The Twilight Saga

This is a coming-of-age story/romance starring Bella Swan. Being stuck in a mundane summer job, she settles into her boring summer. Her and Angela together discover vampires, werewolves, and witches all residing in their once thought to be boring town called Forks. The girls form their own coven and start practicing witchcraft. Everything is all fun and games, but when the magic gets out of hand, who will be left standing alive?

Chapter 1 Getting Up In the Morning to Go to My Stupid Job Which I Hate. Thanks, Rene.

I wake up to another rainy morning in Forks, Washington. My eyes are open, but I still have my comforter over my head. The alarm clock sounds off, annoyingly. I reach my fingers out of the darkness of the inside of the comforter and lift it off of my face. I groan. I don't want to get up.

"Bella?" I hear Charlie's voice coming up the hall way. I grab the comforter and hide my face in it. "Bella.. Please get up. You need to get down to the Pigly Wigly." Charlie walks through my door and pokes my butt through the covers with his finger. I scrunch up, avoiding another poke. "Get your ass up," His says, in a non- serious voice. It almost sounds like he's playing.

"I hate the Pigly Wigly," I groan. I don't know if he heard my little voice through the barrier of my sheets and my thick comforter.

"You still wanna go to college, don't you?" He asks, his voice flat.

"I'm having second thoughts," I say. I'd say anything to get out of going to work, today. College isn't even that important to me or even Charlie, but Rene swears it is my only ticket out of this tiny town, they're making me pay for my own tuition. She knocks on the side of the wall.

"Bella," She sings.

"No," I groan. She walks in and sits on my bed. I hear Charlie sigh. Rene finds my shoulder and rubs it through the comforter.

"Bella, honey. I know you're not sick. I looked at your work schedule on the fridge and you're gonna be late if you don't get moving right now," Rene says in her fake soothing voice.

"But it's Sat," I say, pushing the comforter off of my face.

"Then, take it up with your boss," Rene says. "Tell Sebastian you want this Saturday off."

"But in order to do that, I would have to get up," I complain.

"Exactly," Rene says, slowly nodding her head.

"You are the laziest girl in the world," Charlie mumbles. He chuckles under his breath. I don't like being called lazy. I resent that. But I still wasn't gonna get up.

"All you are doing is proving your father right," Rene says. I ignore her and turn my face to my alarm clock. "Hmm. Suit yourself. We tried."

They both remove themselves from my room. "Oh, god in heaven," I groan. As weak as I feel, I manage to crawl away from my comfy bed. I arch my back in a stretch. "Sweet Jesus." I get dressed and comb my bland, brown hair. There is no helping it. It still looks aweful. I locate my red work apron thrown over my chair to my desk. I put it on and tie the back. My name tag says Bella. Duh. Walking down the stairs, I can hear Charlie and Rene mumbling to each other. They stop, once I reach the bottom of the staircase where they can see me. Rene flashes me a fake smile. It makes me want to know what they were talking about, but I don't ask. I was taught too well to stay out of grown folks' business.

"I'm off to bring home the bacon," I grumble.

"Have fun at work, sweet heart," Rene says, this time flashing a more genuine smile. She's just happy that I got off my butt. Charlie leans against the counter, dressed in his tan cop uniform, holding a mug of steaming black coffee.

I leave out the door and I accidentily slam it. They're probably thinking I did it on purpose. Charlie needs to get off his ass and fix this door. The screws are too loose. My big red truck is sitting on the wet, green lawn. Mr. Dannibal from across the street is waving at me and pushing his noisy lawn mower. Pieces of green grass fly up into the foggy air around him. I wave back, and try to look enthusiastic as I smile. I crawl into my truck and stick the key in the ignition. My foot drives down on the gas and it's off to work I go.

Part 1 of Chapter 2 of Bella's Bayou : No Harm In a Good Time, Unless You're Bella Swan

I pull up in the Pigly Wigly parking lot, park, and get out. Mike Newton is walking towards me with a smirky smile on his face.

"Hey, Bella, Bella," He chants my name, a little over excited to see me.

"How goes things?" I ask. We walk together inside the Pigly Wigly. I clock in, hidden away from the quiet customers.

"So," Mike says, putting his arm on the wall, just above my head. I stare at him through my empty eyes. "I know you're probably gonna say no, but, I figure I'd give it shot any.."

"No," I cut him off, coldly. His casual expression shrinks into uncertainty.

"You don't even know.."

"Hey, Bella. you free, tonight? Cause i'm not do anything. How about you and me do something together. Like hang out," I recite perfectly word for word his own words. He uses them often when trying to get a date with me. I don't know why he keeps trying. It's not like I'm that much of a catch. His face turns white under his already pale complexion.

"See you around," He says in a flat voice, untypical of him. He walks away. He mumbles the b word a little too loudly under his breath.

