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Bella’s Diary

It’s been ten years since Edward left me. He does not know that I am a vampire and he does not know that Jake imprinted on me and I said yes to marry him. You see the night of my birthday when I cut my finger. I remember Edward coming back to my room and we made love because I begged him please and I told him I loved him. Then two days later he left me. I was sad and I did not know that I was going to have Edwards’s baby boy. Jake found out and I had to tell him the truth. Jake being Jake told my dad it was his baby but I don’t think my dad ever believed him. But my dad made us get married. Then today I get a phone call After 10 years he called my dad and my dad slipped up and told him that he was a jerk for leaving me when I was having his son little Edward jr. Who was known 10 years old? He also told Edward I was married to Jake since he would not take the respondabity of asking me. HE also told Edward that my daughter will always love you so stay away so she doesn’t get a broken heart again. My dad just called me ten minutes ago and told me that Edward said sorry and left a phone number for me to call him back. Help me diary what should I do?



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What do you think should happen kinda based on a real life drama mine. I just changed the names and I married my best friend not my true love.
awesome! write more soon!
ring him i say what i mean is i hope she rings him it!!hope u update soon!!
GREAT!!! i love it update????
Dear diary,
I waited instill Jake was out with his friends because he is a wolf. I found out after I had little Eddie that Jake was a wolf because I turned into a vampire when I gave birth to him. I was going to call Edward. I picked up the home phone and called him. He picked up the phone. I said Edward its Bella my dad gave me the message that you called. I have to tell you two things I am a vampire and you have a 10 year old son. Edward said I left to protect you. HE also told me that he never stopped loving me. I told him I married Jake because he was my best friend after you left and I did not want to raise our son all by myself. He seemed to understand. HE asked what he looks like and I told him he was half vampire and have human. I also told him he has his dad’s hair and my eyes. He knows that Jake is not his dad but he thinks of him as his dad. I asked Edward if he still loved me. He said that he wished he never left. He wished that he would have asked me to marry him. I started to cry. And I told him not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. He asked if Jake knows that he called. I said no I don’t want to lose my best friend but if he finds out and leaves me then I guess life will go on. I can’t believe that he still loved me. Just then little Eddie comes in and says mom my soccer game we are going to be late. I told Edward I have to go to take our son to his game please Email me Jake don’t touch my computer. HE said he would and that he still loved me.
aww soo glad she rang him!!that was fab can't wait for next update!!i know shes with jacob but i hope she gets with edward.
Dear Diary,
It’s been three days and no email from Edward. There was so much I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell him that they won the soccer game. I wanted to tell him that his son played the piano and that he got straight A’S in school. I also wanted to tell him that he can read everyone’s mind but mine. I now that I might never hear form Edward again but I just can’t stop thinking about him Edward that is. Boy did I miss him. Also I think Jake knows something is up with me because he tried to kiss me last night and I just backed away and said I Have a few things on my mind. I’m not in the mood right now. I love Jake he was my best friend. Then he became my husband, I finally was having a great life with him. Things were good between us and know I could not stop thinking about Edward. What am I going to do? Why has he not emailed me? A piece of my heart is still his and a piece of my heart belongs to Jake. I feel as if my heart is split in two. Have of me belongs to Jake where as the other half belongs to Edward. I think Jake always know this because he was there when I would wake up crying when I was still human. Then when I had my son and became a vampire I stop being able to dream because I don’t sleep. But I think Jake knows in his heart if Edward ever came back that I would choice Edward. I know Edward broke my heart but I forgive him and I still love him. What am I going to do diary? Jake is home will take to you latter. I hope I get an email today from Edward.
Aww Jake always qets hurt.! But qreat story when are yhu postinqq more.??
o'no poor jake
love this!!!!!!!!!!


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