The Twilight Saga

This is a coming-of-age story/romance starring Bella Swan. Being stuck in a mundane summer job, she settles into her boring summer. Her and Angela together discover vampires, werewolves, and witches all residing in their once thought to be boring town called Forks. The girls form their own coven and start practicing witchcraft. Everything is all fun and games, but when the magic gets out of hand, who will be left standing alive?

Chapter 1 Getting Up In the Morning to Go to My Stupid Job Which I Hate. Thanks, Rene.

I wake up to another rainy morning in Forks, Washington. My eyes are open, but I still have my comforter over my head. The alarm clock sounds off, annoyingly. I reach my fingers out of the darkness of the inside of the comforter and lift it off of my face. I groan. I don't want to get up.

"Bella?" I hear Charlie's voice coming up the hall way. I grab the comforter and hide my face in it. "Bella.. Please get up. You need to get down to the Pigly Wigly." Charlie walks through my door and pokes my butt through the covers with his finger. I scrunch up, avoiding another poke. "Get your ass up," His says, in a non- serious voice. It almost sounds like he's playing.

"I hate the Pigly Wigly," I groan. I don't know if he heard my little voice through the barrier of my sheets and my thick comforter.

"You still wanna go to college, don't you?" He asks, his voice flat.

"I'm having second thoughts," I say. I'd say anything to get out of going to work, today. College isn't even that important to me or even Charlie, but Rene swears it is my only ticket out of this tiny town, they're making me pay for my own tuition. She knocks on the side of the wall.

"Bella," She sings.

"No," I groan. She walks in and sits on my bed. I hear Charlie sigh. Rene finds my shoulder and rubs it through the comforter.

"Bella, honey. I know you're not sick. I looked at your work schedule on the fridge and you're gonna be late if you don't get moving right now," Rene says in her fake soothing voice.

"But it's Sat," I say, pushing the comforter off of my face.

"Then, take it up with your boss," Rene says. "Tell Sebastian you want this Saturday off."

"But in order to do that, I would have to get up," I complain.

"Exactly," Rene says, slowly nodding her head.

"You are the laziest girl in the world," Charlie mumbles. He chuckles under his breath. I don't like being called lazy. I resent that. But I still wasn't gonna get up.

"All you are doing is proving your father right," Rene says. I ignore her and turn my face to my alarm clock. "Hmm. Suit yourself. We tried."

They both remove themselves from my room. "Oh, god in heaven," I groan. As weak as I feel, I manage to crawl away from my comfy bed. I arch my back in a stretch. "Sweet Jesus." I get dressed and comb my bland, brown hair. There is no helping it. It still looks aweful. I locate my red work apron thrown over my chair to my desk. I put it on and tie the back. My name tag says Bella. Duh. Walking down the stairs, I can hear Charlie and Rene mumbling to each other. They stop, once I reach the bottom of the staircase where they can see me. Rene flashes me a fake smile. It makes me want to know what they were talking about, but I don't ask. I was taught too well to stay out of grown folks' business.

"I'm off to bring home the bacon," I grumble.

"Have fun at work, sweet heart," Rene says, this time flashing a more genuine smile. She's just happy that I got off my butt. Charlie leans against the counter, dressed in his tan cop uniform, holding a mug of steaming black coffee.

I leave out the door and I accidentily slam it. They're probably thinking I did it on purpose. Charlie needs to get off his ass and fix this door. The screws are too loose. My big red truck is sitting on the wet, green lawn. Mr. Dannibal from across the street is waving at me and pushing his noisy lawn mower. Pieces of green grass fly up into the foggy air around him. I wave back, and try to look enthusiastic as I smile. I crawl into my truck and stick the key in the ignition. My foot drives down on the gas and it's off to work I go.

Part 1 of Chapter 2 of Bella's Bayou : No Harm In a Good Time, Unless You're Bella Swan

I pull up in the Pigly Wigly parking lot, park, and get out. Mike Newton is walking towards me with a smirky smile on his face.

"Hey, Bella, Bella," He chants my name, a little over excited to see me.

"How goes things?" I ask. We walk together inside the Pigly Wigly. I clock in, hidden away from the quiet customers.

"So," Mike says, putting his arm on the wall, just above my head. I stare at him through my empty eyes. "I know you're probably gonna say no, but, I figure I'd give it shot any.."

"No," I cut him off, coldly. His casual expression shrinks into uncertainty.

"You don't even know.."

"Hey, Bella. you free, tonight? Cause i'm not do anything. How about you and me do something together. Like hang out," I recite perfectly word for word his own words. He uses them often when trying to get a date with me. I don't know why he keeps trying. It's not like I'm that much of a catch. His face turns white under his already pale complexion.

"See you around," He says in a flat voice, untypical of him. He walks away. He mumbles the b word a little too loudly under his breath.

"Hey," Angela pops up into my face. Her eager attitude showing. Her dorky glasses, oddly complimenting her, instead of taking away from her beauty. All the worker bees wear red aprons. I see through the corner of my eye, Sebastian coming over to us in his blue apron. He is in charge of getting us our money every Friday and making our schedules. Why ask for today off? I'm already here.

