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This is an all human story. Please tell me what you think. Renee died of giving birth to Bella. Charlie married Sue so, Bella's step-mother is Sue. If you can give me a banner, I will thank you a hundred times!

Bella's POV

Today is my birthday. My name is Isabella Clearwater Swan. My mother died of giving birth to me. I am now 12 years old, soon becoming 13. My father, Charlie, is a good person and he is a police chief in a town called Forks. My father and I don't really interact much since my mother's death. Today, we are celebrating my birthday in Phoenix, where I was born. After we went to my mother's funeral, we went back to our old home. This house has a lot of memories of my mom. Although I have not met her, Charlie gave me a small picture of him and my mom, which was always in my wallet.

We ate lunch quietly and I noticed tears dropping to his food. I felt symphaty for him. He never shown his sad feelings for mom to me. But I could alwas sense sadness in his voice whenever hetalked to me. His eyes will always be puffy red every morning from crying every night.

After we ate, Charlie went out to buy something that I suspect is my birthday cake. I felt excited. I can't wait till he gets back! All the while, I wrote in my diary. I always write in my diary when I get bored. After that, I drew a picture of me, Charlie and my mom. Suddenly, I thought of my 'other' family. My stepmother, Sue Clearwater. And my stepsiblings, Leah and Seth. Leah was always mean to me because she thought Sue loves me more than her. Seth was a kind stepbrother, almost the opposite of Leah.

When he returned home, he brought back a cake that says 'Happy 13th birthday, Isabella'. And I was so touched. He even bought me a present. My birthdays were always celebrated by only the two of us because we don't interact with lots of people. And I was delighted when I saw a necklace in the box. It has a purple jewel in the middle of the heart shaped silver pendant.

"Thank you, dad" I said, touched by what he did.

"That necklace resembles my heart. And the jewel in the middle is you. It means you are always in the middle of my heart." Charlie said. He never lets his feeling out to me. But, today was different. I smied and tears started runnning to my cheeks. He hugged me. That was not what Charlie always do. And I hugged him back, savouring the moment. I wore the necklace and a tear dropped.

Suddenly, the earth trembled. All the glass furnitures started falling down. I panicked. What will happen to us? To Charlie?

"Isabella, go to your room and get under the bed. Now!" Charlie yelled. I quickly did what he said. I went under the bed and closed my ears and eyes, afraid of what will happen. I heard Charlies yell and a loud thud.

"Charlie!! Dad!!!" I yelled. I started crying loudly.

After a while, the earthquake was gone and I crawled out of my bed. I ran staright to the kitchen to find dad. Surely, my father had survived, right? He couldn't die!

"Charlie!!" I yelled as loud as I can. But, my dad never came back. I sat in one corner, my hand on my knees. I held the necklace he gave me. My mother died because of giving birth to me. My father died because of saving me. Both died at the same day. My birthday. Happy sad Birthday, Isabella.

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Chapter 2

I cried for hours and hours until, the police came. It was too late. He was gone. He's dead. The police saw me and accompanied me to Forks. I knew what my face looked like. Shallow, pale, dark purple bruises under my eyes. I am now in a police car, going to Forks. To my stepmother. Why must my birthday have a bad luck?

I recalled what had happened before the earthquake. The words Charlie had said. His hugs. And the one and only present he had given me. The necklace. And what he had said, was clear in my head, "That necklace resembles my heart. And the jewel in the middle is you. It means you are always in the middle of my heart." The last thing he had said to me.

I reached our house in La Push. I went in the house and Seth hugged me tight. Leah laughed evilly. I tried not to cry, but some tears escaped my eyes. I quickly went to my room, only to find boxes. Leah went in my room without knocking and said, "Isabella, your room is in the upstairs attic. This will be the guest room. Hurry up and pack your things. " She ordered.

