The Twilight Saga

What if Charlie was a vampire and Bella was his half-vampire daughter whos mother died giving birth to her. She has no idea why she is different or what her father really is. They move to Forks and the fun begins.









Chapter 1


(Bella's POV)

I'm sitting at home in New York reading one of my favourite books while my dad is out on one of his night trips. He goes out for a few hours every second night and never tells me where he goes just that he is doing "daddy stuff".

I'm starting to really wonder what he does when he goes out. All I know is his eyes are black when he leaves and golden brown when he returns. He never explains anything to me! I have asked him questions before but never get the answer i want.

I have always wondered about my mother and where she is and all dad tells me is she ran off with another man when i was little.


I hear a noise on the door step, it must be dad back. "Bella, you there", "Yes dad" I yell as a walk down the stairs. It's so slow to walk but dad wont allow me to run, he says I'm forbidden to run incase i fall and hurt myself.

I walk into the kitchen to see dad reading the newspaper. "How was your "daddy stuff"?" "good" dad replied without looking up.

"What are u reading? Anything interesting?" "Just looking for a new house to move to" "Another house? Why do we always have to move?" We move houses every couple of years and dad wont tell me why. "I just think a move would be good for us" He says deflecting the real answer. "Where to this time?" I have lived in so many houses and each one more beautiful then the next, I cant wait to see what the new house will look like.

"I was thinking of moving to forks. You might even be able to go to public school again if you like!" Wow dad letting me go back to school, that must mean we are moving to a cold and wet town. I'm only allowed to go to a public school in overcast towns. Dad wont allow me to go out in the sun incase I get sun burnt, he says I have real sensitive skin that burns easy.

"Will I be allowed to make friends at this new town?" I have never really had friends as we never stay in the same place for more then 2 years. "Maybe darling you can make some friends, but just don't get to close to them incase we have to move again." "Ok daddy" I reply sadly. Sometimes I think dad gets into trouble in our town and thats why we move so much, but how can you get into trouble when you never talk to anyone?

"Well I'm going to bed dad! I will see you in the morning" "Ok sweetheart, gets lots of sleep we have heaps to pack tomorrow!" "Yes daddy" I reply heading slowly upstairs. We are moving tomorrow, wow thats fast. We have only been here for under 1 year and dad only started looking for houses today, how could he find a house that quick?

I get to my bedroom and close the door so I can change into my p'js. "Keep your door open!" I hear dad yell from the kitchen. I go open my door again. Sometimes i think my dad is way to overprotective. I climb into bed and drift off to sleep thinking of what the new house will look like and what school is going to be like. I wonder what year of school I will be in? I look like I should be in my final year of school but I'm only 15. I finally get off to sleep dreaming about the kids at my new school.

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Chapter 11.


He was sparkling. Like I mean Edward looked as if he was covered in tiny little crystal. They shot little 8 coloured rainbows off in all directions. Hang on since when do rainbows have 8 colours?

"This is all so strange for you, isn't it?" Edward asked timidly. I couldn't talk. I was still to stunned by the way he looked so I just nodded my head.

Edward slowly walked forward and grab my hand. He lead me into the middle of the meddow and pulled me down to sit on the ground. The ground was wet. I could feel it soaking into my dark blue hipster jeans. "Now my jeans are going to be ruined!" I sulked. "Thats ok I think that Alice will be more then willing to help you fix that problem when we get back to my house." So Alice must be into fashion and make overs just like me. Yay, I thought someone to go shopping with.


We sat in the meddow for hours. Then I decided we should get going before the storm hit. "Don't you think we should go before the storm hits?" I asked Edward. "Did you also smell that earlier?" He looked surprised like I shouldn't have been able to smell it. "If it had been a few days ago I wouldn't have smelt it, but now I know the truth and have started using my scenses properly everything is becoming so clear." Edward just smiled and pulled me off the ground so that we could get back to the car before the storm hit.

We arrived back to the car in no time at all. "There now all safe. Your clothes wont get any more ruined." Edward laughed. "Ha ha ha so funny" Was all I replied. We got in the car and Edward drove back to his house.


The drive took no time at all since Edward didn't believe in speed limits. Once at his house, Edward pulled the car into the garage next to a big monster jeep. "Wow, thats huge!" "It's Emmett's. He loves driving out in the forest. Just for the fun of it of course. Running is always our first choice."