"Girls. chitchat later, we got work that needs to be done," He says, his glasses sitting on his button nose, and shielding his sapphire blue eyes. I can't move for a minute, stunned by his gorgeousness. Angela swoons. She would have become weak in the knees and fallen to the floor if I hadn't grabbed her arm.

"You heard the man," I say, leading the way to the front of the store. Yes, Angela has a huge crush on the boss. I do as well, but I don't let it show like she does. It's unprofessional. Plus, he's got a fiancee. He's in his last year of four year college, taking all his classes online. Sebastian's fiancee is named Pippa. Angela and I hate her. At a party once, at the start of summer, he invited his newbies to his house for a welcoming party. Angela thought it would be fun to light Pippa's hair on fire. I don't know if she was possessed or if it was the shots talking, but Angela took a shot glass that had a lit flame on it and put it to Pippa's head. No one saw her do it, but me. Pippa didn't realize her hair was on fire until she felt flicks of it burning up and dropping off on her shoulder, all crisp. She screamed and cried for nearly an hour, even though the fire was put out as soon as it started. I had dumped the punch bowl on her head to put it out. She got a new hair cut. It's cute, unfortunately. Angela swears up and down it was an accident. She was standing too close and Pippa had her back turned. Everyone believes her, even Sebastian believes her the most. Pippa is doubtful, but she still forgave her. Angela's little stunt makes me watch my own back more when i'm around her. I don't tell her about my crush on Sebastian. She might try to do something to me, next. She's still my good friend, but i just keep my eye on her more closely. She's a really sweet, sweet girl, until she likes a guy.

"Excuse.. me, honey.. Do.. you.. have ..this.. in.. a twenty.. four ...pack?" An old lady asks me, waving a coupon for Sharman Ultra Soft infront of my face.

"Toilet tissue is on isle 6, Mrs. Dela," I mumble.

"What.. is.. that.. you.. said.. dear.. I .. couldn.'t.. hear.. you.. You're.. mumbling," she says. I exhale.

"Isle 6, Mrs. Dela!" I say louder, secretly wishing to pop her ear drums.

"Alright.. now.. dear..," Mrs. Dela says. She slowly turns her cart around and heads out of my lane. After four straight, grueling hours, I head to the break room. Mike is in there, eating a sandwich.

"Oh. Sorry. Don't want to bother Princess Bella," He says, in a snide tone. He picks up his lunch and moves out of the room. Such a graceful loser.

Two other employees pile into the small break room. Jessica and Lauren from school. Lauren looks like a wreck until she pulls a white blunt from her pocket and starts smoking it infront of us. She relaxes as she smokes. Then, she lets Jessica take a puff. I recognize the scent of it as mary- j, aka marijuana. She offers me a puff, but I politely turn it down. Last time I smoked a puff of marijuana, I almost died of an asthma attack.. and I don't even have asthma. Lauren and Jess share the weed.

"That damn baby was crying like hell all night long." Lauren complains. She blows out white smoke, her forehead is creased. "I'm tired as hell, too. I don't want to go home, today. Tyler got fired. Did you know about that?" She asks, looking in my direction.

"umm.. no," I say. Tyler Crowley is the father of her five month old baby daughter they named Aisling Diamond Crowley. They're not married, but they gave the baby Tyler's last name against Lauren's mom's wishes. Lauren's mom hates Tyler for getting Lauren pregnant and Lauren hates her mom for not accepting Tyler anymore. They both live with Tyler's mom with the baby. Lauren is deliberately punishing her mom by not living with her anymore. If her mom wants to see the infant, she has to drive to the other side of town where Tyler's mom lives. The room was becoming filled with the thick, sweet smell of mary- j and so I got up and casually walked out of the break room. I should have walked out sooner. The smell had gotten stuck on my clothes and I wasn't even smoking.

I often baby- sit for Tyler and Lauren during the week days. I can never seem to turn them down. Maybe, I feel sorry for them and want to help out when I can. I do love Aisling. She is a sweet little baby and it's hard to say no to that.

I walk back to my lane and punch open the cash register. The sliding doors come open, letting the windy air in. One of the Cullen boys, Edward, walks through the door. He looks around. I study him. Angela appears at my side.

"Wow. I never see him outside of school," She whispers on my shoulder.

"It's a first for me, too," I mumble. Cullen walks into the shopping isle, politely ignoring all the starring eyes. Everyone is watching him, trying to see what he will buy. A woman comes into my lane and hastily puts her groceries on the counter. She is shivering as she looks at Edward. A fearful expression on her face. I find it odd. I ring up her groceries and bag them, and watch Cullen at the same time.


"Please, hurry up," The woman rushes me.


Angela is still watching him, too. She pops a sucker in her mouth.

"Girls," Sebastian says. We both jump when we hear his voice. "Get back to work."

