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this is sooo good!!! I want more!
This is a new idea. Don't think I've read anything like it before. o.k. so don't leave us more.
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I loved chapter 7 I can't wait until you post the next few chapters
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okay so you want me to post it here too? well here it is btw this is copied straight of fanfic so it may or may not make sense, also when bella mentions Edward she calls him, him but i cant be bothered to read through the whole lot and make it italic sorry.

Putting her back together

A/N Okay this is set 3 years after Edward left. Bella never jumped off the cliff, Edward never went to Volterra. And Jacob and Bella finally got together after Jacob put her back together again. It’s the day of their wedding. Read this like you never finished New Moon and have never read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

The amazing Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer only.

Chapter One:
New Beginnings

Bella’s POV

As I began to walk down the aisle I looked at nothing but Jacob if I hadn’t seen it all this morning, I would have never noticed the beautiful arrangements of flowers which surrounded Billy’s garden. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy, I knew I, the most clumsiest person in Forks or maybe even Washington, would trip on something most likely my own feet. Pulling myself away from Jacob’s gaze I looked at the few people invited to my wedding, as they all knew me quite well I could see by the expression on their faces they were waiting for me to trip it couldn’t be because of my beauty as I looked pretty normal and plain. I was wearing a simple white lace dress, the same dress Rene had worn many years ago, it kept her happy and I didn’t want anything fancy. I kissed Charlie on the cheek then I took my place opposite Jacob, boy did he looked incredible his hair was short but I had grown on me by now and I quite liked it, all his teenage chubbiness was gone it made him look so beautiful. I had only seen another person that could match him right now, my chest ached.

Not now Bella

We said our simple vows then kissed, I didn’t have to be good with Jacob and he didn’t have to be good with me are kisses were passionate and although they weren’t as good as they were with him, I couldn’t even bare to think his name(it caused to much pain )they were the closest thing I was ever going to get. And I really did love Jacob it’s just nobody could ever compare to him. Jacob made me feel better if I was away from him the hole in my chest magically re-appeared and I couldn’t let that happen ,I couldn’t stand the pain it brought, I had to move on because deep down I knew that Edward was never coming back. He didn't want me. Why would he want some average plain looking human? I couldn’t offer him anything special except maybe my blood.

Rene hugged me tightly “Aww I’m so happy for you darling”

“Mom, thank you for the dress it’s beautiful”

“Don’t worry honey; I think it was always meant to be yours.”
Renee was happy for me but not nearly as much as Charlie, even if he didn’t show it. All Renee knew was that I got a bit upset when they left but Charlie knew how distraught I was and how much I depended on Jacob. Deep down I knew Charlie was jumping for joy.


We greeted and thanked nearly everyone and then it was time to thank the pack. Everyone was pleased with our marriage they all welcomed me like a sister and they were brothers to me too. But Sam wasn’t so happy he didn’t really want us together, he knew the pain that was going to come the promises that would be broken. I knew why so did everyone, well everyone who knew the super natural world existed because there was going to be the day when Jacob would leave me , they day when he wouldn’t want me anymore, the day when Jacob imprinted. I knew that I shouldn’t have really married Jacob but I was too selfish to give him up, he was not a drug but a substitute and being without him made me almost suicidal. The thought of Jacob imprinting worried me to death so it was always put away in my mind something that was off limits and I didn’t need Sam reminding me off it.

“Congratulations” Sam’s voice was flat with no truth behind his words.

“Thanks Sam” Jacob said grinning.

He other didn’t notice the flatness of Sam’s words or didn’t care.

He looked straight at me saying everything by saying nothing at all. Jacob noticed this quickly saying…

“Yeah, so I think it’s time for me and Bella to go you know to show her…”

I didn’t have any idea what Jacob was on about but I was glad to get away from Sam, I couldn’t deal with his judgments.

Jacob pulled me into his car, Charlie driving; I was very confused we weren’t having a honeymoon because Jacob couldn't be away from the pack so why were we leaving so early, it’s not like we had anywhere to go we were planning to live at Billy’s.

“Jacob where are we going, I don’t under-“He cut me off

“Bella, baby be patient”

Charlie cringed at this; he wasn’t used to being around people who expressed their feelings openly towards each other.

