The Twilight Saga



The year ago.

A letter came in the mail for me from a school I had applied to get into. So of course my heart was pounding in my chest to see if i had gotten in. I opened and started to read my letter

Dear Miss Bella Swan,
I have reviewed your application with great interest in your potential. And so I am pleased to tell you to pack your things because you have just been accepted to Rosemary's Academy.

I screamed and jumped up and down with enthusiasm. Edward walked in and stopped me and asked why I was screaming.
“I got in! I got in!" He read the letter-all of it because i stopped right when it said i was accepted- and grinned.
“Looks like Alice will be wanting to take you shopping to celebrate.”
“How do you know that.”
"her car just pulled up." I looked out the window and saw her car. I kissed Edward then grabbed my purse and left then hopped in Alice’s car.
“Wow you have more enthusiasm today than ever when i take you shopping."
"I Got in! I fell like i can do anything." We then left for Seattle and shopped for hours, It was actually more fun than when she took me shopping before. A few days later I had my things packed and said goodbye to everyone. My friends and Charlie and The Cullens then got on my flight to Eau Claire Wisconsin.

This Fan Fiction is complete...all chapter are up

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Write more soon plz
sounds good
Write more soon plz
sounds good
write more want to read more
thanks for replying guys and ill update soon i just have to get to my computer im at a friends house right now.

but since your the first to start reading my story ill give you and idea for what i have next.

Bella comes back to forks after the school year and hopes to find Edward still alive...............

what do you think has happened? tell me id love to hear your ideas.
i think there has been another vamp war!
sort of keep guessing
Vamp war with volturit aken into Cullen territory and torn apart by wolves, edward injured?
God im Hopeless
i just left a comment for you read it
mini war
no voulturi
those are the only clues im giving and im writing the next chapter right now
nope not a war but somewhat a minin one keep guessing voulturi not involved
Some family members side with each other and have mini war???
write more


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