Angela goes to her register. I put the bagged gorceries in a cart and wave the woman goodbye. She doesn't wave back. She darts out of the store. Then, I turn my attention back to Cullen. He is walking to Angela's isle with a cylendar container of salt in his pale hand. In his other hand, he is carrying garlic vegetables. He stands in Angela's lane. She throws me a confused look. I shrug my shoulders. Mike Newton walks over to Angela. I sigh. I hope he doesn't start badgering the Cullen kid. Mike has his arms folded. Everyone is watching Angela ring up the items for Cullen. He doesn't seem bothered by the people gloating around him. Maybe, he's use to it.

After work, I drive home. And guess who is waiting for me on my front porch.

"Bella!" Jacob cheers my name.

"Hey, kiddo," I smile, shutting my truck's door. I stick my keys in my jean pocket and take off my ugly apron. Jacob Black stands up. "What's new?"

"Oh, nothin. Just wanted to see you," He says. Charlie comes out of the house.

"He brought us fish to fry from Billy's," Dad says.

"Thanks for dinner, Jake," I say, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"No problem, baby," He says.

"Woah. don't call me that," I say, blushing.

"It's alright," Dad says, looking up into the sky.

We go inside. I run my fingers down Jacob's long, black braid.

"You're staying for dinner?" I ask.

"Now, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't," Jacob says.

"Hey, Jake," Rene smiles, pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

"Hey, Mrs. Swan," Jacob says.

"Jake, they're not married. I told you that," I say, quietly.

"It's okay," Rene says.

"What's the stalling all about?" Jacob asks.

"Ask him," Rene says, smiling at Dad.

"They don't believe in marriage," I say.

"Oh. I always assumed," Jacob says.

"Everyone does," I say. "It's okay." I pat his arm.

"And Jake. Just call me Rene," She says.


Rene cooks fish for dinner and after we all eat, Charlie heads back out to the station. Me and Jacob sneak up to my room.

"Why do you like these old books?" He asks. Pulling Withering Heights off my mini bookshelf.

"Oh," I say, sitting on my bed. I take my shoes off and kick them underneath the bed, just in case they stink. "You should read them. They're classics."

Jacob raises his eyebrow at me. "I'd never finish it. I'd probably fall asleep on the second page."

"Yeah. You would," I agree. He puts the book back on the shelf, between Pride and Prejudice and a Shakespearean collection of playwrights. He comes over to the bed. His 6 foot tall body bends down to kiss my lips. I kiss him back, finding it hard to resist his soft, pillowy lips.

"Okay,stop." I say after a while. He looks confused. "We don't want to end up like Lauren and Tyler." I tuck my hair behind my ears.

"I like kids," He says, nonchalantly.

"You're so stupid," I say, pulling him by his shirt. He lands beside me on the bed. I kiss him, wrapping my lips around his open mouth.

"Knock. Knock," Rene sings, knocking twice on the door that's wide open, and startling me. Jacob sits up straight.

"Angela's in the living room," Rene says. She smiles.


"Okay," I say, uncomfortably. Rene leaves. I get up and Jake follows me downstairs.


"Oh, hi, Jake," Angela says, surprised.




"What's up?" I ask.


"Party." Angela holds up a dark purple invitation. "It's from Alice Cullen."


"The party animal," Rene says from the kitchen. She is always throwing parties. I'm begining to think she does it out of boredom.


"You're coming, right?" Angela asks.


"Of course." I nod my head.


"Jake, you can come, too," Angela says.


"Um.. No thanks," Jacob says. I look back at him.


"Why not. You're not doing anything better," I say.


"I'm not really the  party type," Jacob says. I feel his whole body turning rigid when I place my hand on the center of his black tee shirt.


"The Cullens are really nice," Angela says.


"I'm sure they are..." Jacob says, cynically.


"Why don't you wanna come?" I ask, looking up into his face.


"I just don't," He says.


"He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to," Rene butts in. "He's not the party type."


"So he says," I mumble.


"I got to go anyway, and help Billy get ready for bed," He says. He leans his head down and kisses my forehead. "Bye, guys."


"Bye," Rene, me, and Angela say almost in unison. Jacob walks out the front door.


I look at Angela's invite.


"Alice is the only one that I ever see at her parties. The other Cullens are never around," Angela says.


"Yeah. Maybe the others are like Jake. Not the party type," I say. Angela and Rene giggle.

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Bella's Bayou Chapter 3part2 Something Witchy This Way Comes

"Grrr," I growl as I grip the steering wheel, making quick turns and going a little over the speed limit. Liers. That's what they are. All those freakin Cullens. I pull up in our driveway and Angela's car is parked beside my dad's cruiser. I park on the side of the road and get out. I walk up the porch steps and Charlie swings the screen door open.

"Oh. Hey, Bells. I'm off to work," He says, going down the steps. I bite my tongue for a few seconds. and then,

"Can't you lock him in a room and interrogate him or something?" I plead. Charlie turns around.

"Bells," He says, in a very serious tone. "Drop it."

I stare at his face, wide- eyed. I watch him get into his cruiser and drive off. I got inside the house. Angela, Rene, and the baby are all sitting infront of the tv that's on. Rene looks at me.