Suddenly the car stopped, we weren’t anywhere special just a normal road on La Push. We got out and Jacob grabbed my hand pulling me toward this small average looking house with a yellow front door, he was so excited but I couldn’t imagine why. And then I caught on.
“Oh my gosh, Jacob you didn’t buy us A HOUSE?”
“I sure did, Charlie, Renee and Billy helped too”
I was just about to yell at Charlie for spending his retirement on me when Jacob pulled me towards the house, he unlocked the door then scooped me up carrying me over the threshold.
“ Ooh vey traditional” I said sarcastically.
“ Pretend, you love that junk”
Charlie had left us too settle in, I looked around the fully furnished living room in surprise it was simple but that’s why I loved it the colourful pattered rug made the whole room look complete.
Jacob drawing my attention away from the room put his arms around my waist kissing me passionately his lips fitting perfectly with mine, he locked his fingers with mine leading me towards the bedroom…

Chapter 2:
Bella’s Surprise

Uhh. My stomach felt terrible but I had nothing to be nervous about, I moved Jacob’s hot body away from mine trying not to wake him up. Our first night together as husband and wife had gone smoothly, thanks to Rebecca (we had grown close in the few months before the wedding) I had some lacy red underwear on, which must have looked good because Jacob couldn’t take his hands off of me. The whole time I tried not to think about the cold that I longed for and how different Jacob’s hot tanned body felt against mine. Most of our nights ended the same way and I was glad to make Jacob happy, he really did want me and that’s a feeling I hadn’t had for a while. It was nice to be with someone who I didn’t have to be carful with, I could kiss Jacob as passionately as I wanted, tease him in any way I liked. It pleased him to be with me, after all the time that he had wanted to kiss me, to hold me but couldn’t because of him but now I was Jacob’s and I loved him so much.
I felt like I was about to be sick, I rushed to the bathroom pulling my hair back just in time, my mouth was burning and my headache was horrible. Jacob must have noticed my absence…
“Bella… Bella are you okay babe”
“I feel”-
Before I could finish my sentence I had vomited again, I couldn’t think straight with this headache. I looked it the bathroom cabinet for some paracetamol, I couldn’t find any. I was chucking all the packets of medicine on the floor looking harder. Uhh. Typical we were out. I wiped my mouth trying to improve my appearance, looking at my reflection I groaned I looked as white as a sheet, whiter than normal, I almost looked see-through.
Rummaging through the wardrobe I slipped on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I looked at the clock it was 10.00am, knowing the pharmacy would be open I grabbed my truck keys, holding back the vomit.
“Jacob, I have a terrible headache I’m going to a pharmacy to get some paracetemol, I’ll be back soon so don’t worry”
I didn’t wait for a reply. I got into my truck struggling to get the keys in the ignition I was surprised Jacob let me drive like this he probably didn’t hear me. I drove to the nearest pharmacy, I knew my way round La Push pretty well now. I walked in to the shop hearing the bell ring, and then I noticed them, placed on the shelves straight in front of me. Pregnancy tests. But I couldn’t be, no I counted the days in my head , oh no I didn’t realise how much I lost track of time. I grabbed a box almost running to the counter instantly forgetting the paracetemol. I paid quickly and then asked the pharmacist if there was a bathroom she pointed right and I ran into a cubicle. Quickly doing the test, I waited impatiently for 3 minutes to read my results. Pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant. I started crying, it’s not that I didn’t want a baby I just knew that it was going to make it harder when Jacob left me. And if I was being truthful I knew my baby would not be pale faced, green eyed and bronze haired baby that I truly wanted.
I lay there on the bathroom floor for about half an hour before the pharmacist came in to check on me. She saw me on my knees in the corner crying.
“Are you okay?”
Coming back to reality, I quickly came to my feet and rushed out of there without saying a word. Note to self go to a different pharmacy next time. I didn’t realise what I was doing but I drove out of La Push through Forks down a lane stopping at a footpath. I got out of my faithful truck up the footpath, It took me about 3 hours to reach where I wanted to go, I had walked so fast I didn’t even realise.
I just stood there staring at it, the meadow, our meadow. Mine and Edward’s meadow. I winced at his name; I rarely allowed myself the luxury of it. I stared at it re-living our first time here. But it became too much I collapsed to the floor tears streaming down my face because even though I love Jacob so much, the life with him was not what I wanted, I wanted a life with Edward for eternity and nothing would ever be good enough. I didn’t want Jacob’s child.
I lay on the grass imagining Edward’s arms around me, his smell, the touch of his skin. And then reluctantly, I allowed myself one luxury, one luxury that had been off limits for almost 2 years.
Bella, go back to him Bella
I jumped at the clear musical quality of his voice. His angel voice, the voice that had uttered those words in the forest so many years ago. I was old now ,21 too old for Edward even if I ever saw him again.
I looked up to see a russet brown wolf running through the meadow, he phased then pulled on his shorts.
“BELLA, Bella where have you been?” his voice was filled with worry. I didn’t bother to get up I just lay curled up in a ball trying to wipe the tears off my face.
“ Jacob I.. I” I couldn’t find the words.
“I’m pregnant”
Jacob didn’t say anything, he just helped me up, held me tight keeping me upright. I cried into his bare hot chest. Surprisingly I felt his hot tears reach my head.

