The Twilight Saga

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(bella's pov)

Chapter One

This had to be the start of my life right here, right now. I found that the amount of love that was in me was more than I thought I would ever have, yes I was a vampire, but at least I felt I was pretty enough to stand with my kind, loving and amazing husband. Of course I was also pretty enough to get every mans heart racing that I walked by, these were the good things I felt about being utterly heart-stopingly gorgeous. Edward obviously wasn’t too keen on every man wishing I were with them, considering he could hear their every thought. My little nudger wasn’t so little anymore even though I could still carry her in my safe and secure arms.
Edward and me decided to try out going to Dartmouth, with our little Nessie going to school somewhere close to us especially as we weren’t going to leave her behind. Our family was now made up of four people; well ok not really people, more like vampires and the odd werewolf. Renesmee would not have come without her own personal chew toy.
This was the beginning, the beginning of my new life. With a great family and great friends who had promised to visit us soon, with report on how they are doing since they too left Forks. I already missed my monstrous sister in law Alice, and the booming laugh of Emmett, Rose’s new found happiness about me being part of the family, Jasper and my daily conversations, Carlisle’s peace towards every creature he comes by and Esme I would greatly miss for everything. I would be with my dear Edward for the rest of my existence and for that I was truly grateful; our Nessie would be with us forever too. I really felt bad about leaving my father a home in Forks but with my never changing youth I would really have too stay away, that was the only thing that broke my heart, that every time I thought of him I knew it would – it could – only ever be a thought.
“Bella love, what’s the matter? This is meant to be a happy day. Please tell me, I can’t stand not to know what thoughts are passing through your mind”
“I was thinking of my father” I whispered in response
It wasn’t fait for him to not know, at least now there would be no secrets, no lies between us.
“Are you sure we did the right thing love? Leaving I mean”
There was only one way to let him know how truly bad I felt for leaving my father, and also the reasons we couldn’t go back. So I did it, I pushed my shield out from myself and let him in, no matter how much love filled me it would not cover the hatred I felt toward myself for having to leave Forks, for good. Charlie had Sue now though; surely it wouldn’t be that bad, she would look after him as much as he would look after her. I’d ring everyday, just to see how he is, and when the time comes for him to leave this world that I will always belong too, I’d go to him as fast as I could no matter what.
“Bella it will be fine, Charlie will be fine and he knows we had to leave, not for the right reason but he knows”
“It’s not right though Edward, it’s not fair on him having to loose me, he lost my mother and now he has lost me”
I broke down and surrendered to the sobs that came out, I knew I couldn’t cry and this was the closest I would get, but it was good enough as I felt pain and hurt because for leaving him I would always feel guilt.
Straight away I was in the comforting arms of the man I loved, surrounded by care. I felt that we were destined to be together right from the moment I had been born, even if none of us knew. We had found each other and had a beautiful baby girl; it’s more than I would have ever asked for from this life, but also everything I would have ever wanted.
“So you know Edward, you have given my everything I ever wanted and most of all you gave me you”
His warm lips on mine obviously showed that he felt the same kind of adoration that I did.

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Great story please write more.
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