The Twilight Saga

Okaii this story is about Alice,Bella, and Rosalie they all become famous singers but there are problems some of the cullens dont like it and there is drama,problems if you go down there is the chapters ive wrote





Chapter 3-


Chapter 4-


Chapter 5-


Chapter 6-


chapter 7-


chapter 8-not wrote yet

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omg who is it???
Dang IT I was soo EXCITED!!!!!!!!! UNTIL YOU ENDED IT...WHO IS IT!! i think i know j-a-k-e?? maybe

anyway great chapter LOVED IT

always a fan
sorry i probably wont be updating till tommorow or the day after unsure so your just going to have to wait lol
is it Edwardo man or Carlisle or Chill pill over there lol
sorry what??
sorry everyone will post more later XD
this chapter is dedicated to Dzny thank you XD

Chapter 7

Rosalie's P.O.V.

I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone and call Alice to tell her what I’d done, but I didn’t because I just didn’t care. I didn’t care about our band anymore. Sure, it was exciting six months ago, but now I just couldn’t get myself excited anymore. I felt selfish because I didn’t care but Esme, Alice and Bella did, but then I thought Alice is well. Bella is in the hospital and Esme is away somewhere, so why not just leave?

I’d decided to get on a plane and head back to Forks. I’d come to my decision last night and now here I am on a plane with forty other people. There was a women sitting in front of me; she was like me in some ways. She had blonde hair and was dressed fashionable enough, but there was something that she had that I didn’t; a child. The little girl was sitting to the side of her. She had red hair and she looked about two or three. She was wearing dungaree’s with a white t-shirt and she had a pink coat on. She was quiet and just stared out the window the whole plane ride.

I was about to get up and go to the toilet when a women came to my side. She had black hair and was wearing a flight attendant’s uniform.

“Can you please sit back down, ma’am? We’re landing in ten minutes.”

“Sure,” I said. I took my seat.
10 Minutes Later:

I finally thought to myself as I got off the plane in Port Angeles and started walking to the bus stop. The bus would take me to Forks. As I was about to get on, I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at a billboard I had spotted. It was an advertisement. It was pink and big and read “Looking to adopting?”. Underneath it there was an address: 45 Current Street, Forks, Washington. As I walked past the advertisement, I bumped into a man. He was a taxi-driver by the looks of it.

“Need a ride, Miss?”

“Yes, please.”

“Where to?”

“45 Current Street, Forks, Washington, please.”
i agree lolz XD
i also agree i can see it now lol
yay i hope she adopts!

**New reader***

I love it...whos with Bella?! post soon plz


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