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Promises from Jacob’s POV

Jacob’s Shock
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Chapter 3:

Jacob’s POV

No reply, where was she? Typical Bella, she’s probably is in the emergency room. It was 1pm, she had been gone 3 hours I knew women took a lot of time shopping but 3 hours for paracetemol was ridiculous.
I had been so happy in the last few months. Bella was mine. Bella loved me. And no bloodsucker could change that now; the ring was on her finger. Sam had given me a lot of hassle about marrying Bella. He knew what it was like to go back on your promises, to see the person you hurt every day to have her inside your head. Leah had been everything to him, she was what Bella is to me and then he saw Emily and everything changed that. I didn’t believe them all; there was nothing on earth that could take me away from Bella I would never break my promises to her, I hoped I never imprinted on anyone. If I could have one wish, it would be to imprint on Bella I didn’t understand this wolf junk. Bella was perfect for me and vice versa, I didn’t care what they thought they didn’t understand. I was the best thing for Bella without me she would be broken, I put her back together.
Stupid Bloodsucker.
Maybe Bella was at Dad’s, she had grown close to Rebecca (Rebecca had gotten divorced and moved back with Dad). I rang her.
“Hey can you put Bella on?”
“She’s not here, Jake”
“Oh well if you see her, could you tell her to ring me”
“Yeah sure Jake.”
Great, Bella was probably lost on La Push somewhere. Grabbing a pair of shorts and ran outside phasing as I reached the forest. Sniff, I couldn’t smell her anywhere near. Maybe she had gone to visit Charlie? I ran out of La Push to Forks, It was quicker than taking my car. Sniff, Bella had been here phew I pulled on my shorts after phasing and walked towards Charlie’s place. But her truck wasn’t there. Funny, I walked back to the forest, took off my shorts and phased back. No voices in my head, they were all too happy with their imprinted partners.
Sniff. I followed Bella’s scent for a while when I reached a familiar foot path.I suddenly realized where she was heading, typical for Bella not to tell her husband she had planned a hike. I ran and ran until I reached the meadow Bella had once been so eager to find, she never did tell me why but I gathered it was something to do with the filthy blood sucker. I knew she would never love me as much as him but I knew she depended on me, I was her new addiction and she couldn’t live without me I couldn’t live without her either. And the I reached the meadow.
I stood there staring at my broken beloved. She was distraught lying on the ground tears running down from her eyes. I hated to see her like this; she looked like the first time she came to visit me with the motorbikes. Absolutely terrible, crumpled she was hurting so much. I phased, going over to her pulling my shorts on. She made no attempt to get up. She struggled to get her words out, but then I heard her clear words.
“I’m pregnant.”
I held her upright. Holding her tight I felt her tears on my bare chest. I cried my tears reaching her hair. Bella didn’t want my baby, she wanted his. I could see it in her eyes.

