The Twilight Saga

What if you had the way to give the two people who put their lives on the line for you the one thing that they wanted most in this life. But in doing this I never thought that I would find love. I knew this that I, Isabella Swan gave Rosalie Hale-Cullen the gift of a child but in return I was given Edward Cullen's heart.

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here is Emmett and Rosalie

here is Edward Cullen and Bella Swan
omg this seems so awesome!!!!!!!!!! please post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please update me!
This could turn out to be a very interesting story!
awesome!!! seems cool!!! post soon!!!
i know i'm going 2 luv it
again, you have my attention. i can't wait to read it. it sounds like it is going to be very good.
it sounds AWESOME!!!
hmmm, i'm intrigued, i wanna know how this story unfolds
please post soon! :)
omg sounds really awesome!!!!!!! please please please please please please post this it sounds amazing!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


My parents were throwing me a birthday party. I am turning 15 today on September 13, 2007. It was supposed to be the happiest days of my life but with my father Charlie Swan being a FBI Profiler, he had made some people mad by helping put some people away. I was getting ready to blow out my candles when gun fire started coming into our house. I made it into my room and hid under my bed just like daddy always taught me to do. I could hear my mother Renee screaming for them to stop this but they are just laughing at her and then she stops screaming. They are searching the house for something but what can they be looking for. All of a sudden they stop moving and I can hear them screaming like they are in pain. My door opens and I hear a man say "Is there anyone in here. I won't hurt you. My name is Emmett Cullen. Come on out I won't let them hurt you." I think that he is telling the truth but as a crawl out from under my bed I grab a bottle of pepper spray. He says "You are safe now. But if you don't come with me there will be more bad guys coming. I work with your father." It hit me then this was one of the US Marshals that my dad worked with. But he only came to the house about two years ago.

I ran into his arms and I noticed that he was cold but I didn't care because I felt safe in his arms. I could hear the sirens getting closer. Emmett carried me outside and said "Name is Marshal Emmett Cullen and here is my ID. I worked with Charlie Swan and I will be taking his daughter into protective custody. I believe that the Volturi family is behind the murder of Charlie and Renee Swan. Now let me take Isabella to the hospital to be checked out." He took me to the ambulance and we headed to the hospital. Here in Warrick,Rhode Island, the only major hospital was Pilgrim's General. Emmett walked me into the ER and said "I need to see Dr. Carlisle Cullen right now. Tell him that it is his son Emmett." A little while later a blond man came walking into the waiting room and came over to us. He bent down and said "What happened to her,Emmett?" Emmett retold him about what happened. Dr. Cullen took us to a check up room and looked me over. I fell asleep sometime later.


I really love being a US Marshall and I was really shocked when the FBI showed up at my doorstep. Rosalie, my lovely wife of seventy years was in our garage. Oh I forgot to tell you that we are vampires but I will talk about that later on. The person at my door was my friend Charlie Swan. He said "Emmett, I need you to help me because I think Aro Volturi is trying to kill me because I am trying to put away his twin children. But why would he be protecting them all the way from Italy. Can you do this for me?" Who was I to say no to him. I just couldn't tell him that the family he is trying to put away is vampire royalty. I told him that I would be there on the night of his daughters birthday. My family is made up of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, our loving parents. Jasper and his wife Alice. And Edward Cullen. He is the only one of us that doesn't have a mate and I know that it is hard for him to be around us all of the time. That is why he leaves us for a couple of years so that he can be alone.

I pull up to the house and I smell blood. I can hear Renee screaming for them to stop and then they shoot her. I get into the house unnoticed and I follow the humans. I can see why Aro would want to use them to throw everyone off about us being vampires. I snap all of their necks. I can hear a lone heart beat so I follow the sound and I coax out Charlie's daughter. I tell the cops what happened and take her to be checked out by Carlisle. I talk to him while Isabella is sleeping. He asked me "Is this related to the Volturi?" I nod my head and retell him everything that Charlie and I talked about. He agreed with me that Rose and I should take Isabella away. So I wake her up and say "Isabella, I am taking you to my house and then my wife and I are going to take you away from here to keep you safe. Okay?" She looks at me and says "Call me Bella please."

I call Rose from the car and say "Start packing because we have to move to keep Bella Swan safe." I couldn't get anymore out because Rose said "Are you talking about Charlie's baby girl? Emmett where are we going to move to?" I thought about it and then I said " Vancouver, does that sound okay?" We agreed and would have the rest of our stuff shipped to our new house. We pull up to the house to pick up Rose and Bella wakes up. I say "Bella meet my wife Rosalie." Bella stepped up and said "Sorry to uproot you because of me." Rose pulled Bella into her arms. Rose said "Bella, I don't want you to think that I am mad at you because I want to help keep you safe and if that means moving around then we will. Bella, I don't want you to think that we want to replace your parents but we would like to be family if you will let us." Bella started to cry and I pulled them into a hug. I knew right then that this girl was something special.
omg amazinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!! write super fast!!!!!!!!!!


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