"Hey," Angela pops up into my face. Her eager attitude showing. Her dorky glasses, oddly complimenting her, instead of taking away from her beauty. All the worker bees wear red aprons. I see through the corner of my eye, Sebastian coming over to us in his blue apron. He is in charge of getting us our money every Friday and making our schedules. Why ask for today off? I'm already here.

"Girls. chitchat later, we got work that needs to be done," He says, his glasses sitting on his button nose, and shielding his sapphire blue eyes. I can't move for a minute, stunned by his gorgeousness. Angela swoons. She would have become weak in the knees and fallen to the floor if I hadn't grabbed her arm.

"You heard the man," I say, leading the way to the front of the store. Yes, Angela has a huge crush on the boss. I do as well, but I don't let it show like she does. It's unprofessional. Plus, he's got a fiancee. He's in his last year of four year college, taking all his classes online. Sebastian's fiancee is named Pippa. Angela and I hate her. At a party once, at the start of summer, he invited his newbies to his house for a welcoming party. Angela thought it would be fun to light Pippa's hair on fire. I don't know if she was possessed or if it was the shots talking, but Angela took a shot glass that had a lit flame on it and put it to Pippa's head. No one saw her do it, but me. Pippa didn't realize her hair was on fire until she felt flicks of it burning up and dropping off on her shoulder, all crisp. She screamed and cried for nearly an hour, even though the fire was put out as soon as it started. I had dumped the punch bowl on her head to put it out. She got a new hair cut. It's cute, unfortunately. Angela swears up and down it was an accident. She was standing too close and Pippa had her back turned. Everyone believes her, even Sebastian believes her the most. Pippa is doubtful, but she still forgave her. Angela's little stunt makes me watch my own back more when i'm around her. I don't tell her about my crush on Sebastian. She might try to do something to me, next. She's still my good friend, but i just keep my eye on her more closely. She's a really sweet, sweet girl, until she likes a guy.

"Excuse.. me, honey.. Do.. you.. have ..this.. in.. a twenty.. four ...pack?" An old lady asks me, waving a coupon for Sharman Ultra Soft infront of my face.

"Toilet tissue is on isle 6, Mrs. Dela," I mumble.

"What.. is.. that.. you.. said.. dear.. I .. couldn.'t.. hear.. you.. You're.. mumbling," she says. I exhale.

"Isle 6, Mrs. Dela!" I say louder, secretly wishing to pop her ear drums.

"Alright.. now.. dear..," Mrs. Dela says. She slowly turns her cart around and heads out of my lane. After four straight, grueling hours, I head to the break room. Mike is in there, eating a sandwich.

"Oh. Sorry. Don't want to bother Princess Bella," He says, in a snide tone. He picks up his lunch and moves out of the room. Such a graceful loser.

Two other employees pile into the small break room. Jessica and Lauren from school. Lauren looks like a wreck until she pulls a white blunt from her pocket and starts smoking it infront of us. She relaxes as she smokes. Then, she lets Jessica take a puff. I recognize the scent of it as mary- j, aka marijuana. She offers me a puff, but I politely turn it down. Last time I smoked a puff of marijuana, I almost died of an asthma attack.. and I don't even have asthma. Lauren and Jess share the weed.

"That damn baby was crying like hell all night long." Lauren complains. She blows out white smoke, her forehead is creased. "I'm tired as hell, too. I don't want to go home, today. Tyler got fired. Did you know about that?" She asks, looking in my direction.

"umm.. no," I say. Tyler Crowley is the father of her five month old baby daughter they named Aisling Diamond Crowley. They're not married, but they gave the baby Tyler's last name against Lauren's mom's wishes. Lauren's mom hates Tyler for getting Lauren pregnant and Lauren hates her mom for not accepting Tyler anymore. They both live with Tyler's mom with the baby. Lauren is deliberately punishing her mom by not living with her anymore. If her mom wants to see the infant, she has to drive to the other side of town where Tyler's mom lives. The room was becoming filled with the thick, sweet smell of mary- j and so I got up and casually walked out of the break room. I should have walked out sooner. The smell had gotten stuck on my clothes and I wasn't even smoking.

I often baby- sit for Tyler and Lauren during the week days. I can never seem to turn them down. Maybe, I feel sorry for them and want to help out when I can. I do love Aisling. She is a sweet little baby and it's hard to say no to that.

I walk back to my lane and punch open the cash register. The sliding doors come open, letting the windy air in. One of the Cullen boys, Edward, walks through the door. He looks around. I study him. Angela appears at my side.

"Wow. I never see him outside of school," She whispers on my shoulder.

