The Twilight Saga

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Everybody knows how when bella jumped off the cliff jake saved her. And how edward then tried to kill himself and bella and alice run after him to stop him. But what if when Bella jumped off the cliff jake didn't save her but Embry did. And what if he did something no one thought to be possible. And what if alice never saw bella jump off the cliff. And what if edward never came back because he found someone else. But what if it was someone who wasn't who he thought it was. Tell me if you like it and if you do I will post the first chapter. =]

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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Bella and Edward do get together because there is more to the storyline its just that it may take awhile and I completely agree with what you have to say but there is a much more to the story that you have to wait to find out.
Chapter 2

Beep. Beep. Beep.

What was that annoying sound?

I tried to move my leg to get up but a sharp pain shot through it. Ow! I guess I won’t be going anywhere soon. I tried to open my eyes as to get a clue of where I was. Everything was blurry and I couldn’t make out much but a big blurry figure standing over me.

“Ahh I see that you are finally awake but I would suggest that you rest because your body needs to heal.” The blurry figure said.

I could tell by its deep voice that the figure was a man.

“Where am I?” I croaked. It hurt to speak. My throat felt so dry and I needed water. Bad.

“You’re at the hospital Bella. You jumped off a cliff. You were hurt pretty bad. You should be lucky your friend Embry was there. He was the one to bring you in.”, the man said.


He saved me?

“Oh, well is he here?” I needed to thank him. But to tell the truth I wasn’t very grateful I was alive. I almost wished I had died. Because now I still had to live without him. But I couldn’t die. I needed to stay alive, for Charlie, for Renee.

”Well he was but you’ve been here for a week now and he had been here the whole time by your side but I finally managed to convince him to go home for today. The poor kid needed to, he looked so tired and hungry. But don’t worry he’ll be back tomorrow. He said he would. He’ll be glad to know you’re finally conscious.” The doctor replied with a smile.

I smiled back at him. He was so nice. Just like another certain doctor. The pain started in my chest again. Just like it always does when I think about them.

Beep. Beep. Beep .Beep. Beep. Beep.

The monitor started up again but faster this time. “Well someone seems excited.” The doctor joked. He had no idea.

The Next Day

“Can I see her” I heard a voice say.

“Yes but be quiet she is still sleeping and you must let her sleep. But there is good news. She gained consciousness yesterday and her body is healing up very well.” I heard a familiar voice say.

“Really? That’s amazing! Thank you so much doctor.” The other voice exclaimed.

“There is no need to thank me Embry. I’m just doing my job.” I think the doctor replied.

But he said Embry.

The doctor was talking to Embry.

That means he’s here.

I slowly opened one eye and peeked out. I saw a large man who I assumed to be Embry sitting in a chair next to my bed. I opened my other eye and looked over at him. He was sitting very quietly just staring at the white walls.

“Embry.” I croaked.

And the second chapter ends there and if you want me to continue then leave a comment. And I'm sorry for leaving it there but I have to go to sleep and please ignore and mistakes.
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