Now that my father left me, Leah will be making me miserable twice as much. I sighed and dumped my things in the box and went upstairs. The attic was small. It was barely used by the Clearwaters. I sighed. This is what my new is going to be. Sleeping in an attic, living with a horrible stepsister and stepmother. I could only hope that my future might be a little more.. happy. And I will be starting my teens without my biological parents. How I wish they are here.


5 Years Later

Today was the start of High School. Sue enrolled me in Forks High School rather than the high school in La Push. And she didn't buy me a car, like she did to Leah. Leah seemed happy by that fact. I ride a bike to school. And it looks humiliating for me because everyone else has their own car. While biking to school, I heard a loud beeping sound and I saw Jacob. Jacob was my best friends ever since Charlie died. He understood what it was like for me.

Jacob's mother passed away and his father is in a wheelchair. He has two more elder sisters and their names are Rebecca and Rachel. Jacob was my one and only friend for 5 years. And maybe for the rest of my life. Jacob opened the passenger's seat and invited me to sit. I ran towards him and sat down.

"Hi, Jake" I greeted.

"Hello, Bella" Jake replied. I had changed my name from Isabella to Bella because I don't want to be reminded of the past. I had changed it since... he passed away

"So, how much did this thing cost?" I asked.

"My father bought it for me. I am building my own car so, this is just temporary. If I finished building my car, you could take this." Jacob said. He was always willing to help me. Even if he shouldn't.

I shook my head, "I'm not aloud to get a car. Sue and Leah doesn't allow me to have one." He sighed.

"They are always gettin' on your nerves, huh?" He asked. I nodded. He shook his head and started driving to Forks High School.
The ride there was quiet. I stared at the window and saw Edward riding a bike.

Edward was adopted by Sue 4 years ago from a foster home. Edward is my adopted stepbrother. He was allowed to buy a car and even ride one, but, I was confused when I saw him buy a bike instead. In middle school, lots of girls liked him but, he ignored them. Sometimes, I don't understand Edward. He had been liked by Sue, Leah, Seth and lots of guys and girls. But, he ignored all of it.

As we drove past Edward, he noticed me in the car and he suddenly looked down, as if ashamed of something. Or maybe...afraid? When Leah or Sue went shopping or to the market, he would come to my attic and start a conversation with me. But when they are here, he quickly went out.

When we reached the school, I said goodbye to Jacob and he drove off to La Push High. I looked at my timetable and found out I have biology for first period. I walked towards the school when I saw a big truck and inside of it was the Cullens. The Cullens were famous and rich. Rosalie was a pretty blonde that always makes the boys drool. Emmet was big and bulky, and quite funny. Alice was small and pixie-like. Her hair was always pointing at different directions. She was always hyper-active and loves to shop. Jasper was tall and lanky, but fun to be with.

They saw me and started making comments like, "What kind of outfit is that?" and I walked faster. The Cullens always bully me, and I'm not sure why. I had never done anything to them. But they were always making rude comments about me. Sometimes, some of them hurt. I was about to reach school when Emmet blocked my way.

"Where are you going, Bella?" He asked menacingly. I tried to walk past him but he was too big and strong. The rest of the Cullens started laughing and teasing.

"Aww.. poor Bella doesn't have a mommy." Rosalie teased. I started sobbing. I hate it when they say rude comments about my parents. They should be grateful that their parents are still alive. Tears started to escape my eyes.

They started laughing loudly and pointing fingers at me. "Look! Bella is crying at High School!" And the rest started laughing.

"Stop it! Can't you see you're hurting her?!" A voice said. I turned around and saw Edward. He walked towards me and held my elbow. He started dragging me to an empty corridor, then, he turned to me. I gasped when I saw hatred in his eyes. But, when his eyes met mine, it suddenly changed to...happy? Tender? Lots of emotions were in his eye. He looked at me, straight in the eyes and whispered, "If those people messed with you again, tell me."

His cool breath brushed against my hair and he started leaning nearer and nearer when, suddenly, "RRIINNNG!!!!" The school bell made the both of us jump. He quickly leaned back and gave me a crooked smile that made my heart skip a beat before leaving.
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