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Chapter 4:

Bella’s POV

His hot body made me feel uncomfortable, I couldn’t stand it I wanted him, his cold and Jacob’s heat just reminded me of it.
“Shh… baby”
I wondered what he was on about until I realized that I was sobbing into his chest. He scooped me up and ran home. The last thing I remember was him placing me in our bed.


“Bella baby, are you okay?”
I sat upright, looking in his eyes I saw everything… he wanted the baby he hated how I hated it inside of me. Right, then and there I hated myself so much.

“JJ-Jake, Jake”

The tears came streaming down my face once more. He held me but I think it was more for his benefit then mine. I hated all of this; I was hurting him all the time because I couldn’t get over him. No matter how much I tried I still loved him and nobody not even Jacob could ever change that. I wish I could love only Jacob but I couldn’t, I was the reason for Jacob’s pain. Sometimes I wished Jacob would imprint because then he would be truly happy, I didn’t deserve him. I didn’t deserve his baby; it deserved a better mum than me a mum that wanted it.

“Jake, I-I’m sorry.”
My pathetic apology for all his pain was unworthy.
“Bella” he paused for a breath, I couldn’t read his face I didn’t have any idea what was coming.
“ Bella” he stroked my hair lovingly “I know you want an abortion”
His words hit me like a thousand daggers, I had never even thought about an abortion. How dare he even suggest something like that? Killing a poor innocent baby was uncalled for (in my situation); even though I didn’t want it, it didn’t mean it had to die. It was my fault, I should have been on the pill but it just never crossed my mind.

I was absolutely furious at him for even suggesting something like that. He obviously read my expression.

“Bella, I just thought that seeing as you don’t want it that you would… you know”
His soft brown eyes stared at me apologetically, all my sympathy and hatred for myself rushed back.

“Jake, I don’t I wouldn’t”

I thought I saw a smile on his face, he had interpreted my words incorrectly I meant I didn’t want an abortion. He thought I meant I wanted his baby. I didn’t.
I loved him but loving his child was something I couldn’t bring myself to do. I had to put him straight, if only I hadn’t.

“Jake, I didn’t mean I wanted it” I paused thinking of how I could explain myself without hurting him but before I got the chance he was out of there probably running through the forest somewhere. I crumpled on the floor, no tears came I was all cried out. I laid there distraught, I was the reason for Jacob’s pain his sorrow; I had confirmed his worst nightmare. I was a terrible person.

Jacob’s POV

I thought I was being silly but she really didn’t want my child, she loathed it. I thought I was being ridiculous but I didn’t know how right I was. I couldn’t stand to be there while she told me how much she hated it I ran through the back door pulling off my sweats phasing.
The whole pack then saw our conversation.

Go back to her Jacob you can’t leave her like that

It’s not fair on her Jake.

Leave me alone I need some time to think.

I couldn’t deal with all there judgements so I phased back. Pulling on my sweats I walked back towards the house .I got into the rabbit and drove off on my way to nowhere but then I passed a children’s playground. I couldn’t help myself I looked right to see a small Quileute child playing on a swing. A tear escaped my eye.

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Chapter 5:

Bella’s POV

I heard the front door creak open, I was so relived Jacob had come back I could apologize for everything even though I needed to do so much more for him to forgive me. I had hurt him more than anyone could ever imagine, I had told him I didn’t want his child it was unforgivable. I listened for his soft voice calling my name, I heard nothing. Absolute silence.

“Jac-Jacob” I stuttered his name.

That’s when I saw her red fiery hair and black eyes. Victoria. Then I realized I was going to die tonight my unborn child with me, Charlie Jacob they would have to see my lifeless blood drained corpse on our carpet. They would have to morn me, I would never take another breath, and my baby would never even get to take their first. I felt very protective of my baby then, I wanted it I needed it to live it needed me to live.

The pack hadn’t smelt her scent for years, in the beginning she had tried to come for me but failed miserably. Then all of a sudden she just disappeared, we thought she had just given up on me realized Edward wasn’t around anymore and decided that I was no longer a way to get revenge. We were so very wrong; it was too late for me I might as well have been in the ground buried. There was no way I could fight her off. If I had one last request it would be for my baby to live, I deserved to die but my poor innocent child didn’t.