"Hey, Bella," She says. I take off my jacket and throw it over the couch. Aisling is squished in her carseat, sleeping peacefully with a yellow pacifier in her mouth shaped like a butterfly.

"Your mom filled me in," Angela says, munching on potato chips. "I know Jasper can be a weirdo sometimes. That strange look he always has, like he's hurting or something." The local news is on and we stare at the screen as the words BREAKING NEWS scrolls across the tv in bold, red letters.

"Missing Forks native, Amanda Omid has been found dead. Her body floating in a body of water just outside of town," The reporter with over- done make- up says. Then, they put a picture of Amanda Omid up on the screen. I gasp. I recognize that face. That woman came into the Pigly Wigly yesterday. She was freaked out of her mind. And she fled out of the store right after seeing Edward Cullen come in.

"Angela," I whisper, my eyes glued to the tv screen. A chill runs down my back.

"Huh?" Angela asks, her face full of greasy chips.

"That woman came in the store yesterday," I say.

"Oh yeah?" She says. " I don't remember her."

"Well, I do," I say, firmly.

"Girls, how about we watch something else," Rene butts in. "I think Dora's still on," She says, smiling at Aisling who just opened up her eyes.

"Mom," I urge. "Don't change the channel." I take the remote from her and turn it back on the local news.

"Why are you so interested in this?" Mom asks, giving me a look of dislike. I stare at her.

"A woman is dead. We have a murderer in our town and you wanna question why I am so interested?" I ask Rene.

"That's it," She says. "Give me back the remote."

"No," I say. Angela tenses up in the middle of us while we're fighting for the remote, and she grabs on to Aisling's carseat. Rene snatches the remote from me.

"Bella, I swear. Sometimes, I worry about you," Rene says.

"Oh yeah, well you're not perfect either," I almost shout it. Angela puts her hands up to her ears.

"Sorry, Angie," I apologize.

"Can we just watch Dora the Explorer?" Angela asks. "Please??"

I zone out. Aisling seems more alive. She's clapping and smiling at the cartoons, toothless. We watch cartoons until late evening. I changed Aisling's diaper three times since Angela refused, and even Rene refused to do it. But Rene fed her, and Angela switched out her onesie, after I changed her. Aisling threw up on it. Now, Rene is walking around the house, bouncing Aisling in her arms, trying to calm down her crying. Babies are a lot of fun, until they start crying uncontrollably. I feel restless. I look at the clock in the living room. Lauren didn't specify when she would be back. But I know church has been over since 11:00 am. Unless she stayed to discuss hymns or something, I would say my mom and I are being taken advantage of. I look out the window and the gray, foggy sky is fading into darkness. Rene puts Aisling in her carseat and lets her cry from there. Angela looks uncomfortable. I can tell she wants to leave, but she doesn't want to sound rude, or leave us alone with the crybaby. She looks to be busy in her mind.

"Angela, you can go if you want to. Lauren should have been back here a long time ago," I say.

"Yeah, you don't have to stick around," Rene says. At the same time, her phone rings. "Hello?.. Oh, Hey James," Rene says into her cell phone. I sigh.

"Who's James?" Angela mouthes to me. I shrug my shoulders.

"Girls," Rene whispers. She points to Aisling. She wants us to watch her while she talks on the phone.

"We're already watching her," I complain, loudly. Hoping that the guy on the other end of the line heard my voice. Rene shushes me. She goes into the kitchen.

"Where the hell is Lauren?" Angela says, finally getting tired like me. Headlights flash threw the window.

"Ugh! Finally!" I rejoice. I go to open the door. Angela and I stand in the doorway. Lauren sent Tyler to pick up the baby. He gets out of an old school black cadillac. His hands inside his jean pockets. His short, dark brown curly hair clipped above his ears. He has the same creamy, brown skintone as Aisling, and the same soft curly hair.

"Hey, Bella. Hey, Angela," He says.

"Hey," Angela and I say in unison. We let him into the house and help him pack up Aisling's things. Tyler straps the carseat in the backseat of his cadillac without taking the baby out. The poor boy has bags under his eyes.

"Where's Lauren?" I ask.

"At Jessica's," Tyler says, creasing his forehead. He bites his lip at Angela. I stare at them both.

"No wonder. But I'm not surprised," Angela blurts.

"She's still young. She's just trying to have a life," I say. It sounds like I'm defending Lauren.

"She should pick up her own kid," Angela says back.

"Well," Tyler says. "Aisling is my kid, too."

I kiss Aisling goodbye and gently close the car door. Angela hops, anxiously.

"Hey, where you off to?" She asks.

Tyler laughs, "Home. Where else."

Angela gives an interested look. "Bye, Bella," She hugs me.

"And where the hell do you have to go?" I ask.

"Um. The public library," She shrugs. What a horrible lie. It's summer. Who wants to go to the library this close to dark. Only Angela Webber. Tyler gets into the cadillac and the engine noisily comes to life. Angela hops into her red honda and she's off. Tyler backs out of the driveway. I watch his car. And I watch Angela's honda turn around and follow him. I can't believe she just ditched me for Tyler Crowly, and lied about it. To my face. Rene comes out of the house. I gasp. She changed clothes. Now, she's wearing a slinky red dress and black kitten toe pumps. Her hair still looks messy though. But maybe that's how she wants it to look.

