The Twilight Saga

What if Charlie was a vampire and Bella was his half-vampire daughter whos mother died giving birth to her. She has no idea why she is different or what her father really is. They move to Forks and the fun begins.









Chapter 1


(Bella's POV)

I'm sitting at home in New York reading one of my favourite books while my dad is out on one of his night trips. He goes out for a few hours every second night and never tells me where he goes just that he is doing "daddy stuff".

I'm starting to really wonder what he does when he goes out. All I know is his eyes are black when he leaves and golden brown when he returns. He never explains anything to me! I have asked him questions before but never get the answer i want.

I have always wondered about my mother and where she is and all dad tells me is she ran off with another man when i was little.


I hear a noise on the door step, it must be dad back. "Bella, you there", "Yes dad" I yell as a walk down the stairs. It's so slow to walk but dad wont allow me to run, he says I'm forbidden to run incase i fall and hurt myself.

I walk into the kitchen to see dad reading the newspaper. "How was your "daddy stuff"?" "good" dad replied without looking up.

"What are u reading? Anything interesting?" "Just looking for a new house to move to" "Another house? Why do we always have to move?" We move houses every couple of years and dad wont tell me why. "I just think a move would be good for us" He says deflecting the real answer. "Where to this time?" I have lived in so many houses and each one more beautiful then the next, I cant wait to see what the new house will look like.

"I was thinking of moving to forks. You might even be able to go to public school again if you like!" Wow dad letting me go back to school, that must mean we are moving to a cold and wet town. I'm only allowed to go to a public school in overcast towns. Dad wont allow me to go out in the sun incase I get sun burnt, he says I have real sensitive skin that burns easy.

"Will I be allowed to make friends at this new town?" I have never really had friends as we never stay in the same place for more then 2 years. "Maybe darling you can make some friends, but just don't get to close to them incase we have to move again." "Ok daddy" I reply sadly. Sometimes I think dad gets into trouble in our town and thats why we move so much, but how can you get into trouble when you never talk to anyone?

"Well I'm going to bed dad! I will see you in the morning" "Ok sweetheart, gets lots of sleep we have heaps to pack tomorrow!" "Yes daddy" I reply heading slowly upstairs. We are moving tomorrow, wow thats fast. We have only been here for under 1 year and dad only started looking for houses today, how could he find a house that quick?

I get to my bedroom and close the door so I can change into my p'js. "Keep your door open!" I hear dad yell from the kitchen. I go open my door again. Sometimes i think my dad is way to overprotective. I climb into bed and drift off to sleep thinking of what the new house will look like and what school is going to be like. I wonder what year of school I will be in? I look like I should be in my final year of school but I'm only 15. I finally get off to sleep dreaming about the kids at my new school.

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I loooooooove it please hurry and write more........................Im glad your pregnancy went ok :)
I'm a new reader.I love this story! Please keep me updated! Please write more,also! You are a great writer.I wonder how will Bella feel when she wakes up tommorow.That was a lot to take in.I would of had a stroke if someone told me that,especially my father.Anyway,I can't wait for more! :)
Write more quickly!!!!!!!!
Chapter 9.