I sat there on the floor ready to die, she didn’t say a word she didn’t need too her face said it all; you’re going to die tonight. I didn’t even beg for mercy I knew she wouldn’t give it she had come here for a purpose and I knew she wasn’t leaving until she got it.


Jacob’s POV

The school rush had come, and I was stuck in traffic this was ridiculous I was a werewolf and I was stuck in a damn traffic jam. I chuckled to myself. I pulled over and got out of my car; I could go and get it later. I needed to go for a run, hopefully no one else was in wolf form I didn’t want them in my head.

Go back to her
they had said

What did they know, she wasn’t hurting from my absence she didn’t want me she wanted her filthy bloodsucker. She didn’t need me I wasn’t good enough for her; I wasn’t her type of supernatural creature. I laughed at my private joke. I walked towards the forest, pulled off my sweats and phased I was so lucky I had.

Jacob quick Bella is in danger, Jake that bloodsucker is back the red haired one

Seth didn’t need to say anymore, I was already running at full speed towards our house. If anything happened to her I could never forgive myself, it was my fault she wouldn’t have been alone if I hadn’t of left her. She would be safe in my arms, we would have been arguing but she wouldn’t be in danger.

I ran into the house Victoria was standing over Bella, my darling Bella ready to attack. I ran at her with the pack behind me, 10 against 1.

Bella’s POV

Jacob ran at Victoria. It was a blur of white skin and black and brown furs. I was going to be oaky, but most importantly my baby was going to be fine. I was not scared for them they were more than a match for her; she was shocked to see them she obviously hadn’t come across their kind before she wouldn’t live to ever see them again.

They picked up the pieces and burned them in the garden, the purple smoke smelt sickly. Jacob phased back, he walked over to me cautiously. I didn’t realise the expression I was giving him an expression of fear. I wasn’t afraid of him; my heart was still beating quickly from Victoria’s presence.

“Jake” I cried tears of happiness, I was so glad to see him.

“Bella baby, are you okay?”

“Jake, I’m fine thanks to you” I paused for a breath “Jacob I want your baby”

He smiled the cheeky grin I loved; I knew this pleased him more than anything. It was the best apology I could give him.

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Chapter 6:
Uncontrollable Love

I was experiencing pure happiness, something I hadn’t had for a long time. I had grown to love my baby; I was now 6 months gone and definitely showing. I had made Jacob so utterly happy, he loved to stroke my bump and sing to it. I thought it was a boy, Jacob disagreed he thought it was a girl. Rebecca had begged me to name it after her, I didn’t mind calling her Rebecca I didn’t really have any ideas for girls names. It’s not like it mattered I was sure it was going to be a boy; I was going to call my angel Jake. Jacob was not totally thrilled at the idea, he thought it was tacky to be named after your father but he didn’t mind we had agreed that naming would be down to me, totally my decision and my decision was made. I couldn’t wait for my little Jake to be born.

“Bella honey, are you ready to go?”

“ Yeah sure Jake just let me get my bag.”

We were going for our second ultra sound appointment. Seeing as I was already registered at Forks Hospital we had kept all our appointments there. We drove out of La Push, towards the green scenery of Forks. After we had parked, we waited to be seen, I looked around the waiting room at the other soon to be mums some quite old, some too young and others about the same age as me. They all looked at me with kindred eyes, I returned the same expression. I couldn’t even believe there had been a time when I hadn’t wanted my baby Jake; it seemed ridiculous now my baby was going to be perfect it would have no faults at all.

“Bella Black”

I slowing got up with my hand on my stomach, Jacob helping me up. We walked into the room; I sat down on the clinical bed with my tee shirt up. The consultant put the cold gel like substance on my stomach. She placed the ultra sound on my stomach, I looked at the monitor. It was a blur, but it was my blur my perfect little blur.

“Everything seems to be fine, that’s the baby’s heartbeat” she was referring to the thumping noise “So how many ultra sound pictures would you like”

“4 please” One for Charlie, one for Renee , one for Billy and one for us.

After she had handed us four we drove out of the hospital towards Charlie’s house. We pulled up towards the drive, Charlie was already standing in the drive he must have heard the sound of our car.

