived in so many houses and each one more beautiful then the next, I cant wait to see what the new house will look like.

"I was thinking of moving to forks. You might even be able to go to public school again if you like!" Wow dad letting me go back to school, that must mean we are moving to a cold and wet town. I'm only allowed to go to a public school in overcast towns. Dad wont allow me to go out in the sun incase I get sun burnt, he says I have real sensitive skin that burns easy.

"Will I be allowed to make friends at this new town?" I have never really had friends as we never stay in the same place for more then 2 years. "Maybe darling you can make some friends, but just don't get to close to them incase we have to move again." "Ok daddy" I reply sadly. Sometimes I think dad gets into trouble in our town and thats why we move so much, but how can you get into trouble when you never talk to anyone?

"Well I'm going to bed dad! I will see you in the morning" "Ok sweetheart, gets lots of sleep we have heaps to pack tomorrow!" "Yes daddy" I reply heading slowly upstairs. We are moving tomorrow, wow thats fast. We have only been here for under 1 year and dad only started looking for houses today, how could he find a house that quick?

I get to my bedroom and close the door so I can change into my p'js. "Keep your door open!" I hear dad yell from the kitchen. I go open my door again. Sometimes i think my dad is way to overprotective. I climb into bed and drift off to sleep thinking of what the new house will look like and what school is going to be like. I wonder what year of school I will be in? I look like I should be in my final year of school but I'm only 15. I finally get off to sleep dreaming about the kids at my new school.

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post more soon loved it
HI, i LOVE your story you have to post MORE NOW please post more!!! i cant wait until its finished!!! please keep me udated and POST MORE ASAP!!! thankyou so much!!!
love it
Sorry I have not wrote in a while, I have had some complications with my pregnancy. Everything is fine now and I am working on the next chapter. I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow! Thank you everyone one for reading so far and I hope you enjoy the rest of it! The next chapter is a good one. I don't want to spoil everything but Bella is about to learn about her past!
Thank you again for reading and I hope you keep reading, it's only gonna get better.
Chapter 8.

Well I arrived home ok, but I'm worried about what is about to happen. I get out of the car and walk to the door. The door opens and I see dad smiling at me from in the house. "Did you have fun?" "Yes dad I had lots of fun at school. Everyone is so nice and welcoming!" "Well I'm glad you had fun!"
I walk in past dad and head up to put my stuff away. I was about to put my bag in my wardrobe when I heard a light knock on the front door. Oh no, that must be the Cullens. I feel my throat getting tight and making it hard to breath. Dad answers the door. "Why are you hear? I don't have anything to say to you and I would like it if your cult would stay away from my daughter and myself!" I heard dad say. He called them a cult, what did he mean by that? "We just wish to talk and we think it's time you told your daughter the truth!" I heard Carlisle tell my father as I start walking down the stairs. "No I think it's best you leave us alone!" Dad was saying as I got to the bottom of the stairs.
"No dad! I want to know what these people are talking about! I think it's time for you to fess up and tell me everything!" I said to my father. He didn't look happy, but he nodded his head and walked towards the lounge room. I followed and sat in one of the arm chairs. Dad sat in another one and the Cullens sat on the couch.
"Please don't hate me for what I'm about to tell you, Bella! I was only doing all this for you! I wanted you to have a normal life, not the life of a monster." He looked real sad so I just nodded for him to go on. "It all started 2000 years ago. I was a young boy growing up believing that all witches, vampires, warewolves and mythilogical creatures were bad!" "But there is no such thing as wicthes and vampires!" I butted in. "Thats what I thought to when I was younger. It wasn't till I was 19 that I learnt that they are all real, when a vampire came into my city and ran a muck killing heaps of people. He came to my house and started killing me untill something happened and the vampire ran, leaving me for dead. I thought I was going to die. 3 days later as I lay on the floor in my room, the pain started to leave my body. Then my heart stopped beating! I was not sure what had happened. I opened my eyes to see a man sitting on my bed. It was the vampire who had tried to kill me. He explained what had happened and what I was. I was so angry with him I ran away and just kept running untill the pain of thirst caught up with me. I had to stop and eat. I was in a small town in the North about to start feeding when I saw her. She was so beautiful, I had to have her as my wife, but how could I? I was a vampire and she was human. Thats when I made the decision that I could not feed of humans. I ran into the forest and found some deer to drink. Then I went back to the town to find the girl." "So you have chosen the life style that we live by?" Edward asked. "Yes, it was the only way I could keep the love of my life. Now I had headed back into town to find my love. I found her in her garden. When she looked at me I could see she felt as I did. We kept meeting eachother in private for the next week or so. Then one night it got hot. Next time I went to see her she was really upset. I ran to her and held her, noticing her belly had got bigger. I wasn't sure what had happened. She explained that she was pregnant and the baby was mine. It couldn't be, I was a vampire, I could have kids, or could I? I wasn't sure. My love and I ran away together, to have the baby. The baby was strong, by the time she was born she had driven my love to near death. I hated the child, wanted nothing to do with the deamon child."
"I was out hunting one day when I heard my love scream. I started running back to her. When I got there, I saw my love covered in blood and the child sitting on the ground next to her dead body. What had I done? My child had killed my love. I wanted to kill the child but as I got closer to it she looked up at me and smiled. I fell in love, she looked just like her mother. I could not harm her, I had to protect her in anyway possible. That's why I came up with the plan of not telling her what she was and always running when vampires were near. That plan failed when we came here and you and your family were already living here. How was I going to explain to Bella that we had to move as soon as we got here. I couldn't find any way to tell her. That's why I wanted you to stay away from her, to keep her safe."
"You mean to tell me I'm a vampire? and you didn't bother to tell me? How could you keep something like that from me?" I screamed as I ran to my room. I was a bit taken by how fast I ran. I was real quick. How could I not realise that?
I was lying on my bed when someone knocked on my door. "Get the hell away from me dad!" I yelled at the door. The door opened and it wasn't dad it was Edward. "What do you want? Came here to rub it in my face that you knew all about this while I was kept in the dark about it all? I can't believe you didn't tell me!" I was so angry! He sat at the end of my bed. "I wanted to tell you, but it wasn't my place to do it. You needed to hear it from your father, otherwise you wouldn't believe me." He sounded sad and I knew he was telling the truth. If he had told me I would have thought him mad. "I think you should go talk to your father" He pleaded with me. I knew he was right I had to talk to my father about what he had just told me. I was just too angry and tired to do it right now. I looked at the clock, it was 2 in the morning. No wonder I was tired. "Do you mind if I sleep off my anger then go talk to him?" "Would you like me to stay with you? Just to make sure your dad doesn't try to wake you!" Edward asked. "Yes I would like that. But first do you mind leaving my room for a minute while I get changed?"
He walked out and I got into my pj's. When he came back in I was already in bed. He sat on the end of my bed as I drifted off to sleep. I had a very dream filled sleep that night. So much to take in at once. I was just trying to get my head around it as I finally fell into a dreamless sleep.
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it
cant wait for more
Love it!
keep me updated
love this story! keep me updated plz!
This is a great story!
please keep writing more
keep writing!!


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