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This is written from Bella’s pov after she has been a vampire for quite a while and her and Edward’s relationship is really good, this is also my first try at doing this so I want to know what you all think, please tell the truth thank you.



I wanted the time to think alone. Think about my little nudger, even though Renesmee was still young for human years, her half vampire growing had made it difficult for us to enrol her at a school. Also she would probably be smarter than a lot of the children there anyway, this thought made me smile and even giggle. Edward turned to face me with a confused expression on his face, I let him into my errant thoughts about our precious Renesmee, and he smiled the crooked smile I loved so much. The one and only smile that would have made my heart skip a beat, the one that made heat pulse through my veins, and mainly the one that made the love I felt for him even stronger. Everything that this god like man did for me made my love grow more and more, which truthfully I didn’t think possible. Maybe one day my heart would actually burst through my chest with all the love I felt, of course he heard that thought too but this time the gorgeous crooked smile reached his glorious eyes. The thought of going back to the cottage escaped me now and went straight to him, again he smiled but a different kind of smile, more like a longing for something. I hoped it was the same longing I had, of wanting to be with him ALONE, obviously this made him turn to me and nod his head for the back doors of the Cullen’s family home.
With our beautiful Renesmee in my arms we leapt out of the doors and headed for the wonderful cottage that we got given to us for my 19th birthday. This was like my own personal sanctuary and safe place, a place where I could always be in my happy place. The happy place with my precious Renesmee and my precious Edward, with no worries of the danger out in the world that might someday come to find us. All of this could somehow not stop the worst feeling, that someday soon we would again be facing a great threat that may threaten our family’s existence…

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i wasn't sure to post it or not but i thought why not...
if a few people read it and like it i will keep on writing so thanks for the support :)
O.M.G.... I LOVED It.
Your flow of words is really Amazing.
You're able to capture Bella's essence so well :)
I can't wait for more.
I can tell this is going to be good =D
It's so good, you should write more! you are so good!
i really like it its awsome :)keep writiing

Chapter One

This had to be the start of my life right here, right now. I found that the amount of love that was in me was more than I thought I would ever have, yes I was a vampire, but at least I felt I was pretty enough to stand with my kind, loving and amazing husband. Of course I was also pretty enough to get every mans heart racing that I walked by, these were the good things I felt about being utterly heart-stopingly gorgeous. Edward obviously wasn’t too keen on every man wishing I were with them, considering he could hear their every thought. My little nudger wasn’t so little anymore even though I could still carry her in my safe and secure arms.
Edward and me decided to try out going to Dartmouth, with our little Nessie going to school somewhere close to us especially as we weren’t going to leave her behind. Our family was now made up of four people; well ok not really people, more like vampires and the odd werewolf. Renesmee would not have come without her own personal chew toy.
This was the beginning, the beginning of my new life. With a great family and great friends who had promised to visit us soon, with report on how they are doing since they too left Forks. I already missed my monstrous sister in law Alice, and the booming laugh of Emmett, Rose’s new found happiness about me being part of the family, Jasper and my daily conversations, Carlisle’s peace towards every creature he comes by and Esme I would greatly miss for everything. I would be with my dear Edward for the rest of my existence and for that I was truly grateful; our Nessie would be with us forever too. I really felt bad about leaving my father a home in Forks but with my never changing youth I would really have too stay away, that was the only thing that broke my heart, that every time I thought of him I knew it would – it could – only ever be a thought.
“Bella love, what’s the matter? This is meant to be a happy day. Please tell me, I can’t stand not to know what thoughts are passing through your mind”
“I was thinking of my father” I whispered in response
It wasn’t fait for him to not know, at least now there would be no secrets, no lies between us.
“Are you sure we did the right thing love? Leaving I mean”
There was only one way to let him know how truly bad I felt for leaving my father, and also the reasons we couldn’t go back. So I did it, I pushed my shield out from myself and let him in, no matter how much love filled me it would not cover the hatred I felt toward myself for having to leave Forks, for good. Charlie had Sue now though; surely it wouldn’t be that bad, she would look after him as much as he would look after her. I’d ring everyday, just to see how he is, and when the time comes for him to leave this world that I will always belong too, I’d go to him as fast as I could no matter what.
“Bella it will be fine, Charlie will be fine and he knows we had to leave, not for the right reason but he knows”
“It’s not right though Edward, it’s not fair on him having to loose me, he lost my mother and now he has lost me”
I broke down and surrendered to the sobs that came out, I knew I couldn’t cry and this was the closest I would get, but it was good enough as I felt pain and hurt because for leaving him I would always feel guilt.
Straight away I was in the comforting arms of the man I loved, surrounded by care. I felt that we were destined to be together right from the moment I had been born, even if none of us knew. We had found each other and had a beautiful baby girl; it’s more than I would have ever asked for from this life, but also everything I would have ever wanted.
“So you know Edward, you have given my everything I ever wanted and most of all you gave me you”
His warm lips on mine obviously showed that he felt the same kind of adoration that I did.