"It's a first for me, too," I mumble. Cullen walks into the shopping isle, politely ignoring all the starring eyes. Everyone is watching him, trying to see what he will buy. A woman comes into my lane and hastily puts her groceries on the counter. She is shivering as she looks at Edward. A fearful expression on her face. I find it odd. I ring up her groceries and bag them, and watch Cullen at the same time.


"Please, hurry up," The woman rushes me.


Angela is still watching him, too. She pops a sucker in her mouth.

"Girls," Sebastian says. We both jump when we hear his voice. "Get back to work."

Angela goes to her register. I put the bagged gorceries in a cart and wave the woman goodbye. She doesn't wave back. She darts out of the store. Then, I turn my attention back to Cullen. He is walking to Angela's isle with a cylendar container of salt in his pale hand. In his other hand, he is carrying garlic vegetables. He stands in Angela's lane. She throws me a confused look. I shrug my shoulders. Mike Newton walks over to Angela. I sigh. I hope he doesn't start badgering the Cullen kid. Mike has his arms folded. Everyone is watching Angela ring up the items for Cullen. He doesn't seem bothered by the people gloating around him. Maybe, he's use to it.

After work, I drive home. And guess who is waiting for me on my front porch.

"Bella!" Jacob cheers my name.

"Hey, kiddo," I smile, shutting my truck's door. I stick my keys in my jean pocket and take off my ugly apron. Jacob Black stands up. "What's new?"

"Oh, nothin. Just wanted to see you," He says. Charlie comes out of the house.

"He brought us fish to fry from Billy's," Dad says.

"Thanks for dinner, Jake," I say, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"No problem, baby," He says.

"Woah. don't call me that," I say, blushing.

"It's alright," Dad says, looking up into the sky.

We go inside. I run my fingers down Jacob's long, black braid.

"You're staying for dinner?" I ask.

"Now, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't," Jacob says.

"Hey, Jake," Rene smiles, pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

"Hey, Mrs. Swan," Jacob says.

"Jake, they're not married. I told you that," I say, quietly.

"It's okay," Rene says.

"What's the stalling all about?" Jacob asks.

"Ask him," Rene says, smiling at Dad.

"They don't believe in marriage," I say.

"Oh. I always assumed," Jacob says.

"Everyone does," I say. "It's okay." I pat his arm.

"And Jake. Just call me Rene," She says.


Rene cooks fish for dinner and after we all eat, Charlie heads back out to the station. Me and Jacob sneak up to my room.

"Why do you like these old books?" He asks. Pulling Withering Heights off my mini bookshelf.

"Oh," I say, sitting on my bed. I take my shoes off and kick them underneath the bed, just in case they stink. "You should read them. They're classics."

Jacob raises his eyebrow at me. "I'd never finish it. I'd probably fall asleep on the second page."

"Yeah. You would," I agree. He puts the book back on the shelf, between Pride and Prejudice and a Shakespearean collection of playwrights. He comes over to the bed. His 6 foot tall body bends down to kiss my lips. I kiss him back, finding it hard to resist his soft, pillowy lips.

"Okay,stop." I say after a while. He looks confused. "We don't want to end up like Lauren and Tyler." I tuck my hair behind my ears.

"I like kids," He says, nonchalantly.

"You're so stupid," I say, pulling him by his shirt. He lands beside me on the bed. I kiss him, wrapping my lips around his open mouth.

"Knock. Knock," Rene sings, knocking twice on the door that's wide open, and startling me. Jacob sits up straight.

"Angela's in the living room," Rene says. She smiles.


"Okay," I say, uncomfortably. Rene leaves. I get up and Jake follows me downstairs.


"Oh, hi, Jake," Angela says, surprised.




"What's up?" I ask.


"Party." Angela holds up a dark purple invitation. "It's from Alice Cullen."


"The party animal," Rene says from the kitchen. She is always throwing parties. I'm begining to think she does it out of boredom.


"You're coming, right?" Angela asks.


"Of course." I nod my head.


"Jake, you can come, too," Angela says.


"Um.. No thanks," Jacob says. I look back at him.


"Why not. You're not doing anything better," I say.


"I'm not really the  party type," Jacob says. I feel his whole body turning rigid when I place my hand on the center of his black tee shirt.


"The Cullens are really nice," Angela says.


"I'm sure they are..." Jacob says, cynically.


"Why don't you wanna come?" I ask, looking up into his face.


"I just don't," He says.


"He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to," Rene butts in. "He's not the party type."


"So he says," I mumble.


"I got to go anyway, and help Billy get ready for bed," He says. He leans his head down and kisses my forehead. "Bye, guys."


"Bye," Rene, me, and Angela say almost in unison. Jacob walks out the front door.


I look at Angela's invite.


"Alice is the only one that I ever see at her parties. The other Cullens are never around," Angela says.


"Yeah. Maybe the others are like Jake. Not the party type," I say. Angela and Rene giggle.

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