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Hey guys this is my first fanfic  I write and I know it might be bad but Im trying my hardest to make it good !!!! :)


Summary- Edward and Bella are friends since the fifth grade when suddenly in the first year of highschool Edward suddenly disapears (ps Edward is 17 now and still best friends with Bella. ) Bella now a senior in highschool spots Edward in the cafeteria with 5 other beatiful godlike people. Bella goes up and talks to him, Edward suprised that Bella remembers him talks to Bella but avoids her as much as possible.  Will Bella and Edward fall in love with Bella? or Stacey? ( sorry i didnt mention it but Stacey is another vampire that the Cullens meet shes a vegetarian to)






authors note: do ou think I should do this or another one please comment!!



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great update!  can't wait for your next one! please post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it ..............plzzzz let me know when you post the next chapter.......thx

cnt wait to read it

Love it!!!

Chapter .... umm...I forgot

" Bella I am a.... Vampire "

Edward said. I just stared at him and it all came together, pale skin, not eating a thing, and the way he talks! My boyfriend is a vampire.... And I dont care.

" Edward, I - I dont know what to say..."

I whispered which was true. I looked at his face and saw pain, love,and.... lust??
I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around him.

" I love you, I love you, I love you!! I dont care if your a vampire, I wouldnt care if you had two heads!! "

I whispered as I kissed his cheeks and hugging him.

" Bella, you dont understand... I am at least 110 years old! I am an old guy who wanted to kill you the moment I met you! How can you even consider loving a horrible monster like me! "

he said. I shook my head and hugged him closer.

" I dont care!! I love you Edward!!"

I almost yelled as I crushed my lips to his. When I pulled away I decided to ask him a really important question.

" E-Edward? I need to ask you something... D-Do you like kill humans? You know like drink their... blood?? "

I said. He shook his head

" No my whole family and I drink only animal blood"

He said as he sat down. His whole family were vampires?? Why am I even asking my self this! I should have known!

" Edward... I know it might be a little bit early... but do you mind If I met your family?? "

I asked and I blushed... how stupid am I ? I felt his cold hand brush against my cheek

" I love it when you blush "

he murmured as he kissed my cheek.

" Of course you can come meet my family , Alice already saw us going over."

he said, wait saw? Like as in the future??

" Edward what do you mean by ' Saw' ?? "

I asked.

" Some of my family have super natural powers... Alice can see the future, Jasper can controll emotions, I can read minds, and Stacey can make you see things in your mind like a violent picture or a beautiful meadow... "

he explained. I just nodded.

" So you can read minds?? What am I thinking write now?? "

I asked. He chuckled

" I cant read yours sweetheart. "

he murmured as he leaned to peck me on the lips

" Yessss!!!! "

I yelled. Edward stared at me,raising his eyebrow.

" I mean... Oh Darn!! "

I said as I kissed Edwards cheek. He stood up

" So... are you ready to meet a housefull of Vampires?? "

he asked I nodded and got up.

We walked out the meadow hand in hand......

Authors Note : Hope you guys enjoy the chapter sorry its so short :( but i was dead tired!! and I wanted to go to sleep!! lol :) hope you like!

Welll that was just




SORRY I DID THAT THING UP ABOVE! Ive seen people do it. And I really wanted to do it! I loved the chapter, post more soon please!:)

Awesome chapter!!!

great chapter even if it is short  you did a great job! can't wait to read your next update!

Love ITT! post more soon!

Chapter 12 i think BPOV

We walked out of the meadow hand in hand. When all of sudden Edward picked me up in his arms bridal style and murmured sweet nothings in my ear while I giggled like a school girl. We got to the car and we drove to his house. After we passed a bunch trees and forest we got to a house probably bigger than the white house.

" Do you like it? "

he whispered softly I nodded. In a flash he was at my side

" HOLY SUGER CUPCAKES!! What the heck!! Y-Y-You We-re T-t-there and n-n-now your here!!! "

I stuttered. He chuckled

" Love remember what I am?? I have super speed and super strength and super senses. "

he explained

" You got that right "

I mumbled.He helped me out and we walked out and into the house we went.
Suddenly a man and woman came to greet me

" Bella this is my mother Esme and my father Carlisle "

Edward told me I shook my hands with Esme and Carlisle

" Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cullen "

I said. They laughed

" Call me Esme " Esme said

" Call me Carlisle " Carlisle said

Then a pixie like girl came bounding down the stairs hand in hand with a blonde haired boy who looked constipated.

" Hey Bella ! " The little pixie said hugging me

" Umm.... Hello -"

" Alice !! My name is Alice and this is my boyfriend Jasper ! "

Alice interupted me.

" Hello Jasper "

I said and held out my hand. Jasper just stared at it and I let it drop.
Next came Stacey who walked gracefully downstairs she walked up to where Edward and I were standing she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. I could feel my face get hotter and I cleared my throat. Edward was finally realesed I wrapped my arms around his waist. Stacey just glared at me and suddenly smiled, but it wasnt an I like you smile it was an I want to rip your head off but trying to hide it smile. She shook my hand and walked back upstairs. I was suddenly lifted off the ground and was spinning around.

" Bella!! So happy you and Eddie are together!! He has been sulking around the house for the last one- wait ! Does she know ? "

The person who was hugging me asked Edward.

" Yes Emmett she knows "

Edward said.

" Well Bella! Welcome to the family! Oh I forgot My name is Emmett and over here is Rosalie! " Emmett said pointing to a beautiful blonde girl. She immediately made me feel self conscious. She smiled at me

" Hello Bella my name is Rosalie but you can call me Rose and let me tell you that Im glad you and Edward are together he has been alone for what seems like a century. " Rose said smiling at me. After I got hugged again. I asked if I could get a cup of water and they walked me to the kitchen. I saw Stacey standing there a smirk on her face.

" H-H-Hello" I whispered as I grabbed a cup and filled it with water.

" You know, Edward doesn't love you " She whispered to me

" He never has, how can he posibly love a plain, fragile, human like you? " She taunted I looked down. she was right.

" Just remember , Hold on to what you have while you have it " she said and walked off. I started crying then because she was right. How can Edward ever love me plain old klutzy Bella. I left the cup of water on the the counter and walked out of the kitchen. I felt Edwards hand on my waist

" Bella ? Love? Whats wrong? Why are you crying?? " He asked me

" Edward do you really love me? Even though Im a human, even though Im plain, and klutzy, and and fragile?? " I whispered
Edward pinched the bridge of his nose

" Who. Told. You. That.? I love you and I dont care if your human you will always be my Bella"

he whispered I was about to answer when .........

Authors Note : Hey guys hope you like and Have a Happy Easter! :)
Hey Alex its calipso luv the new chap it sockes ps missed u guys so much lost my internet now I'm using WiFiclolz

Update Soon!!



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