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Hey guys this is my first fanfic  I write and I know it might be bad but Im trying my hardest to make it good !!!! :)


Summary- Edward and Bella are friends since the fifth grade when suddenly in the first year of highschool Edward suddenly disapears (ps Edward is 17 now and still best friends with Bella. ) Bella now a senior in highschool spots Edward in the cafeteria with 5 other beatiful godlike people. Bella goes up and talks to him, Edward suprised that Bella remembers him talks to Bella but avoids her as much as possible.  Will Bella and Edward fall in love with Bella? or Stacey? ( sorry i didnt mention it but Stacey is another vampire that the Cullens meet shes a vegetarian to)






authors note: do ou think I should do this or another one please comment!!



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thanks Kelley and Ashley

love it

Thanks !! :)
Love it!!!!!! Thank you for the update!!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!! Im so happy they worked things out!!!!! Awww good job Edward :) lol please write soon!!!!!
Wolfgirl ,

Thanks and I will!! Love new readers!!
Dogluver ,

Thanks!! Btw I also love dogs I own a german shepard

Chapter 10 (I think)

Hey guys hope you guys like this chapter! Oh! By the way I started a new story Over You. Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson inspired me with their songs Part of Me and Stronger!!! So yea.... Guys check it out link below:

Hope you like it!!!!



I fell asleep dreaming of Edward. I guess he didn't cheat, it was all a big misunderstanding. When I woke up I got a text from Edward asking if I was awake yet I rolled my eyes and answered

" No I'm sleep texting you"

A few seconds later he replied

" Haha :) Meet me outside in an hour "

Outside ?? Where??

"outside my house?"

I texted

" Yes! Where Else? Now hurry up yu have an hour!"


He answered.I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When I was done I went to my closet and picked out two outfits I couldn't decide which one

A pink ruffled tank top with black skinny jeans and black converse

Or the purple tank top with the black jeans and black converse

I texted Rebecca the two outfits and asked her which one I should choose. She choose the one with the pink ruffled tank top. When that was over I walked downstairs and opened the door to find my handsome Edward waiting for me rose in hand.

" A rose for a rose"

He said while giving me the rose. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer

" Well then I have a present for you too "

I whispered in his ear he chuckled

" And what is that?"

He whispered in my ear. I pulled away from him and ran to the back yard and once I was 'hidden' I texted Edward

" If u want ur present come and get it!!"

He didn't answer me back so I started walking carefully back to the front of the house when cold arms wrapped around my waist

" Ahhhh!!!"

I screamed I turned around to see Edward with a smug smile on his face

" Now that I found you can I please get my present ??"

He said in an almost begging tone I giggled and pecked him on the lips.

" I don't think so"

Edward growled in my ear when I wanted to pull away. I raised my eyebrow but before I could say anything He crushed his lips to mine silencing me completley. After I managed to pull away I asked Edward where are we going he just answered with a smile.

" Bella please get in the car"

He said after I denied getting in the car

" I won't get in until you tell me where we are going "

I said with a pout. He pecked my pouting lips and picked my up in his arms opened the door and put me inside the car. When he started driving I decided that I would be made at him the whole ride to our mysterious place

" I am very mad at you Edward Cullen"

I said. He chuckled but kept driving. We stopped at a trail, thank god I'm wearing sneakers!!

" Bella we go on foot from here"

He said. I childeshly turned my head away from him and crossed my arms across my chest he smiled at me his crooked smile that made melt.

" Fine I'm not mad at you but I am not going to kiss you this whole day"

I said. He wrapped his arms around me and started whispering something that I couldn't understand because his breath blew in my face making me incoherent for a while. I guess he wanted to take advantage of that but when he leaned in to kiss me I raised my hand and he ended up kissing my palm.

" Edward please tell me where we are going!!"

I begged he shook his head and led me into the woods. After what seemed like hours of walking we stopped at a entrance hidden behind bushes but if you looked closely you could see the sun behind the bushes and I squinted to see better but I swear I saw some blue. Edward stepped in front of me

" Bella I need to tell you something that is well.... To put in short words disturbing. And you might want nothing to do with me after I tell you this but I need to ask you a question."

" anything" I whispered

" Bella do you love me ?"

He asked me. I was kind of baffled I mean that wasn't disturbing at all I mean of course I love him!! I will always love him even if he had only one eye.

" Edward how can you even doubt that!! Of course I love you !! I love you completley !!"

He looked a little relived.

" Bella would you still love me even if I wasn't .... Human??"

He asked. Not human?!? What have I been kissing!! Of course I noticed that his skin is really REALLY cold, he never ate, he was really pale, and that sometimes he talked and acted like he was in another time. I wanted to say no I wouldn't love him but how could I ?!?! I would love him even if he was an alien I would love him no matter what!!

" I don't care if your not human I would always love you no matter what"

He smiled

" Thank you Bella , but I am dangerous you should stay away frome after I tell you this because I am not the hero."

He said

" Bella I am a ..........

I loved it! More soon please? Cuz this was really good! More soon please!:)

Thank you so much !! ♥

Thank you Rue!! And I will write soon  !! btw Really I am super curious but are you watching The Hunger ames March 23rd???

haiiii girl itz mee calypso cullent luv it luv all the updates


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