The morning came too quickly when I was with Edward, but Nessie would be waking up soon ready for her first day of school. Also Edward and me ready for our first day of Dartmouth, I must admit I was nervous about how we were really going to fit in. I was more nervous for my wonderful Nessie though, I suppose everyone she meets she will have wrapped round her little finger almost straight away, like the rest of us and all of our friends from home.
“Don’t be worried love, we are all ok now we are here, I think Nessie’s dog is settling in quite well in the garden shed” Edward added a slight smile as he spoke
“I hope so because the stinky dog isn’t coming in here anytime soon”
Edward laughed and hugged me again, all he ever wanted was for me and Nessie to be happy, which suited me fine just as long as he was happy too.
We were interrupted by the buzzing coming from Edwards jacket, most likely Alice checking up on us to see how we were coping, I let them talk without me listening to their conversation while I went to get sleeping beauty from her little bed.
“Bella?” Edward called, he sounded concerned, almost worried and kind of scared.
“What is it Edward?”
Now I was worried, maybe all of those thoughts I had were right, danger was coming, sooner than I thought but what would happen. My new mind could handle more than one thing now; I was racing through possibilities of what might have happened to my family.
“Bella hunnie, Alice has had a vision. Caius has ordered some of the guards to attack The Amazon coven, love we have to go and help them”
I was shocked; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Can’t we have at least one year when the don’t attack, where nobody tries to kill us or people we care about?
“Looks like schools out of the question then” I retorted
Edward chuckled lightly and a little smile appeared on his wonderful face, it didn’t reach his eyes but at least I had made him smile. Suddenly a thought came to me, what about little Renesmee? She couldn’t come with us could she? It would be too dangerous for her.
“Edward! What about Renesmee? She can’t come with us, it’s too dangerous” I was almost shouting now, maybe I could have a panic attack; I highly doubted that considering I had no other real emotions.
“She’ll stay here with the mut Bella, don’t worry she’ll be fine here, it’s not like the dog can’t protect her he was born to protect”
“Ok Edward we’ll do this your way, but why is it you are so rude towards Jacob?” I asked, honestly curious now.
“Well, he did imprint on my baby girl and I know that he doesn’t think like that, but still he imprinted on my daughter”
I struggled to think about that as I knew I couldn’t really disagree because of how I reacted when I found out. I winced as I thought about how I had attacked Jacob when I found out he had imprinted on Renesmee, that was a horrible time also because I hadn’t got to Jacob, Seth got in the way protecting his leader.
“Ok, I know how you’re thinking now but could you at least try to be nice, Renesmee could do a lot worse. I trust Jacob enough to leave her with him but do you?” I questioned.
“I trust Jacob with Renesmee’s life love, because I do know how much he adores her and would risk his life to save her”
I thought about how much Jacob really adored Nessie, and how much it would hurt me too be away from her, but deep down I knew that I’d prefer her to be safe here and me miss her than her be in danger.
“Alright then Edward, I’ll make sure Renesmee gets ready and knows what’s happening while you tell Jacob, make sure he knows that he has to sleep in the house though, I’m not having Renesmee alone for one minute! And he best know he has to stay close to her school” I was being bossy, but when it came to my own family safety came first always.
We were going to have to book plane tickets, yes running was fast but even I had to admit that the air was quicker.


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