"You're ditching me, too?" I ask.

"Dinner's in the freezer," Rene says, then she kisses my cheek. "Bye, hon." She gets into her car, a burgundy 2 door EK Holden Monaro. I put my hands on my hips and watch helplessly as she drives away, waving me goodbye. I go back into the house and lock all the doors and make sure the windows are locked. I don't want another encounter. I stuff my face with boring vanilla ice cream and watch bad movies on the sci- fi channel until 9pm. I'm bored and lonely. One of the characters on the screen reminds me of Jacob. Thinking I've found a way to cure myself of this boredom, I call him and he wants to come over. I wait for him for an hour. Headlights come through the open curtains and I get up from the couch to open the door.

"Hey," I say, my voice low.

"Are we really alone?" Jacob asks, bending his head down so he can peer into my eyes.

"I figure we should take this chance while we got it," I say. I let him in and I lock the door behind him. The first thing he does is puts his big arms around my waist. I melt into his hard chest, pressing my back against his defined abdomen. I walk him over the the couch and we sit down.

"You look different," I say.

"I feel different," He says.

"Did you get taller?" I ask.

"I got a lot of things," He smirks. I laugh. "It's weird, you know? I don't feel like a puny little kid anymore."

I'm a little taken aback. "Did something happen to you? I mean you obviously have been working out."

He leans into me. "No. I haven't."

"Jake, it's obvious," I put my hand under his shirt and press my palms against the hard skin. I gasp. "You're hot!"

"I know," He responds. "It just happened. I didn't do anything." I run my hands along his chest, feeling the heat rising to meet my fingers and my palms. "I'm only going to get hotter."

"I'll say," I grin. He throws me a confused look. "I mean. Omg, this is so strange." The oddness of it all finally catches up to my brain and I pull my hands off of his hot skin.

"Bella," He grabs my hands. "I know this might be difficult for you to handle. But don't start treating me any different than before. Treat me as if nothing has changed."

"Jake, it's nothing. It's just a growth spurt. It looks like you got all the good stuff. You look good. And I would never treat you different. I don't know why you think I would. You're still my Jacob." I press my hand on his cheek. "Oh, you're so warm." He puts his hand ontop of mine, sandwiching my hand between his hotness. "You're like a walking candlelight."

Jacob sighs. "What's wrong? Atleast you had a growth spurt. I think nature, cruelly, decided to skip over me and not give me one."

He laughs. I'm happy to cheer him up. "Oh really. I couldn't tell," He says.

"Stop being nice," I blush.

"But you got to admit. This whole body temperature changing thing is abnormal," Jacob says.

"I don't mind it," I say.

"It's happening to some of my friends, too. Sam says we're turning into men."

"Who's Sam?"

"A really annoying guy on my rez. Everyone thinks he's so cool, but he creeps me out," Jacob says.

"Oh, that's horrible," I say, halfway listening. I want to feel his skin, again. I glide my hands under his shirt and move them upward until they reach his collarbone.

"You are so fascinated," He says, staring at my face. "It's like you don't realize I'm a freak." My eyes buck, astonished.

"Jacob Black, you are not a freak," I say. "If you ever say that again, I'll punch you hard."

"Yes Ma' am," He grins at my weak threat. I lay my face on his chest, his tee shirt separating my skin from his his. "I don't know what they find so great about him. They follow him. Embry even cut his hair off so he can look more like Sam."

"This Sam has really got your goat," I say.

"He's got my whole herd," Jacob says. "...Oh my god. Sorry. That was lame."

I laugh and then dig the side of my face deeper into his chest, wondering if I could get burned. The burning doesn't happen, but I can hear his heart beating fast. Racing. I lift my head up in wonder.

"Jake, what are you?" I ask, my eyes wide. My words roll out, slowly.

"I'm Jacob Black," He responds. I gaze into his almond shaped eyes. The color of autumn. His black eyebrows almost touch as he creases his forehead. Inspite of his confidence, he seems unsure about something.

"Jake, don't give me that worried look," I almost whisper. His lips come down on my mouth and I shut my eyes. He kisses with such vigor. And his lips move faster than mine can keep up. I fall into his lap and he leans back on the couch. His taupe hands get tangled up in my dark brown hair. As our bellies connect, I feel like I am a part of him. I feel just as hot. Then, I start to feel too hot. But I won't let go. I break off our kiss to breathe. My lips feel parched. That feeling fades, and then they feel numb. Jacob sits up and I start to see how different we are. I'm out of breath and panting and he's fine. He smiles and attacks me with another kiss. I wrap my arms around his back and pull him forward, trying to bring him as close to myself as possible. The doorbell rings, sending a really annoying alarm through my head. I punch the couch with my balled up fist. Jacob untangles me from him.

"It's probably Charlie," I mumble. "Watch tv."

Jacob gets the remote and puts the tv on a watchable channel. He glares at the screen, faking interest. I open the door.

