The Twilight Saga

Okaii this story is about Alice,Bella, and Rosalie they all become famous singers but there are problems some of the cullens dont like it and there is drama,problems if you go down there is the chapters ive wrote





Chapter 3-


Chapter 4-


Chapter 5-


Chapter 6-


chapter 7-


chapter 8-not wrote yet

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like the idea
it sounds like it would be good
thanks guys okaii i was waitin for 3 comments so im gonna write the 1st chapter now
chapter 1

'rosalie alice hurry up were on in 10 minutes' here i was sat in my dressing room backstage i was at the st bernads club in some small town up north i was here with alice,rosalie and esme unfortunaltly jasper edward and emmet and carlise couldnt be here they were hunting in forks but we had esme which was good even though i had performed in front of millions of people before i always got nervous without edward by my side i dont know why all of a sudden alice burst out of the toilet she was all and had her guitar
'come on bella cheer up'
'yeah sure where is rosalie'
'she is coming just fixing her hair'
all of a sudden i heard a huge crowd cheering and some guy on a microphone getting ready to introduce us. Me and rosalie and alice decided to start a band 1 year ago we use 2 do little gigs in pubs and clubs then all of a sudden some record company signed with us and there we were 4 albums 5 hits and famous we were called the vamps and we are very popular'
'finally rose your ready' alice said
'have you heard the crowd wow amazing well come on lets get out there rosalie' said

so as she said we went on stage and they went mad just incase your wondering im the singer and so is rose and alice plays the guitar and sings little lines so we got out there and perfomerd out 1st 5 single songs they loved it i noticed a group of guys in the crowd there were 4 of them all tall with black hair they were smiling while singing along to the song i also noticed esme in the crowd she was sat at the front taking pictures and smiling she made me feel more confident and like edward was here after we performed we went backstage and there was a boquet of roses on my chair with a note it wrote 'i like your music ring me archie then a number'
'ohh bella roses is there something youre not telling us' alice said
'shut up' i said joking
then all of a sudden i heard arguing coming from the bathroom it was rose she was arguing with emmet he diddnt like the idea of us being famous he tried to get her out of it but she wouldnt listen to him as usaul she came storming out of the dressing room she threw her phone against the wall
'errggh he does my head-in argument after argument why cant he be supportive'
'calm down rose' alice said

then esme burst in and congratualted us and said there was a agent outside who was interested in our music and wanted to make us bigger and more gigs

'i dont know esme' i said
'perfect' rose said' get him in'
'rose what you doing emmet will flip' i said

but she ignored me and went to open the dressing room door to the women stood there with a huge smile on her face

end of chapter please comment if you would like be to write the 2nd chapter
i love it u should write more
lolz chapter 1 is there XD
everyone im going to bed so i'll post chapter 2 tomaz night
chapter 2
rosalie's point of view

as i opened the door to this new agent i had like a flashback to the night before this concert i was in my hotel room sat on the bed practising my lines of our famous song 'underground' then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door i went to answer it and there was emmet i was soo happy but there was something up with him and i couldnt possibly make it out i said hey and he just closed his eyes and disapered then i realised it was a dream a dream that i never wanted to have again it was like it was trying to tell me something but i couldnt figure it out then i snapped out of my flashback and opened the door to this women she had blonde hair and was very pretty and she was wearing a black top with black denim pants.

'hey my name is luna' she said
'hey im rosalie and this is bella,alice and my mother esme' i said
'well ive seen your music and im very happy i want to sign you and produce new songs more tours more albums'
'well how long would they be on tour for' esme said
'it depends how the albums go'
'oh well girls what do you want to do' esme said
'i dont mind i love singing its like my 2nd life' i said
'i dont know id have to talk with edward' bella said
'why he doesnt control you life bella' i said
'yeah i dont know i have to talk to jasper as well rose' alice said
'well i'll give you girls some time call me here is my number' luna said

as i took the white little card out of her hand and place it in my pocket my phone rang

'hello rosalie here'
'hey rose its charlie is bella there i cant get through to her phone'
'yes sure she is here'
'hey dad how are you'
'ye...okaii..sure okaii bye dad'

'here is your phone'
come on guys your on get your butts out there esme said and have fun

so we went out and all of a sudden half way through the song bella collapsed!!!

RITE MORE PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
cool i would like to read it. sounds great.
i will be adding more tommorow
love it write more


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