I woke up the next morning with a start. Edward was no where to be seen. Had everything all just been a dream? Was I just dreaming when my father had told me that I was a half vampire? I think it was.
I go dressed and made my way down stairs for breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen I was surprised to see all the Cullens and my father sitting at the kitchen table. What were they all doing here?
"We are here to make sure you are ok after what happened last night." Edward told me. He must have seen in my face that I was about to freak out. "Oh, ok. Well I think I'm fine. I mean it was alot to take in all at once, but atleast now I know the truth." "Are you angry at me for not telling you?" My father wimpered from the corner. "I am a bit annoyed that you didn't tell me sooner, or that I had to find out by complete strangers coming into our house and demanding you tell me everything, but I understand that it would have been hard for you to bring it up and explain everything!" Everyone seemed to believed me except Edward. I must admit I was a bit annoyed with it all but I was trying to get over it. I didn't want to stay mad at my dad but I didn't want to forgive him easily either.
I made breakfast while everyone watched me, amused. I gave Edward a strange look. "I'm sorry we are all staring Bella, but it's unusual for our kind to like eating human food. We are just wondering how you are so willing to eat it. Doesn't it taste feral?" Edward explained. "I'm not sure I have always eaten it! I would rather bloody meat but I can handle just eating what you call human food. I have always ate like this so I guess I'm used to it." I told the room, wishing they would all stop staring at me. It didn't work. They just kept staring at me.
I finished my breakfast and went back upstairs to get ready for school. Dad followed me. "Are you sure you want to go to school today? I was thinking, if maybe you wanted to go hang out with the Cullens for the day and learn some more about what you are and where you come from?" What was he doing? One minute he wanted me to have nothing to do with them, now he wants me to go hang with them and find out the vampire history. Why doesn't he want to tell me? Why would he just hand me off to the Cullens to bring up to date? "No, I'm fine. I really want to go to school. All I have wanted for a long time is to go to public school again, I don't want to miss anymore of the year and get kept down for failing. I can go hang with the Cullens after school!" He looked at bit worried. I smiled to reasure him and finished getting ready for school.
I was about to walk out the door to go for school when Edward came out of the kitchen. "Would you like to drive with me today?" He smiled a crooked smile at me. I couldn't breathe, so I just nodded. We walked out and got in his car. Dad was standing in the door way as we took off, so I waved to him.
We were on our way to school. "So your father told me that you are gonna come hang with my family after school!" "Yeah he wants you guys to explain all this to me some more." "Oh yeah, that's fine." He sounded dissapointed. "Was there something else you had in mind?" I didn't like hearing him dissapointed. "Well, um, I was, um, did you want to go out for tea and then maybe see a movie tonight?" Was he asking me out? "Um yeah sure, if you want to?" He smiled and then just continued driving till we got to school. There were so many people were at the school. I couldn't remember this many people here yesterday.
I was having second thoughts on going to school today. I looked at Edward. "Um, I don't think I'm ready for people just yet. Is it ok if we just skip school today?" He looked over and smiled. "Anything you want!" And with that he turned back onto the road and headed out of town. I wasn't sure where we were going but I didn't care. Any where was better then school and home right now. I stared out the window at all the pretty shades of green that went past the window. I wished this trip never had to end.
love it
cant wait for the next chapter
yeah first to comment loved the chapter post more asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it! Post more! OMG! Is he taking her to the meadow? I hope so!
love it
post more soon

Sorry it has been so long since I have written! Dont worry I have not left you it was just that I moved house and had to wait for the internet to be reconnected to the new house! Sorry I was not expecting it to take so long! Now that it is fixed I will be able to keep writing! Thank-you for being so supportive and for still folling my story!!!




Chapter 10.


We drove for a while on the highway then Edward turned off on to a smaller road. "Where are you taking me?" I was a little scared that maybe he was kidnapping me.

"Just a little further up here" Was all he said while he smiled his crooked smile at me.

We drove down this road a little further, then the road ended. Edward pulled up and got out of his car. "Can you smell my scent?" He asked looking at me weirdly. I just gave him a puzzled look.

"Ok let me explain a bit better. Each of us have different scents and if you concetrate real hard and smell around you then you should be able to smell my weak scent that was left here a few days ago." I closed my eyes and concetrated real hard, and breathed deep threw my nose. Everything was so different. I had never really used my nose before, but now I could smell everything. From the different blades of the grass to the storm that was on its way later tonight, I guessed as it was a real weak scent. Then I caught it, Edwards scent. There were two lots of it. A real strong lot of it right in front of me and a weaker version of it heading off into the forest.

I opened my eyes to see Edward stairing at me looking worried. "I can smell it. It leads off into the forest." "Do you think you could follow it?" Was he crazy. That scent could be leading anywhere. I could get lost!

He saw my surprised look. "Don't worry I will be right behind you!" "Ok" Was all I could say.

I started walking off into the forest, following the scent. I looked back to see Edward rooling his eyes at me. "I didn't mean walk at snails pace. I ment run!" I just looked scared. "What's the matter?" He asked with real concern. "I have never really tested how fast I could run. I only found out about all this yesterday."

Edward took my hand at started running with me running next to him. I was going so fast. It was amazing. I had never felt so alive. Everything was going by so fast. If I were a human it would have been a blur. I was a little scared of hitting a tree, but since everything was so clear I didn't think it was possible.

We ran for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden Edward started slowing. He pointed ahead. "Do you see that break in the trees ahead, or are your eyes not as good as mine?" I looked ahead and saw a thining in the trees and a faint light coming threw them. "Yes, I see it. What is it?" "It's a place I like to go when the weather is nice!" He smiled at me.

I started walking foward untill I realised that Edward wasn't following me. I turned to look at him. He was stairing at the ground twitching his foot. That was unlike him.

"What's the matter?" Had I done something to offend him? "I'm just worried of what you will think of me in the sun?" "What are you talking about?" He looked scared to asnwer me. I walked over and grabbed his hand and lead him foward towards the opening.

Once I got to the edge I realised it was a little meddow. I was so shocked that I let go of Edward and walked forward. Once I realised Edward hadn't followed I turned. As I turned he stepped forward into the sun.

It was the stangest and most beautiful thing I had ever seen.



I will be putting more up as soon as I can! Please let me know what you think of the chapter, also any thoughts you have on adding things to the story please let me know!!! Thank-you for reading and I hope you enjoy your day!!!

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and I'm the first to comment yes
I love it... please keep going... please keep me updated...


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