“Hey Dad we have something for you” I handed him the ultrasound picture.

“Thanks Bells are you staying long?”

“ Afraid not Charlie we’ve got to go and give Billy his”

I gave him a quick hug before we quickly drove away from Forks; we pulled up outside Billy’s place.

Jacob’s POV

“Hey Dad, hey Becks this is for you”

They both stared at the picture in pure awe.

“Aw Bella you’re so lucky I wish I was going to have a baby”

I was so happy, Bella wanted my baby we had a wonderful life together my little girl was going to be beautiful with a mum like Bella. Everything was perfect for us our little family was growing. I loved Bella so much I couldn’t picture a life without her this was until…

This woman walked out the front door, I had no idea who she was but I was pulled to her like a thousand steel cables were tugging at me and I was more than willing to go ,the earth had moved science had changed gravity did not hold me here now, this mysterious women did. I had to do everything I could to protect her. She was now my everything. My reason for existence was now so clear.

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Chapter 7:

Jacob’s POV

I snapped out of my trans- like state but my loyalty for this girl was still as strong. She was everything to me and nothing could ever change that now, she was my world without her I might as well have been dead. I realized what they had been saying, it was a pull stronger than anything anyone could ever imagine although I wasn’t really sure who she was and what she was doing at Billy’s place I was reading to jump in front of a bullet for her.

“JJ-ake did you just im-im…”

Bella never finished her sentence she didn’t need to she knew the answer, my eyes gave everything away poor Bella. My happiness faded as quickly as it had come, I had forgotten one minor detail, Bella. Oh Bella she was just a mere friend now but she was carrying my baby, my little baby Becky. I looked at her, feeling all her emotions with her hatred anger fury love fear and … loneliness.

What could I do? I didn’t have a choice. At that very moment in time I had never hated being a werewolf more, I was a hideous creature a disgusting being I had left my pregnant wife for this girl. Who was she; my ultimate love stared at me blankly probably wondering why I felt so trans-fixed on her gaze.

“Jake, this is my old school friend Lucy” Rebecca tried to grab my attention.

Lucy, my dearest Lucy she was now a part of me now and I was a part of her even if she didn’t know it yet.

“Ja-Ja Jacob how could you… my baby Jake!”

Bella stormed out of there in pieces totally distraught, and it was my entire fault I had hurt her more than anyone ever had more than that filthy bloodsucker. I was the cause of her pain, the evil in her life I was the bad guy.

“BELLA… Don’t Bella, I can’t help…”

I didn’t bother to finish my words she wasn’t listening she ran down the street back towards our house. I could have ran after her I didn’t I don’t think it would have made a difference I couldn’t undo what was done, once I saw Lucy my whole life had changed. But Bella how I wish I could make things better, how I wish I could take her pain away I wanted to hold her in my arms to tell her that I was sorry, to tell her everything was going to be okay. But I couldn’t I had to stay with Lucy, she was what held me here now. I had a lot of explaining to do. But Bella, poor Bella.


Bella’s POV

I stared at him, my chest aching with pain the way he looked at this girl the way his eyes lit up. It was the same way Sam looked at Emily, Jacob had imprinted my ultimate fear was now my reality. I was alone, me and my baby Jacob didn’t want me anymore, Edward didn’t either. It didn’t hurt to say his name I was already in so much pain his name didn’t make any difference. My eyes were pouring out tears at the realization that I was now… alone .I tried to get my words out, between my sobs.

“JJ-ake did you just im-im…” I didn’t bother to finish my sentence, his eyes had said everything they no longer had affection for me anymore. But my poor baby he would be torn just like I was.

I was alone, nobody wanted me anymore I wasn’t good enough for anyone. At the moment I missed Edward more than I ever did I wanted him to take the pain away I needed him. Even if he didn’t want me anymore I craved his presence, I was intoxicated by his mere being.

Edward, please Edward come back take my pain away.

My wish was pathetic, Edward didn’t want me, and he wasn’t coming back he had his life now and I had mine. My lonely life it was soon to become.

I was distracted from my thoughts when Rebecca spoke.

“Jake, this is my old school friend Lucy”

Jacob and Lucy, how she had a lot to find out. I couldn’t stand it I had to make Jacob see, I was here carrying his child I needed him. I couldn’t live without him.

