The Twilight Saga

Hey guys this is my first FF so go easy plz. This is a Edward and Bella story, they are BFFs but during a few adventures... well, lets just say their perspective of each other changed.
Chap. 1
Bella's POV
I was sitting next to my best friend, Edward Cullen. We were walking to Fork's tiny mall, where we would watch our show BOOM BOOM POW. Its this awesome show where the ask people questions and dunk people.. kind of like Truth Or Dare.

Edward squeezed my hand tightly as we sat down, and I smiled as I looked up at him. He had beautiful emerald green eyes, a TOTALLY dazzling smile and the utmost beautiful tousled bronze hair.

Anyone would think that would mean I'm in love with him, but I'm not.

He is my best friend and I want it to stay that way.,

The show started, and we smiled as our fav. host came up and annouunced the contestants.

The show went on, and finally the break came, and I smiled as I heard a snare.

That would mean its the DARE SNARE!

Thats where people for the audience are asked to do a dare.

"Today, we'll be using the one, the only.... THE KISS KAM!" The host announced.

Edwrad grinned his crooked smile and iI smiled back. "Alright people.... lets choose someone..... hmm" The spotlight flashed around the area and landed on a cute couple from school: Angela and Ben. They smiled and leaned in fort the kiss which lasted only a few seconds and they pulled away smiling at each other.

"Aww that was lovely guys.. just lovely, okay moving on.. lets see who it lands on next. There will only be two more times."

It landed on an old couple, who kissed each other once and separated.

"Okay... the last one..... lets see..." The lspotlight flashed around, and to my utmost surprise, landed on US!

I gulped and kissed Edward's cheek. He sighed with relief, he didn't wwant to kiss his BFF either!

"Nah, uh guys, on the LIPS!" the Host announced grinning like a maniac.
I shouted to him that we were best friends, but he replied sternly, "Are you gonna disobey the kiss kam? Then we'll have to kick you out, never come nback again. those are the consequences!"

I gulped. i really LOVED this show, and so did Edward.

Edward looked at the Host in horror.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" Kiss in 20 seconds or you wwoll be kicked out" Everyone began chanting, "Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, KISS HER!" They screamed

"5, 4, 3, 2..." The host chanted. Edward gasped and leaned his head in the same tinme I did, and we kissed. I gasped and tangled my hands in his hair will he moaned, pressing his body firmly against mine.

He clutched my waist frantically. We moaned and groaned against each others' lips. The crowd gasped oohs and ahhs

Finbally we pulled away, and the hall eruptedinto applause, while Edwrad, his hair even messier, and I started wordlessly at each other, and as he stared at my lips, I blushed furiously.

I just realized then that I loved my best friend.

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Chapter 4 Makeover

"Alice is this really necessary I'm a guest not your little paper doll or personal runway model." I whined which was rare for me. For a teenager everyone said I was amazingly un - whiny. "Yes it is as a future Sister - and - Law it’s my job to make you look smookin." She said happily probably she had another person to dress now. "Alice I'm Dating your Brother not marring, him at least not yet." "Will see, the first day he saw you he was all Bella this, Bella that, not that I don't like you it's just that right before the month mark I knew everything about you" she giggled while blushed scarlet.
“So what is first on the list?" I asked eagerly for sake of course. I was never the party person I had to much of Charlie in me. I was total opposite of Renee. She so much outgoing, daring, beautiful, unpredictable. Lucky she was not alone in Phoenix; she had Phil to make sure there was food, clean clothes, electricity, bills paid, and mostly to keep her out of doing extreme things. “First we have to get Rose I believe she in her room getting ready for us." as we walked to Rose’s room I asked “Where is Edward?" "Patience Bella it's a virtue and apparently you never got on line for it" " Ok you little demon pixie what do you know, spill." “Bella you'll see soon, I promise." When we walked in Rose's room Alice yelled "Rose come out come out were ever you are." "I'm the w.c getting ready you guys can come in if you want." Rose called before we walked in I asked "Alice does everyone have their own bathrooms?" "No only Rose and I do, with exception of Carlisle because of the master bath. The boys share one. It’s pretty funny if you ask me." we both laughed
When we walked into the bathroom and the counter looked like it belonged in a salon in New York. “Ok, Bella first Rose.” “Wait Alice didn’t sign up to go first.” I protested. “I told Bella you will see.” She said with a wink. “Al, you’re giving to much away.” They both then pushed me into the chair and began to work on me head to the tips of my toes. As they waited on me I was thinking of what all sid both before and a few minutes ago. " Ok you little demon pixie what do you know, spill." “Bella you'll see soon, I promise." And a few minutes ago “Wait Alice didn’t sign up to go first.” I protested. “I told Bella you will see.” How did those to times relate to each other I wonder……
When they were I was done I was wearing a blue dress and black heels. First was she insane I can’t were this first I felt half dressed and I can’t wear hells I am to much of a klutz to wear heels has Emmett ever told her bad at gym was. She also put my hair in a fancy bun that looked it belong to a celebrity that was walking a runway. Rose did my nails both nails and toes both in French. She also did my makeover all I looked good. “Ok Bella you go see Edward go down those stair he should be waiting near the piano. I walked down the stairs. Unaware what I was wearing.