"Oh," I say, totally surprised. "Edward. Hi."

"I need to talk to you about my brother," Edward says, his voice low and silky like I remember.

"What? No hello?" I ask.

He turns his head and peeks inside the house. "Can we talk alone?" He asks. I look back at Jacob. Then, I slip out the door and close it.

"I'd prefer if Jasper came to explain himself, instead of sending big brother to do it for him," I groan. Edward walks off the porch, wanting me to follow. I follow him until we are standing by his silver volvo.

"You see," He says, quickly. "Jasper is.. not well." I already don't buy it.

"Look. Why don't you just pay me off. I like money. Come to think of it I could use a new car," I say. "Nobody believes me, anyway. I should get something for my troubles."

Edward stands with his fancy, dress shoes planted stiffly on the ground. He is thinking this over. "What do you want?" He finally says. I'm shocked.

"Oh wow. So that's how it is? Your creepy brother breaks into people's bedrooms and you just pay off his victims for their silence," I fold my arms in.

"Victim? Wha.. He didn't do anything to you. Look at you. You're fine," He says, growing impatient. I study his face, his hard jawline and his thin lips.

"Your eyes are black," I say. He gives me a scrutinizing look. Then, he frowns.

"So what.. Yours are brown," He says.

"It's not normal. That eye color," I say, squinting at him. I lean forward. "Mine are normal. Yours are not. Do you get it?" He leans forward, and bends his head down until his forehead almost touches mine.

"Don't talk to me like I'm stupid," He hisses. I shrink back, afraid. But I can't figure out why he is so oddly intimidating one minute and then seemingly normal the next, and then about to bite my head off the next minute after that one. "Listen. Bella," He spits out my name. "I'm just trying to smooth things over. All you have to do is stop talking about it," He says, leaning forward again. His expression softens and his black eyes soften into liquid pools of darkness. His cold hand comes under my chin and lifts my face up higher. "Forget about Jasper," He says, in a voice I cannot help but to obey. "Forget about him," He says. His pupils dialate, releasing me. I slump, and he catches me before I hit the wet ground.

"I need a minute," I say, drowsily. I use him as support until I can balance on my own two feet again.

"Go inside," He says, backing away from me. I watch him get into the silver volvo with my dreary eyes. I turn around like a zombie and walk back into the house.

"What's up with Cullen?" Jacob asks. I don't hear him the first time. He repeats himself for me, and his voice is like a faint whisper.

"Are you okay?" Jacob asks.

"I'm fine," I say, as my hearing returns too fast. He's loud, or atleast that's how he sounds to my ears. I watch the perplexed expression Jacob has on his face.

"You know what's weird?" He asks. I look at him. "I heard your whole conversation. As if you guys were right here in this living room with me." Jacob stares at me and I stare at him.

"Well I don't know what's happening to you, Jake," Is all I can say. I go and join him on the couch. He covers my forehead in kisses. We try to get back to where we left off, but my mind is everywhere but where I want it to be. I suddenly can't get Edward Cullen and his weirdness out of my head.


I try to filter through Edward's bullcrap for something solid. But I keep running into dead ends. Impossibilities. As I sit under Jacob's arm, something clicks, Comes together like opposing attractions. Edward is super cold, and Jacob is really hot. I marinate on that thought. Calling that a coincidence would be a major understatement.

Exellent!! Perfect!!
Edward was diffrent this time.
Bella was the same ^^
Love this truly!! Post more please!!

- LoveCookkies
thanks Cookies X)
Wow!! Awesome!!!
What can I say? I just love it! Please post more really soon! :D



Its very interesting seeing Bella start to realize that Edward is a vampire and Jacob is a werewolf. I wonder if she will still continue dating Jacob, or if she will break up with Jacob and go to Edward....

cool. TY

Bella's Bayou Chapter3part3 Something Witchy This Way Comes


I open my eyes to discover I had fallen asleep across Jacob's chest. I drooled on him. Luckily, he had fallen asleep as well and hasn't woken up, yet. I wipe the slobber from my lip and turn off the tv. I sigh and stare at Jacob's sleeping face. His head is leaning back. His snoring tickles me. I hear someone speaking. Interrupting my quiet laughter. I turn my head and the tv is on. We were watching Moonlight. The characters are talking to each other. I turn the tv back off and reach over to set the remote on the coffee table next to the lamp. The tv comes on, again. I shriek and curl up on the couch.

"AAH!" I disturb Jacob. His eyes pop open and he looks around startled.

"What? What's going on?" He asks quickly.

"The tv came on by itself. Twice," I tell him. He looks at the screen. His chest pumps up and down.

"Well turn it off!" He says, reaching over me for the remote. He points it at the tv and presses the power button. We sit in silence for two minutes. Then, the tv comes on as if one of us has turned it on. We stare at the screen, our eyes bucked. My body is frozen. Jacob gets up and pulls the plug out of the wall, killing the power. We wait and nothing happens after that.  "Wow. I think you might have..."

"Don't say it," I cut him off. "The very thought of it is freaking me out."