We walked into the house to find everyone sitting at the big kitchen table. It looked like they were waiting on tea to be served, but as far as I knew vampires didn't eat at a kitchen table, thry hunted their food in the forest. Edward led me to a seat at the head of the table and pulled the chair out for me to sit down.

"Don't worry once we have finished here I will take you upstairs and we can change your pants." Laughed Alice. I just smiled at her and mouthed the words thanks.

"Ok, so I'm guessing you would have a few questions for us?" Asked Carlisle. "Yes, just a few" Was all I could think up as a response. They had brought me here to tell me all I wanted to know. Atleast someone was willing to tell me the truth.

The first and only question I could think of at this moment was "What am I?".

Everyone was still and quiet. Nobody had an answer. Carlisle was the first to move. "We think, and I say think as no one has ever seen this before, but we think you are a half vampire half human. You eat and sleep like a human to the most but you also have a liking for the vampire diet, well bloody meat entices you more then most foods. Am I right?" "Yes I do prefer bloody meat or eggs!"

"Your speed from what I hear is closer to a vampire then a human."

Edward jumped in then. "While we were out today I wanted to test out Bella's sense of smell" Carlisle nodded as if this had been his idea. "She did better then we thought. He sense of smell is as good as any of ours. Not only could she smell my weak scent from a few days ago but she could also smell the coming of the storm thats due to hit in about 10 minutes."

Everyone just looked shocked.

This continued till late at night. The later it got the more tired I got. My eyelids were starting to droop when Edward suggested he take me home. "I don't want to go back to him!" Was all I could say when he suggested it. So Carlisle rang my dad and explained that I had been real tired and passed out on the couch and that Alice had very kindly given up her bed for me. He told dad that they would bring me back as soon as i woke in the morning. Dad was not pleased with the idea but did't object.

I was surprised when Edward had told me the room I was in was his. There was a big golden bed in the middle of the room and a wall of cds and dvds. The other walls were either a full sized window or covered in books. There was a couch in the far corner of the room and next to it a cd player.

I was so tired I lay straight down on the bed. Edward lay next to me. I grabbed him and pulled myself closer. I was almost asleep when I felt him lift my chin and start kissing me very passionatly.

All of a sudden I was wide awake and rolled on top of him. He started undoing my top. "Am I moving to fast?" He wispered into my ear, nibbling on the bottom of my ear as he said it. I pulled him closer and answered his question by kissing him real passionatly and started undoing his top.

I was in heaven. I never wanted this night to end. We finnaly got our clothes off. We fit together perfectly like we were made for eachother. "I never want this night to end!" I wispered to him.

you sooo have to keep me posted i abso loveee it!!!!!!!!
New reader... love your story!!!
love it!!!!!

Chapter 12.



I woke up to bright skies and laughter. Who was laughting and were they laughting at me? I didn't want to open my eyes. The memory of last night fresh on my mind. I never wanted to loose that feeling that Edward and I were made for each other.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Edward smiling down at me. "Whos laughing?" "Oh its just Jasper. Alice saw glimpses of what we did last night and Jasper is laughing at her saying 'that's what you get for snooping into other peoples futures.' He thinks it's funny" "WHAT!?! She saw us?" "Not all of it, she wanted to see if you were going to end up conected in my future but the more she tried to look the less she could see. For some unknown reason she cant see you. So all she got was short glimpses of me butt naked" He laughed.

This family was weird. Laughing at Alice seeing them naked. All well I had more preesing things to worry about. Like how I never wanted to go home to my lier of a father, and how I had found out that I am a half vampire.

Edward looked at me worried. "Are you hungry?" "A little" I was feeling more thirsty then hungry. But I knew that vampires wouldn't have red cordial in the house. I had to ask though otherwise I was going to die of dehydration.

"Would you have and red cordial, it's my favourite and I'm real thirsty?" "I will see if we do" And with that Edward ran out of the room. He was back in no time at all, holding a glass of red cordial. It looked different to how my dad made it. I took the glass of Edward and took a sip. I spat it back in Edwards face. It tasted horrible. "What is this?" I demanded! "Red cordial like you asked for." Edward looked shocked. I staired at the glass trying to figure out why it tasted so horrible.

