The Twilight Saga

I had past banner shops, but they did not succeed very well.
So, now I'm starting fresh!
 To order please fill out the information below...

 Fan Fiction Banner:
*Pictures (please provide your own photos are a good description!)
 Color Scheme:
 Additional Info:

Avatar/Profile pic:
*Screen name
 Color Scheme
 Additional Info
 Here are some example of my work:

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Hi Bells! :D
(I think I may post an order for you soon ;P I just need to find the pics xD)

Can you make a profile pic 4 me? The color scheme to be light blue and gray. I want the banner to say Edward+Bella=Renesmee (my name). And these pics.......

and i dnt care how big or small the pics are in the banner as long as thy all fit in the prop ic and the banner is the exact size of a porfile pic no bigger no smaller also use the pic at the very top wen thy r in their meadow and u can change the colors of the pics to make the color scheme work light blue and gray
can u do it plz?
I can do it, I'll get started!
Hope you like it!

thnx i luv it :)
Your welcome!
Hi! First of all, I'd like to say your banners are so amazing! Second (after sucking up to you lol), I would like a profile pic.
My screen name is: Aurora Rose Cullen (if that's too long you can drop the "cullen")
No Quote/subtext

Color Scheme: Gold
I'll get started right now!
And thanks!

Amazing Bells! :D
(Sorry for not posting my own order sooner :S My dad turned off the internet just as I was about to send it, and he wouldn't bulge one bit with opening it again... will post it as soon as I've found the pics again! :D)
My comp seems to not want to upload pics to TTS...
I'll post the order as soon as I get home :)
thanks u soo sooo sooooo much! =D it's beautiful!


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