Jacob comes and sits next to me on the couch. I scoot as close to him as I physically can. Good thing I wasn't alone when that happened. I would have lost my poop. Jacob glares at the tv, waiting for it come on. He seems more intrigued than scared. We hear knocks at the door. I jump so high I that I bump my head on the ceiling, figuratively. Jacob laughss at me. The door opens and it's Charlie letting himself in. He looks at us.

"Oh. Hey, guys," Charlie says.

"Hey, Chief Swan. Hey, Dad."

"Aw, it's really late. I should get back home," Jacob said. He looks down at my hand that's got a good grip on his sleeve. He kisses my cheek. "I'll call you if I don't fall asleep." He smiles. I just stare at him. He takes my hand off of him and stands up.

"Bye, Jacob," Charlie says.

"Bye." He gives me a concerning look before he leaves out the door. Charlie looks at me, his eyebrow slightly raised.

"I swung by the Cullens before I came home," He tells me.

"Why?" I ask. He takes off his fur- collared jacket and throws it over a chair.

"To question the boy, again. Jasper?" Charlie says, trying to jog my memory. I honestly have no idea what  he's talking about. "Nevermind," Charlie snuffs. I try to take my mind off our magical tv by preparing dinner. I go into the kitchen and open the freezer. Frozen chicken, frozen fish, frozen breakfast, frozen dessert. We have frozen everything. I take out some codfish and turn on the fryer.

"Dad, what do you want for dessert? Apple crisp or Peach Cobbler," I ask.

"Apple Crisp," Charlie says. He sits down in the living room and turns on the tv. I'm a little concerned, but I try not to let it bother me. He puts on a sports channel, Espn. I take out the frozen mini- desserts from the freezer and place them on the counter. As the cod is frying, I decide to go ahead and warm up our desserts in the microwave. I pace around in the kitchen, sucking on a blue popcicle, as I wait for the food to be ready.

"Hey, where's your mom?" Charlie asks from the living room.

"Huh? Oh. She went out," I say.

"Did she say where she was going?"


Charlie watches a soccer game on tv. "The food's ready," I call. We sit at the table and I slide the apple crisp over to him and I keep the peach cobbler. Charlie gets up and grabs ketchup from the cabinets and vanilla ice  cream from the freezer. He comes back to the table and takes the lid off the ice cream.

"Hmm," He says, looking into the carton.

"Oh. I. um went on a little benge," I confess.

"That's okay," Charlie says. "There's still some left. He scoops out a little bit of ice cream. Turns out that's all of it. I feel bad. I eat my cod plain and my peach cobbler without ice cream.

"Your mom sure is busy these days," Charlie says, making conversation.

"Yeah," I say, chewing cod.

"Good for her. She's got a better social life than I do," Charlie jokes, but it falls a little flat.

"Have you met her friend James?" I ask, without putting too much thought into it. I become anxious in my chair, regretting.

"Who's that?" Charlie asks, casually.

"Some guy Mom is always on the phone with," I say. Charlie ponders a little bit.

"No, I haven't," He says, nonchalant as always. "Have you?"


I poke my last piece of cod into my mouth. I don't understand why this James doesn't bug him like it bugs me. "I have a theory.."

"Bella," Charlie's fork pings against his plate. "Don't make up theories." He sips his water. I hesitate, then I decide to go for it.

"But what if she's cheating on you?" I ask.

"Dammit, Bella. What did I just say?" Charlie says, irritated.

"Well geez. Don't have a cow," I complain. After dinner, I clean the dishes. Charlie goes into his room and I go into mine. I take my bath and get ready for bed. I lay on my back with a pillow hugged to my chest. I'm waiting for Rene to come home. 4:00am, she slips through the door. Three minutes later, I learn that I wasn't the only one up waiting for her. I listen to her and Charlie argue. If I was younger, I would probably care more about them fighting. Just a little. It doesn't seem to affect me like I thought it would. It's just annoying. I start to realize it was none of my business. I should have kept my mouth shut about James. I don't even know the situation. I just wanted to get Rene in trouble, and I seized the opportunity.

Was I wrong to do that? I just thought Charlie deserved to know. Sounds more like an excuse for what I did, than a justification. My stomach hurts. The guilt I feel is making me heave. I close my eyes and try to go to sleep. When I finally do, I'm in a room by myself. A giant tv is on and the channels are changing really fast. It cuts off and then comes back on. There are no more moving pictures. Only black and gray static. There is no plugs and no electric outlet. Water leaks from under the tv, wetting up the floor. The water reaches my bare feet and I take a step back. The tv fixes on a channel. It shows a pale man dressed in black sitting on a throne- like chair. People in gothic attair are dancing around him in a club like setting. His hair is long and blonde. He grins, showing his teeth that look like fangs. The tv seems to be filled with water. It leaks from the top, raining down the screen, messing up the view. The tv cuts off. And a loud shriek forces me awake. I sit up. The scream wasn't from me. It was in my dream. My alarm clock says 7:00 am.

"Mom?" Rene is sitting in my chair, facing me. Her face is set in a frown and she is staring at me with icy green eyes.

