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I had past banner shops, but they did not succeed very well.
So, now I'm starting fresh!
 To order please fill out the information below...

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Hi Bella I am working on a story that isn't twilight related do you other banners as well as twiligt.
@Minnie: My dad is the same way.
Can't wait to take the order.

@Aurora Rose: Thank you!!!!

@Sarah: Of course, I'd be happy to take the order.

Fanfiction Banner:

Title- Unexpected

Author- Baddadsis200

Link/Summary- One night four brothers and sisters (2 of each) wake up to find find their house on fire. Their mother and step-father died in the fire so they are sent to live with their dad and step-mother. But when they get there alot of unexpected things start happening.

Quote/Subtext- When four siblings have to suddenly move, the unexpected starts happening.







Color Scheme- black, red, orange, yellow


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