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Bella’s Diary

It’s been ten years since Edward left me. He does not know that I am a vampire and he does not know that Jake imprinted on me and I said yes to marry him. You see the night of my birthday when I cut my finger. I remember Edward coming back to my room and we made love because I begged him please and I told him I loved him. Then two days later he left me. I was sad and I did not know that I was going to have Edwards’s baby boy. Jake found out and I had to tell him the truth. Jake being Jake told my dad it was his baby but I don’t think my dad ever believed him. But my dad made us get married. Then today I get a phone call After 10 years he called my dad and my dad slipped up and told him that he was a jerk for leaving me when I was having his son little Edward jr. Who was known 10 years old? He also told Edward I was married to Jake since he would not take the respondabity of asking me. HE also told Edward that my daughter will always love you so stay away so she doesn’t get a broken heart again. My dad just called me ten minutes ago and told me that Edward said sorry and left a phone number for me to call him back. Help me diary what should I do?



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Dear diary,
sorry I have not wrote in a while. Victora is still out there and has not bugged us since that day on our honeymoon. Edward and jake are still upset with each other. But they have desided to make peace for me and little eddie.Edward is making me sta in bed most days because I am so sick and weak from The baby. And edwards dad is here to help look out for me they are all shore I mite die from giving birth to our daughter. But I told edward I will be fine. But the truth is I was not half this sick with little eddie. Mabe because she is more vampire then little eddie. I don't know. But everyone is worried about me because I'm three months and look about six months. But I know I have everything I dreamed for edward as my husband. Little eddie for my son and my best friend back jake. Jake is helping to keep edward from freaking out. He told him he was their for me last time and I was this sick too and everything turned out ok. But I did almost die. So I am scared this time I mite die. But If I do edward will turn me into a full vampire. And I will be forever with my love. Will have to go and get some sleep. Sorry don't feel so well.
Love Bella
awsome as always.just caught up on chapters.fingers crossed it works out for them.n hope your ok.
love it
Plz update soon tammy.
I love it.please keep meupdated.
Please update soon


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