"What are you trying to do to me?" She asks, in a really dull voice.

"Mom, what are you talking about.."

"You told Charlie I was cheating on him.. with James," She says. The regretful dinner the night before starts to sink in. "Bella, how could you."

"I'm sorry," I say, but she ignores it. It goes over her head.

"And the worst part about it is it's not even true," Rene says. I can't think of a response to that. "I thought you were more mature than this."

My lips tighten.

"Breakfast is on the table," Rene says, getting up from the chair. She exits my room, leaving me to sulk and feel like crap by myself. I get out of bed and get ready for work, putting on my red apron, which I despise. Charlie is already gone for work. Rene and I eat breakfast without talking at all. After breakfast, I go sit in my car. I wait there until it's almost time for my shift. Preferring my ugly truck over sitting in the house with Rene. Then I drive out to the Pigly Wigly. I clock in in the break room. Angela is sitting at the table. I smile at her. She checks out her schedule for the week on the white board. Sebastian comes in.

"Good morning, Bells," He says, letting his hand slide down my back.

"Good Morning," I say, after his touch makes me shudder, and not in a good way. Mike Newton walks in and I roll my eyes at him. He doesn't say anything to me. But he says hi to Angela. His sour attitude towards me is getting on my nerves. Confronting him will only turn into a fight.  Sebastian leaves and Mike follows him out.

"You ditched me," I turn to Angela. She looks confused.

"Bella, no I didn't," She laughs.

"You and Tyler? Don't you think that's a little naughty?" I ask.

"He's a great guy," She says.

"I know he is. But he has a baby. Not only that, the mother of his baby is someone who hated us in high school," I remind her. "The only reason she's seemingly nice to us now is because we're nothing but her baby-sitting service. And she don't wanna piss off her baby- sitting service."

"Lauren doesn't know," Angela says.

"What if she finds out?" I ask.

"She won't. She's too dumb to figure anything out," Angela says. "Think of it as payback for all those times she made us feel like we will never get guys or have a life. If she finds out, I hope it stings her good. I hope it breaks her to where she can't be fixed."

"Angela, that's cruel."

"She's cruel."

"I can't believe you," I say.

"Tyler likes me, okay," She says. "I can't ignore what we could have."

"You can't have much. He doesn't have a job."

"He's looking for one," She says. "He also plans on going to law school. Did you know he wants to be a lawyer? College is just around the corner for us. We'll have a decent life. Maybe I'll adopt Aisling. That way Lauren can be out of the picture for good. Who needs her? I don't."

"Oh, Angela. That sounds like quite a scheme. Is Tyler aware of your  hate for Lauren?"

"He knows we dislike each other."

"So what did you guys do last night after you left my house?" I ask, changing pace.

"I followed him home. We put Aisling to bed, and then we made love." She smiles, thoughtfully.

"Your getting ridiculous," I say. She frowns at me. "I say that with the deepest concern for you. Don't use Tyler to get back at Lauren. He doesn't deserve that.. How long has this been going on?"

"We started seeing each other a few days after Aisling's birth. They needed help and I was there willing to help. He sort of fell for me. Of course Lauren is completely oblivious to everything around her. He doesn't even love her. No one likes to admit their baby was a mistake. The condom broke. The birth control failed. Whatever.

We just started packing his things up. He's moving out with his dad's help. He's sending him money from Vancouver. Tyler already picked out an apartment for him and Aisling."

"Please tell me you're not going to move in there with them," I shake my head.

"If he wants me there, I'll be there," Angela says.

"Does Lauren know about the apartment?"

"She has no clue. I just hope her nosy friend, Jessica, doesn't start snooping around."

"Maybe you should convince Tyler to break up with Lauren. You know. Make things a little easier for the three.. I mean the four of you."

"Easier? No. I want to see the look on her face when she finds out on her own. But her walking around in oblivian is enough for me. It makes me laugh," Angela says. Lauren and Jessica walk into the break room together, clocking in. I bite down on my lips, nonverbally, sworn to secrecy. Lauren pats me on the back.

"Thanks for taking care of Aisling," She says.

"No problem," I mumble. I see the wicked glare Angela is giving to Lauren through her thick lenses. She is not paying attention. "Okay, well. I gotta get out there,"I tell them. I go out and post up at my register, nearly seven minutes late.

"What's going on in there?" Sebastian asks me. "Where the hell is everybody?" He heads back into the break room, probably to yell at the girls.

After work, I drive home. It's starts pouring down rain.


there are no other cars in the driveway. Which means I will be by myself in the house. Fat chance. I turn my truck around, refusing to be alone in that house. I stop and remove my work apron. Then I get gas from Ben's Pit Stop, a little convenient store. A silver car flies by. Edward's silver volvo. I get in my truck and tail him because I'm bored.

That was shocking! I mean, seriously. Angela; the nice, innocent teen. But now, she's a decendant of evil!

And I wonder if Edward'll find out that Bella has been stalking him . . . well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.

This chapter is fabulous!! Please post more ^.^


- LoveCookkies


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