Rose and Alice's make up (some of it lol)

Bella's dress




Srry for any spelling errors made or any grammar errors I only get c’s in English in lol no just kiddin just I get b’s and a’s too.
I stopped reading this story a month ago to find it has been continued? Nevermind I love the way it is going and I'll probably read it again in another month so make sure you update it lol.
Are they having a date?? Where??
no, you'll see. patience grasshopper lol
Love the dress
luv it..
can't wait till she gets downstairs..
keep me updated..
Chapter 5 My lullaby
Edward’s beautiful green eyes were full of shock. Then I realized what I wearing. When I walked over to him he wrapped his arms around my waist without delay. “You look so beautiful Isabella.” Then he pressed his lips gently to mine. He leaned away pressing his forehead to mine looking into my eyes. “You know what; I don’t like your hair up.” He then quickly pulled my hair out. My hair then drop passed my shoulders. “You know Alice will kill you if she finds….” I was interrupted by his lips that pressed eagerly against mine. He started to grab fistfuls of my hair and pulled me closer to him till we were against each other’s chests. I started to run my fingers through his beautiful bronze hair and we moaned in pleasure. We then pulled back to take a breath. He whispered in my ear “You know you’re making it hard for me to keep my word and wait.” Then hit me maybe I was ready, I don’t know. “Here I wanted to show you something.” He said and sat down at the bench of the piano. I had always though the piano’s was Rose’s since I had only seen her play.”Edward that’s Rose’s she’ll kill you.” He chuckled and patted the spot next to him motion me to sit. “No, silly this mine. I allow for Rose to play” he said and kiss my forehead. And began to play the sweetest song I had ever heard.

I saw her coming down the stairs and I felt my jaw drop. She was so beautiful, angelic, tempting. Without delay I pulled her by her waist and said “You look so beautiful Isabella” I then pressed my lips ever so gently to hers which felt so good. I leaned away pressing my forehead to hers so I could look into her beautiful chocolate big brown eyes. I felt like I could get lost in them. I then told her “You know what; I don’t like your hair up.” I quickly pulled her beautiful her out of its bun, so I could run my fingers through it. “You know Alice will kill you if she finds….” I interrupted her unnecessary thought and pressed my lips to hers more eagerly then ever. I was not gentle. I did not want to be gentle. I could not be gentle. Bella seemed to understand my need for ferocity. She fiercely met me with a ravenous desire of her own. Our mouths slanted across each other in a brutish brushing of lips. I locked my hands in hair and pulled her close to my chest, she started to loosen her arms from my neck and ran her finger through my hair and we moaned at the pleasure. She really was making it hard for me to keep my word. I wanted to scoop her up my arms and lock the door to my room and lay her on my bed and yank off are clothes….. Wait I can’t do that; I can’t do that to Bella I promised. So before I could be persuaded by my irrational thoughts of mine I pulled away and whispered in her ear. “You’re making it hard to keep my promise.” She looked like she debating about something but, I didn’t want to be rude and ask so I finally stop beating around the bush and got to the point. “Here I wanted to show you something.” Shock crossed her face when I sat down on the piano bench and taped the seat next to me gesturing her to sit. She then whispered in a rush “Edward that’s Rose she’ll kill you.” I chuckled and confusion crossed her face. “No silly. This is mine. I allow Rose to play.” And I began to play her lullaby.

It was the most beautiful piece I had ever heard. “Edward you wrote this?” “Yes, this is your lullaby. I wrote this the first day I realized I loved you Isabella. Here are the lyrics I don’t know if there are any good.” He restarted the song as I read each lyric he wrote

The words that my mind repeated over again was someday I’ll ask you do be Mrs. Isabella Marie Mason. Tears started to well up in my eyes as the song end. When he finished the last note I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my lips and said “thank you I love it, I love you.” I pulled away and kissed him one the lips and ran my finger through his hair he moaned with pleasure. And I moaned back. He started run his tip of his tongue over my lips and I shrived, but yet I wasn’t cold at all. I leaned forward to so I could be on top of him he bent slightly backward and leaned away and we took on deep exhale then one big inhale then he leaned forward and then I saw my watch on my hand that was wrapped around his neck the time said 10:30 pm. I giggled to myself and he leaned away looking into my eyes. “May I get to hear the joke?” He batted his long eye lashes. “I don’t know about you but I like to go to school tomorrow.” “You know ditching is healthy every now and then.” He chuckled and began to kiss my neck. “Tempting but we only have senior year once.” I retorted. “ well then Isabella see you in the morning.” He kissed me on the lips ang I quickly took of my shoes kissed him on the check and ran up the stairs with ease.

i really loved this lullaby that edward made.. I have this song on my phones and mp3.. i love listening to this everytime.. And especially i love the lyrics that was in the lullaby.. i felt the emotions of edward while he wrote this..
thanks for being so supportive



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