I let it go and got up to go to the shop and get some food. "What are you doing?" Edward asked curious. "Going to go to the shop and get some food." I replied. "I was acctually wondering if you wanted to come hunting. You said you like bloody meat how about trying your luck at hunting like us other vampires do?" "NO WAY" I all about screamed at him "I'm not hunting humans. Get real, I'm half human. How would it look if I kill and ate a human when I'm half one myself?" "I never said we were going to hunt humans. My family drink animal blood not human. We like to call ourselves vegitarians." He laughed. That made me feel a bit better. "What the hell, I can only try it right? If it doesn't work I will just come back and get the car to go get human food." "If it doesn't work, even though I'm sure it will, I'm sure Esme will be more then willing to cook you breakfast. She may not eat th food but she loves to cook. She cooks so much food like cakes and scones then leaves them by the edge of the forest for the animals to come and eat."

Wow a friendly vampire. You don't hear about that in the stories.

We got dressed and walked out the front door towards the forest. I was a bit scared of what I was about to do. I followed Edward slowly toward the forest. Once we got to the edge of the forest he dropped my hand, took off running and yell back at me "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN."

I took off running after him. I caught him when he stopped after running for about 20 minutes. This must be where we were going to hunt. I couldn't smell anything. Then the wind changed.


Sorry its so short. I have to get my daughter ready for a sleep over at her grannys!!! Might write more later today.

this is great! 

Chapter 13.


I could smell something sweet. It almost smelt like a waterfall of my favourite red cordial. That couldn't be right! I started heading towards the smell. I wanted to know what it was. I started deeper into the forest. I could feel someone following me but the smell of the cordial was too strong and took over my body. I couldn't stop walking towards the smell.

Then I heard a stick break about a foot behind me. I turned ready to launch. I had to protect my back! I pulled up short, it was Edward following me. He looked shocked with his arms half extended towards me.

"What was that smell?" I asked while he still stared shocked. He didn't answer. "You know its rude to stare!" I told him.

He quickly snapped out of his stare and grabbed me and took off back the way we came. I was worried now. What was going on?

Then he stopped and put me down. "Edward I demand you tell me what happened back there, and why you took off like that?" Edward turned and faced me. Shock still visable in his eyes. "Do you not understand my love?" "No I don't" I almost yelled back. "That was human blood you just smelt and took off after. How on earth did you pull your self out of the hunt?" "Was that what I was doing?" I asked now shocked myself. "I don't know how I did it. I heard the twig break and just had this urge to protect my back!"

Edward just stared back at me, still shocked I guess.

Once he finally snapped out of it we took off again in search of some animals this time. We found some near the creek behind the Cullen house. They didn't smell as nice as the humans but they sure did taste good. Once I was finished I was no longer hungry or thirsty. I sat down at the edge of the creek and waited for Edward to finish.

I didn't have to wait too long. I had only been sitting for a couple of minutes and then I was joined by Edward. He looked wonderful. You couldn't even tell that he had just sucked the blood from about 5 deer. Not one drop of blood on his clothes or even a tear in his shirt. I wondered if I still looked decent. I looked down and was very surprised to find not a hair out of place. No tears, no drops of blood, not even a grass stain. How did that happed I was sure I hadn't been careful while drinking. All well something else to mystify my mind as well.

I looked back to Edward. He looked worried. I lifted my hand and placed it on his cheek. "What's wrong?" I asked worried I had offened him or something. "Nothing my love, I have just never seen even a full vampire adjust to this as eaiserly as you are." He smiled and took my face and pulled it to his, then he kissed me deeply and passionatly. We had a repeat of last night right there by the creek. It was amazing. More amazing then the night before.

Afterwards we lay by the creek in each others arms just listerning to the noises around us. That was untill we heard her. Little Alice was heading our way yelling my name even though she knew I could hear her fine. "What is it Alice?" I said to the direction she was headed from. "I need you!" She yelled back. Then she stepped into view. She glared at Edward and gritted her teeth. "If you want to do this right then I need to take Bella with me for a while. Any way gives you more time to set it all up!" She smiled a cheeky smile and walked up to me grabbed my arm and pulled me in the direction of the house.

"Where are we going?" I asked scared. "You will see." She smiled slyly.




Sorry it's taken so long to write this chapter. I moved then got a new computer and for some reason it wouldn't let me on the sight. Then it had been that long I had forgotten my password. So I am real sorry and I hope You enjoy. I promise I will be writing more very soon. Please comment with any ideas on what could happen in the story or if you like or don't like where it's headed!!! Once again sorry for taking so long!!!!

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first to comment loved the chapter update more soon


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