The Twilight Saga

Hey guys this is my first FF so go easy plz. This is a Edward and Bella story, they are BFFs but during a few adventures... well, lets just say their perspective of each other changed.
Chap. 1
Bella's POV
I was sitting next to my best friend, Edward Cullen. We were walking to Fork's tiny mall, where we would watch our show BOOM BOOM POW. Its this awesome show where the ask people questions and dunk people.. kind of like Truth Or Dare.

Edward squeezed my hand tightly as we sat down, and I smiled as I looked up at him. He had beautiful emerald green eyes, a TOTALLY dazzling smile and the utmost beautiful tousled bronze hair.

Anyone would think that would mean I'm in love with him, but I'm not.

He is my best friend and I want it to stay that way.,

The show started, and we smiled as our fav. host came up and annouunced the contestants.

The show went on, and finally the break came, and I smiled as I heard a snare.

That would mean its the DARE SNARE!

Thats where people for the audience are asked to do a dare.

"Today, we'll be using the one, the only.... THE KISS KAM!" The host announced.

Edwrad grinned his crooked smile and iI smiled back. "Alright people.... lets choose someone..... hmm" The spotlight flashed around the area and landed on a cute couple from school: Angela and Ben. They smiled and leaned in fort the kiss which lasted only a few seconds and they pulled away smiling at each other.

"Aww that was lovely guys.. just lovely, okay moving on.. lets see who it lands on next. There will only be two more times."

It landed on an old couple, who kissed each other once and separated.

"Okay... the last one..... lets see..." The lspotlight flashed around, and to my utmost surprise, landed on US!

I gulped and kissed Edward's cheek. He sighed with relief, he didn't wwant to kiss his BFF either!

"Nah, uh guys, on the LIPS!" the Host announced grinning like a maniac.
I shouted to him that we were best friends, but he replied sternly, "Are you gonna disobey the kiss kam? Then we'll have to kick you out, never come nback again. those are the consequences!"

I gulped. i really LOVED this show, and so did Edward.

Edward looked at the Host in horror.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" Kiss in 20 seconds or you wwoll be kicked out" Everyone began chanting, "Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, KISS HER!" They screamed

"5, 4, 3, 2..." The host chanted. Edward gasped and leaned his head in the same tinme I did, and we kissed. I gasped and tangled my hands in his hair will he moaned, pressing his body firmly against mine.

He clutched my waist frantically. We moaned and groaned against each others' lips. The crowd gasped oohs and ahhs

Finbally we pulled away, and the hall eruptedinto applause, while Edwrad, his hair even messier, and I started wordlessly at each other, and as he stared at my lips, I blushed furiously.

I just realized then that I loved my best friend.

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Sorry 'bout your disease!I love your story and i check for updates everyday!
thanks i am feelin better they think it is going away so they want to clamp the shunt of aka putting a close pin like device to prevent it from draining on purpose. if that works they are going to take it out
i really LOVE this story!
i cant wait for the next chappy
i hope the surgery goes good!!
what did jake mean by "leech"? is Edward a vampire?
i love it
ya is Edward a vamp?
Thanks for reading Girls and they will be a twist to the hole story apparently the cullens are not completely Humans so we find out
aha.. thats AWESOME!!!
i LOVE twists
Hey fans there may be a delay on the next couple of chapters. I have been sick for last week i came to the er today for xrays and CAT scan cause my symptoms are those of Pseudo Tumor/ shunt problems. nothing came back to worry the surgeon but i am now a inpatient in Schneider children hospital on adolescence level. tomorrow i will have a LP or spinal tap to see if my pressure has changed which was ordered by Nero team. luckily i wont feel a thing cause i will be out cold cause they will be using xrays to prevent from hitting the tube.

Is Edward a vampire did i miss something? hahah im confused is he human or not? Like he sleeps and all that stuff but why did Jacob call him a a leach?
love your storrry (:


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