“Ja-Ja Jacob how could you… my baby Jake!”

I heard him yell my name but everything after that was muted, I was out of there running down the street clutching my bump. I eventually reached his house; I no longer belonged there anymore, I grabbed my keys and some clothes. There was only one place I could go now, one person that would understand my sorrow, what it felt like to be left. I drove to forks in my Chevy truck when I reached my home I got out letting myself in.

“Bella, is that you?”

“Dad” I paused to wipe my tears, how could I tell him my werewolf husband had left me because he had imprinted. “Jacob, he-he left me”

“What, Jacob wouldn’t he…”

“Left me” I said finishing Charlie’s sentence.

I burst into tears, running up to my room. I stayed there for the next month, I had lost count of the times I had cried the only reason I ate was for my baby, I was now 7 months pregnant. I was alone; I had no one to rely on now, nobody to take care of me. Charlie had threatened to call Renee I had told him to go ahead seeing that his treat wasn’t really a threat at all he gave up he just let me grieve. It was easier to pretend Jacob was dead. He had tried to call a few times, I never took them though.

I was lying in my bed; it was about 9pm I couldn’t sleep I was afraid of my nightmares. They were always the same; it was the day Jacob imprinted. I heard someone climbing up the side of my house; I didn’t understand why Jacob would come back he didn’t want me anymore. Maybe he was checking I was looking after my baby. It was no longer his, he had left us.

And then I saw him standing in my bedroom, no not Jacob. Edward. His soft bronze hair his beautiful pale skin his golden eyes. How it all sent shivers down my spine, he was so beautiful it was unbelievable. I had never remembered him well enough, my memory of him was nothing compared to the beautiful creature that stood before me.

Bella this is ridiculous I know you miss him but imagining him coming back is taking things too far.

He read my expression of disbelief.

“Bella, baby you’re not imagining this I’m back” his soft musical voice was so pleasurable to hear.

“But why, you don’t wa- want me?”

“Bella, oh Bella I lied I had to, to keep you safe, I have always wanted you. How could you believe it after everything I promised, Alice she had a vision of you on the floor crying, you looked so depressed, I had to see if you were okay I couldn’t help myself”

“Oh Edward, I.. Jacob he left me … I’m pregnant. I’m alone.” I burst into tears.

He came over to my bed holding me tight, oh how is cold skin felt good.

“Bella, baby your not alone I will never leave you again I cannot live with myself it was the worst decision I have ever made. I will never forgive myself not if I live for an eternity I was so wrong to leave you. I am here for you now Bella, you and your baby. I love you more than anything. Please say you will forgive me.”

I looked at him with affectionate eyes. How stupid he could be of course I forgive him.

“Edward… of course I forgive you, I love you so much”

He held me while I slept. I loved the feel of his cold granite body next to mine.

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Chapter 8:
Breathtakingly Beautiful

Bella’s POV

I stared up at my bedroom ceiling, I never realized my imagination was that good I had really pictured him, felt him, smelt him touched him. I started to imagine that it was all real, he and I had talked for hours I described to him everything he had missed editing out all the details of my pain and sorrow, I couldn’t hurt him anymore, I didn’t want to make him feel guilty.

And then I turned over to see my one true love sitting at the side of me bed, he was breathtakingly beautiful his bronze hair tousled in perfect directions and his almond eyes, they stared at me so affectionately full of love and admiration. My happiness faded, tears started to pour from my chocolate brown eyes. I was yelling at myself…

“BELLA, just stop this, stop imagining him here!”

My pathetic imaginations were driving me deeper into depression; they constantly reminded me of my longing. Although I tried to remove his picture from my room, he still stared at me his eyes laughing with his smile.

“Shh… Bella baby your not imagining I’m here, I love you baby I wish I had never left you”
His musical voice rang in my ears pleasantly, his eyes were now full of sadness and guilt of how he left me. I remembered our conversation: Alice’s vision my crying his apology how he now wanted me how he always wanted me his lies his smell his voice his touch but how could I know it was all real?

