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The year ago.

A letter came in the mail for me from a school I had applied to get into. So of course my heart was pounding in my chest to see if i had gotten in. I opened and started to read my letter

Dear Miss Bella Swan,
I have reviewed your application with great interest in your potential. And so I am pleased to tell you to pack your things because you have just been accepted to Rosemary's Academy.

I screamed and jumped up and down with enthusiasm. Edward walked in and stopped me and asked why I was screaming.
“I got in! I got in!" He read the letter-all of it because i stopped right when it said i was accepted- and grinned.
“Looks like Alice will be wanting to take you shopping to celebrate.”
“How do you know that.”
"her car just pulled up." I looked out the window and saw her car. I kissed Edward then grabbed my purse and left then hopped in Alice’s car.
“Wow you have more enthusiasm today than ever when i take you shopping."
"I Got in! I fell like i can do anything." We then left for Seattle and shopped for hours, It was actually more fun than when she took me shopping before. A few days later I had my things packed and said goodbye to everyone. My friends and Charlie and The Cullens then got on my flight to Eau Claire Wisconsin.

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I hope he wasnt killed
or ran away. making his family cover for him
whos in the mini war?
im almost done with the next chap ill post some right now.

chapter Two year later

I stood outside my home and looked up at second story. Charlie thought I was dead and I could hear him crying. What he didn’t know: was that I was alive as ever. It was a long story and sometimes it was hard to explain. Charlie looked out his window; I pulled my hood over my head and hid behind a tree. I wondered if he had done anything to my room so I used my new speed and climbed up a tree in front of my bedroom window. I was sitting on my haunches and let my eyes adjust. I saw something move on my bed and I focused my eyes.
It was Edward!
He was hugging a stuffed animal I had at the foot of my bed. His eyes were misty, if he could cry I knew he would be. All of a sudden I smelt Charlie’s blood, it hit me like a tidal wave and I fell out of the tree. I heard Edward move I got up and ran. I would run anywhere as long as I didn’t drink anyone’s blood. I ended up at our meadow. I walk to the middle and looked up at the night sky.
I took off my cape and let it pool at my feet. I took off my shoes; I let my hair out of its bun and sighed when it stopped hurting. I smelled the fresh night air and I caught a familiar smell. I opened my eyes looked across from me and there was Andrew.
He was Rosemary’s husband back in Eau Claire. They took me in while I was at school and kept me safe. And taught me some valuable things.
He was dressed in a martial arts outfit, and I knew he was going to test my skills. He approached me we bowed and then we started.
“So,” He said “this is where you live? Nice place.” I landed a blow to his gut and then I knocked him on his back.
“Watch your back Andrew you never know who will be there.” We stopped fifteen minutes later of non-stop action.
“Well, you can certainly beat me. If you need anything you know you can call us.” Andrew and I hugged and I told him thank you. Then he left, I stood in that same spot. I then fell onto my back; I looked up at the sky and thought about the Cullens. Would they know I’m still alive? Would Edward still be alive? I then pulled my shoes back on and my cape. I decided to go to the Cullen’s house and see them. I would have to explain why I was still alive, but then again I hoped Edward would be able to accept me even though something happened to change me.
I walked through the woods following Edward’s scent. I then came into the view of the Cullen’s home. I went to the front porch and saw that the door had been broken in.
Oh no…
I went inside and smelled…their scent was still here but where were they? I checked every room but when I approached Edward’s door I stopped. I reached out and twisted the door knob and let the door swing open. The walls were plastered with pictures of me; all my favorite books were on the giant bed. But one of the windows was broken and there was a note on them. I rushed over a read it.
Hope you can save them? You’re wrong to defy me, I'm the greatest there have ever been.
P.S. see you at the place

I crumpled the piece of paper, and then grabbed my cell phone out.
“You know that help I needed?”
“Yeah “
“I could use it right now. Casper is playing with me.”
“We’ll wait for your signal.” I shut my phone then went down stairs. I walked into the garage and spotted Alice’s porche door wide open. I looked inside and saw the keys in the ignition. I got in a hoped to god she would mind my using her car. I had to get to them before Casper did something awful.
this is bella's cape

Chapter Three
Edward Pov: Vampire’s with masks on their faces tied us up and suspended us in the air, while a vampire named Casper told us of how He killed Bella. I wanted to rip his throat out but jasper kept me calm. “She was so sweet and She told me to tell you Edward ‘tell him I never loved him’ She said that right before I finished her off. I growled and He laughed He found pleasure in my discomfort. In addition, this vampire could block his thoughts. He left us-my family and I-on a stage in a run down theater. We sat in darkness for a while and Emmett, and Carlisle were trying to plan our escape. Casper came back later and my anger got the best of me.
“I hope you die, you monster! Killing innocents for your own game!”
“I enjoy a good game and she gave it to me.”
“Hey!” WE looked up and there was Bella. “Casper pick on someone your own size!”
“Bella you’re alive?” I asked in disbelief.
“Long story Ed, but it’s about to end.”
She jumped down, pulled out a gun with inhuman speed, and got Casper in the arm. He hissed at her and she simply smiled. The circled each other, their eyes filled with hate. Casper charged forward and they fought landing blows on each other. Casper ended up throwing Bella through a wall. He started to stalk toward her. Then an ear-splitting whistle was heard and then twenty more vampires came rushing in and circled Casper. Then twenty vampires that belonged to Casper came in and a full-fledged battle started. Some vampires cam up and cut us lose. Carlisle was hugging one of them and then took me to Bella. She was under some debris and we cleared it off her she shook her self off then put her hand on my face. She pushed herself up and kissed me.
“Bella, here.” Carlisle handed her a thermos and when she opened it, I smelt the blood. Bella drank it all then went back to the fight.
We joined also and about fifteen minutes later several vampires turned to dust. Everyone’s attention turned to Bella just as she sank her fangs into Casper’s neck. She drank from him until He was too weak to move. Then she dropped him to the floor but when she looked up her eyes were a bright red and her mouth was stained with blood.
She wiped her mouth, then placed her boot on Casper’s neck then leaned on her leg.
“You ever mess with my friends, family, or any of my loved ones, and you will die. Let’s see how you liked to be starved.” She looked at a couple and they took him away. The rest of the vampires filed out after them. We all stood stunned until Bella dropped to her hands and knees. We asked if she was all right and she held up a finger then collapsed. II picked her up into my arms just then a man came in looked at her and then another woman came in. She told us Bella was in shock and she would be fine with some rest.
We walked outside and there was Alice’s car. Alice laughed then climbed into the driver’s side while I climbed into the back with Bella. Everyone else ran back to the house.
I put Bella on the couch then knelt by her side. Everyone else went about fixing the house.
i love it
more please
dammm thats awesome!! i love this story
y does she have a cape?
this is Bella is wearing when she shows up.

omg omg omg omg
i gets even better just wait
Thats an evil place to stop


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