I couldn’t believe it I knew he didn’t want me had to move on for my baby. My picture stared at me easily reading my thoughts from the expression on my face. He leaned over to me… he pressed his lips to mine how they felt so cold but so nice like they were meant to be with mine forever. I breathed in his scent how good he smelt I’m sure he was doing the same.

He had never gone this far before, usually he pulled away by now I wasn’t complaining his touch felt too good. And then he whispered faintly in my ear…

“I’ve always wanted you Bella, I lied and of course I’m real I love you too much to leave again.”
I didn’t need to reply my kiss said it all.


Edward’s POV

I stared at her so peacefully sleeping so breathtakingly beautiful, I stroked her hair I had missed her so much my happiness had returned now that I was back with her. It was so hard to be happy without her, everyone was getting fed up of my depressing state, but it all vanished at the sight of her she was here she needed me and most of all she loved me.

She fidgeted and turned mumbling a few words…

“Edward, Edward I love you”

I couldn’t help but smile at her words, she had no idea I had heard her, her sleep talking was one of the rare opportunities I got to see inside her head. Having so much time on my hands the guilt spread over me. Why did I leave her? Why? She had needed me more than ever I had just abandoned her, and now she had suffered the more than I had ever wanted her to experience , she had fallen asleep so quickly I never got to ask her why Jacob had left her he didn’t seem the type. I could have sat there blaming him for leaving her but who was I to judge?

Morning came, and Bella started to fidget more and more eventually she woke up, she just laid there staring at the ceiling I would have given anything to hear her thoughts. And then she turned over facing me, I just let her stare because I was doing the same taking in all her beauty how she had grown into a stunning woman. I smiled at her lovingly but her face did not return the same expression instead she just started yelling at herself with tears streaming down her face…

“BELLA, just stop this, stop imagining him here!”

I couldn’t help but smile at her words, she didn’t believe that I had returned how silly? Of course I had come back didn’t my apology say it all?

I stared at her but she tried to look through me instead of at me like she was trying her best to imagine me disappear. She honestly didn’t believe
I had to try and persuade her, to make her realise.

“Shh… Bella baby your not imagining I’m here, I love you baby I wish I had never left you”

She still couldn’t believe my words I knew there was only one way to persuade her and I was all too eager to try it.

I leaned closer to her breathing in her floral scent but I was not attracted to her blood. I was attracted to her body. I pressed my ice cold lips to hers, the warmth of her lips felt so good as did the hot feel of her skin I pulled her closer towards me taking in the touch of her skin and then I broke away to whisper in her ear.

“I’ve always wanted you Bella, I lied and of course I’m real I love you too much to leave again.”

I waited for her reply but she returned my explanation by kissing me once more, how I had missed her, the warmth of her body felt amazing.

I had to pull away I didn’t want to be tempted to her blood I didn’t want to hurt her, I knew she wanted to carry on kissing so did I but eventually I pulled away…

She stared at me with a cheeky grin, I couldn’t help but smile back she was so beautiful and the smile on her face made me feel good like I hadn’t hurt her too much that she was still able to smile. I didn’t want to bring it up but I had to find out what that stupid Jacob did.

“Bella baby, why did he leave you?” It seemed so random in the way I had brought it up.

“He-He” I stoked her hair lovingly trying to stop her cry.

“He imprinted” she finally managed to say.

I was thinking but still stroking her hair at the same time, imprinted and then it clicked he was shape shifter; he had changed just like his great grandfather before him, but I didn’t realise their legends were that true that they really imprinted on women that their ‘love at first site’ thing was real. That they could have something that closely matched up to me and Bella.

That dirty mutt

Bella’s POV

I stared at him, he looked like he was playing with my hair but I knew him well enough to know he was in deep thought. And then the realization swept across his face. He knew know…

He was filled with anger . I blurted out my words before he could yell out something he regretted.

“Edward, are you alone or are the other’s back with you”?

My question had distracted him for long enough.

“Yes they’re all at home but we don’t want anyone to know, they would of expected us to age in the last 3 years.”

“Do you mind if we visit I’ve missed them all so much?”

His face lit up. I knew they would all be pleased to see me; they hadn’t wanted to leave me. I couldn’t wait to see Alice.

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